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A Punishment Never Forgotten

Curled up with you on the couch watching TV I feel your hand squeeze my hip, nails biting into my skin. The contact causes goose bumps all over my body in anticipation of what’s to come. I savor the feel of your hand moving slowly up my stomach to cup my breast. Turning my head toward you I moan as you crush your lips to mine; gasping as you pinch my nipple, your tongue invades me wiping any trace of thought away from my mind.

Pulling back from the kiss you growl, “Go to the room, put on what is set out for you, and lie down on the bed face up. You have 10 minutes baby girl.” Standing up I can’t help but shiver at your tone.

“Yes sir.”

Quickly noting the time I begin moving to the room wondering what I will find waiting for me. Stepping inside I see two piles placed at the foot of the bed; picking up the first I realize it is a fishnet bodysuit, thong, and blindfold. Separating them I move to the second pile which is what I recognize to be a set of ankle and wrist cuffs.

Working quickly I strip out of my clothes and redress attaching the cuffs last. Glancing at the clock next to the bed I see two minutes remain of my allotted time. Sitting in the middle of the bed I straighten my hair before slipping the blindfold on just above my eyes. The sound of your footsteps in the hall tells me time is up; laying down I cover my eyes and wait for the door to open.

Moments later you step into the room and move to the foot of the bed; “Very good baby girl. Now spread your legs.” Doing as you said I feel my ankle cuff turning followed by the click of a metal clip. After both ankles are secured I wait for your next command. “Same with your arms,” you tell me moving to the headboard to repeat the process.

Laying on the bed I wait for your next move. With my wrists and ankles bound to the bed frame and a blindfold keeping me in darkness I am completely at your mercy. Listening carefully I hear your foot steps moving away; opening my mouth to speak I suddenly remember what happened the last time I spoke without permission.

Sitting in the center of the bed in just a thong and blindfold I wait, wondering what you have planned for me. Having expressed an interest in the world of BDSM to you, I found a willing teacher. I trust you completely to help me explore this new side of myself without pushing too hard. So here I am, trying to sit patiently like I should until you speak. After what seems to me and my nerves like an eternity I can’t help but check that you are still with me.

“Sir?” I question hesitantly.

The squeak of your chair releases a wave of relief until I hear you sigh; you sound disappointed and I silently curse myself for talking. Chewing my lips I hang my head slightly trying to convey my regret. I can’t believe I said something, I know better then that.

“Why?” you ask in an even tone. Still sitting in darkness I take a moment to gather my jumbled thoughts; talking with a blindfold on feels odd but I don’t want to make any more mistakes.

“I’m sorry sir, it was quiet for so long and I was unsure what to do.” Feeling somewhat like a child waiting to be scolded I sit quietly listening for your voice or any sound of movement.

“In this room I am in charge. You will do what I say when I say, and never question me. Now because you broke the rules you must be punished. Remove your blindfold and come stand beside me.” The dark excitement in your voice sends a shiver down my spine. As quickly as I can mange I uncover my eyes, crawl to the bed's edge, and take the few steps to reach you.

“Over my knee use your hands and feet to brace yourself.”

“Yes sir.” I can hear the quiver in my voice as I follow your command. I’ve never been spanked before in my life and bent over your knee exposed as I am I find myself scared yet oddly excited.

“I expect that you will stay still while I administer your punishment but that is the only requirement . Do you understand?” you growl.

“Yes sir,” I squeak timidly.

A loud crack fills the room as the first blow lands followed by my high pitched yelp. Wanting to please you I promise myself that while I know I will eventually want to beg you to stop I won’t; I must show you that I can handle anything you can give me. You keep a steady yet rapid pace that peppers each cheek in turns, my cries increasing with each blow. Within a few rounds my ass is on fire and all excitement is gone as the tears begin to form. After a few more rounds tears flow freely down my face and I realize I’m ready to break my promise for the prospect of relief.

Opening my mouth to speak a sob tears from my lips; unable to stop I can only silently pray that it will end soon. An eternity later as quickly as it began my punishment is over; the rain of blows transformed into a gentle back rub. When my sobs have quieted you speak again, “You did very well, baby girl. I know that was difficult for you to endure. You’re going to be sore for a bit but that will help you remember your lesson. Now go lay on your stomach; I’m going to get an icepack to help.” The praise and kindness in your voice makes my heart swell.

“Yes sir.” I sniffle moving to the bed as you leave. By the time you return my sniffles have stopped and the room is as quiet as when it started.

Placing the icepack gently on my tender cheeks I flinch; “Relax here for a bit but remember why I did this. That was only five minutes and I took it easier on you than I normally would. Next time you break the rules the punishment will be more severe. You know the rules and must learn to obey them without question or hesitation. Now get some rest.” After a quick kiss on my forehead you turn to leave, reaching out I lightly touch your arm.

"Thank you for my lesson sir. I promise I won’t disappoint you again.”

Remembering my promise to you I take a deep breath and relax, I will wait for as long as you see fit. I almost forgot my place in this room is only to serve you as you wish, never to question. You will return when you are ready and I will be allowed to serve you as a reward for my patience.

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