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A Lie That Caused Change – Katie’s Turn

Katie has to pay for her lies

Lucy got up the following morning and remembered vividly the spanking Ella had given her. She checked her bottom in the mirror and saw it was still tinged red, and that focussed her mind on the text she had sent Katie last night and her decision to spank her. First, though, Sandra would be inspecting her bottom to check that Lucy had indeed spanked her.

When Lucy got downstairs, Ella was already in the kitchen.

Ella had been aroused by spanking Lucy, but after masturbating and then thinking about it, she knew that Lucy was the far better behaved of the two of them and didn’t deserve to be spanked by her. Well, yesterday she had to be because Lucy was late home, but that was because of their chummy mummy’s, Sandra’s, instructions, and that was pretty much a first. So, as Lucy entered the kitchen, Ella turned to Lucy with an anxious look on her face and asked tentatively, “Are you okay, Lucy.”

Lucy knew it wasn’t Ella’s fault and that she was spanked because Katie had lied. “I’m fine, Ella. Is mum here to check my bottom?”

Ella was relieved that Lucy wasn’t annoyed with her, and, replying, shook her head. “I got a message to say she didn’t get home last night because of a work commitment.”

Lucy didn’t mind overly, and said, “I’m going to see Mrs. K this morning.”

Ella didn’t ask why and assumed she was going to see Bess. “Okay, Lucy. Anyway, I texted mum and told her I spanked you really hard and she replied to say that was all good.”

Lucy was happy with that. She felt relaxed with Ella, which got Ella relaxed, and they had breakfast together and chatted like the good friends they were. Afterwards, Ella checked her emails and social network sites, and Lucy did some office work she had brought home. None of that was unusual as whilst Lucy was dilatory, Ella needed pushing to do her own work.

Lucy checked her watch and called up to Ella, “I’m off to Mrs. K now. Back in a couple of hours.”

Ella was only half listening and shouted back down, “Okay, Lucy. Love you.”

“Love you, too,” Lucy shouted back. She did love Ella as a sister just as she loved Sandra as their mum, and loved the family type set up they had, even though none of them were actually family. It felt like family for all of them, though.

Lucy left the house and walked to Mrs. K’s house making sure that she was there by the promised eleven o’clock. She sent a text to Bess as she walked and from the response knew that she was away from the house, so at least Mrs. K knew what would happen to her when Lucy arrived. Lucy rang the doorbell and waited for Mrs. K to answer.

Katie opened the door and Lucy could see she was embarrassed. As soon as Lucy walked in and Katie closed the door, Katie said, “I’m sorry I got you spanked yesterday, Lucy.”

Lucy didn’t want a whole discussion on her spanking and got straight to the point. “Well, Katie, you know why I am here. Is the cane downstairs?” Lucy was pleased to see that Katie was wearing a pink vest top and, more importantly, a very short cream skirt with bare legs and so was dressed with a view to baring her bottom very quickly.

Katie had expected the very direct approach that Lucy had taken, and also recognised that Lucy called her by her first name and not the normal more respectful Mrs. K. She knew straight away that Lucy was annoyed with her, and rightly so because of the spanking, and let it go. After all, Lucy was about to cane and spank her and so in a way it was right that Lucy spoke down to her and that she was more respectful towards Lucy. “Yes, Lucy, the cane is on the dining table.”

Katie saw that Lucy was wearing a short-sleeved floral dress that was very short, and had bare legs, and looked rather sexy which together with her more dominant persona even made her a bit scary. She also wondered how come at forty-one-years-old she wanted to be disciplined by a teenager, but as she looked again at Lucy she knew that she was mature and dominant and had the type of ‘do as I say’ character that she found so deliciously attractive. Still, whilst she quite fancied being spanked by Lucy, she only wanted to experience the cane and so two strokes would be enough for her and as she was so much older than Lucy obviously expected her to accept that.

Lucy kept a stern look on her face and ordered, “Right, go in then.”

Once by the dining table, Katie blushed and explained tentatively, “When I asked to be caned, I only wanted a couple of strokes, Lucy, and then the usual, please.”

Lucy knew what ‘the usual’ was but wasn’t going to give her the usual tongue sex because she was here to discipline Katie, not make her cum. Lucy also had other thoughts on the caning. “I said a caning and a spanking, Katie.”

Katie blushed again. “Oh yes, of course, a spanking first, Lucy.”

Lucy was loving the way Katie was so respectful and expected that to continue. “I didn’t say a spanking first, and I certainly didn’t say just two strokes of the cane, Katie.”

Katie was concerned by Lucy’s comments and looked questioningly at the teenager.

Lucy saw the questioning look and again loved having this power over a woman Katie’s age, which was over twenty-years older than herself. “I will be giving you six strokes of the cane and then a bare bottom spanking, both of which punishments you well deserve for lying and getting me into trouble.”

