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Adventures of a Switch-Interlude.

Fantasy, inspired by true event.
Part 3 of St Wintermute's School for Girls and its Headmistress, Ms Angela Hyde(her of the penchant for caning young schoolgirls) will return soon.
I don't know about you but as I get older I seem to be more horny, not less. I was surfing the net one morning after work, looking for something to inspire a good wank when I came across a video of a large breasted woman using a strapon on a man whilst milking his cock. I had toyed with my arse before when wanking, but had found the idea of penetration a little bit frightening as I was not gay in the least. However, the guy in the vid seemed extremely turned on. I looked round the house and found an old, barely used candle. It was about 12 inches long and 1 inch in diameter. I bent my legs back and lubed my ring with some hand and body lotion. Using my index finger, I inserted it about 2 inches and wiggled it about. I then lubed the candle and managed to insert it past my sphincter. My erection subsided but I started to enjoy the sensation of being penetrated. When 7 or inches had disappeared up my anus, I began to slide the candle in and out, gradually increasing the speed. All of a sudden I started to thrust my arse onto the candle and felt a tightening of the muscles in my arse. Thrusting faster and deeper I finally withdrew the candle and felt a strange orgasmic sensation.
There was a knock on the door, so I hastily pulled up my tighty whiteys, wrapped my dressing gown around me and went to the door. It was Maggie, the 17 year old daughter of my cleaning lady.
'Hello, Mr Webley. I've just come for my mum's wages.'
Now Maggie was 17 and quite a big girl. 5foot 8inches tall and about 12 stone. Her excess weight was concentrated in her huge 38DD breasts and on her meaty arse and thighs. We quite often flirted but never took things farther. As I went to get my wallet, I saw that I had left the candle and the lube in full view! I was sure she noticed this but didn't say anything. I gave her the money I owed and dropped a fiver as I put the notes in her hand. She bent over to pick it up and I was treated to the sight of her delectable arse as it came into view. My god! The little minx wasn't wearing any panties. The lips of her minge were showing between her chubby thighs and I'm sure she knew it. However, she soon left after glancing at my now burgeoning prick.
I had to do something about this so I decided to text her.
'Maggie, I want you to fuck me. I discovered this morning that I love being penetrated. I know you saw the candle! I want you to spank me too and even cane me before you take my virgin arse. If u want, I can 'do' u 2. We could go London 4 the day, do a bit of shopping, and take a hotel room 4 the afternoon.'
With much trepidation I pushed the send button. I still hadn't cum, so I began to stroke my cock slowly when my phoned pinged to indicate a text.
'Wow, Mr Webley. Wow! Do I want to fuck you? Hell, yeah. Will I spank  you? Oh yesss! When I've fucked you raw, I'll suck you back to a full hardon and then I want you to strip me, smack my fat arse with a thick leather belt and then fuck my tight, young pussy. When I've cum at least twice, I want you to stick your throbbing dick between my tits and cum all over my face.'
As I read the text for the 20th time, I squirted more spunk over my belly and thumb than I had since I was 25.
Continue? All votes, messages and comments are gratefully received and will be acknowledged when possible. Part 2 will include the visit to London, visit to shops(Private, Anne Summers and, of course, Janus in Soho), the Hotel room and lots of pain and pleasure.
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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