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A Spanking Extravaganza at Middlesex High, Part A

Several students are sent to the dean's office for behavior improvement.

Bob Perkins, the Boys’ Dean at Middlesex High, arrived at work a bit early. He needed to clear his head for the full day ahead of him. Holly, his 21 year old secretary, came in shortly after him and gave him a big hello. She was at the age where she could take him on twice a day and still need more. Perkins was very happy to have her around, even more so to be able to slip his cock into her warm and very wet pussy a few times a week. On occasion though, even he needed a rest.

One of his duties was administering spankings to the wayward students at Middlesex High.

Holly assisted in any way she could and the experience excited them both. Perkins was very happy Holly had finally graduated Middlesex and was now his secretary. That made things a lot easier and much more legal. His willing assistant had spent considerable time over the dean’s lap as a student and it paid off. Turning her beautiful round ass cheeks a nice shade of crimson was the dean’s way of improving her poor behavior.

Perkins was not sure which one of them enjoyed the slow slipping of Holly’s silk panties over her firm hillocks more. He loved placing them at mid thigh. In any event, the exposure of Holly’s grapefruit sized buns made his cock very hard. Watching her sexy bottom globes bounce and roll as he spanked her was an added benefit.

Occasionally Holly still went over his lap, but Perkins came to understand that her filing and clerical mistakes were intentional. Accordingly, those spankings were very tenderly given, and well received.

Received being the operative word. Holly usually received a very good fucking after these deliberately provoked spankings. Perkins didn’t mind the deception as he got to “spank” a firm and well shaped bare bottom and then slip his swollen member into a very turned on and wet young lady.

With her short skirt flipped up on her back, and her tiny panties wrapped slightly above her knees, Holly was a vision of loveliness. She playfully kicked her legs and cried out, as she rolled on his tumescent organ, “Oh, Dean Perkins, don’t spank me so hard!”

Holly, despite her young age, was very experienced in preparing her man for a good poke. She wanted him hard and hot and that’s just what she got. After one of these play spankings, Holly usually got a fucking to write home about. Working in the dean’s office was a great job. The fringe benefits were even better.

Whether Perkins poked her as she bent over the spanking chair, or rode him cowboy style as he sat in it, Holly’s screams bounced off the walls. For their own protection, Perkins had to stuff one Holly’s small panties into her mouth.

Often, after three or four particularly powerful cums, Holly asked, like a child eating cookies, if she could have another.

“Pretty girls get all the cums they want, Holly.”

Regardless of the position she was poked in, Holly’s thighs glistened with dripping pussy juice. Then the well-satiated vixen sucked his cock clean, as if his love tool was a straw in an ice cream sundae.

Holly was a proper lady now, that is, until someone’s hot lap dancing buns set her off.

Holly was very pretty and dressed to arouse him. Holly was even more desirable on spanking days. She always showed Perkins her best assets and never knew when it would pay off.

The last time Holly went over the dean's lap, happily displaying her bare bottom, Perkins gave her just what she wanted after warming her cute bottom. Holly loved the way Perkins poked her differently each time. Today she didn’t care how he did it, so long as his huge cock filled her until the cums overwhelmed her.

With that in mind she wore some very sexy lingerie and a very short dress, all over her high heels and long sexy legs filling out her black stockings. Holly wore a frilly red garter belt which kept her stockings tight and high during her lap ride. Dean Perkins loved the view. Never knowing what to expect only added to the thrill of sex with the boss.

As Holly entered his inner office, Perkins told her to check for messages sent by some teachers via the principal’s office. He knew he had some “administrative” duties to handle today, on top of everything else. Holly cheerily said OK, and called Julie, the principal’s secretary. When she returned a few moments later, she had the “record book” and a sly smile on her face. Days like this usually ended with her going home with wet panties and a powerful afterglow. Dean Perkins was so good to her.

Perkins knew Principal Bonnie Anderson was sending some spankings his way. She had told him a few days ago after he ate her clit for lunch.

That was the appetizer for the powerful rogering that followed. Perkins leaned his boss over her desk and raised her dress high on her back. With her long hose encased legs flowing down to her high heels, all Perkins saw were her full round buns and the wet pink slash below. Perkins got in close and entered his hot boss. He slid in easily. The dean was in fuck heaven. Perkins too, had great fringe benefits.

