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A walk in the park

Fantasy outdoor play
Idris sat on the bench, enjoying the early morning sun, as he watched the tall brunette, his eyes running across her nubile body as she sauntered up the path. Her short black skirt stopping just above the tops of her black fishnet stockings enclosing her slim shapely legs and showing off her high-heeled shoes to perfection. It was obvious the girl was not wearing a bra as her erect nipple pocked through her flimsy flamingo pink skimpy blouse just below the low-cut neckline.

As she teasingly winked at him, her long eyelashes fluttered showing off her beautiful brown eyes, he noted her pouty expression as she continued to meander past him, the scent of her perfume filling his nostrils. Idris tried not to turn his head as he continued to take in the view of the girls’ bottom peeking from beneath the hem of her skirt just as he thought is voyeuristic interlude had gone unnoticed the girl stopped. She turned and looked at him, blushing as she felt his gaze continue to travel over her body as she stopped in front of him, lifting her face to look at him.

Standing looking a little flustered, her pretty face flushed as if embarrassed to have this handsome man watching her so intently. She pouted her pink painted lips as if thinking of something to say, but then simply stepped closer to the bench on which Idris was sitting.

Idris spread his trouser covered legs and reached forward and taking the girl’s hips firmly in his hands he guided her to stand between them looking into her face. He allowed his fingers to smooth the silky soft skin at the top of her legs. Hearing her let out a low pitched moan as his warm fingers slid under her skirt feeling for her panties, taking his time enjoying feeling her warm soft bottom under his gentle touch.

Speaking in a deep sensual voice Idris address the girl for the first time, “Tansy, did I tell you to leave off your panties today!” As he spoke he firmly steered the panting girl to face the path on which he had watched her walking, allowing his hand to travel upwards pushing up her short lightweight skirt stopping at the small of her back. Tansy nibbled her lower lip as she felt him firmly forced her to bend over, and using his free hand pressed her into position. She tried to wriggle, to pull her skirt down and cover her bared flesh hoping no one was looking, Tansy felt a strong firm hand resting on her bottom feeling utterly vulnerable she turned her head to look at him.

Tansy tried to answer, but the words became stuck in her throat as she felt the cool breeze wafting over her exposed bottom, feeling close to tears, all she could mutter was, “I’m sorry I was running late!” His hand smacked her left cheek landing with a loud crack then rested his large hand on her right cheek allowing the heat to rise and sting to be felt, before delivering two hard slaps just above her sit spot.

Tansy tried to protect her bottom but Idris swatted at her hand, spun her to face left, then took her wrist firmly, and pushed her arm up along her back pushing down keeping her in place as she landed over his knee.

Speaking clearly without raising his voice Idris told his naughty girl “well Darling, I’m going to help you to remember what happens when I find her walking in the park without her panties!”

Slipping his free hand into the pocket of his suit jacket Idris retrieved a tear drop shaped leather paddle, gripping hold of the wooden handle he started to run the warm leather over Tansy’s bottom, then without notice brought it down with force peppering her bottom with sharp stinging swats repeatedly, ignoring her pleas for mercy. Once please that Tansy’s bottom was well warmed Idris allowed her to stand but kept her pinned between his strong thighs tapping the top of her legs with the paddle.

Commanding her to put her hands on her head Idris started swatting her tender skin just above her stockings with the paddle, sharp burning strokes as Tansy cried quietly not daring to move. After giving, the naughty girl twelve hard smacks and ensuring he had left visible welts Idris opened his legs and placed Tansy in front of his feet.

Tansy was looking all around hoping that no one was coming to this part of the park, humiliated to be so publicly spanked, keeping her hands positioned on her head. Idris smiled pleased at her disquiet he started to pull her towards him with one hand on the small of her back and the other using the back of his fingers he started to run slowly up her inner leg making her quiver. Pushing her leg to straddle his then teasing his firm hand against the other forcing her leg out and pulling her to him so that her breasts brushed his lips as he stroked her sore bottom.

