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A Short Adventure In The Orient

Two young English girls take a holiday in China, with unexpected results.
When the police arrived to arrest the girls, there was no warning. The first intimation that something was amiss came by way of raised voices down at reception, followed by heavy footsteps on the rickety wooden stairs. Then the fearsome pounding on the flimsy wooden door. "Open up at once - police!" More puzzled than afraid, Jennifer unlocked the hotel room door, and in stormed four policemen in combat uniform. Jennifer noticed that all four of them had large pistols holstered in their leather belts and they looked as though they meant business.

Jennifer's friend, Rachel, was perched on her bed and looked as surprised as her chum. "Is there something wrong?" she ventured tentatively.

The officer who appeared to be in charge spoke roughly, in English.

"Both of you, against the wall," he snapped, "Quickly!"

His uncompromising tone prompted the girls to acquiesce immediately.

The policeman rapped out an order in Chinese and his three colleagues began a detailed search of the room, ransacking cupboards and rifling through drawers as the young women looked on, wondering what on earth they were hoping to find. Neither girl used illegal drugs, so at least that was something they were unlikely to find.

The chief officer issued a further brief command to his men, who then set about searching the girls' suitcases, sifting through their clothes and personal items. Jennifer and Rachel both blushed involuntarily as the men examined their bras and used panties, seemingly unnecessarily turning their worn briefs inside out for closer inspection.

"Ah!" cried one of the men, and held something up for his Chief to behold. He had found something in Jennifer's case.

Almost immediately came a shout from one of the other officers, and he too held a small object aloft, chattering animatedly in Chinese to his superior.

Both the girls felt waves of apprehension wash over them as they realised why the police had come to visit them.

"You come with us now!" barked the Chief, pointing to the doorway.

Two hours later, the young ladies were sitting in the British Consul's office, now fully aware of the terrible plight they had landed themselves in.

The girls were friends and workmates in the local government offices of a small town in Surrey. Both in their early 20's, they had struck up a warm friendship some two years earlier, having the usual things in common that most young women share - fashion, music, boyfriends - and travel. Both were passionately interested in travelling and had enthusiastically investigated the usual tourist haunts of Spain, Greece and Italy. But, although they had enjoyed the commercial resorts, the girls had both decided that they should become more ambitious and adventurous, and had avidly scoured the brochures for somewhere really unusual for their next venture abroad - ideally somewhere wild and off the beaten track that they could be sure none of their friends had visited, affording them the satisfying opportunity of regaling them with wondrous tales of the exotic and obscure upon their triumphant return home.

And this is why they had decided on three weeks in Yang Shing Luan, a province in a remote part of north-east China. The travel agent had warned them that very little was known of the area, but it was considered reasonably safe, although tourists were virtually unheard of. However, the travel firm did have a local contact and the hotels were reputed to be of an acceptable standard, if a little on the basic side. This didn't bother the girls at all - they were looking for a new and unique experience, and this seemed to tick most of the boxes.

So, travel funds and visas arranged, a month later found Jenny and Rachel in the wilds of rural China.

True, the hotel was very basic and the food unfamiliar, but with the boundless optimism of youth, the girls were determined to savour the experience.

Of course, the area was peopled almost exclusively by peasant Chinese and not geared up for leisure visitors, but there was enough day-to-day bustle to entertain the English girls and many unusual sights and sounds - modern civilisation had not touched this region to any great degree, and most of the locals were still living exactly the same lives as their ancestors hundreds of years ago.

Only the hotel manager spoke English, and it was he who suggested that the girls may like to tour the ancient temple at Nang Wei, some twenty miles to the west. It was apparently of considerable historical significance and the hotel manager thought it would provide an interesting day out. The girls were enthusiastic, and a local taxi was organised to provide transport.

When they arrived at their hot and dusty destination, Jenny and Rachel were immediately fascinated by the temple. Of indeterminate age, it was partly ruined, but enough of the original architecture had survived to indicate that it must at one time have been magnificent.

There were no official guides, of course, but about a dozen local Chinese were also wandering around the holy place, staring in astonishment at the girls' western dress and in horror at the shortness of their skirts as Jenny and Rachel investigated the old building, taking hundreds of photographs on their digital cameras.

Rachel suddenly suggested that they look for a couple of souvenirs to take back home, and in the obvious absence of an official gift shop, they searched around for something suitable.