His beautiful forty-one year old boss knew the harder his cock got, the better her pokes would be. She did whatever it took to straighten him out. Bonnie spread her legs and took it all in. Perkins didn't disappoint his boss. Within a few strong strokes Bonnie was singing.

Bonnie had been banging Perkins almost everyday on their lunch break. She wanted it even more than Holly. Perkins was happy to oblige her; first by spanking the students on their bare buns and then by giving his boss the hot cock she demanded.

“Looks like we have some business to attend to Boss; I have the book,” Holly announced with that cute smile she always wore when her hormones were raging.

Perkins read the notes. Two new girls, recent transfers, were easy; just a welcome to what happens when you fail to follow the rules at Middlesex High. He had done this a dozen times and it didn’t require much planning. The other two needed some thought. A difficult senior male student well known to him for insubordination and another female student, bright, but left back for refusing to follow instruction. Her well shaped bottom had been over his lap once before, but that visit didn’t change her ways. She was nineteen, the others, eighteen, but acted like children. They would be treated as such today.

The notes said that the girls were told to report to his office at 10 am, with their purses, the code word for a hairbrush spanking. The boy was just told not to be late. Perkins asked Holly to remind him what the record book said about the two who had been spanked before and she did. He gave the cases some thought and told her to await their arrival in her outer office.

Most of the discipline Perkins delivered were routine bare bottom, over the knee, hairbrush spankings to his female students. The boys, after getting the paddle, rarely returned. For some reason though, many of the girls kept returning after minor violations. It was almost as if they looked forward to having their skirts raised and their panties lowered for another trip over the dean’s sexy broad lap. Perkins knew, that at their age, they didn’t get to feel many hard cocks, something that always came with the baring of their sweet bottoms!

Having a busy day ahead, Perkins ran through the papers on his desk and made notes for later. He returned a few phone calls, and before long, Holly knocked on the door and told him the students had arrived.

Holly was told to usher them in and return herself after locking the outer door. Then with Holly holding his inner door open, the three girls with very concerned faces, came in followed by the boy who showed his distain for the matter he was summoned for. The newer girls had their purses; the older one did not. Perkins would deal with that later.

Perkins sat behind his desk and looked at all four miscreants. Holly was directed to sit on one of the two visitor chairs off to the side. Perkins addressed the new girls first. Looking at the notes, he spoke softly to Carrie and Samantha, the transfers.

“Your teachers tell me you don’t pay attention in class and are always chatting. This causes a disruption. While this is not a major violation of school discipline, it must still be dealt with. As you both lie over my lap later, and I address your problem areas, I will be asking you to try and follow our rules. Do you think you can?”

“This is your first time to my office, after the rules were explained to you. Today, after being re-instructed, you will be expected to follow them strictly and I hope only to see you in the hallways and lunchroom from now on. Normally, I would instruct you and send you on your way, but we are fortunate in that we have two of your fellow students who didn’t learn from their last visit here. Consequently, I will have to “explain” to them again what is expected of our students. That will be very beneficial to you as well.

Carrie, petite and pretty, and Samantha, a bit taller and with a fuller figure, were both starting to tremble with anxiety. They weren’t sure what was going to happen, but their instincts told them they wouldn’t like it.

Samantha wore a dress stopping a few inches above her knees and Carrie had on some nice designer jeans; both wore loafers and white sox. They listened intently as Perkins and Holly discussed today’s business, wondering how sore their firm young bottoms would feel later.

Their moms had enrolled them in Middlesex, after learning of the school’s highly regarded discipline program. The school’s motto:

“Sometimes we have to warm their bottoms to get their attention, but you will be proud of them when they graduate.”

“Holly, please remind me what happened when Melissa and Jonathan were here before.” He made that request while looking at the two older students.

Holly opened her book and read a bit. Then she announced that Melissa had been originally instructed on the rules when she first transferred in, but was returned for a reminder just two weeks later.

That consisted of a simple hand spanking on her panties. Apparently that did not work. Her re-instruction was typical for new girls, but apparently she needed another reminder. Jonathan, on the other hand, had been paddled twice for rudeness to his teachers and fighting in the schoolyard.

Their teachers, who knew about the benefits of a good spanking, had referred both students. Jonathan’s English teacher, Amy Peabody, a pretty twenty-five year old, had recently draped herself over the dean’s lap and had her panties lowered. That was the price for being late with her paperwork. Amy Peabody was right on time now. Her feelings were, if she could be spanked for that … on her bare bottom … so should her disrespectful student.