Tansy felt as if she would faint, with the tingling she felt all over her body being so close to him. Idris continued to run his fingers over the welts left from the paddling with his free hand but employing a fast and fluid motion reached between them and pulled her forwards clamping her firmly under his arm making her pink bottom rise up under his delicate touch. Tansy’s legs still held straddled over his, making it impossible to protect herself, she could not ever wriggle. Tugging her still further under his powerful arm ensuring that should anyone happen to walk past them the naughty girl was fully displayed.

Tansy tried pleading with him to have mercy and let her up as she heard voices advancing from behind the tall hedge, she started to cry once the realisation dawned on her that whoever was coming would see her displayed in this most humiliating position. The poor girl thought her situation could not have been more embarrassing, and then she started to yelp as Idris commenced his leisurely stroking her sore bottom with his hand.

As Sally and Rhea walked arm in arm along the path giggling and chatting, enjoying the warm sunny early morning, they stopped suddenly not sure what they were hearing. Timidly the girls tiptoed around the bend, and stopped suddenly.

Both the girls stood with their mouths gaping amazed by the sight of a man sitting on the bench, with a girl pinned over his knee her bottom receiving a very sound spanking. Sally gulped and squeezed Rhea’s hand tightly but neither girl wanted to walk on, fascinated by the sight before them. Idris loved the fact that his naughty girls’ punishment had gained an audience, so tugged her still further forwards stretching her legs as wide as they would go ensuring a full view of both her pussy and stinging bottom for the watching girls. Poor Tansy could do nothing but cry, her bottom was starting to burn from the hard-handed whacks with the paddle.

Slowing the rate by which he delivered the spanking but making each stroke was very hard, and landing coving every inch of her supple cheeks, Idris spoke to the watching girls. “Would you help be young ladies,” he smiled charmingly; his words sinking in much to poor Tansy’s horror. “As you can see my hands are rather busy thrashing Tansy, and I would like to change implements, please would you pull my bag out from under the bench and look for my strap? The one just at the far side of this bench, yes good girl, I would like the large leather strap please would you pass it to me and put this one in the bag.”

Rhea let go Sally’s’ hand and obediently complied walking over to the stern looking man and taking the paddle. “I bet that her bottom stings it very red!” Rhea said coyly with an eager glint in her eyes. Idris nodded, “yes I have been paddling Tansy’s bottom for some time now, but that’s what happens when a girl is very naughty don’t you agree? Please look in my bag you will see a bottle of lotion may I have it please?” Idris knew that having her bottom viewed so nonchalantly would be deeply embarrassing to Tansy, and was pleased; he wanted to teach her a lesson.

It was Sally who moved this time and stood facing Tansy’s well-spanked bottom, unable to keep her eyes from wandering over the welts. “Would you like to apply some lotion for me, make her bottom nice and moist, it will help my strap work better, won’t it darling?” Tansy closed her eyes trying to cope with her humiliation; her reply mumbled and therefore inaudible, Idris placed his large firm hand dead centre of her sit spots and landed four very loud smacks, “I asked you a question Tansy!

She could hear the cheeky girls giggle pleased at her discomfort, gasping back her sobs, “yes Sir, I’m sorry Sir!” it was all she could do as she felt cold wet lotion drizzled over her very sore buttocks, and knew that one of the girls was teasing it into the welts on her bottom. At first, the fingers were tentative lightly exploring her left cheek smoothing the cooling fluid into the red skin. Gasping again at the shock of yet more lotion dripping on the her right cheek those fingers felt different, then she realised not just one but both of the girls were applying the lotion, she let out a pitiful sob earning her a sharp slap on her wet cheeks.

With a girl standing either side, their hands wandering over her vulnerable bottom Tansy tried to relax knowing she had to accept her ordeal. With the hands continuing their gentle caressing Tansy was further shocked to feel her buttocks divide and cool fluid dripped into the crease, then massaged firmly by familiar fingers rubbing her anus firmly and down into her pussy testing, Idris scowled!

Idris’s voice was commanding, as he continued to run his fingers in the folds of her flesh, now my Tansy is wet, are you enjoying your thrashing! He looked at the girls would you like to check how wet she is?” Rhea blushed, as she shyly nodded, and slowly ran her fingers from the pinned girl’s cheek down her centre channel and down towards her exposed pussy, then stopped and looked at Idris.

