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Age Doesn't Matter

18 year old Tessa dominates and spanks an older woman

18 year old Tessa snapped at 52 year old Rita “I said now. Go to the spare room and take your skirt and knickers off because I am going to thrash you.”


The time had come for Tessa to give the older woman an Authority spanking, to show which of the two was in charge. The 18 year old or the 52 year old.   Tessa stood with her hands on her hips, tapping one foot, waiting for the older woman’s response.


Rita directed her comment at Janet, Tessa’s 43 year old Mother. Whilst she thought she had conditioned herself to accept the discipline of the 18 year old now the time had arrived she had second thoughts. “Please, Tessa is just 18 years old, so she shouldn’t spank me at my age.”


Janet scoffed. “Really, so what’s the difference between an 18 year old and a 43 year old spanking a 52 year old? Anyway, we have been through this haven’t we Rita!”


“Why can’t you be the only one to spank me?” Rita knew it sounded like a whine but couldn’t help it.


Janet was getting cross and Rita knew it. “You miss the point. You are 52 and going to be spanked. Does it really matter how old the spanker is? Really matter I mean?”


Rita saw the point and didn’t have an answer.


Janet continued “exactly. Anyway, I can’t force you. Do you want to go home?”


Rita said quickly “oh no, I would just prefer you to spank me if I need one.”


“That isn’t on either. If you stay, and you are most welcome to as you will soon be my mother in law anyway, then you will be grounded until you accept your punishment.”


Rita said “grounded?”


“Yes grounded, in your room.”


Rita looked at Tessa who had a wide smirk on her face. Tessa knew what her Mother was doing and was looking forward to it. The teenager really was getting quite wearisome with David’s Mother, 52 years old but so whiney. She needs a good spanking just to show her she can’t carry on that way and so was enjoying Rita’s discomfort at being treated like a disobedient child.


“My room?” Rita exploded sounding like a sulky teenager.


“Yes, your room” Janet said and calmly walked over to Rita, spun her around, and gave her a smack on her bottom, more to embarrass than hurt as it was over her skirt. It had the desired effect though.


Rita calmed down and asked “for how long then?”


Janet thought for a second then said “well we were going to all have lunch and go shopping. Now this has happened you will get your lunch brought to your room and you can eat it there. David and I will go shopping but Tessa will have to stay here and supervise you.”


“But I wanted to go shopping as well” Rita moaned.


“So accept your spanking and then you can” Janet answered matter of factly.


Rita stayed silent so Janet added sternly “then go to your room and stay there.”


Rita huffed a bit, turned, and went upstairs.   The other three had lunch in the dining room. Tessa took Rita’s upstairs to her room.


“Leave the tray outside your room when you have finished. If you need to go to the bathroom make sure you ask me first. Do not just go. Understood?”


Rita had very little time for the teenager. She strutted around as though she was in charge, but what was she, just an 18 year old who thought a lot of herself. Well it wasn’t going to wash with her, not a 52 year old. Rita glared at the 18 year old, then asked “what happens if I disobey you?”


Tessa smiled and said “easy, have you seen Mum’s cane?”


“Cane?” Rita asked quietly, almost in a hush. She wasn’t expecting that reply.


“Yes, it’s wicked. She’s used it on David. On his bare bottom. It leaves lovely straight weal’s and David in tears.”


Tessa allowed the answer to sink in before adding “and if you disobey me or Mum you can reckon on being on the receiving end as well as you will really be are in our bad books. Mum likes to use it. It turns her on in fact. I reckon I’ll like to use it as well.”


“Is that what you reckon?” Rita snapped as she took the tray and sat on the bed, looking away from Tessa as though dismissing her. Mind you she felt far less confident than she sounded. Had she under estimated the 18 year old?


Tessa gave Rita a cross look and said smartly “have it your way but like it or not you will be going across my lap and I will teach you rudeness doesn’t pay” before turning and leaving the room.


Rita started to regret her attitude towards the teenager, but she just couldn’t help it really.


A few minutes later Janet went to see Rita, before going shopping.


“I understand Tessa told you about my cane.”


“Yes Janet” Rita said, suddenly very respectful. She didn’t want to feel the cane for sure.


“You will do exactly as Tessa tells you when I am out. Exactly. Do you understand?”


Rita was silent. How could she be made to obey an 18 year old?


Janet was furious with the lack of an answer and went and sat on the bed, “Come here” she ordered. Rita stood by the 43 year old and was horrified when she lifted up her skirt so it was well above her waist.


“Hold it” Janet demanded.


Rita took hold of the skirt and gasped when Janet started to rub her thigh.


