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After Valentines Day Treat

Clyde is spanked at his girlfriend's best friend house,

I had found a new girlfriend called Nancy, and now we had gone out on many dates.  I have grown to really enjoy her company and being with her, and we have many of the same likes and dislikes.  I like her so much that I don’t mind her wanting to spank me and having me wear this cock and ball harness.  The harness tends to keep me in an erect state and is somewhat embarrassing at times, but since I have grown to really love Nancy, I put up with it.  Also, now Nancy and I have exchanged house keys, which shows more of a commitment on both of our parts.

On Valentines Day, I brought her a dozen roses and I took her out to a very good place to eat.  As usual, Nancy put the harness on me before we went out to eat, and I was spanked once we went back to her house.  After my spanking, we got very intimate afterwords.

After Valentines Day, I was visiting a card shop for a special card for Nancy.  I noticed that they had Valentine Day gifts that were half price.  I thought they were someone funny and playful, so besides the card, I bought some of those gifts too.  I thought, on my next date that I would show up wearing these crazy items.  First, there was a necktie with little red hearts on it.  Second, there was some matching under shorts with red hearts.  The third item I thought was really fun.  Although it didn’t say how to use it, the item was made out of cloth and it had an elastic band, and it said, “I love you”.  It was obvious to me that it went on my penis, and the elastic band went behind my balls to keep it in place.  I also got some men’s socks that had hearts on them.

I was eager to go on our next date and wear them for Nancy.  So on Wednesday, right after work, we made a date and I was to meet her at her house.  I had worn to work a shirt with thin red stripes, and had taken a gym bag with me with the rest of the funny items in it.  So after work, I put the “I love you” sock on my penis, changed into the shorts with the hearts on them, and put the special socks on and the new tie.

When I got to Nancy’s house, I rang the doorbell but she didn’t come to the door.  So I let myself in and found a note on the entrance table, along with a duffle bag and the cock and ball harness she puts on me.  The note read:

“We have been invited to my friend’s house for supper.  Her name is Vivian and she is a very close friend of mine.  I have told her about you and this will be a good way to meet her.  I was hoping we would go there together, but if you get to my house first, please take this over to her house.  I want you to treat her as you would me, and do whatever she says to do.  It should be a fun evening.  Below is her address and directions to her house.  Please go directly to her house and call me once you are in route to her house.  I love you.”  Then there were directions to Vivian’s house.

So I put the harness in my pocket and grabbed the duffle bag.  I looked in the duffle bag and there were the paddles and other stuff that Nancy likes to spank me with.  I called Nancy once I was driving to Vivian’s house, and she didn’t say much but wanted to make sure I did what Vivian wanted me to before she got there.  Now I was beginning to wonder what this date would be like.

I arrived at Vivian’s house which wasn’t far away, and rang the doorbell.  A very young woman who was about five years younger than me greeted me, and she was wearing a very short skirt and a white blouse.

“You must be Clyde.”  She said.  “Nancy just called and I have been expecting you.  I am so glad to meet you, I have heard so much about you.  Come on in.”

“Glad to meet you too”.  I said.

She noticed what I was wearing and she said, “Before we sit down, I want to snap a picture of you.  You look so romantic like that”.  So she got out her camera and took some pictures of me.  Then she laid down the camera and said; “Now lets see what is in the duffle bag and I want you to put it on my coffee table”.  So we sat on the couch and I put the spanking implements on the coffee table.

Then Vivian questioned me about these items. “Nancy told me she spanks you with these.  Is that correct?”

“Yes it is.”  I replied.

“How does it feel to be spanked by Nancy?”  She asked.

These were somewhat embarrassing questions for me, but I answered very truthfully.  “I really love Nancy, and she made it clear to me during our first dates that if I wanted to date her, I would be spanked by her.  Besides, it sometimes feels good to give up all of my control, and be spanked by her.  I have come to enjoy being over her lap, feeling her warm body, and smelling her special scent.  I am also spanked over tables and chairs.”

“Nancy said she also likes you to wear something special for her.  Is that true? Do you have it with you?”

I reached in my pocket and pulled out the harness and handed it to Vivian.  “It is a special harness that goes around my cock and balls.”

“Nancy wants me to put this on you.  So follow me to my bedroom and we can put your clothes out of the way in there too.”

So I followed Vivian into her bedroom.  It was obvious that Vivian lived alone, and it was a very girlish bedroom, because it was pink and had many stuffed animals in it.  I also noticed that Vivian brought in her camera.

“Nancy told me that you undress to your under shorts before she puts the harness on you.  So undress and neatly fold your clothes on the bed.  Take your shoes off, but you can keep on your socks.”

I was both embarrassed and yet excited taking off my clothes in front of a younger woman I had just met.  I could tell that Nancy had told everything about me to Vivian.  I was also told to treat Vivian like she was Nancy, so I undressed in front of her. Vivian also took pictures of me while I was undressing.  Vivian thought it was really cute that I was wearing shorts with red hearts on them.