Melissa’s math teacher, Dave Smith, had a similar experience with the principal. Smith had to drop his trousers and go over her lap to learn how to be a better teacher. The principal used her solid wooden hairbrush, and Smith’s cries were heard throughout the building. Having Dean Perkins watch his humiliating, and rather painful trip over the principal’s lap, only ensured it effectiveness. Smith wished he could take Melissa over his lap, but that was not to be. At least, not for now.

Both teachers hoped a Perkins’ bare bottomed spanking would motivate these problem students to be more respectful in class. Neither wanted to be blamed for their student’s poor behavior. Amy Peabody and Dave Smith each had received a Middlesex High spanking on the bare and didn’t want another.

Then Perkins looked at the entire group. “It appears that I have failed in my teaching duties with Melissa and Jonathan. As forceful as I was, I did not impart the intended message. Even though it was my fault, I will try again. It’s good that Carrie and Samantha are here. Now they can see what will happen to those who forget the rules.

“Jonathan, please take the other chair and face it away from the door, towards the middle of the room. Carrie and Samantha can stand by the door and Melissa will go to the other side facing the door.”

“Holly, please give us Jonathan’s history.”

“He’s been here twice, Dean Perkins. In his first year he received ten swats with the paddle for fighting and two months ago, you gave him fifteen for rudeness to his homeroom teacher, Miss Peabody. The note says they were over his jeans.”

Jonathan’s face showed some mild distress, although he wanted all to know he was not afraid to be here. He also knew he was getting more this time, just not how many, or whether it would be before or after the girls got their “little girly hand spankings.”

Whatever it was, he could handle it, and he would try to hide his discomfort from the girls as they sat outside during his session.

“Jonathan, you have apparently not benefited from your previous discussions with my paddle, but I think you will remember this one; so will the ladies. Maybe they will thank you for their added lesson.

Drop your jeans and bend over the chair. Hold onto the seat and don’t let go, or the count starts again. I’m sure you remember the script: The paddle goes ‘WHACK, and you say Yoweee, please stop, Dean Perkins.’”

“What, with them here? I’m not afraid of your paddle, but do it in private.”

“Do as you’re told, Jonathan, seems your insubordination does need some immediate attention.”

The boy was shocked at this turn of events and stared at the girls, first the two behind him, and then Melissa, in front. His eyes did not miss Holly, sitting off to the side of the dean’s desk, with her lovely legs, long, black and shiny, one swinging over the other, and her sweet thigh fully visible under her very short skirt. She too had a very good view of what was unfolding, and loved it.

Resigned to the inevitable, Jonathan loosened his belt and tugged down the tight jeans, making sure to keep his “tighty whiteys” in place.

“OK, Jonathan, you may assume the position you know so well.”

As he did, he heard, “Holly, please prepare Jonathan to receive the paddle.”

Starting to get the picture that today would be different, Jonathan cringed when Holly grabbed the waistband of his briefs and tugged then down to his knees. The three other students were equal ly shocked. Perkins doubted the two new students had ever seen a naked boy, but this too was part of their introduction. Jonathan jumped up and grabbed at his briefs.

“Jonathan,” said the dean, “return to your position and hold the chair. At Middlesex High, we use the concept of graduated instruction. If the initial minimal dose does not work, we increase it to get the best possible return on our investment.

You were going to get fifteen swats with our “board of education,” on the bare, as the previous methods did not work. Now, for your continued insubordination, we will increase it to twenty.”

Perkins then looked at his three other students and asked Jonathan if he understood.

Carrie and Samantha were shocked at the naked backside of the older boy right in front of them. Melissa, having a front view, was a bit more interested. Holly, having returned to her seat, just sat there knowing her luscious thighs were fully exposed as the short skirt rode high on her lap. She was enjoying the entire production, as her panties got damp. She hoped Perkins enjoyed the view too.

“Holly, will you please bring me the paddle from the wall. Apparently Jonathan is ready.” Holly jumped up and gave her boss the instrument of everyone’s concern so the show could begin. She then sat down again, slightly adjusting her legs, ready to record the boy’s paddling accurately.

The paddle was reserved for the most serious cases. Three feet long, four inches wide and about a half inch thick, the wood had been sanded and polished. It bore the logo, “The Middlesex High Board of Education.”

One end tapered to a handle large enough to accommodate a two handed grip.

