A Night Out

By Mike004

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A married couple has a sexy night out with friends
Sarah stepped out of the bathroom, straightening her black skirt, andlight cashmere sweater. Kevin watched her move across the room, admiring her legs. She was very proud that she had regained her figure from her early twenties, and enjoyed showing it off.

"So what time are we meeting them?" Kevin asked.

"Ann said they'd pick us up around 6:30, the movie is at 8:30, so weshould have plenty of time to eat."

"Ok, are we going to Tommie's again?"

"Probably, Jim like's it", Sarah said with a chuckle.

"Hey, that gives us a couple minutes. I can think of something to do,"Kevin said, as he slid up behind his wife, and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"I just got dressed, and we have like 10 minutes. I don't know aboutyou, but I need a little more time than that."

"Well, then we can get you started for later." They both laughed as hepulled Sarah her down onto their bed. Sarah rolled over, and theykissed passionately. Kevin's hands moved down his wife's back cupped her firm buttocks and squeezed.

Sarah smiled, "I hope those hands are going to do more there later."

"Hmm, they could do more now" he said while patting her lightly.

"So what are you waiting for?"

Kevin gave his wife a sharp spank on her right cheek. Sarah let out asigh of pleasure. He gave her another on the other side, "yesss," she whispered.

Kevin spanked his wife, until she started moving her hips back againstthe slaps, while grinding into him. "Better be careful, or there will be more of this later," he threatened.

"There better be," she said as she sat up, "can you give me more now?"

"They'll be here any minute."

"I want you to...hard"


"I want it to sting. I want to feel it when we're out with them," shesaid as he looked at her puzzled. "Please? I want to feel it"

Kevin sat up, moving her to the side, "if you want it?" He pulled herdown across his lap, and rubbed her ass.

"Please," was the last thing she said before Kevin raised his hand. Hehesitated for a second then his hand fell onto Sarah's ass.


Over and over his hand slapped down over the cotton skirt. Sarah'scheeks bounced and jiggled with each spank. Her back arched, shegripped the covers tight, and bit her lip. Kevin usually didn't spank this hard or fast, but he wanted to build the sting quickly. And, her moans urged him on. He knew her ass was turning pink, but it wouldn't
last for more than a few minutes if he stopped.

"How long do you want it to last?"

"Don't stop, I want to feel it for a long time," she gasped

Kevin continued the spanking, making it faster. Sarah's head dropped asthe pain increased. She bobbed her head with each strike, and tried to keep her legs still. Her gentle moans of pleasure were replaced by "ouches" and squeals. Sarah was about to ask him to stop, when herested his hand on her, and began rubbing.

"Like that?" he asked.

"Oh, yes", she answered. She stood; both of her hands went right to
buttocks, rubbing hard.

"Ding Dong!" the doorbell chimed, "I'll get it," Kevin said as he ran,"take your time."

Sarah walked slowly around the room, still rubbing. The pain went beyondthe sting she had always felt before. Her ass throbbed, and felt tight. The rubbing didn't lessen the pain, but instead made it feel deeper, warmer, and much better. She turned her back to the full length mirror on the closet door, and lifted her skirt. Her full black panties
covered her bottom. She pulled them up to expose her cheeks, brightred, with white spots that faded quickly where ever she touched them. After straightening her panties, her right hand moved around to thefront and felt the wetness that showed just how excited she was.

Sarah walked downstairs as Kevin was saying, "Here she comes. We'll beright out." Jim closed the door and pulled their coats off the back, "How are you doing?"

"I want you right now", she said still rubbing.

Kevin grinned, "We could say you're sick?"

Sarah laughed, "No, let's go, there will be plenty of time later," Kevincouldn't resist and gave her a swat on the way out the door. It took her breath away. She climbed into the back seat. The cold leatherintensified the heat in her cheeks, making her wriggle the whole tenminute drive to the restaurant. Kevin couldn't keep from smiling while
he covered her part of the conversation.

30 minutes later the two couples were enjoying their meals and goodconversation. The unpadded seats increased the sting that Sarah still felt, and she was still as aroused as when they left the house. While Kevin and Jim discussed the week's fantasy football news, Ann turned to Sarah and quietly asked, "Are you ok tonight?"

"Yes, I'm fine," Sarah replied.

"You seem, distracted, or something, just checking."

Sarah blushes and glanced down, "I'm fine, really. How's that book youstarted reading?"

The conversation continued throughout dinner. Sarah could tell that Annnoticed her fidgeting, and every time she made eye contact with Kevin, she started to smile, and squeezed his hand under the table.

As the dishes were being cleared, Ann whispered, "Ok, last time,nothing's wrong? You're not pregnant or something?"

Sarah laughed and stood up from the table, looking toward the restroom,"Excuse me." Ann went with her.

When they returned, Sarah sat down next to her husband, and settledherself in her seat. Ann was now blushing, and tried not to look at Kevin. Kevin noticed Sarah's wiggle she sat down. Sarah looked into hiseyes, glanced down to her lap, then back. She slowly reached out herhand, below the table. Sarah leaned over the table, "So what's the
damage?" As she stood, she slid her hand up Kevin's thigh. When she reached the spot that would excite him the most, she opened her handKevin was trying not to watch, but she moved her hand away and satdown.