Once I had only my socks and shorts on, Vivian sat on the bed and said, “Now stand in front of me so that I may put the harness on you.”  So I obediently stood in front of her with my hands behind my back, as I do with Nancy.  Then she pulled down my shorts and immediately chuckled at the sock that I had on my erect penis that said ‘I Love You’,

“I need to take some pictures of this!” Vivian exclaimed.  And she immediately grabbed her camera and took some more pictures of me.  Next, Vivian took off the penis sock and said, “Nancy told me you keep yourself clean shaven for her down here and you really do.  Good job!  Now step out of your shorts and spread your legs, so I can put this on you.”  Now I was really embarrassed, but did have quite the erection.  Vivian took her time handling my penis and balls while she snapped the harness around me.

“Now lets go back into the living room.”  Vivian grabbed up my shorts and the penis sock, her camera, grasped me by the penis, and led me back into the living room.  There, she put the shorts, camera, and sock on the coffee table and said, “Stand beside me.  I want to see what it feels like to have you over my knee and I want to give you a short spanking before Nancy gets here.  So over you go.”

Soon, I was over her lap with my erect penis between her warm smooth thighs. Then she brought her thighs together, and I was now held in place the same way Nancy spanks me.  “Spread your legs so that I can spank you in your most sensitive parts, like you do for Nancy”.  So I spread my legs and Vivian started to spank me.  It felt different being over Vivian’s lap, and her womanly scent was also different.  She also didn’t spank me as hard as Nancy, but she rubbed my naked bottom a lot and spanked me so her fingers landed between my thighs.  Next, she grabbed one of the small paddles and started to spank me with it.

Then the doorbell rang and Vivian yelled out, “Come on in, Nancy.  The door is unlocked”.

Soon, Nancy was standing in the living room and she said, “Good, I see you have gotten to know Clyde better.  I was hoping to find Clyde over your lap like this.  Did he give you the harness to put on him?”

It was like I wasn’t even in the room and over Vivian’s lap, the way they were talking about me.  Vivian kept spanking me with the paddle and said, “Yes, he was very obedient and allowed me to put it on him.  Also, Clyde wore cute under shorts and penis sock he for you.  They are on the coffee table as well as my camera.  I took some pictures of him, which I can email to you later.”

Nancy picked up the penis sock and said, “It is cute.  It says ‘I love you’ on it.”  Then she picked up the camera and looked at the pictures.  “Yes, you do have some good pictures of Clyde.  Here, let me snap some pictures of you spanking Clyde”.  Then I saw the flash of the camera many times.

“Well, since both of you are here now, why don’t we sit down and eat.  The food is already to eat.”  Vivian said.  “So Clyde, you can stand up now”.

When I stood up, I still had an erection and Nancy immediately noticed it.  “Vivian, why don’t you put the penis sock back on Clyde and get a towel for him to sit on while we eat.  That way he will be all set to be played with and spanked after dinner.”

So Vivian put the penis sock on me and placed a towel on a chair for me to sit on.  Then we first had a salad, then a chicken dish and vegetables.  The women kept talking about me, as I wasn’t even there.  So I just ate the good food and kept quiet.

Now when Nancy and I eat out, we like to order crème brulee for desert.  Vivian must of know this because she brought out two small bowls of crème brulee.  The two were for Vivian and Nancy, so I just sat there with no desert.  After we ate, Vivian quickly rinsed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher, then all three of us went back into the living room.  To my surprise, Nancy had me kneel down and put on some wrist cuffs so that arms were kept behind my back.

Next, Nancy handed Vivian some paddles and  Nancy took off her panties and laid a towel on one of the big chairs.  With her legs spread wide, Nancy took a third bowl of crème brulee and spread some of it on her pussy.  “Clyde, now is the time when you can get your desert”.  My head was shoved up close to Nancy’s pussy, and I licked and sucked her pussy to get my desert.  Meantime, Vivian was behind me with the paddles, spanking me and playing with my penis and balls while I stuck my tongue deep into Nancy’s pussy.  I am used to making Nancy cum this way, and soon my head was soaked with her juices.

My head was dried off with a towel, and then Vivian and Nancy traded places.  Vivian took the rest of the crème brulee and smeared it all over and into her pussy.  Now I was spanked and played with by Nancy, while my tongue was busy around and inside Vivian’s pussy.  Soon, my head was soaked with Vivian’s pussy juices and I had a wonderful desert.

Then they stood me up and Nancy said, “Why don’t you milk Clyde while I spank him.”  So it was a mixture of pain and pleasure as this young woman I had just met was milking me.  It didn’t take long and my cum burst out of my penis into a hand towel Vivian was holding.  I was next allowed to lay on the floor while the two women had a good talk.

Before I was allowed to get dressed, Vivian wanted to spank me one more time.  So with my hands still tied behind my back, I went over her lap for a hand spanking.  Then Vivian put the sock back on my penis, my hands were released, and I was allowed to get dressed.

Finally, Nancy had me drive back to her place were she took off the penis sock and harness, and I was allowed to go home.  What a date that turned out to be.

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