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After a long time

She knocked on his door, her hands already beginning to tremble. She knew he was home, that was what worried her. The fact that she'd have to see him again.

Would he hate her the way she had hated him? They hadn't spoken in over five years and they parted ways on bad terms.

She tried to relax but the door opened and all calm was lost. Her cheeks flushed at the sight of him. He stood in his doorway in jeans and an unbuttoned green flannel. His dark wavy hair had grown out over his thick eyebrows. She stared into his dark eyes feeling herself want to run away and hide.

“Hey,” she forced out.

“Hi,” he answered. “Sorry I didn't reply to your email, I just got to it this morning.”

“Oh right. Yeah, don't even worry about it,” she said with a breathy laugh.

“Come in, you look like your gonna faint,” he said with a little grin. She walked into his house and sat on one of the sofas. “Can I get you anything?”

Arsenic, she thought. “No I'm fine thanks.”

He sat down next to her on the couch. “So you wanted to talk.” She suddenly felt like she was in a school office, she shook away the thought.

“Oh yes. I'm not really good at this but I wanted to start off by saying I'm sorry.”

At this one of his eyebrows arched. “Oh.”

“I'm sorry that ever since graduation I've done nothing but say bad things about you. I held on to some childish grudge that you didn't deserve. It was a childish and naïve decision and I'm sorry.”

He began to speak a long moment later. “I've had a lot of girls hate me.”

I believe it, she thought.

“But,” he continued, “none of them have ever come to me to apologize. Why did you come?”

She swallowed. “Because I couldn't hold this in anymore. I've felt I should for a long time.”

“And why didn't you before?”

“I was afraid.”

He grinned biting his lip. “Afraid of what? Punishment?”

She felt her nipples harden at the idea of him punishing her. She forced herself to speak and remain with decent thoughts. “I was, but I accept my consequences.”

“Do you?” he challenged.

She nodded. “I do.”

“Then get up and bend over the arm of the couch.”

“What?!” she asked, shocked at the turn of events.

“Bend over the arm of the couch,” he repeated. “Facing toward the couch please.”

Though she was still unsure, she did as he asked. He stood up off the couch and walked behind her. She tried to see what he was doing but didn't want to move too much.

He finally spoke after a few moments. “Grudges aren't a good thing to keep, right?”

“Right, they aren't.”

He chuckled, “You don't miss a beat with words do you?”

“It's kind of in my job description,” she said with a smile.

“Writers,” he let out.

“And what are you?” she asked.

“I'm a teacher,” he said with a devilish tone.

She bit her lip as her head dipped. “Oh hell,” she breathed out.

He grinned. “As I was saying, grudges shouldn't be kept. They are a bad company. And since you feared punishment before, let's make it worth it.” With that she felt him slap her ass over her jeans. She let out a breathy grunt. “Was this sufficient punishment?”

“Yes,” she groaned in pain.

“Wrong.” With that he slapped her again, harder. She made another grunting sound. She felt something press against her ass, even more was a long thick length pressing hard against her. She felt herself become wet as he reached for the button on her jeans. Soon he was bent over her, unbuttoning her jeans. When he started to pull them down, he saw that her panties were already wet. He chuckled as he ran a finger over the wet spot lightly. He listened to her exhale loudly as she threw her head back. He pulled her panties down and rested his hands on her bare ass.

“Nice pussy,” he noted.

“Ooh!” she giggled, “Mr. Louaillier I'm telling!”

He spanked her again.

“Oh fuck!” she called out.

“This is no joke Miss Andrews,” he said the way a teacher would.

“I'm sorry sir,” she muttered, playing along.

“Louder,” he ordered and spanked her again.

“I'm sorry sir!”

“Good,” he said. He examined the girl bent over his couch. Ever since he met her in elementary school she always tried to prove how tough she was. She was the tough little tom boy with no tears. She bottled up her emotions and hated to cry. But she needed to for so many things. He wanted to help her with it.

He smacked her ass again. And again and again. Hard and fast. Each time she responded with a high pitched wince. He ran his fingers over the red skin, feeling it exude heat. In the silence she couldn't hide a sniffle.

“Don't hold it in,” he whispered to her. “Crying is not a sign of weakness.” He spanked her again, hearing her cracking voice call out. He smacked her some more, slowly but still hard. He stopped and knelt down behind her. He listened to her cry as he kissed her skin. He soothed the pain. His fingers ran lightly over her skin. They lingered on her pussy, running along the blooming petals. She moaned softly at his touch.