"We got it," Jim said, "You two can cover the tickets."

Kevin looked down at his lap, disappointed, but there he saw a bunchedup black cloth. As soon as he touched it, he knew what it was, and with wide eyes he stared at Sarah. The couples got up from the table, and Kevin slipped Sarah's panties into his pocket.

Kevin made the walk across the parking lot, more interesting for Sarah,by pinching her ass whenever they were between cars. Sarah rewarded him with a quick flash of her bra, just as Jim and Ann turned the corner to the front of the theater. Kevin bought the tickets, and after the couples had purchased sodas and popcorn, their movie was just starting

The couples took their seats. Sarah sat next to Ann, and curled up closeto her husband's arm, in easy reach of the popcorn bag on his lap. At the peak of the 20th Century Fox fanfare, Sarah whispered into Kevin'sear, "I want you right now," as she reached for the popcorn, burying her hand deep, so she could rub the bag against him. She did thisseveral times during the start of the movie, drawing several "shushes" from people around her.

Ann leaned over, "ok you; there's nothing left in the bag."

"I like the kernels?" Sarah replied.

Kevin did not mind at all, and whispered to Sarah, "Don't listen tothem."

During the final climatic scene, Sarah skipped the empty popcorn andreached down to see how excited she had kept her husband. Sarah wasvery proud with what she found, and it made her want to get home even faster.

On the walk back to the car, Jim asked, "So, do you guys want to go outfor coffee or a drink?"

Both of them answered with a simultaneous, "No." Then Sarah added, "We need to get up early tomorrow, so we need to get home"

Ann helped their case, "Yeah, I'm tired too. Let's get these two homeand call it a night."

The lovers practically dashed into the house. As soon as Kevin hadclosed the door, he turned around and embraced his wife. Their tonguesdanced as they pulled off each others coats, and let them fall to the
floor. Kevin moved his right hand slowly up Sarah's body, finallycupping her breast; his left hand caressed her buttocks, searching for the panty line he know was not their. Sarah had both of hers hands onthe back of her husband's neck, her fingers tangled his hair.

"Let's go up stairs," Sarah said, while catching a breath. They ran upthe stairs and into the bedroom. Sarah sat on the edge of the bed, taking Kevin's hips when he came near. She unbuckled his belt, openedhis pants, and pulled them roughly to his knees, taking his boxers withthem. Kevin's erection stood straight out, in perfect position for
Sarah to take him in her mouth. Sarah continued to suck while his hips thrust back and forth. His hands rubbed her head, neck, back andshoulders. Sarah knew her husband well and stopped before he got tooclose, so the evening could go on.

Kevin reached down and pulled Sarah's sweater over her head. He removedthe rest of his clothes, while Sarah removed her bra, and slid back on the bed. She laid on her back and stretched her hands up to theheadboard. Kevin moved on top of her. Each of his hands took one of her breasts, and he gently squeezed her nipples. He rolled them between hisfingers making them harder. Sarah arched her backed and moaned. She brought her hands down, and began to reach for the zipper on the side of her skirt, "No, leave it on," Kevin said. He moved down her body, kissing every spat as he went: her chest, each breast, her ribs, flatstomach, the top of each thigh. Sarah's legs parted and as she broughtup her knees, Kevin found his way to her mound. After a kiss, and longlick, he entered her with his tongue. Kevin kept his hands on Sarah's breasts, plying with her nipples more roughly than before. He licked,and sucked, and he tasted her getting more and more excited.

"Oh, yes," yes she moaned, and he went faster. "Mmm, more," she pleadedand he was happy to obliged.

"Take me know," she demanded, "I want you inside me." Sarah moved outfrom under him. Kevin took her place, lying on his back as his wifestraddled him.

"This is just going to be in the way now," she said,pulling off the skirt and throwing it across the room.

Sarah positioned herself over her husband's cock. She hesitated, thetip, just touching her lips. She rubbed him over her, covering the headwith her wetness. Kevin was thrashing his head, a gripping the bedposts, trying to endure his wife's teasing. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore; he quickly grabbed Sarah's hips, and pulled her down. She
resisted. "Please," he asked.

Sarah laughed. Kevin smacked her right cheek with his palm, "Yes," shecollapsed on him, taking him all in her. Sarah rode her husband,lifting herself and letting her full weight bring her back down, andbring him deeper and deeper inside her.

Kevin continued to spank her, knowing that's what she wanted to keepgoing. Soon he could not hold anymore. He grabbed her hips again,Thrust himself up into her, and arched his back. Sarah stopped herbouncing, and moved her hands to her breasts and fondled herself as he exploded inside her. She shuddered slightly as he finished, letting
Kevin know that she had had just as pleasurable an experience.

The two fell asleep naked in each other's arms. Their evening of teasingand arousal finished...until next time.