Perkins had seen many boys dance around the chair as they attempted to avoid the hot swats the paddle delivered. The dean held it with both hands and was always right on target; the paddle landing crisply and loud.

“Jonathan, please count them out for me. Sometimes I lose count and I am sure you don’t want any extras. Do you hear me?”



“Yes, Dean Perkins.”

“Much better, Jonathan, and please hold on to the chair so we don’t have to start the count again. Understand?”

“Yes, Dean Perkins.”

Perkins looked at the audience knowing full well that they would not want to be in Jonathan’s position and would fully remember this session, impressed with his teaching methods.

“Oh Holly, I’m sorry. Could you please get up and lift up Jonathan’s shirt. It seems to be hanging in the way.”

“Sure, Dean. Happy to help,” Holly chimed as her heels clicked loudly on the tile floor.

After lifting the shirttail far up Jonathan’s back, Holly patted his ass and wished him good luck. Jonathan cringed at the touch and his penis jumped. He hoped Melissa didn’t notice. Jonathan was now bare from mid back to well below his knees.

Being bent over the back of the chair, Jonathan’s butt stood out as if defying the dean to take his best shot.

Perkins took hold of the paddle, felt its heft, and wondered why this foolish boy was back for his third trip. Realizing he would never understand, he delivered the first swat, and a doozy it was.


“Ooooh, One,” said Jonathan.


“Aaah, Two,” he added a moment later.

Perkins liked to drag it out so each swat was fully appreciated before the next was delivered.

About thirty seconds later, number three bounced sharply off the boy’s butt, answered by a grunt and the count. Jonathan started moving from foot to foot as the heat began building.

Perkins looked at the girls and saw they were horrified. He knew they didn’t need a spanking after this, but he would give them one anyway.


“Aaaahhhh, Four,” came next, as the boy wriggled away at the pinpricks of heat being generated on his hot bottom.

“Jonathan, please tell the ladies why you are here, with pants down and your bare butt being plastered.”

“I didn’t listen to my teachers, Dean Perkins.”

With that, number five came crashing down, answered by another grunt and the count. The boy’s butt was already red and his legs were doing the dance, but his hands held the chair firmly. Both ass cheeks were starting to tremble and Jonathan swished his hips from side to side in an effort to cool things down.

The next five came slowly, making Jonathan feel each full cycle of pain.


First, the sound without feeling, then the heat of the swat a second later. The burn would last a few seconds causing the dance to begin. It would then slowly start to fade, but leaving a dull pain in its wake. The legs stopped jumping but the butt began to twist and squirm. Just as Jonathan was able to breath again, and the stars in his eyes went away, the next swat landed, starting the cycle over again.

As each swat was counted out, the girls gasped in amazement; Holly kept twisting her wet thighs, hoping the heat in her pussy would be attended to later.

After the first ten, Perkins looked at the girls and asked if they thought one lesson was enough to teach them to follow the school rules. They couldn’t answer fast enough.

“Oh, yes, Dean Perkins, I know right now I will follow all the rules,” said Carrie, hoping to avoid whatever it was she was in store for. Melissa, having been there before and knowing this time would be worse, began sobbing. “I’ll be better, Dean Perkins, please don’t spank me too hard.” Samantha just shook her head, too scared to speak.

Getting back to business, the dean addressed Jonathan. “Halfway thru, Young Man. Keep holding that chair and remember this when addressing your teachers.”

“Yes, Dean Perkins.” Trying to ignore his witnesses, Jonathan blurted out, “ I am very sore, can’t you stop now?”

“Why Jonathan. Tell me how if fifteen didn’t work last time, ten will do the trick this time?”

Number eleven then bounced off both trembling butt cheeks.

“Ooowww, Eleven,” was the cry all heard as the young lad’s right leg shot back.

Perkins alternated his swats from cheek to cheek. First one side of Jonathan’s sorry ass was blasted and then the quivering twin. Not a spot was left untouched. Holding the chair actually kept Jonathan from falling down. The poor boy jumped from foot to foot as each hot CRACK! landed on his glowing butt.

Jonathan’s cries got louder with each count as did his grunts and groans. By fifteen he was pleading for mercy. Perkins just slowed down, knowing the fire in the butt remained longer as time progressed. He didn’t want to deprive the boy of the full benefit of each crisp stroke before starting again. Once, Jonathan raised one hand off the seat following a particularly loud groan, but a word from the dean quickly made him put it back.

“Please stop my paddling, Dean Perkins. My butt is burning terribly and you made your point. I am so sorry.”