"Oh, look, these'll do," smiled Jenny, picking up a couple of brightly coloured stones from a small alcove in the temple wall. She slipped one into her handbag and handed the other to Rachel.

After a pleasant afternoon in the remote district and a meal of what appeared to be some kind of fowl and brown rice at a small local restaurant, they met their taxi at the pre-arranged time and arrived back at their hotel.

Then the police visit.

David Jackson surveyed the two young women in front of him, and sighed. He had been British Consul to this God-forsaken place for just over three years now, and had hated nearly every minute of it. Not that he'd had much choice about the posting. He had been suspected of accepting bribes to influence contract awards in his previous position in Belgium and, although the charges could not be absolutely proven, he was presented with an ultimatum by his superiors - either resign, with a significant loss of pension rights, or accept this posting in the Chinese wilderness.

"Didn't you stop to consider that everything in the temple might be sacred?" he began, eyeing the deflated girls keenly. "You may have thought that nobody was watching you, but westerners stick out like a sore thumb in these parts, and one of the locals shopped you. What on earth were you thinking of?"

Jennifer spoke first, her voice trembling with emotion.

"But....but we didn't think the stones were valuable. There were lots of them......and we only wanted a small momento each........"

"Yes," blurted Rachel, "We'd have willingly paid for anything we took, if necessary......but there was no-one to ask."

Jackson thought for a moment.

"Those "stones," as you call them, were part of a holy offering to the goddess Yang Ho Shek. They are thousands of years old and an integral part of the local religion. To even tamper with them - let alone steal them - is a very serious offence."

Both girls went deathly pale.

"But.....but surely, if we explained that we had no idea about their significance......they must know we're foreigners and don't understand the local customs......" mumbled Jennifer.

Jackson shook his head.

"I'm afraid it makes no difference. This is not England. The laws here are rigid and draconian. You two are in serious trouble."

The girls were close to panicking.

"But....but surely you can do something as Consul......explain to the police....." cried Rachel.

Again, Jackson looked grim.

"I have to tell you that in this province, the penalty for your offence is....." He hesitated. "Execution by firing squad, for a local..." Both girls gasped. "And up to thirty years imprisonment, without remission, for foreigners."

The girls began to sob uncontrollably as his words sunk in.

Jackson had told them the unvarnished truth. That was indeed the local law, and life was pitifully expendable in this remote district. But in his three years here, he had managed to strike up something of a rapport with the Chief of Police, and they had often dined and played mah-jong together with a few of the Chief's colleagues and their wives.

He regarded the two young English girls sitting across the desk, and began to consider whether he had enough influence to persuade his police friend to exercise a degree of clemency.

Of course, there would be conditions. The Chief, he knew, had long had a fascination with white girls, although he had spent his entire life in this remote region, and had never actually come into contact with any. But he had managed to acquire a small clandestine collection of European girlie magazines, and loved the full breasts and curvy bottoms displayed in the pages, such a contrast to the spare, bony build of the local girls.

Jackson himself was missing the U.K. and the opportunities for pleasure afforded by that country. Three years he'd been stuck here without setting eyes on a white woman. That is, until today.

He thought carefully. Maybe a solution could be found to suit everybody?

"Look," he said to the tearful girls, "I have a proposition that might just be acceptable to the Chief of Police, who I happen to be on good terms with. You will spend tonight at your hotel under house arrest, and will report to me here at 10.00 a.m. tomorrow morning. When you arrive, I urge you both strongly to be smartly dressed. Is that clear?"

Both girls nodded furiously, and Jackson summoned the guards to escort them back to their hotel.

As soon as the door closed, he reached for his telephone, and dialled.

"Kwok? Hello, it's David here. I presume you will already have been briefed on the two English girls who stole from the temple? I thought so. Now, I've just interviewed them, and I have a suggestion to put to you that I think you may find interesting......."

Next morning at 10.00 a.m. prompt, Jennifer and Rachel were led in to the Consul's office. As advised, they were both very smartly turned out and looked most attractive.

Jackson sensed the tension in the air as the guards retreated and closed the door behind them, both girls eagerly scanning his face for any hint of good news.