Idris squared his shoulders and flexed his large strong hands as he spoke, “Tansy must ask permission to become aroused, or face a severe penalty, just run your fingers inside and see how wet the naughty girl is. Tansy could feel hot breath on her inner thigh and hair trailing over her tingling skin aware that the girl was leaning over her to look between Tansy’s opened legs, and timidly reach her long fingers inside, gently running them along the folds.

Sally felt left out as she watch the sexy scene unfold, she too wanted to feel, so she stepped up next to Rhea facing Tansy’s pussy and reached forwards. Looking to Idris for his consent, he smiles and guided her cold and moist fingers towards Tansy’s quivering bottom and she touched the silky soft skin, looking up to Idris who smiled. Using both hands, she pulled the lips apart and inserted her thumbs on either side of the ridge of moist flesh, drawing them up, and feeling inside for her bud.

Idris dribbled more lotion into her opened pussy and watched the young girl clench her cheeks and shudder as the thumbs found their target, Tansy almost whimpered, as Idris instruct the girl keep going and see what happens but she must not cum! Tansy was moaning and whimpering in pleasure unable to keep from feeling tingling pulsing waves of pleasure, just as she was about to peek Sally pulled out her thumbs. “As she has become so aroused what you will do with her?” she asked insolently smiling.

Idris ran his palm over Tansy’s moist cheeks testing if they were wet enough “more lotion please girls, and then if you sit back I will show you! Lotion needs to be applied to the back of her legs also I want her skin nice and moist, it sting far better!” Sally poured lotion onto her hand and spread it from the back of Tansy’s knees to her sit stops running the tips of her fingers over the trembling girl’s pussy lips enjoying herself.

Rhea took her time stroking the fluid into the left cheek tracing the welts with her sharp nails loving the wincing, which resulted. Trailing her thumb up and down the crown of Tansy’s’ bottom, just inside the channel, and then continuing to moisten the right cheek.

Both girls sat on the grass on the far side of the path, watching intently, as they watched Idris smoothing the thick leather strap over Tansy’s’ twitching bottom. He took his time running the rough underside over her wet skin.

Then Idris placed the strap on Tansy’s back letting its tip rest on her buttocks, prickling her before placing his thumbnail at the top of her crease very slowly trailed downwards, watching the cheeks twitch and hearing Tansy whimpered dreading the spanking to come and loving the tingle as the thumbnail travels towards her waiting pussy.

Just as he reached the crown of her supple bottom, Idris stopped and parting the cheeks and showing the girl how the naughty girl’s anus pulsed, rubbing it firmly pressing his thumb into the hole and wriggling it. “In the bag you will find a red silk bag please bring it to me,” as he waited Idris watched the obedient girl delving into the bag and pulling out the silk draw string bag he continued to play with the hole, nodding as Rhea walked to him and opened the bag. He reached in and pulled out a large red butt plug and showed the girls, letting them hold it and examine it as he played with his naughty girl’s anus.

Beaconing to the girls, drawing them forward he slipped the fingers of both hands inside Tansy’s cheeks and parted them pushing two forefingers into the hold pulling it and stretching it, making Tansy yelp. Rhea was told to place the plug against Tansy’s anus and push it in, turning it and wriggling it widening her anus to take it. Tansy yelping in pain and horror as Rhea obeyed pushing in, and twisting feeling it slowly disappearing liking the pain it caused.

Once it was halfway in Idris reach for Sally’s hand, placed it on Tansy’s pussy, and told her to find her bud and tease it not to stop until he told her. So kneeling looking into Tansy’s wet pussy Sally investigated further, using her fingers to poke and firmly prod and open to see inside also enjoying the embarrassment she knew it caused.

Idris loved watching this spectacle, holding Rhea’s hand and guiding her to push firmly when she pulled back on hearing Tansy’s distress, pulling the plug fully out and pushing it back further in, seeing the anus stretch to accommodate it. Tansy moaned deeply as Sally started to explore her pussy, gaining a firm smack on her bottom. Sally moved closer and Idris nodded smiling, as he watched Sally lick the silky soft crease of Tansy’s pussy lips pushing in her tongue and tasting cum. Pushing in deeper almost roughly finding her bud and flicking it with her fingernails, hearing a shocked gasp as she licked along the girl’s wet pussy.