“Of course I’ll stop, Jonathan, as soon as you get the last five. Hopefully they will insure your good behavior from now on. I want you to tell Miss Peabody how your butt felt today, when you tell her how sorry you are!”

“Girls, do you think Jonathan will be more respectful to Miss Peabody after today’s lesson?”

None could speak as they were softly crying but all nodded their heads in agreement.

Both sides of Jonathan’s butt shone brightly. The shimmering ass cheeks were a beacon to all watching his humiliating chastisement; its message very clear.

Perkins decided to drag the last five out as long as he could. Not knowing when they would fall, only added to the boy’s punishment. The dean waited for Jonathan to stop squirming, although the whimpering never stopped. When his butt stopped moving, Perkins delivered a well-placed shot across both red cheeks.

It was answered with an “Ooowwweee, please Dean Perkins, I am on fire. Can’t you stop now? I’ll do everything my teachers ask, please?” followed by “Sixteen.”

Now he was jumping up and down and shaking his swollen butt. Despite the terrible pain he felt, not to mention the serious embarrassment as his paddling was being witnessed by three girls, Jonathan kept his quivering butt cheeks in place for each humiliating installment.

Perkins had more experience with the hairbrush on the girls. The round or rectangular solid backs of the wood brushes covered a much smaller area. The girls also had rounder and fuller butts. It took more work to cover their entire ass cheeks with the smaller spanking implement than the large paddle he used on the boys. A few swats with the paddle immediately reddened the entire butt area. Jonathan would feel this paddling for some time. Knowing three young girls also watched it would cement it in his brain.

As for reporting on the state of his bottom to Miss Peabody, Jonathan was not sure he could do that. He wondered what the consequences of that were. Would he be back here or over “Amy’s” lap? Being spanked by the pretty Miss Peabody might be interesting, but not for a week or two.

The time between swats increased, as did the fire in Jonathan’s butt. Each time the boy stopped dancing and moving the red target, the dean imparted some more education to the part of the body most receptive to it. All three girls were crying now, hoping this was not their fate as well.

By this time, Jonathan’s white briefs had fallen to below his knees and the blistered cheeks were now crimson. His shirt barely dropped below the waist, so there was ample exposure of Jonathan’s ass cheeks. The area of interest was most conveniently displayed and contrasted to the white thighs. The crimson mounds of Jonathan’s firm buns just begged for more swats. Perkins knew the boy would never forget this experience, but there were four more owed.

“Yooowweee,” Jonathan screamed out after the next load of heat was delivered. Between the jumping and the crying, Perkins didn’t hear the count, so he blasted the boy again.

“Did you forget something, Jonathan?” Perkins knew the boy’s butt was in the furnace, but then this was to be expected by continually disrespecting the teachers.

Oh, oh, oh, please wait, stop, it hurts so much, Dean Perkins, that was Seventeen and Eighteen,” he said as he hopped from foot to foot and swished his ass, hoping the wind would cool it. He alternated opening and closing his hands on the chair seat, desperately wanting to put them to his bottom and soothe it, but he knew that was a very foolish thing to do.

“No, Jonathan, it was only Seventeen, the second one was merely a reminder for you to count.”

Oh please, no more, Dean Perkins, I can’t take any more. I will be much better.”

“Hold on to the chair tightly Jonathan, we only have a few more to go. You don’t want me to start the count again. Be brave for the girls; they are next.”

That last announcement brought a gasp to the mouths of the three girls awaiting their fates, hoping their lessons would not be so severe or public.

The reminder of the female witnesses brought the red color up to Jonathan’s face and neck, although Carrie and Samantha could only see the color in front of them. Melissa, missing the real action, saw every groan and pleading uttered by the hapless boy. She could only speculate on what his pained and steaming bottom looked like. She, being a second timer, shuttered at what the dean had in store for her.

Carrie’s and Samantha’s eyes followed the paddle as it went back for the next stroke. When it blasted the flaming butt, this time on the left side, they cringed at the thought of the pain the boy was feeling.

He supplied the answer with a loud “Yooowwweeeeeee,” and the correct count, “Eighteen, Dean Perkins, please no more, too much, no, no, no.”

His butt was flying from side to side and his feet went up and down. The white briefs were down on his jeans; he had met his match. Each time his legs jumped about, his scrotum became visible between his thighs. Jonathan probably didn’t realize that but Samantha and Carrie saw it after most good swats.

