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A true story of my best friends spanking, written by her

A true story of my best friend Makaela's humiliating spanking
“Mommy, please I am so sorry” I was panicking I didn’t want to be spanked a day after I had returned from college for spring break, especially since my best friend Sylvia was staying with me for the whole summer. She now sat on the couch while I stood embarrased as my mother scolded me

“Makaela how DARE you disobey me. How DARE you. Have you done this before and lied to me about it?” her mother nearly screamed. I looked down as my mother yelled at me. I was under no circumstances allowed to wear revealing clothing, but her mother didn’t come home from work until 10 at night. So she wore anything she wanted to during the day.

I currently wore a a silky pink dress. It revealed cleavage all the way until the bottom of my breasts. I wore a D cup and my boobs were squished together. The dress hugged hmy waist. I have a big bubble butt and the dress was short and showed it off nicely. I looked amazing. I was very full of myself.

I felt like my mother knew everything already so lying was not an option.“Yes mommy I’ve done it 3 times before”.

I had never seen my mother so furious. I had not only disobeyed her but I had lied to her on top of it. “You have shown rudeness, disobedience and you have been lying, don’t try protesting I see you are about to. What happens when you act like a naughty little girl?”

“I get a hard bare bottom spanking mommy”, without another word, I pulled the straps of my dress down letting the silk dress I was wearing slide down my curvy body. I then slid my pink thong down my legs and stepped out of them. Finally I reached back and unhooked my pink bra, I felt my big breasts jiggle out. I felt humiliated but I let the bra fall to the floor, and absolutely naked I put my hands on my head.

My mother looked satisfyed. She got up went to her closet and got a heavy leather western type belt. Her mother usually used a regular belt she only used the western syle belt when I was extremly bad. Mommy was going to thrash me for minutes, my bottom will be bruised, very red and sore and I’ll be bawling like a baby. Sitting down would be impossible for a few days. “You have earned a very hard spanking, I’m not going to stop until every inch of your bottom is red and sore”.

Obiiedently I said “I am so sorry mommy, I have been rude to you and deserve a long and very hard spanking with your belt, please give me my punishment” The words were humiliating, but well deserved. I know bad behavior has consequences. I bare my own bottom in submission to my mother, showing her that I was bad and knew I earned a spanking. I needed the spanking, I needed my mother to hug me and tell me I was forgiven. I needed to rub my bottom, crying at the top of my lungs. Being disciplined always turned me on, and left me soaking wet.

Sylvia’s mouth was open in shock. I am bisexual and Sylvia was very familiar with my naked body. We had bathed together before, we have had sex. College had truly given her a chance to explore men and women. Guys went crazy at parties when I and my friends showed up. I didn’t party a lot but I liked drinking.

I spread my legs and bent over, looking straight ahead which curved my back presenting my bottom. My breasts were swinging, being naked made her body burn with humiliation. I knew I had a big butt, it was firm and round, and I knew it made guys go crazy. I knew I was beautiful, and I loved showing my bottom off wiggling it. I felt my mother tap the belt on my bottom and knew I wouldn’d be happily showing my butt off for a painful few days. I felt the the belt leave my bottom.


I gasped, the burning spread across my bottom. The belt exploded across my bottom for minutes. I loved feeling my big butt jiggle, but the jiggling caused by the strapping was not enjoyable at all. Finally my mother felt I had been punished enough, I was bawling so badly I didn’t even notice it was over. My bottom was very red and very sore it felt swollen. I honestly didn”t care that I was naked I just cared about the fire lit on my behind.

I didn’t know my punishment was over until I felt my mother take me in her arms. She stroked my hair and shushed me, while I barried my face in her warm bosom and told her how sorry I was. My mother led me to the couch and sat down, she gently pulled me into her arms and I sat on her lap. Well I sat on my thighs right below my sore bottom. I felt so sorry for disobeying her, I asked her if she loved me. She gently looked at me whiping my cheeks

“With all my heart, but I need to teach you a lesson. Tomorrow get up at 6am, wake Sylvia so she can watch, be in the kitchen by 7 sharp, before I go to work”.

I had never known anyone else who’s mother punished them with ginger. If I had done something extremely bad my mommy drove the lesson home with a long piece of ginger in my anus. I was made to stand in front of my mother naked, bend over the wooden dinning table and spread my sore bottom. Sylvia looked at me with pity as I bawled like a baby, the ginger was fire. My mother and Sylvia ate bre while I was on all fours sobbing in burning agony. After a good 40 minutes I started feeling relief. My mother hugged me tightly as again I pressed my face to her and sobbed. She gently pushed me away and said she had to go to work she was late and would see me tonight. When my mother left Sylvia lovingly hugged me and led me upstairs. Still naked she rubbed cool cream on my red and sore bottom. We layed in bed and I fell asleep in her arms.

-This is an absolutely true story that I helped my best sub Makaela write down, I truly wanted some of her feelings and emotions. Spankings and humiliation truly turn her on. I wanted her to try and convey her huge ego, created by how beautiful she is, to the deep feelings of love she feels for her mother. No matter how humiliating the spankings and sometimes ginger are she still loves her mother more than anything in the world. I’ve seen her disciplined a good amount of times now.

I always try to write fictional spanking stories about me based on real life spankings given to Makaela. Or I try to put myself in Makaela’s shoes and try to write a story as her, but very exaggerated. This took place a few months ago, watching her being punished is an absolute turn on. She now has a boyfriend, and we both spank her when she is naughty.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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