Just as Sally started to suck harder on the bud, Tansy squealed in pain as Idris finally pushed the butt plug fully in and the anus closed holding it in place, Sally was told to stop. As the girls sat back on the grass to watch Idris placed his fingers to cover Tansy’s throbbing pussy poking a finger deep into her hole, feeling the wetness and spreading it back towards the seated butt plug.

Then using the tips of his fingers he began to smack her pussy making sure his fingers found the moist inner flesh as well, smack after stinging smack making Tansy yelp all the louder. Idris leaned over to look into the bag at his feet, and pulled out a suede flogger, short storked riding crop; it had a loop through which Idris secured his hand, and a long tapered rubber slapper at the end. Rhea was told to apply lotion to the pussy lips and to make sure she ran the lotion inside too, as she complied Idris patted Tansy’s cheeks sharply making her squirm, before placing the heel of his crop to the base of the inserted butt plug and bouncing it hurting her bottom and making Tansy sob.

Once he was satisfied the area was moistened completely he told the girl to stand next to him and push the butt plug deeply into the crying girl’s bottom, as he started to stroke her exposed pussy with the rubber slapper, teasing it inside the lips. Letting the crop lick the front of the pussy lips Idris began to flick the tapered rubber sharply on her pussy, with some strokes the tip entered her pussy and burned the tender inner flesh others connected to the skin between her vagina and anus making Tansy squeal in shock.

Idris slowly and firmly travelled the tapered rubber covering the surface of her pussy, leaving pinks welts as he went, occasionally guiding Rhea the tap harder on the butt plug knowing it make the pussy whipping more intense. This continued for five minutes the travelled along the tender yet unpunished skin of her inner thighs lightly just enough to sting from sit spot to the back of her knees.

Idris took the tip, wriggled, teased her crease, running it back and forth making Tansy shudder, and try to wriggle her bottom away from the burning tip. Idris called the girls to him and told them to each pull firmly to part Tansy’s buttocks, and hold tight as the crop started to sting its way along inside her crease Tansy howled. After five minutes, Tansy felt a wet finger teasing her bud running up and down, running a wet itchy trail where her pussy lips met, and helping to calm her sobs.

Idris spoke sternly as he continued to play his fingertip in her pussy, tansy was horrified, scowling and indignant pouted she had never felt so humiliated! Hard sharp stinging flicks up the crack of her tender bottom and the lovely soothing stroking of her bud stopped and Idris pinched her clit between his thumb and finger.

Rhea was told to step forward and stand just to the right of Tansy’s upturned bottom and begin wriggling and twisting the butt plug, which must be done firmly, she happily set to work. Sally was given the crop and told to start to flick at the part open pussy not hard but with a firm flick of her wrist, Idris held her hand and guided her for the first four strokes. After ten burning strokes poor Tansy sobbed, begging Idris to make the girl stop!

Sally drizzled cool lotion onto the backs of Tansy’s legs watching as it ran slowing towards her red welted buttocks dipping her fingers into Tansy’s pussy feeling the welts rubbing firmly finding her clit and squeezing it loving the knowledge her victim hated her doing this.

Tansy tried to keep her voice level and not react to the tingle, which, was growing in her pussy despite the soreness she could not help it as the pulsing gained in strength the girl wriggled and twisted, feeling her juices running into her sore cheeks stinging them.

Next Idris called Rhea forwards and told her “start to lift the butt plug half way out of Tansy’s bottom, too long in and it won’t hurt her, so we’ll play with it a little.” As the plug began to move Tansy cried it burned deeply inside her bottom, she jumper to feel cold lotion dripped on her anus as the plug was teased out and wriggled, as the plug was removed Idris told Sally to walk round to face Tansy, and knee down in front of her. He looked down at the young girl knelling compliantly looking into Tansy’s face.