If Jonathan weren’t holding to the chair so tightly, his running legs would have taken him out of the room. Waiting for the fire to stop fueling the dancing legs, Perkins used the time to gauge the effect on his next three subjects. They wouldn’t taste the paddle but their spankings would be memorable.

Perkins realized that whatever punishment he gave these three, they would never be back again. They were sobbing along with Jonathan’s outright screams and they only felt the paddle vicariously.

Knowing there were only two more swats owed, Perkins wanted them to be remarkable. He was not a vindictive man but this student had flagrantly disrespected his female teacher despite being paddled twice. Perkins hoped that this session with the “board of education” would impart the wisdom of the ages and turn Jonathan into a more respectful student. Perkins felt he owed that much to Amy Peabody, as he thought of her tight ass rolling on his lap.

Taking a step to the right, Perkins wanted this swat to cover the outside of the boy’s right cheek. Having already endured nineteen hot kisses of the paddle, this one would be a painful inducement to mind his teacher. Hopefully, Jonathan would remember this lesson every time he sat down in class.

Aiming well, the dean hit the far right side of the boy’s butt. Despite being a fresh spot, Jonathan cried out and said, “Oweee, Oh, Oh, Oh. Nineteen, Dean Perkins. That really hurts. Please stop. I’m so sorry.”

“That’s right, Jonathan, only one more. Please tell the girls again why you are here with your jeans around your ankles and your bare butt singing a song. Stand up this time and face them.”

Jonathan slowly got up, looked at Melissa, and placed his hands in front of his very limp and shrunken penis. With a face as red as his throbbing butt, he stammered out that he had been disrespectful to Miss Peabody, even after being paddled twice.

“OK, turn around and tell our two new students why your butt is red and you are crying like a baby.”

“I didn’t listen to Miss Peabody even though I was previously instructed to treat her with respect,” he forced out between his sobs and the terrible humiliation at facing these two young girls in his naked and publicly paddled condition.

“Tell them how your butt feels, Jonathan.”

“I am very sore and may never sit down again.”

“OK, resume your position and let’s see if you can take your last swat with some measure of dignity.”

As Jonathan returned over the chair back and placed his trembling hands on the front of the seat, Perkins moved to the left for the final part of the lesson.

“Stick out that impudent butt, Jonathan. I want to see it!!”

Hoping it would improve the boy’s demeanor, Perkins laid a heavy swat on the outside of the left cheek, causing Jonathan to kick his legs up and almost overturn the chair.

“Oh, oh, oh, Yowwweeeee, that was bad, Dean Perkins. That was twenty, no more please.”

Perkins waited for Jonathan to regain his composure before telling him the lesson was almost over. Despite the crying starting to subside, the boy still whimpered and danced with the chair. As Jonathan began to rise up, hoping to get dressed and leave this place, the dean announced,

“Hold that a minute, Jonathan. Holly is our official witness and I need her to examine your bottom for any injuries.” Jonathan turned red again as Holly bent over and looked at his steaming and trembling red buttocks.

All his mind saw of Holly was the beautiful hose encased legs and thighs and the very short skirt, all supported by her sexy high heeled shoes.

Holly placed her right palm against the battered and burning right cheek and ran it around the reddened area. The cool touch to the blistered bottom caused the young boy to flinch at the touch to his naked butt. He straightened up, and totally embarrassed himself as his penis shot up to the flagpole position, rising rigidly above the chair back.

Melissa opened her mouth wide at the red erection pointing at her. Jonathan quickly brought his hands to his front and tried to push it down, but his stiff member had a mind of its own. By that time, Holly was sliding her hand over the left butt cheek. It too, was swollen, hot and very tender to the touch, however that was not Jonathan’s major problem.

The pretty twenty-one year old’s second touch to his bare bottom glided smoothly over his hot left cheek. Holly’s caress caused his balls to tighten up to shoot a load of jism right over the chair in a nice high arc. It landed at Melissa’s feet and she made a face of disgust. The rest just dribbled down; some on the floor but most on his pants.

“Just a well paddled rear, Dean Perkins. Rather warm, and tender, but no lasting damage,” chimed in Holly, giving her report. The young boy was embarrassed beyond belief. Not only close to naked and totally humiliated by his public paddling, he had just shot his load in front of three young girls, and the dean’s very hot secretary. How would he face Holly now, whose mere presence always made him hard.

