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A hen’s night with a difference: the final chapter

Maria earns her place in the family
Natalie let Maria’s wrists go a few moments after Bianca had delivered the last stroke with the tawse, and she immediately jerked her hands back to rub furiously at her stinging butt cheeks. At the same time, Maria levered herself up from her position bent over the arm of the couch, before Bianca could think about making true her threat of extra strokes. She may have agreed to this, but she was damned if she was going to stay in such a vulnerable position any longer than she had to.

Tears streamed down Maria’s face as she looked around the five women gathered there –her fiance’s mother and four sister-in-laws. These were the women that were delivering Maria’s first ever spanking experience, in preparation for her entry as a new wife into the Capello family.

They had explained that her husband-to-be, Anthony, like his father and brothers, believed very much in the need for obedience in a wife. He fully intended for them to have an extremely ‘traditional’ husband-wife relationship, where it was his role to mete out punishment and discipline to her as it was required. So she’d agreed to give herself over to these five women tonight, being introduced to a whole range of spanking implements that she would then be given to gift to Anthony on their wedding night, as a token of her submission to his will.

Maria continued rubbing her butt, realizing that at least the sting was dulling to a persistent throb now. What she yearned right at this moment, aside from a soothing ice pack, was a bit of alone time. She’d found her experience so far to be progressively arousing, as her imaginations began to paint a picture of Anthony himself taking charge of her in this way. She longed to work her fingers round her front, to her pussy, to relieve some of this building sexual tension.

But she was not to get her chance. Maria saw Natalie get up from her position on the couch, and guessed she might be the next to take a turn. Maria wondered just what implement she’d be getting acquainted with next.

Natalie rummaged in the bag at her feet, before pulling out a long box. When she removed the lid, Maria caught a glimpse of what was inside and felt her breath catch in the back of her throat. This was the last thing she’d expected.

Natalie lifted it out of the box. “Anthony told Carlo you’d never tried anal before.”

Maria could only shake her head, dumbstruck. Carlo was Natalie’s husband, and he and Anthony were very close.

“Well, there will be times when Anthony won’t feel you deserve to be fucked in the pussy if he’s just given you a punishment spanking. But he’ll want his own needs met, nevertheless. So instead of another spanking implement, I though the best present I could give you would be some prior experience with a butt plug, so he doesn’t split you in half the first time he decides to take his pleasure up your back passage.” Natalie smiled wickedly, rolling the butt plug between her palms as though warming it up in preparation.

A butt plug! Maria’s friend Mandy had got one as a joke present on her hen’s night, but Maria didn’t feel that Natalie was kidding around with this one.

Maria was transfixed by the sight of the plug. It was black silicone, about 4 ½ inches long, with a rounded tip and four bulges up its length that increased in size until it finished at a much broader flange at the base. What on earth would it feel like having that up her ass?

“Pass me that lube, Isabella” requested Natalie of her sister-in-law. Isabella tossed a small tube of lube to Natalie who promptly started spreading it over the entire butt plug, stroking the shaft with her elegant hands in a truly sensual way.

“Let me explain what will happen for the final stage of this evening,” began Natalie. “You are going to take up position at the end of the coffee table, Maria, and put your hands flat on the table top. I am going to insert this butt plug for you, and you will keep it in while Isabella delivers a final six strokes, this time with a cane. Then this will all be over, and you will have proven you’re truly ready to be a worthy wife for Anthony.”

Maria looked over at Isabella, to find she was now holding a long, flexible rattan cane with a crook handle. She wondered what would be worse – the butt plug, or the cane. And then she realised it didn’t really matter, seeing as she was going to be experiencing them both at the same time anyway!

Maria willed herself to walk over to the end of the coffee table, where Natalie had indicated. She looked around the others again, with the vain hope that one of them might speak and let her off the hook. But all she got were encouraging nods.

“Probably better if you take your dress off,” suggested Isabella. “We don’t want to get tangled up.”

Maria reached up behind her, unzipped her dress and shrugged it forwards. As it dropped off her shoulders, she stepped out of it and handed it to Stella. Stella, who not long ago had had Maria across her knee for a session with a hairbrush.

Having lost her panties earlier, Maria was now left in just her half-cup, black lacy bra, which showed off her pert breasts to their best. But the women surrounding her weren’t interested in her tits. They were waiting for her to take up her position.