Idris gazed at Sally sternly “Reach in and remove Tansy’s breast from her blouse that’s right good girl, now rub in the lotion, cover all of her skin and work at her nipples I want then erect, do not stop unless I order it!” Tansy felt her body being tugged further forwards, her head just above the grass. Tansy had to watch Sally crawl under her and sit up, before tugging the neckline of her blouse letting her breast tumble free. Tears welled in her eyes for shame, as she felt the butt plug twisting and pumping in her bottom making her anus stretch further and more lotion dripped in and left to run.

As the butt plug was pulled slowly and wriggled fully back into placing repeatedly until the widest part of the bulb of the plug sat in her anus making the skin taught and sting madly. Tansy whimpered, know how much Idris loved to play with her bottom so no amount of begging could sway him. Leaving the butt plug sitting painfully Idris reached back into his bag and pulled out a tube of lubricant, and handed it to Rhea, telling her this was to be applied to the stretch skin of Tansy’s anus to use it liberally. Suddenly the butt plug was push forcefully, seating it fully back in place as poor Tansy howled.

Rhea pumped a large amount of lube onto her fingertips and showed Idris, who nodded consent, as he started to caress her pussy. On first contact, the lube felt icy cold making the girl gasp; however as more was dabbed, and then firmly massaged into her anus it began to warm up as the friction built up. Idris took Rhea’s hand and guided her to continue applying more lube and using her free hand to pump the plug wiggling and twisting it to ensure she felt every movement, as the plug was pumped and the lube applied the plug draw some lube into her anus and it started to feel hot.

Sally examined the breasts, which bobbled in front of her tracing her long sharp nails covering the soft supple tissue, using the pads of her fingers she tapped at the nipples and gaining in confidence she tried flicking at them, making Tansy try to pull away, thus annoying Sally. “Sir, she keeps pulling them out of my hands!” Sally simpered peevishly, and beamed joyously and Idris started to slap the backs of Tansy’s legs sharply, landing twenty stinging smacks. Commanded Sally to continue, the girl nodded, and started to spread the cool fluid onto the large firm breasts, repeatedly flicking the nipples knowing how Tansy hated this.

Taking the left breast in one hand and squeezing firmly she teased at the nipple with the tips of her sharp nails Tansy cried out in distress feeling pain in her heated anus and nipples clenching her bottom trying to control the tingling spasms. Sally moved in closers taking both breast and squeezing hard, bringing the nipples to her lips and flicked lightly with her tongue pulling the nipple into her warm mouth and nibbling it cruelly with her teeth, ensuring she kept both nipples fully erect. Knowing that Idris was watching her and seemed pleased.

Rhea continued to add the menthol lube into the wriggling girl’s anus and firmly pumping the butt plug, enjoying the feeling of power that she had over Tansy. Idris leaned over to inspect her ministrations and smiled, then told her to keep drawing the butt plug halfway and pushing back as shown. Rhea was told to start to stimulate the naughty girl’s pussy again using her thumb licking and suckling her clit to make it hard. Rhea knelt forward pushing her mouth firmly into Tansy’s throbbing pussy, pushing her tongue roughly over the moist folds, tasting her cum, the flicking her clit with the tip of her tongue, hearing Tansy shudder and trying not to moan. She felt the bud harden in her lips and started to suck harder on it. Idris let his fingers trace the welts on her cheeks as he watch both girls driving Tansy close to orgasm, he told Rhea to start to apply the lube to Tansy’s clit make sure it well covered. Commanding her to use her thumb and rub the lube deep into the folds of skin, as she did Tansy sobbed in distress feeling the heat building and the plug being pumped.

Tansy was beginning to float in a pain filled haze, as her nipples were teased and nipped, tugged and flicked all she could do was surrender to it. Idris reached down and took a harsh grip of Tansy’s right nipple testing it seeing how hard it was, then told Sally to take out his nipple clamps, holding out his hand for them. Sally was told the applying the menthol lube to Tansy’s nipples to rub it well in, then to pinch the nipples ready for the clamps. Deep scolding pain erupted as the lube bit into her tender nipples and then the teeth of the clamps snapped on. Any movement made more pain as poor Tansy cried.