"Well, ladies, as I mentioned yesterday, I have had discussions with the Chief of Police, and explained your position to him. I have stressed that you are both extremely remorseful and made it clear to him that you were under the impression that you were not doing anything wrong. In the circumstances, he has agreed to treat the matter as "off the record," as we say, and your punishment will be carried out in private by the Chief himself. However, there is a further condition. My stay in this area has been a long and lonely one, and to acknowledge my part in negotiating for your punishment to be commuted, I shall require you to show, shall we say......gratitude. Do you understand?"

The girls looked at each other nervously.

"Th.....thank you so much for doing this for us," whispered Rachel, "I know we couldn't bear a long prison sentence in China. But.......but what do we have to do?"

Jackson spoke gently, but firmly.

"In a few minutes I intend to lock the door and pull down the blinds so that we won't be disturbed. I'm sure that neither of you is totally naive, so I know you will both understand when I say that you are going to entertain me. Is that quite clear?"

Both girls nodded silently.

"And......and how will the Police Chief punish us.....when we see him?" queried Jennifer, her voice tremulous.

"He is going to apply the lightest penalty that the rules here permit, namely twelve strokes each with a specialised bamboo cane across your bare bottoms. From what I've heard, the strokes are very hard and delivered without mercy."

Both Jennifer and Rachel gasped in horror, instinctively clinging to each other, their blood running cold as the dreadful words registered.

Jackson let them consider for a minute or so.

"Are you agreeable?" he asked, "Remember, it's really a small price to pay if you weigh up the alternative."

Both girls nodded, without speaking.

"Good," said Jackson, walking briskly to the office door and locking it, then pulling down the window blinds.

He turned, and motioned to Jennifer.

"You first," he smiled, "Strip down to your underwear."

Jennifer stood up nervously, flushing deeply, and discarded her smart suede jacket, folding it neatly and placing it on her chair. Next came her blouse, her fingers trembling slightly as she unfastened the small buttons down the front, then pulling the garment off her shoulders and placing it on top of her jacket. Breathing deeply, she then quickly unzipped her short dark pleated skirt, letting it drop and stepping out of it as it pooled around her dainty ankles.

Jackson spoke softly. "Right, now bend forwards over the desk."

Jennifer did as she was bid, moving to the wide desk and arranging herself across it, her arms straight out in front of her, her ample bust pressing against the cool black leather surface through her lacy bra. She blushed slightly as she realised that her behind was unavoidably jutting out invitingly.

Jackson savoured the view. It had been so long since he'd had the chance of having an Englishwoman. Yes, the local whores were plentiful and willing, but they weren't really to his taste. Jennifer, by contrast, was very much to his taste.

He moved up behind her and slipped his fingers into the elastic waistband of the girl's American Tan coloured tights. She shuddered at his touch, but made no effort to resist as he slowly slipped the sheer nylon down to her knees. Jackson gasped at the sheer perfection of the young woman's shapely backside, protected now only by her flimsy underwear. He started to pull her panties down, working them gently over her full hips, until they joined her tights around her knees.

Jennifer was mortified with embarrassment at the knowledge that her private charms were exposed to this middle-aged diplomat, and tried to bolster herself mentally for what was to come.

Jackson was determined to enjoy this unexpected opportunity to the full, and was in no hurry.

He placed his hands on Jennifer's hips, then slid them slowly down to her fleshy bottom cheeks, feeling his penis jerk and stiffen as he felt the warm softness of her twin hemispheres.

Jennifer started slightly as she felt him become a little bolder, tenderly easing her bottom open, the curvy cheeks parting with a mildly obscene schlucking sound.

Jackson set about his task with relish, his thumbs holding her bottom cheeks apart whilst his tongue probed and lashed her arsehole.

Jennifer gave a soft groan as he switched his attentions to her cunt, nibbling and licking her private orifice as she still bent helpless, her hips writhing as he reached down to find her clitoris and rub it hard.

Jackson paused, but only for a few moments to allow him to unfasten his trousers and let them drop to the carpet, his underpants swiftly following suit.

Jennifer twisted her head round and gasped in astonishment as she glimpsed his rapidly-hardening cock, long and thick, knowing that she would shortly be required to take it between her legs.

Jackson removed her shoes, then quickly took her tights and panties completely off.

"Open your legs" he growled, quivering with excitement.

Still bent over the desk, Jennifer timidly obliged, parting her pretty legs so that her pink juicy quim came into full view, the outer lips gaping open and oozing her natural female lubrication.

Jackson placed his massive prick against her opening and entered her forcefully, his throbbing hardness and the girl's wetness combining to make penetration a simple matter.

