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A hen’s night with a difference – Part 2

Maria gets warmed up
Maria felt stunned. She had heard Gabriella’s words, but couldn’t quite comprehend them. Was she really to understand that each of the women in this room had agreed to this kind of arrangement, that they were “disciplined” by their respective husbands to keep them in line? And that she should do the same? Maria couldn’t meet anyone’s eye, but she felt each of their gazes heavy upon her, waiting for her to say something.

“Ummm… what… what are you… what will you do to me if I say yes?”

“Each of us will take a turn,” continued Gabriella. “I will begin by giving you a warm up spanking over my knee. The others will then each give you a spanking using a different implement. If you see the evening through, you will be given the spanking implements we’ve used tonight to present to Anthony on your wedding night, as a token of your submission to this arrangement. And he will use them as he sees fit throughout your marriage. You must remember, if you say yes to this, Anthony will be a firm, but generous and devoted husband to you. He will forsake all others, and be yours for life. Now, are you ready to make a decision?”

Why, even as a young girl Maria had never even been subject by her parents to anything like what Gabriella was now suggesting. And yet, if she said no, all her dreams of life with Anthony – big, strong, handsome Anthony, the huge house he’d promised her, the car, even the kids, eventually – all that could be gone. She couldn’t allow that to happen, she’d invested far too much. This must be worth it – all these other women had agreed to the same arrangements to become a part of this family and, from the outside, they all seem to enjoy close, loving relationships with their respective husbands. Maria squared her shoulders and looked up at Gabriella and the others.

“All right. I love Anthony, and I want to be his wife. I’ll agree to your… arrangement.”

“Good,” smiled Gabriella, approvingly. “I think you’ll come to find that being disciplined in this way is actually a relief – like any good Catholic girl doing her penance for her sins. Now, let’s begin. Take your position over my lap.”

Maria steeled herself and, as gracefully as possible, laid herself across Gabriella’s lap. Gabriella shuffled her along, so that Maria’s hands touched the floor to one side of her and her toes touched the floor to the other. Maria felt herself regretting her choice of dress for the evening now – the shortness of her skirt didn’t seem quite so wise anymore, given the position she was in. She was conscious that the other women grouped around her would be getting quite a view! Gabriella smoothed the silky fabric across the curves of Maria’s bottom, but the skirt still barely covered the swell of her buttocks, it was that short. Maria felt her face flush with embarrassment as she realised just how exposed she was.

Gabriella placed a firm hand on Maria’s back, and drew back her right hand high, ready to begin Maria’s first ever spanking.

Smack! Maria gasped at the sting of Gabriella’s hand on her right buttock. Before she recovered from the shock, another resounding smack landed square on her left buttock. Gabriella wasn’t mucking around. Maria wondered how long it would take her ass to become as pink as her face already felt at this rate. This thought hardly passed through her mind before she felt Gabriella settle into a steady rhythm of blows, alternating from one ass check to another.

Gabriella certainly was true to her word when she said “warm up” – Maria could feel a glow coming from her ass already, after only 15 or so spanks. Each one was delivered with a sharp crack, and the tears were already start to prick at Maria’s eyes. Why, oh why, did she think this would be okay?

“Owww… owwww! It hurts!” Maria couldn’t help herself yelling, as her legs started to scissor and she wriggled in an attempt to get her throbbing bottom away from Gabriella’s attention. She twisted round, trying to cover her ass with one of her hands to at least gain temporary respite from the spanking.

“Oh yes,” Gabriella responded sternly. “It’s supposed to hurt. You need to have a clear picture of what’s in store for you if you should disobey or displease Anthony. It’s no good begging for mercy, he’ll be deaf to your pleas once he’s decided you’ve earned yourself a punishment. And believe me, you’ve got a long way to go yet tonight. This is just a warm up, remember. If I were you, I’d stop this wriggling right now, or things will just get harder on you.”

With that, Gabriella, grabbed Maria's wrist and pinned her hand behind her back so that she could have free access to her bottom again. The spanks started again, if anything even harder. Maria could only stay still for another six smacks before she once again started wriggling and kicking.

Without a word, Gabriella tucked her leg over the top of both of Maria’s to keep her still and, with her other hand, grasped the hem of Maria’s dress. “I warned you about your fussing, Maria” she admonished. “I think it’s time you realize that you’re not the one in control here.”

Maria felt a rush of cold air onto her bottom as Gabriella pulled her skirt up over her buttocks, exposing Maria’s bottom fully. She thanked some higher power that she was not wearing a thong tonight, although she knew her sheer black silk panties were hardly much more modest. And now the others would see her bottom jiggling with each swipe of Gabriella’s firm hand. She felt a new rush of humiliation overcome her.

“Nice knickers,” sniggered Natalie.

“And a nice ass,” added Bianca. “No wonder Anthony’s so keen on you!”

Maria could hardly take comfort from their ‘compliments'. Although she knew her dress hadn’t offered much protection from Gabriella’s palm, or the other women's view, it had been better than the thinnest of layers now covering her increasingly reddening ass.

“Ten more on each cheek, I think” proclaimed Gabriella. “By that stage you should be properly readied for me to pass on to Stella.”

Maria braced herself for the finishing strokes of her “warm up” spanking, and wondered what her sister-in-law Stella could possibly have in store for her. Gabriella had said the others would be using "implements" - she shuddered at the thought of just what that might mean.

To be continued…

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