Sally took hold of the heavy metal chain connecting the clamps and tugged until Tansy’s nipples hung straight down. Then took the heavy lead weight, which Idris told her to clip onto the chain to hold the chain tight, and not to let the weight stop swinging, by gently tapping it as its swing slowed down.

Idris took hold of the crop once more, and commanded Tansy to lift her head up, as he suddenly pulled the butt plug from her anus making Tansy scream. The crop stung her bottom as the tip was flicked sharply over the welts, Rhea took hold of the red cheeks and pulled them open so that rubber tip was flicked over her hot anus and trickled along her crease and into her pussy, tapping her clit lightly.

Idris allowed the girls to continue to torment Tansy’s breast and pussy, as he pulled out a new but plug, larger than the red one. Once more, her bottom was opened as Rhea pressed her sharp tipped nails in the welted bottom, making it feel as if a line of tiny pins had been pushed into her cheeks. Idris began to work lube over her punished anus and the tender skin inside her cheeks and covered the large butt plug, before tapping its rounded tip to her hole. Telling Sally to remove the weight from the camps and then continue to wriggle the chain.

Holding the butt plug, firmly Idris started slowly working it deep into the sobbing girl’s bottom, pumping it firmly pushing increasingly harder sinking it deep with each downwards pressure. Rhea was commanded to lick and suck on Tansy’s clit again so helping her anus to relax and accept the large butt plug. Sally was told to wriggle the plug, to keep in half-embedded, but to pump it and wriggle so Tansy could feel every movement.

Idris reached for the clamps and carelessly took hold knocking them and squeezing her aching breasts, sudden searing agony Tansy reached her shuddering climax as the clamps were removed and the butt plug disappeared deep into her anus. Cruel fingers continued to play with her tender nipples as Rhea’s tongue flicked over her throbbing clit.

Idris made the girls swap so that he could watch Sally play with Tansy’s throbbing pussy, the girl walked around to face her victim, placing her fingertips at the top of Tansy’s opened buttocks. As she knelt down Sally kept close to her target dragged her nails along the twin mounds watching the deep red tracks follow their trail continuing to flowing past the embedded butt plug, teasing her long fingers into Tansy’s pussy.

Leaning forwards, she parted the pussy lips and looked at her throbbing wet hole, using her thumb she started to rub the hardening clit, and simultaneously using all five fingers started to explore her vagina. Tansy felt this new intrusion and tried to stop it by tightening her pelvic floor muscle Sally pouted. Idris smacked her legs hard and fast the pain making her butt plug wriggle he kept slapping covering her unprotected legs with scolding smacks until she relaxed.

Sally covered her long fingers in lube, and applied more liberally to Tansy’s opening before starting to push her fingers deeper pumping them as they started to slip in, the heat from the lube warming her wet tunnel as Sally pumped firmly continuing to rub her clit. Sally pushed deeper into the girl’s body feeling the warm strength of her muscles squeezing her fingers. Rhea had been watching Sally struggling to push her fingers into Tansy she knelt behind Sally and placing her arms under Sally’s she started to apply lotion to the soft skinned inner thighs.

Teasing the lips with her nails drawing her sharp nails over the welts and sore skin Sally’s fingers slipping in to her knuckles, she started to wriggle her hand making Tansy whimper. Sally retrieved her hand from Tansy’s soaking vagina, and started to pinch and rub at the clit again, watching Tansy trying to wriggle free, she leaned forwards and started to lick the edges of her pussy lips as her thumb kept rubbing feeling the clit becoming hard and throbbing.

Idris lifted Tansy to a sitting position, with her legs still straddling his, he took her face in his hands and kissed her lovingly, speaking softly, telling her that she was forgiven and her punishment over, then helped her to stand. Sally and Rhea stood looked at Tansy, eyes travelled over her naked body seeing her sore bottom and legs covered in welts and handprints, her red bruised nipples and smiled. Idris told Tansy to dress it was time to go home, watching as she carefully dress, wincing as her tender flesh was covered making it sting.

The girls stood side by side, watching as Idris guided Tansy along the path, running his finger across her marked buttocks as her traced the hem of her skirt, both silently wishing that it were she that could feel his tingling caress, turned and continuing to walk towards the park gate and home.

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