“Thanx, Holly, please record that as well and the fact that Jonathan is very sorry for his actions.

“Yes, Boss. This will be filed in the public records of the school for all to see if there is ever a need.” As Holly returned to her front row seat, she placed her left hand on the crimson and swollen butt still facing in her direction and teasingly gave it another soft squeeze.

“Nice cheeks, Jonathan.” His shame was complete.

“Jonathan, you may now replace the paddle on the wall behind my desk. At least you’ll know where it is if we need it again.”

As the boy took the paddle that had just set his ass afire, he bent with one hand for his briefs and jeans.

“Not yet, Jonathan. Just shuffle over there and allow your butt some time to cool off before getting dressed." As if not humiliated enough in front of his female schoolmates, Jonathan slowly took his red face and equally colored bottom over to the wall with baby steps, hoping he would not fall over. When he reached the wall, he lifted the paddle to its hook as his spent penis hung down in shame. Only Melissa could see that; the two young students at the door only saw the quivering and bright red butt cheeks glowing as Jonathan reached up to rehang the tool of his recent education.

Hesitating whether to turn around or not, Jonathan stood facing the wall for a moment. “Going to stand there all day, Boy?” asked the dean. Realizing there was no way to shield himself from the girls, Jonathan turned slightly to face Dean Perkins.

“No Sir, may I go now?”

“Yes, but first wipe up your discharge. One of the things young men learn is never to do that without a lady’s permission. Did you hear any of these fine young ladies say you could squirt like a fountain in their presence? Please apologize to them for your disrespectful actions.”

Looking at the three girls, and Holly, still sitting there with her lush thighs still teasing his eyes under her short dress, Jonathan’s face turned red again and he stammered something about being sorry and not being able to control himself.

“Now you must thank me and Holly for devoting all this time to your special needs. You may also fix your clothes. I think we have all seen enough of you already.”

Jonathan, still shaking from this very painful and totally humbling experience, pulled up his briefs and jeans and fished out his soiled hanky. He went to the front of the chair, squatted to the floor in front of Melissa, and wiped up the evidence of his recent humiliation. The rest of the milky goop was on his jeans and sneakers, so he left it there.

Finally using the last of his courage, he stammered out, ”Thank you Dean Perkins for paddling me, I guess I really needed it.

"Holly, I’m sorry you had to be here too and write all this down. I know you both have more important things to do. I promise to be a much better student at Middlesex High from now on.”

Jonathan felt his cock rising again as he glanced at Holly, sitting there very pretty and flaunting her great legs. It was difficult to face her, knowing it was her touch that caused his ejaculation.

“Is there anything you want to say to Melissa, Carrie and Samantha, as they also had to wait for your little dance to end before they could move on to their spankings?”

Not believing he had to this too, he forced out, “Please be good, girls. This is not fun and it gets worse each time.” He then walked very briskly out of the room, holding his well-paddled rear with one hand.

Until Jonathan passed the two girls at the door, he kept one hand in front, trying to shield the protuberance that was growing in the front of his pants. His walk turned very slow after a few steps as he continued to feel the intense heat imparted by the dean at Middlesex High. Jonathan hoped he would encounter no one in the hallway.

“Well, Girls, what have we learned today?”

All three murmured something about following the rules and being respectful to their teachers.

“Ladies, the rules here are simple. You were all instructed on them when you joined our family. When they are violated we have a special re-instruction lesson. Continued violations call for more in depth methods. As Melissa has been here once before for forgetting the rules, I will discuss her learning issues first.” Looking at Carrie and Samantha, he added, “I want you two to watch as an extra reminder of what happens to those who cannot learn simple rules.”

“Melissa, where is your purse? You know I always use the girls’ own hairbrushes.”

“I forgot it today, Dean Perkins.”

Melissa, the little snit that she was, thought that if she didn’t bring her hairbrush, she might get off a bit easy. Silly girl, little did she know who she was dealing with. That would cost her more heat in the tail. Melissa also forgot that wearing tiny panties would not help her either.

“Holly, please bring me a few hairbrushes for Melissa to select from,” said the spank meister from Middlesex High.

Rickey Smarts © 2014

Tune in next time as our three naughty girls go over a lap and have their panties lowered for a very special Dean Perkins’ spanking.

What surprise does Holly have for us and how hard will today’s activities make the dean’s already swollen cock.

This is Middlesex High, where the spankings are hard and the sex is hot.

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