Katie said rhetorically with a gasp, “Six?” She then asked in a much more worried tone, “Can’t you make it three, Lucy?”

Lucy remained confident. “Maybe I should make it nine for arguing?”

Katie immediately conceded and said quickly, “No, six it is.” Katie realised that Lucy was even more dominant than she had expected her to be, or maybe just more annoyed because of the spanking she got after her lies. Either way, Katie now knew that she would have no say in her punishment and felt control quickly transferring to the teenager.

Lucy kept a stern look on her face but loved how her threat worked and reckoned being in charge of a woman Katie’s age wasn’t so difficult. “Get your skirt and your knickers off, Katie,” Lucy ordered.

Katie knew very well that Lucy had taken charge and was quite taken with the authoritative tone that Lucy had. She had always found her tone haughty, but today it had an extra edge to it which she rather liked. So, being obedient, she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, and then pushed her knickers down and stepped out of them. She bent down and scooped up her skirt and knickers and put them on a dining chair and then turned and waited for Lucy to give her her next instruction. She felt strangely naughty standing there naked below her waist, but told herself she would have to obey Lucy who was in charge and was going to make all the decisions now. With that thought, she also felt flutters flying around her vagina and knew she was aroused by being so submissive, which was an added bonus for her.

Lucy watched Katie prepare herself and then ordered, “Move the chair away from the end of the dining table and then bend over the table and grasp both sides as far up as you can.”

Katie was now in ‘being very obedient’ mode and was soon bending over the table and grabbing the sides over halfway up, knowing her bottom cheeks were stretched which would no doubt increase the pain she would be feeling very soon.

Lucy saw Katie’s bare and unprotected bottom cheeks and positioned herself to the side and rubbed the cane from side to side across the bare bottom cheeks. When at college she had watched the headmistress cane three of the girls and had worked out that she had positioned herself to ensure the end of the cane landed fully on the far bottom cheek and not in clear air. That had made sense as otherwise part of the cane would be missing its target. So, she positioned herself with that in mind.

Lucy was happy with her position and as she tapped the cane twice on Katie’s bottom, said sternly, “Six strokes, you naughty girl.” Lucy liked the idea of calling Katie ‘girl’ even though she was forty-one-years-old, because it would remind her that she was being disciplined by a teenager.

Katie said hesitatingly, “Sorry, erm Miss Lucy,” remembering she had addressed Lucy like that in her text yesterday.

Katie then explained in the same stern tone, “If you get up or if even one hand is placed over your bottom to protect it, you will get two extras every time and that stroke won’t count. Understood, girl?”

Katie didn’t want six strokes let alone extras and replied, “Yes, Miss Lucy.”

Lucy smiled at the back of Katie’s head deciding she liked being addressed as ‘Miss’ and then focussed and bought her arm back, saw where she wanted the cane to land, and brought the cane down as intended right across her bottom just above the halfway line. She was delighted when she saw Katie’s bottom cheeks yield to the cane and then cascade around before settling, and then smiled as she watched the red welt appear.

Katie yelped as the pain swirled around her bottom and wondered with horror how come she could possibly have ever wanted to be caned. She knew she had thought about it since she watched a school friend get caned in detention class when they were both sixteen-years-old, and her friend had told her it had hurt so much. However, the friend was also laughing about it half-an-hour later and then said she had masturbated that night. Mind you, she never got caned again and in fact was a very well behaved school girl after that. Maybe Katie now knew the truth and was regretting manoeuvring Lucy into caning her.

Katie was still thinking about that incident when the second stroke landed and as she yelped she grasped hold of the table to stop herself getting up or even protecting her bottom with her hand. She now wanted the punishment to end and didn’t want any of the promised extras if she broke Lucy’s very clear instructions.

Lucy saw the second red welt appear and pulled her arm back and then landed the third stroke just below the first two and delighted in the louder yelp that Katie let out. She also heard a whimper and reckoned that Katie was already regretting getting her spanked yesterday. She waited a few seconds to watch the welted bottom cheeks settle down again before pulling her arm back and delivering the fourth stroke which again drew a loud yelp from Katie, who this time was also shaking her head from side to side causing her hair to fly around as well.

Lucy smiled at the distress she was obviously causing Katie, although she also saw that Katie was doing as she was told and keeping a firm grasp of the sides of the table. Lucy momentarily asked herself if that was because Katie wanted to take the full six strokes or because she was too scared to risk extras? What Lucy also wondered, was that as Katie was the adult and could easily complain to Sandra, did her obedience mean she wanted to be caned again? Time would tell, Lucy told herself, and even if it meant a spanking from Sandra it would have been worth it.