Maria bent down, and placed her hands flat on the table top as Natalie had instructed.

“Bianca, I’ve got so much lube on my hands, I might need some help,” suggested Natalie. “Come spread her butt cheeks for me.”

Maria felt a whole new flush of humiliation as she heard this request. In a moment she felt Bianca’s cool hands on the hot, reddened skin of her ass. It felt soothing, until Bianca slipped her hands down the crease between her buttocks and firmly parted them, exposing Maria’s button asshole to the room.

Maria couldn’t help but tighten her anus further she as felt Natalie’s well lubed finger first circle, and then attempt to probe, this most private of areas.

“Relax, Maria” suggested Natalie, “and this will go much easier on you.”

Maria took a deep breath, and tried to follow Natalie’s advice. She felt Natalie’s finger probe again, and then push firmly past the resistance of the outer sphincter and slip inside her ass. Natalie was surprisingly gentle as she returned several times to introduce more lube to Maria’s anus. Soon Maria could feel Natalie’s finger slipping in and out with ease, and for not the first time tonight she was surprised to find a new sensation actually somewhat pleasurable.

But a finger was hardly the same as a butt plug, so Maria still stiffened when she felt the different, much larger, end of the latex plug brought to bear against her anus.

“It helps if you push back, a bit like you’re doing a shit, believe it or not,” advised Natalie. “Breathe through it. Believe me, you’ll be glad we did this, the first time Anthony decides to explore back here!”

Maria winced as the tip of the plug breached her anus, and the first half inch was inserted into her rectum. She felt Natalie twisting the plug slowly, lubing her passage further, before pushing firmly again so that the first ‘bump’ on the shaft of the plug was moved past her asshole. This process was repeated three more times, until Maria felt the flange of the plug sit flush against her ass and the fullness of the butt plug inside her rectum.

Maria let go a deep breath, as she felt Bianca remove her hands, releasing her cheeks so they sit snugly around the base of the butt plug.

What would she look like from behind, wondered Marie, with this black object sticking rudely out from between her otherwise red buttocks? Hmm, probably actually pretty sexy. Maria hung her head so her hair hung in a curtain around her face, preventing the others from seeing the slight smile playing on her lips. She didn’t want them to see that she might actually be enjoying some of these degrading experiences they were submitting her to.

“Isabella, she’s ready.”

Maria felt Natalie move away, and heard another take her place behind her. The swish of a practice stroke with Isabella’s cane was distinctly audible, and Maria felt the wash of displaced air cool across her butt checks.

Then the light tap across her ass told Maria that Isabella was lining up for the first stroke.

Swish… CRACK!

The pain was unbelievable. A sting 50 times worse than the tawse Bianca had used. Maria clenched her buttocks tightly, before realising this produced a whole new sensation as her anus contracted around the base of the butt plug. Oh god, the combination of the sting in her butt and the pressure on her asshole and rectum was so intense, she felt immediately like she was on the edge of cumming.

Swish… CRACK!

Ahhh….. again the dual sensation of pain and pleasure drove Maria wild. She bit hard on her lip, and the taste of blood was another factor to add to the mix bombarding her senses.

Swish… CRACK!

Finally, Maria couldn’t help herself but cry out, both from the sting of the cane but also the crashing wave of an unbelievably intense orgasm that pulsed through her body from her pussy right to her extremities.

She hardly felt the next two strokes of the cane, so lost she was in the haze of her orgasm. Her knees were trembling, hardly able to support her.

But Isabella held off the last stroke, waiting until Maria lifted her head to refocus on what was going on around her.

She could feel the butt plug still nestled between her butt cheeks, still stretching her asshole and filling her rectum.

She felt her ass was glowing red and bruised from the earlier hand spanking and paddling with the hairbrush.

She knew now it would also be striped from the tawse and cane strokes she had already received – marks that may not even fade in time for her wedding in a couple of weeks time.

Anthony would know exactly what she had experienced when she presented him with all these spanking implements, as well as this invasive butt plug, on their wedding night.

And he would know that she was his to discipline as he saw fit.

The marks on her ass would be evidence – a map of her road to submission. For now, and for the rest of their life together. To love and to cherish…

Note from the author: thanks to all for reading this series. There's so many ways this could have been ended, I'd love to hear your suggestions for how you would have finished it off!

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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