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Adventures of a Switch-Interlude Part 2.

An afternoon in London,fun all the way.
Please read part one first. It'll make more sense.
For nearly a week after the texts, we texted a whole lot more. We planned our trip to London for the following Friday. I booked the train tickets and the hotel room. She masturbated for me on the phone.
I tried the candle again whilst she was on the phone. Plenty of lube, finger first, get a strong erection listening to Maggie's squelshing pussy, her two fingers in upside down, massaging her g-spot and her thumb rubbing her pink clit. I used some lube on my glans and continued to wank as I inserted the candle,one inch then in past the sphincter and, whoosh, in about five more inches. It felt really good, really naughty, really really dirty.
My erection just disappeared! Down to a mushroom just like that! Ah well. As Maggie brought herself to a massive climax, I thrust the candle harder and harder into my arse and, I swear,  I had a sort of orgasm. No spunk obviously, but an explosive feeling of satisfaction and relief.
The Friday couldn't come soon enough and in the morning I gave myself a large enema. I didn't want any accidents.
We met at the station and boarded our first class carriage. The carriage was almost empty, just a couple of bankers(cockney slang intentional) and they had headphones on. So, when Maggie started to tell me her story from last year, nobody could overhear us.
'When I got your text, I knew you were the one for me. You see, my first sexual experience happened last year when I was only 16. I was just finishing my GCSEs, but I was discovered sucking off my boyfriend by the Gym Mistress. She took me to the Headmaster. He threatened to expel me, realisticly preventing me from passing any exams'
Then he gave me the alternative. A bare bottom spanking. I immediately agreed. It had been a fantasy of mine ever since I discovered my clit to be spanked and then fucked and spunked in. He didn't disappoint me.
He bent me over his desk, flipped my short skirt up over my back and pulled down my blue serge schoolgirl knickers, which were , already, moist and creamy in the gusset. He then started to bring his hand down on my bare buttocks, cheek by cheek, until my bottom was a rosy, glowing seat of horniness.
'The spanking had obviously had the same effect on him because he soon had his trousers down and was bringing himself to a fine erection. He approached me and ripped open my school blouse, grabbing my tits out of my bra and squeezing my nipples between his fingers really hard. Then he entered me. His cock wormed its way between my lips and then forced its way, all its way, into my sodden vagina. It was heaven. As he pulled in and out, slowly and then more forcefully, I reached round and put a finger, knuckle deep, into his bottom.
'He gave a lunge and I felt his balls contract and he came, like a torrent, right up my contracting, cumming cunt. You won't be surprised that I passed my exams. 6 A+ results. So I know just what a good arse shagging can do for a man.'
We soon reached London. I was already as hard as a rock thanks to Maggie's story(and a cheeky cialis before a very light breakfast). I hadn't ejaculated for almost a week and I knew I had at least two cums in me, maybe even 3 in 24 hours. But we didn't have 24 hours. We could book into the hotal at twelve and the last train home left at 1am the next morning. So perhaps 12 hours of constant sex. What a prospect!
We had precisley 1 hour to do the shops. Firstly to Anne Summers where Maggie bought a very tasteful, tight fitting body stocking which would show of her voluptuous body to the full. She also bought 2 pars of knickers. One lacy and crutchless and one, my god they sold them, pair of genuine thick, blue, schoolgirl, serge pants.
Next to the Private shop in Brewer St. Lots of DVDs, but also what we came for. A 4inch butt plug in deep purple and a strapon belt with a dildo attachment with a tapered tip and about 8 inches long. It was not a replica of a penis, that was a turn off for me. I had no wish for a penis anywhere near my arse.
Finally we visited the Janus shop in Old Compton St, purveyors of fine spanking stuff for more years than I care to remember.
Happy days in the 70s when they had viewing cubicles that I never dared to wank off in.
Now we paid for a crook handled cane, about 4 foot long, quite thin and whippy. Then Maggie noticed the tawse.
'You know I said I wanted to be spanked with a belt? Well that looks like it would be far more effective.' It had a handle and two 18inch straps of flexible leather, promising an allover stripe of stingy pleasure.
We booked into the hotel and entered the lift to the 18th floor. Maggie started to get in character and begin the roleplay we had discussed. 'James' she said, 'You know you have been a very naughty boy and now it's time for your punishment. When we get in the room I want you to undress completely and stand in the corner with your hands on your head.'
She went in the bathroom to change and I complied with her orders. I had a boner stretching to the sky. When she came out I turned my head and looked at her. What a goddess. The body stocking moulded her figure, emphasizing her magnificent beasts. Her nipples were proud and erect, beckoning to be sucked and twisted cruelly.
'Come over my knee, james. It's time for your spanking.' I did so, trapping my hardon between her chunky thighs. She must have spanked me for a good 10 minutes, starting off gently and slowly but then progressing to harder and harder slaps turning my bum into a hot burning mass of redness.
'Now for the buttplug.' she said and reached for the lube. She prepared me with her finger and then inserted the plug intentionly quickly. I gasped, the invasion was thrilling.
'Now for the cane.' she said. 'Bend over, put your hands on your legs and don't move. I'm going to give you twelve on the bare and they will be hard.'
Despite the butt plug, I was still hard as I bent as instructed.
Whoosh. The cane came down, right across the plug, forcing it farther into my arse.
Whoosh. the next was above and Crack, the next was below, exactly on my crease between buttocks and thighs. During the next nine I entered a kind of subspace where the pain was undercut with a sense of immense warmth.
'Stay where you are. It's time for you to get fucked.' I heard a noise and then suddenly my arse was invaded by a pressing and a pushing and a thrusting. It was like a premature ejaculation in my teen years. All of a sudden I felt my insides explode with what I can only explain as an analgasm. It felt like all my pleasures had come together in a moment of ecstasy.
And my prick was still there, throbbing and erect. A miracle.
But I hadn't cum yet. When I looked round, Maggie had disappeared. As I gained my breath, she reappeared, dressed as a 16yo schoolgirl.
Even though I was naked, our roles reversed. She was the schoolgirl. I was the strict Headmaster.
'You naughty, dirty girl. You've been seen flashing your tits at the boys and now you're going to be punished. Now bend over.' She did just that, revealing her creamy white thighs and her delightful derriere.
I gave her a few stripes with the tawse across her the thick blue knickers but it was obvious it wasn't having much effect. I peeled them down and then really laid into her reddening bum.
'oh yes,' she said, 'Give it to me, do it, my pussy is creaming, I'm dripping. 10 more and then I want your cock. Fuck my tight teenage cunt and make me cum again and again.'
It was more than I could take.
'I'll owe you the last ten. Take this.' With that I plunged my solid 7 inches deep into her glistening minge.
With all the excitement, we couldn't last long and soon she began to pant and grunt.
'Now, cum in me. Shoot your spunk deep in my cunt. Oooohh, yes .I gonna cum, I'm cumming. Do me, do me harder, unhh. aahh, yes, I'm there.'
Her vaginal muscles tightened, creating a vice-like grip on me cock and I thrust to her depths and came and came and came.
It was then I realised that it was only 2pm. We still had 10 hours to go!
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