Katie felt the tears welling up in her eyes and knew she would be crying after the next stroke. However, even though she had had four strokes and they hurt so much, she was coping better now and wanted to take the full six. Mind you, she quickly told herself that ‘coping’ probably wasn’t the right word, and that was emphasised when the fifth stroke landed. Katie cried out this time and again shook her head from side to side and also stamped both feet, all in an attempt to deal with the pain. However, she remembered that two of the girls who she saw caned all those years ago had also stamped their feet and the headmistress hadn’t admonished them, so maybe it was normal.

Lucy saw the fifth red welt develop and focussed on the bottom cheeks just below that fifth welt, and knew it was the fleshier part of the bottom where the cheeks met the thighs. She aimed and landed the cane with the hardest stroke of all six and watched the now expected head shaking and foot stamping, and wasn’t disappointed.

Lucy watched the distressed Katie for a few moments and then rubbed her warmed bottom cheeks and said in her now usual stern tone, “The caning is over so just the spanking is left, girl.”

Katie broke down in tears, unexpectedly so, but both she and Lucy reckoned it was the relief that the caning was over rather than the thought of the spanking.

Even so, Lucy kept rubbing Katie’s bottom and, just to check whether Katie was aroused, she rubbed her inner thigh, and when Katie lifted her bottom up and moved her legs apart, she ran her fingers along Katie’s pussy lips and was wide-eyed at how wet they were. Not just that, but as she ran her fingers a couple of more times up and down, Katie let out a groan which was the noise she made when on the way to her orgasm when Lucy gave her tongue sex. Well, caning Katie again certainly looked on the cards, Lucy told herself.

Katie felt Lucy’s fingers edging inside her pussy and groaned erotically as she was brought to an orgasm. Her bottom was stinging from the caning but instead of reducing her arousal it increased it, and although unexpected, Katie was loving the stinging feeling mixed in with the finger sex. When she came, she knew it was one of the best orgasms she had ever had and that whilst the stinging was painful, there was no denying that it was also a sensuous and wonderful feeling.

Lucy eased her fingers inside Katie’s very wet vagina and as she played with her taut clit so she brought Katie to an orgasm. She kept playing with Katie’s taut clit, thinking, wickedly, that now Katie had cum that she wouldn’t be so aroused for her spanking. Once she heard Katie recover she ordered, “Right, girl, there is now your spanking to give you.”

Katie gasped as she assumed that with her orgasm the spanking would be avoided, but realised immediately that she was wrong. She was all too aware, though, that the spanking would be especially painful given the six strokes of the cane she had already received. Still, wanting to obey the authoritative Lucy, she pushed herself up to a standing position, albeit she did rub her stinging bottom vigorously.

Lucy sat on a dining chair and pointed to her lap and ordered, “Don’t mess me around, girl. Get over here and across my lap pronto or I might have to cane you again.”

Katie moved quicker than she ever did before because she didn’t want to risk any more cane strokes, today at least. As she bent across Lucy’s lap, she realised how obedient she had become but actually liked being controlled by Lucy, and wanted to be again. Even as she settled down across Lucy’s lap and saw her own legs under the far said of the chair and Lucy’s upside down legs inches from her face and felt Lucy’s hand rubbing her bottom, she knew that she wanted to be disciplined again, and by Lucy.

Katie did realise that she wasn’t feeling as aroused as when she bent over the table for the cane, and wondered if Lucy had made her cum on purpose? Probably, she told herself, as an added punishment for getting her spanked yesterday, and if that was the case then she knew she deserved more of a discipline spanking herself today.

Lucy happily looked down at Katie’s welted bottom as she rubbed in circles and reminding herself that she had deliberately made her cum so the spanking would be more discipline than sexual. She smirked as she raised her hand and spanked Katie’s near bottom cheek, and then spanked each bottom cheek alternately. She was even happier as the gasps Katie made showed she was struggling to cope with the pain but was staying obediently across her lap.

Katie knew she had asked to be spanked and caned by Lucy, but it hurt so much more than she had expected. She was aroused by the caning, and her orgasm showed that, but without the eroticism the spanking just plain hurt and made her feel like a naughty teenager Lucy’s age rather than the adult she actually. Of course, she now told herself that the whole purpose of a spanking was for it to be painful and so teach you not to misbehave in future. She had lied and that lie had led to Lucy being spanked, and so it was right that Lucy should get her revenge and what better than the cane, as well as a very hard and humiliating spanking. In fact, Katie realised that Lucy was acting in a very adult way and that making sure the punishment hurt was exactly what was needed and as tears dribbled down her face Katie was certainly remorseful.