“You will obey Tessa my girl and that’s final” she almost hissed as she drew her hand back and brought it down hard on the older woman’s leg and smiled when she gasped out loud. Rita groaned when she realised Janet had drawn her hand back again and smacked her other leg just as hard.


“Do you understand Rita?”


“Yes” Rita readily agreed, anything not to be smacked again. It didn’t work.


“Right. Your choice. The cane on your bottom or my hand on your legs. Choose quickly.”


Rita sobbed and said “hand.”


Janet smiled, glared at her, pulled her hand back, said “six on each leg then” and as Rita groaned so the first smack hit home, then the rest without any let up. Rita was gasping and sobbing by the end and even when Janet had finished she stood there holding her skirt close to her, eyes scrunched closed.


“Good girl Rita” Janet said, as she got up and stood behind the older woman, pulled the older woman’s knickers down so her bottom was bare, put the palm of her hand on her left bottom cheek, said “remember” before smacking her hard on her left bottom cheek and harder on her right bottom cheek. “OK?” she asked.


“Yes Janet” came the wet reply.


“Give me a hug then.”   Janet turned and threw her arms around the 43 year olds neck who ran her hands around the older woman’s waist placing one hand on her bottom. She gave her bottom a couple of light smacks and said “Tessa is in charge” before kissing her cheek, turning and walking out of the room.


Rita thought how she so would so prefer it if Janet disciplined her. She was so firm in her approach and Rita found it easy to do as Janet told her. Not so with Tessa, but it was Tessa who was left in charge of her now.


Janet and David went shopping and Tessa sat in the lounge watching the TV, having it loud enough so she knew Rita will be able to hear it. There were no books or other form of entertainment in Rita’s bedroom so she will be bored soon enough.


At 2 O’ clock Rita asked to go to the bathroom. Tessa escorted her to the bathroom and waited outside before escorting her back to the bedroom and closing the door. At 3 O’clock she asked the same and again at 5 O’clock. When on the third occasion they got back to the bedroom Tessa announced “right, time for your bath as its lights out at 6 O’clock for you Rita.”


“6 O’clock? You are joking.”


Tessa didn’t argue. She just walked in to her Mother’s bedroom and a few seconds later came back out holding the cane. She swished it a couple of times and Tessa asked “anything else you want to say?”


Rita looked wide eyed at the cane, then at Tessa and just shook her head, looking at the floor.


Tessa asked “do you want to accept the spanking instead?”


Rita looked at Tessa, was almost ready to say yes, but shook her head again.


“OK, then let’s go to the bathroom.”


Rita walked in front of Tessa and led the way to the bathroom. She tried to close the door behind her but Tessa blocked her and walked in to the bathroom. Rita was about to say something but Tessa snapped “I have to supervise you, and supervise you I will. Now run the bath and get undressed.”


Rita stalled but Tessa snapped “don’t forget that cane.”


Rita started to undress. She glanced at Tessa and felt an element of respect. Only 18 years old but she certainly handled herself well. Still well in charge of the situation. Rita had to admit to herself she hardly expected to find herself getting undressed knowing the 18 year old would be watching her wash herself. Maybe it was the waspish voice, or the stern manner, but she was actually starting to like the girl. She didn’t show it of course as she undressed.


Tessa smiled to herself. The cane threat was really working. The old girl was falling in line and she reckoned she might even get to spank her tonight. Either way she thought Rita was less defiant now than before. Maybe it was being alone all that time and she had thought it through? Maybe she was just getting tired of objecting and realised she would have to accept the spanking. Either way Tessa felt she was getting closer.


Tessa filled the bath and turned around to find Rita standing behind her, naked but waiting obediently.


“OK Rita, in to the bath” she ordered, thinking that Rita looked a bit fitter than she had expected.


“Smacked legs I see” Tessa said, thinking how she would like to smack the older woman’s legs herself right now.


“Janet” Rita said.


“She does find smacking legs so rewarding.”


Rita sat down but the water was clear and Tessa looked at Rita from head to toe, realising Rita was feeling embarrassed but kept looking anyway.


“Ok Rita, I’ll wash you now” Tessa said, knowing she was perhaps pushing her luck but thought it worthwhile testing the older woman. To her enjoyment Rita blushed but nodded. Tessa picked up the soap and soaked her hands.


Rita was surprised at the statement but having eyed the 18 year old, and with her new found respect, she decided to go with the flow so to speak. A few seconds later and Tessa was washing the older woman’s face, followed by her arms from her fingers to under her armpits. Tessa asked Rita to lift one leg and she washed right up to the top of her thigh, followed by the other leg.


Both women knew the remaining areas were much more personal. Tessa had decided she quite enjoyed herself and whilst originally she thought the 52 year old was too old for her, she was now having second thoughts.