Holding her by the hips, Jackson took a deep breath and started to fuck her, slowly to start with as they searched for a mutual rhythm, then accelerating steadily as his cock speared remorselessly into her now eager cunt, stretching her almost impossibly, his heavy testicles slapping noisily against her glistening bottom as he whispered obscenities into her ear.

Rachel, looking on in a mixture of horror and fascination, was astonished to find herself getting more and more excited as she watched her friend being fucked hard.

She knew deep down from a feeling of natural decency that she shouldn't be watching such an outrageously rude spectacle - she should have turned her head away, closed her eyes and covered her ears - but the sight of the man's huge prick screwing her best friend's cunt and her hoarse cries as her bare bottom writhed and bucked was just too compulsive.

Almost before she realised it herself, Rachel's fingers were up her dress and inside her tights, furiously rubbing the gusset of her panties.

On the desk, matters were rapidly coming to a head.

Jackson was on his frantic short strokes and knew he couldn't last much longer, but Jennifer was also on the brink and suddenly screamed in ecstacy as she orgasmed and drenched the diplomat's cock with her secretions.

With a superhuman effort, Jackson managed to pull his twitching penis out of her cunt without climaxing himself. He knew his job was only half done.

Motioning Jennifer to rise and seat herself on the spare chair by the side of the desk, he instructed Rachel to strip naked.

She obeyed eagerly, taking off her dress then removing her shoes, bra, tights and panties.

Like her friend, she was told to bend over the desk, Jackson noting with uncontrolled delight that her bottom was even more voluptuous than Jennifer's.

Once more, Jackson enjoyed himself immensely, kissing and mauling the young lady's magnificent naked bottom and using his fingers and tongue on her cunt, noting with a smile how wet she already was after witnessing Jennifer's frenzied fucking.

This time, Jackson decided to enjoy the girl in the misionary position, Rachel lying on her back on the carpet with her knees raised as he licked her breasts, his hands under her bottom and his hard cock pistoning into her saturated cunt as they fucked furiously. He waited until her desperate moans signaled the approach of her climax, then timed his own relief perfectly, jetting streams of sticky semen deep inside her as she shot off with a tortured groan.

Jackson poured the girls a small whisky each after they had dressed.

"Thank you for your cooperation," he said, "But don't forget that you are due to see the Chief of Police in an hour's time."

"And then we're free to go?" whispered Rachel.

"Yes, the Chief is a man of his word," replied Jackson, "But I must warn you, any resistance on your part will almost certainly jeopardise the arrangement - and you are well aware of the alternatives."

Both girls nodded solemnly.

As arranged, a black limousine arrived at the gates exactly one hour later, driven by the Chief's personal chauffeur.

With heavy hearts, the girls climbed in, and ten minutes later they were gliding through imposing wrought iron gates and up a long gravel drive that led to Police HQ's main block.

Once inside, the pair were led down a series of corridors by two armed guards until they reached the Chief's office. One of the guards knocked three times on the heavy door, and the response in Chinese was immediate.

The door was opened, and the girls were shown inside.

Chief Constable Kwok sat at his desk with his hands clasped in front of him, rather like a stern headmaster who has just summoned two errant pupils.

He nodded to the guards, who bowed slightly, then retreated, closing the door firmly behind them.

Kwok surveyed his trembling prey.

"Well, ladies," he began, "What have you to say for yourselves?"

Rachel took the initiative. "We.....we're both very sorry, sir....we didn't think we were stealing and we didn't mean any disrespect......" Her voice tailed off.

"I'm sure the whole thing was a terrible mistake," replied Kwok, in surprisingly good English, "And in the circumstances, I am prepared to exercise a degree of leniency. But, the law is the law. and punishment is still necessary and appropriate. Did Mr Jackson explain what is involved?"

Jennifer spoke in a hushed whisper. "Yes, sir. Mr Jackson told us that you would punish us privately caning our bottoms."

She flushed with shame as she uttered the words.

Kwok was very pleased. The girls were even more attractive than Jackson had led him to believe. He was going to enjoy this.

"That is correct. You will both be required to undress and bend over for twelve strokes of the cane. In this district we use a four-foot length of specially-prepared bamboo, which has proved to be a most effective deterrent in the past. You will be beaten together, bent over the table in the corner. You will lie six feet apart, and receive alternate strokes. I have to ask you if you are both agreeable?"

