A New Adventure

By submary69

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A couple enters a new stage of their relationship
[In this scenario, the term "Daddy" refers to the submissive's dominant. The term "baby girl" refers to the submissive. Both are over 18 years old.]

We had chatted earlier in the day and I had agreed to try something new. You could tell I was nervous and not sure that I was really ready to take the next step. You didn't say anything but put me in position on the edge of the bed, on all fours. I look over my shoulder at you.

"No worries baby girl, lay your head down on your arms." You said.

I felt vulnerable and nervous but complied. My arse sticking up, my head down, I felt the first spank. I did not move, or utter a sound. A second and a third spank and my confusion started. I wanted you to stop, but I didn't want you to stop. I could feel my pussy getting wetter with each spank.

I felt your hand rub my bottom softly and your command, "Open your legs baby girl."

I hesitated just long enough and you swatted my bottom again. I moaned and squirmed a little but complied, spreading my legs, embarrassed at how wet I had become. You asked,

"Are you enjoying being spanked?”

My immediate response was, "No."

You swatted me again harder than before and asked again. I squirmed a
little and I again said, "No."

The next few swats were harder and I moaned softly, biting my bottom lip. You stopped and took your fingers and rubbed my pussy with them. I moaned in embarrassment that you found me so wet.

"Baby girl, you are wet!"

I moaned again softly. You swatted me several more times, my arse was burning, and I
moaned even louder with tears in my eyes.

"Reach between your legs baby girl and feel how wet you are."

I complied. I was dripping wet. You stopped and I heard you step away but I did not move. My bottom was stinging and my pussy was dripping. I bit my bottom lip while waiting, waiting for whatever you had planned next. You stepped back over and swatted my butt a couple of more times.

"Turn around baby girl and get on your knees.”

I turned and got on my knees in front of you as instructed. The bulge in your pants was right in front of me.

"Take off Daddy pants baby girl."

I leaned over and pulled your pants down. Your cock sprang out and I looked up at you. You nodded, giving me permission to suck your cock.

"May I use my hands?" I said.

You nodded affirmatively.

I took your cock into my hands, leaned forward and licked the head. I took it into my mouth with my tongue licking in circles around the head. As my hand went down the shaft my head followed… humming as your cock went into my mouth. I sucked hard as my head retreated a little.

I started moving faster up and down the shaft while sucking harder. I came back to the head and swirled my tongue around the shaft. Your hands gripped my hair tightly. You pulled my head down and then stopped when your cock was deep. You withdrew and thrust again. I was licking and sucking as hard as I could.

I heard you moaning and I felt your cock grow harder in my mouth. I started to wonder, "Did he want to cum in my mouth?"

My teeth grazed your cock as you were thrusting. I felt the sting of a swat on my bottom.

"Open wider!”, you said firmly.

I opened my mouth wider. You thrust a couple of more times then I felt your hot cum in my throat. I was swallowing as fast as I could yet some had dribbled out. I knew what that meant.

When you withdrew I turned back around and put my arse back up. I held my feet widely and waited. The first spank was hard! My body jumped and I cried out. The second spank was the same as the first as were the third and the fourth, then nothing.

Tears rolled down my face. “Was this what I wanted?” I asked myself. Suddenly you were there your cock starting to slide into my wet pussy.

"Oh yes." I moaned.
You leaned over and said, "You are so tight baby girl."

I moan loudly as you thrust hard, your cock going deep. My arse was
burning yet I knew I was going to cum, and soon.