He continued kissing her hot skin while his fingers began to add pressure near her clit. He rubbed the hood in a circular motion, hearing her short gasps and soft moans. He inserted a finger into her, grinning at the sound of her loud call.

“Like that do you Miss Andrews?” he asked.

“Oh yes sir,” she managed before he added another finger. He started moving his finger in and out. She called out short, high pitched vowel sounds.

“A good girl enjoys her punishment, understanding why such a thing has occurred,” he said. After some more thrusts of his fingers, he pulled them out.

He needed her, though he had never realized it. And he knew she needed him. He stood and pulled her up. He took her by the hand and lead her deeper into his house.

“Where are we going?”

He brought her to his room and placed her on his bed. He knelt before her again. He toughed her cheek gently before whispering, “I'm sorry about that night. I was an ass hole and you didn't deserve it.” He kissed her trembling lips. She responded quickly and wrapped her arms around his neck.

His hands moved her shirt. He fingered the ends before lifting it off of her. He went back to run his hands over her stomach. She started gripping at his flannel. She remembered that it was open and pushed it quickly off his shoulders. A moment later he made his way to her neck, kissing and sucking on it.

“Oh...” she moaned. He knew he had found her sweet spot. He kept at her neck, biting and licking occasionally while feeling her hands fumble with the button on his jeans. After a few seconds she succeeded in loosening his jeans and heard them fall to the ground. Much to her surprise, she had no new layer to rid him of.

She peeked down. “Where's your underwear?” she asked thoughtlessly.

He chuckled against her skin. “I wasn't wearing any.”

she thought for a while. “Should I be turned on by this?”

He laughed again before kissing her on the lips. His hands undid her bra smoothly. He took it off of her, his lips still dancing with hers. He started fondling her chest, squeezing her breasts softly and running his fingers around her hard nipples.

“Please fuck me,” she begged, unable to stand it.

“Please fuck me what, young lady?” he asked with a smirk.

“Please fuck me NOW,” she said before grinning, “sir.”

He grinned at her, pushing her lightly onto his bed. “A good girl deserves a reward. Are you a good girl Miss Andrews?”

“You tell me sir.”

He spread her legs and settled himself between them. His cocked rubbed lightly over her pussy lips. “You earned this.” He guided himself in and slammed into her all the way.

She let out a pleasureful scream. He let out a soft moan, staying in her for a while to enjoy the warm sensation that surrounded him tightly. He slowly began to move in and out of her. Every time he pulled himself to the tip, she'd let out a long moan. He watched her as he began to pick up the pace.

“Oh Drake!” she called out.

“Tsk tsk young lady. You must call me by my last name,” he teased with a smirk as he began circling her clit.

She let out a deep moan. “Your last name is too long,” she giggled, “sir.”

He grinned at her and stopped with only the head of his cock in her. He held her hips down with his hands. She tried to push them up so he could enter her again but his arms were too strong.

“Plaese Drake!” she said, frustrated.

“Ah ah young lady, what did I say?” he asked with a devilish grin.

“Fuck me Mr. Louaillier! I need your cock sir!” she practically screamed.

He kissed her neck and started ramming into her again. She let out quick moans with each thrust.

“Faster, sir, faster!” she called.

He nodded, grunting at the sensation that surrounded his dick. He did as she asked. She moved her hips so that they collided, sending his cock deeper into her. He felt her walls start to clench around him.

“I'm cumming! Oh god!”

He too felt himself unable to hold it in any longer. As she came, he let loose inside her. Each called out the others name as they shook and rode out the blissful climax.

It took a while for their breathing to steady. He held himself up on his arms which were trembling with fatigue. She noticed and pulled close so his head rested on her chest. She ran her fingers through the short hairs on the back of his neck. They stayed that way for a while before he pulled out of her. He watched as a mixture of their juices flowed out of her.

She scooted onto his bed more and pulled him towards her. They lied down next to each other on his bed, his arms wrapped around her shoulders and her head on his chest.

She started falling asleep as her eyelids became heavy. He watched her curl her face into his chest like it was the safest place on earth.

“I think I love you Brittany,” he whispered.

Her cheeks became red and she smiled. “I think I love you too Drake,” she whispered softly. He watched her fall asleep until he too fell asleep.

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