Lucy was delighted when she heard Katie sob and saw tears flowing down her face. Good, she thought, and hoped Katie wouldn’t lie again. As she continued to land spank after spank, Lucy also told herself that if Katie wanted another spanking then she needn’t lie to get it any more. She could just ask. Mind you, Lucy had to thank Katie for lying, because if she hadn’t engineered this spanking then Lucy wouldn’t have understood how sexy was the control it gave her over a woman so many years older than herself. Still, she needn’t tell Katie that.

Once Lucy heard Katie crying uncontrollably she decided another fifty or so spanks on each bottom cheek would be enough and she counted them out and made sure these spanks were harder than any before them, knowing as well that they were landing on the raised welts from the caning and would be bound to hurt even more than a straight spanking. She knew that to be the case by the louder cries and squirming around and tensed legs, all of which showed how much Katie was struggling to cope.

Once the final spank was given Lucy kept Katie across her lap and rubbed her bottom, which she thought might relax Katie more quickly. After all, now she had got her revenge she felt relaxed and happy again which she knew was just how anyone would feel after giving a deserved discipline spanking. However, as she rubbed Katie’s bottom and felt the warm welted bottom cheeks she knew she was also feeling aroused, which she supposed didn’t surprise her given that she found Katie attractive and enjoyed giving her tongue sex. She knew several friends who told her they were turned on by being spanked and this experience showed her why. Smiling to herself, she told herself that she would have to find more reasons to put Katie across her lap and spank her.

Katie lay across Lucy’s lap and was thankful for the bottom rubbing and realised that she was getting aroused again even with the pain being so great. Would Lucy give her finger or tongue sex now, she wondered, and even hoped for. However, when told to get up she knew that wasn’t going to happen this time, and maybe that was right and was part of her deserved punishment.

Once Katie was just letting out the occasional sob, Lucy ordered, “Get up, Katie. I hope you have learned not to lie to get someone else into trouble again.”

Katie eased herself up and once standing immediately rubbed and squeezed her stinging bottom cheeks as she stepped from foot to foot. She turned and saw her reflection in the glass frontage to the side cabinet and realised that she was actually doing the spanking dance. When she caught Lucy’s eye and saw she was smiling, she couldn’t resist smiling as well. More, she saw how lovely Lucy looked, and even thought that maybe Lucy would give her tongue sex after all.

Lucy decided on a further humiliation for Katie. Up until now, it was always Lucy who gave Katie tongue sex. However, with the tables turned, Lucy ordered, “Kneel on the floor and say thank you, girl.”

Katie was open-eyed as up until now it had always been Lucy who gave finger and tongue sex to her. However, the suggestion excited her, and as she saw Lucy sit back and part her legs, Katie fell to her knees and edged between Lucy’s parted legs. First she knew to remove Lucy’s knickers, and as she put her fingers inside the elastic and Lucy helped by raising herself up from the chair, she quickly pulled the knickers down and slipped them off Lucy’s legs and put them on a dining chair. She then eased her face between Lucy’s thighs, kissing them both as she edged quickly up to Lucy’s hair mound. As she ran her tongue along Lucy’s pussy lips she felt how damp they were and knew that she was aroused already and realised immediately that it was right that the delight of finger and tongue was returned, particularly after a discipline spanking like the one she had so deservedly been given.

Lucy found Katie kissing her inner thighs so heavenly, and when she licked her pussy lips, and kissed them, and edged her tongue inside, she knew it was so erotic, and definitely much better than masturbating when she got home. Maybe she would get Katie to give her tongue sex again, she thought, and then told herself she would definitely get her to give her tongue sex again, just as she fully intended spanking and caning her again.

Katie kept sucking and kissing Lucy’s pussy lips and flicked her taut clit and sensed how Lucy was edging quickly towards an orgasm, and when she heard the explosive gasps she was pleased that she had said thank you for caning and spanking her with such love.

Lucy allowed herself a few moments to recover, and then, sitting forward, took the still kneeling Katie’s face in both hands, pulled her towards her, and kissed her on the lips.

Katie wasn’t expecting to be kissed on the lips but now willingly took Lucy’s tongue into her mouth and intertwined it with her own and they kissed passionately.

Lucy smiled as she pulled away, and with her stern tone said, “I will be spanking and caning you again when you deserve it, girl.”

Katie again forgot that she was forty-one-years-old and that Lucy was just eighteen-years-old, and replied, “Yes, Miss Lucy.”

Suddenly control had transferred to Lucy who knew she would relish being in charge.

Katie suddenly remembered that she was accepting being disciplined by a teenager, but felt good about it. Both the caning and spanking had turned her on so much, and even giving Lucy tongue sex was erotic, and so why not be disciplined by her when Lucy clearly was turned on by her dominant role.

The world had changed for both Lucy and Katie, but both were looking forward to their next discipline encounter.



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