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A Holiday Spanking Part 2

Clyde is spanked at his wife's best friend house,
A Holiday Spanking P2

My wife has a best friend, Kathy, and I finished her two shelves and a recycling bin for he rfor Christmas. I made them out of my best work and also stained and finished them for her. I thought they turned out wonderful. My wife called Kathy, and it worked out that I would go over to Kathy’s house and hang the shelves on the wall and deliver her recycling bin. Since my wife had a lot of things to do at home, and it wouldn’t take me long to hang the shelves, she didn’t come along.

When I arrived, Kathy showed me in and I quickly hung the shelves and put the bin into place. I was very happy because Kathy was very pleased with what I made. While I was hanging the shelves, I heard Kathy’s daughter, Susan, enter the house with a girlfriend. I packed up my tools and then Kathy made a phone call, talked a few minutes, and then gave the phone to me.

It was my wife! She said, “Kathy just told me that Susan has arrived home again with a friend. Since I told Susan that she could spank you before she left for college, I want you to ask her and her friend to spank you. This will also be an additional Christmas present to my friend Kathy. So give Kathy the phone again, I need to talk to her.”

So I gave the phone back to Kathy and they talked some more. Then Kathy called for Susan and her fiend to talk on the phone to my wife. While Susan was talking on the phone to my wife, Kathy took me into their living room and pulled the shades.

“Clyde, take off your shoes and socks and shirt, and then stand before me. I want to prepare you for your spanking by my daughter, Susan.”

I thought after I installed the shelves and delivered the bin that I would be able to go home and relax by watching the television, but now I am about to be spanked. This time it is more frightening to me because my wife is still at home and I don’t know what she told Kathy and her daughter. I have learned that I better follow other women’s orders when they want to spank me, or I will receive another spanking from my wife when I get home.

So I stood in front of Kathy as she unbuckled my belt, unziped me, and my jeans fell around my ankles. This was followed by my boxer shorts, and I stepped out of them. I had my hands on my head and my legs apart, because this is how I am suppose to stand in front of any woman before I am about to be spanked. I am now totally naked, in my wife’s friend house, and I guess I am sort of excited because I have an erection.

Susan and her friend walked into the living room and Susan said, “Clyde, this is my friend Carol, and we are going to spank you upstairs in my bedroom. In the meantime, Mother, why don’t you give Clyde a hand spanking while we get the room ready?” Her friend Carol was staring at my nakedness, but Susan said to Carol, “I will explain more about Clyde to you while we get the room ready.” Then they went upstairs.

“Lay over my lap for your spanking.” Kathy said.

When I was over to Kathy’s house before with my wife, Kathy helped with my spanking, but this time Kathy was actually spanking me. She didn’t spank very hard, but she talked to me while I was being spanked. I was surprised when she said, “I think it is good that your wife is allowing my daughter to spank you. It has helped her to have more confidence around men,”

Then I heard her daughter Susan and her friend Carol come down the stairs. “We are ready to spank Clyde now.” Susan said.

“Get off my lap and follow Susan upstairs for you spanking.” Kathy said. When I stood up, I was shocked that Susan grabbed a hold of my erect penis and led me upstairs to her bedroom. When I entered, the bed only had a bottom sheet on it and pillows stacked up in the middle. A towel was also on top of the pillow. My wife spanks me like this when I have been especially naughty, and I wasn’t expecting this.

“You know what to do,” Susan said. “Lay down on the pillows with your arms and legs spread wide,” I did so, and I feel very vulnerable in this position, because I am totally exposed. To further embarrass me, to two young women adjusted the pillows so that my penis and balls hung down between my legs. Susan’s bedroom also made me very excited just being there. I could smell her young woman’s scent on her sheet and throughout the room.

Next, they laid common household items next to me, that they were going to spank me with. They included such things as a ping pong paddle, wooden spoons, a wooden cutting board, and a large wooden hairbrush. They would show me what they were going to use to spank me. It was different being spanked by two young women at the same time. With my legs apart, they would even spank my tender inner thighs and sometimes even my penis and balls.

I must have been moving around a bit because Susan said, “Stay still, your spanking isn’t over yet. We are getting some scarves to tie you down to the bed.” Then I found myself secured to the bed and spanked some more. They finally quit when they thought my poor naked bare bottom was red enough.

I thought that would be the end of my spanking, but when they released me they had me turn over and they secured me to the bed again. Susan got out a pair of her panties and stuffed them in my mouth. “This should keep you quiet.” Now I could really both smell and taste Susan’s special aroma.

Then each of the women had a feather, and they started to tickle me all over. Susan also pointed out to Carol that my pubic hair was shaved. I guess it was good they put Susan’s panties in my mouth, because they were driving me nuts. They were even tickling my nipples and all around my penis and balls. When they using their feathers to run up and down the shaft of my penis, I couldn’t take it anymore and I exploded. The young women were expecting this and they had a hand towel and wet washrag ready to clean me up.

But before they released me, Susan took her panties out of my mouth and they started to tickle me again. “Your wife said you were good at working with wood and that you would make me some paddles that I can use on you and my boyfriend. Will you make paddles for me?”

I had no choice but to say, “Yes, I will make paddles for you.”

“Also, the next time I am back home from college, promise me that you will come over to be spanked by me and my friends again.” Susan said.

“Yes, I promise you can spank me again.” I said.

With that, they finally released me and then I went downstairs and got dressed in front of the three women. As I grabbed my tools I heard them say, “We hope to see you again, very soon.”

My wife must of heard how well I took my spankings, because she had my favorite meal on the kitchen table when I got home, and a pillow on the chair I sit in. I guess my wife was very proud of me.
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