Both girls nodded in numb confirmation, shaking with terror and apprehension.

"Very well. But to ease matters slightly for you, I would urge you both to take a small glass of the medication I am about to offer you. It is a mild hallucinogen which will calm your nerves and act as a moderate anaesthetic."

Kwok walked to a wall unit and opened the glass front, selecting a bottle of clear liquid and two glasses. He poured two measures and handed the glasses to the girls, who, anxious for anything to mitigate the torment, gulped down the liquid without hesitation.

Kwok smiled to himself. The fluid was Kana Ka Shu, one of the most potent aphrodisiacs available in China, supplied to him privately by an old pharmacist friend.

"Now, young ladies, if you would like to remove your clothes, we can begin," said Kwok, trying hard not to leer.

Jennifer and Rachel were already beginning to feel the initial effects of the stimulant, and stripped in front of Kwok with less inhibitions than they had imagined, the Chinese watching with ill-suppressed delight as the pretty young English women took off their bras and panties.

He unlocked a cupboard near the door, and took out the previously-described implement of discipline- a long, thin, whippy bamboo cane. He swished it through the air a couple of times, quietly relishing the painful procedure about to take place.

"Over to the table, please, and bend over," he instructed.

The girls obeyed, positioning themselves some six feet apart to give their tormentor space to operate.

Kwok took a deep breath, and began.

Jennifer's backside was the first to sample the bamboo, the cane whistling menacingly through the air before it made contact with her defenceless bottom with an almighty crack. Jennifer screamed in agony and jumped up, rubbing her behind fiercely. After a few seconds, she resumed her position with a whimper.

Then it was Rachel's turn, the remorseless bamboo again finding its target right across the centre of her naked voluptuous arse, causing her also to rise with a yelp, issuing an uncharacteristic obscenity.

The second and third strokes on the girls' backsides were even harder, landing with practiced accuracy on the roundest part of their juddering white bottoms, provoking screams and pleas for mercy as both girls threw decorum to the winds and unashamedly burst into floods of tears.

The blows rang out like rifle shots on the girls' soft flesh as Kwok warmed to his obscene task without a shred of compassion, his cock now hard and big in his trousers as his cane wreaked havoc on its quivering targets.

With military precision, Kwok carried on the relentless assault until each girl had taken the arranged twelve strokes.

Then, abruptly, it was over. Kwok stepped back to admire his handiwork, the girls struggling stiffly to their feet, desperately attempting to rub away some of the excruciating pain from their well-striped backsides.

But the aphrodisiac had worked its magic. Rather than hurriedly dressing and anxiously begging to leave, both girls were amazed to find themselves consumed with feelings of rampant lust that almost defied description. Despite their fiery smarting bottoms, they found themselves suddenly desperate for sexual release, almost begging Kwok to produce his big penis and satisfy the urges that were now coursing through their loins.

Kwok was in no mood to disappoint them. Swiftly discarding his trousers and underwear, he lay on the carpet and beckoned Jennifer towards him, clasping her hips and turning her to face away from him, firmly guiding the girl's bottom onto his face. She groaned with pleasure as his wet tongue eagerly investigated the warm musky cleft between her bottom cheeks and it was but a matter of seconds before Rachel had impaled herself upon his rock-hard penis, working herself frantically up and down to force his length deeper and deeper into her randy cunt.

Kwok found Jennifer's swollen clitoris and was rubbing it hard with his thumb, two of his fingers thrust past the second knuckle up her frothing quim, simultaneously lashing her puckered arsehole with his impudent tongue.

Faster and faster went this orgy of demented sexual frenzy until the three could stand it no longer. Jennifer climaxed noisily on Kwok's face whilst Rachel's urgent thrustings triggered his own orgasm, his penis erupting like a volcano, squirting jet after jet of hot semen into the young woman's greedy cunt.

Kwok could hardly move, his body trembling with a heady mixture of excitement and exhaustion.

The girls put their clothes back on slowly, and waited for his next instruction.

"Are we free to go now, sir?" asked Jennifer, her arm around her friend.

Kwok rang for the guards. It had been a successful day. The punishment had been completed and he had satisfied his curiosity about English girls.

He would keep his magazines, of course, to remind him how gorgeous the bottoms of English girls are.

And who knows - one day he may be able to get a job in the British Police Force!!

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