“I’ll do your front now” Tessa said as she soaped her hands and carefully washed every inch of each of Rita’s soft breasts. Still no objection Tessa noticed.


Rita waited for the next instruction to come. “Kneel Rita so I can wash your bottom” she said, knowing she was going to wash rather more than her bottom.


Rita knelt as again Tessa soaped her hands and washed first Rita’s bottom whilst at the same time washing Rita’s stomach and working her way down to between her legs and she tenderly massaged Rita’s pussy and again the 52 year old just accepted the 18 year olds touch.


Tessa’s face was inches from Rita’s and she turned to look straight in to her eyes and asked “are you ready for your spanking Rita because I think it’s time.”


Rita gave the slightest of nods and said “yes Tessa. I need you to discipline me.”


“Good” Tessa snapped, half smiling, and Rita reacted with a smile of her own, more pensive than Tessa’s but then again she was the one who was about to have her bottom seriously reddened.


Tessa pressed home her control by rubbing Rita’s pussy again as though washing it, and heard Rita gasp and breath in deeply, but still not object. At that moment both the 52 year old and the 18 year old knew just who controlled whom.


“Let’s get you dry “Tessa instructed.


Rita stood up and stepped out of the bath. Tessa had the towel ready’ wrapped it around Rita, and started to rub her dry, and when she tenderly rubbed between her legs Rita spread them apart as she closed her eyes and gasped.


Tessa let the towel drop to the floor and asked “ready Rita?”


“Yes Tessa” she answered, taking Rita’s arm and gently turned the 52 year old around and gave her a smart smack on her bottom.


“No need to get dressed Rita. Let’s go straight to the spare room shall we” she stated.


They both walked out of the bathroom. Just then the front door opened and Janet and David returned home.


Tessa shouted down “good timing Mum, I am about to give Rita her discipline spanking.”


“Good one” Janet shouted, then added “why not do it down here so we can watch? There’s a hairbrush in the side cabinet dear.”


“Good thinking Mum. Ok Rita, let’s go downstairs” she ordered.


“I’m naked Tessa” she said quietly, wide eyed and added “and David is there.”


“Oh come on Rita, he’s going to see you across my lap and I am sure he has seen you naked before, when he was younger anyway.”


Rita knew she couldn’t go back now so nodded and started down the stairs. Tessa was again surprised how the 52 year old was now almost totally obedient. Maybe she wasn’t such a bad old bird after all.


David blushed when he realised his Mother was naked. Janet smiled. Rita blushed also when she saw them both.


“David, sit over there with me” Janet ordered, leaving Tessa to give Rita her orders.


“OK Rita, wait there” she ordered as she went to the table and turned the spanking chair in to the room before going to the side cabinet and taking the wooden backed hairbrush from the top drawer. Tessa went back to the chair and sat down.


“Stand there Rita” the 18 year old ordered. The naked Rita stepped across smartly and stood in front of the 18 year old.


Rita looked at Tessa properly for the first time and thought how sexy she looked in her short black skirt bare legs, her white bikini top showing off her almost flat stomach. Childish but sexy, somehow strict when her dominant tone of voice is taken in to account. Definitely not someone to disobey.


“Let me remind you why you are here” Tessa snapped. “I am showing you in the most direct way possible that you are subject to my authority, my control. You will do as I say, when I say it, just as you should your own parents. Indeed, I am taking the parental role, and will discipline you as though you have been sufficiently disobedient to have earned the sternest of spankings. Any questions Rita?”


“No Tessa” the now submissive Rita answered.


“Good, then get across my lap and be quick about it” she instructed. Rita nodded and bent across the teenagers lap. Once there she felt less exposed somehow, albeit her bare bottom was staring prominently up from Tessa’s slim lap. Janet and David watched her ample breasts flop forward as Rita stretched her arms out in front of herself to steady herself on the floor.


Tessa landed her first spank immediately and drew a gasp followed by many more gasps as she methodically spanked the naked bottom lying unprotected across her knee. She pursed her lips as she was intent on ensuring this was a spanking 52 year old Rita would remember as slowly but surely Rita’s silky smooth ivory bottom turned first pink and then red and then a deeper shade of red. Unrelenting. Pitiless. Spanking harder as Rita started to squirm and moan. Scolding her at the same time, reminding her who was in charge and who had to listen to whom. Enjoying how her flat hand was causing Rita’s ample bottom to bounce around.


Rita was surprised at the sting of Tessa’s hand as she spanked her. She had only been spanked by Janet the once and assumed she would easily cope with a spanking from a slim 18 year old girl. How wrong that seemed. This confident and brash 18 year old was certainly giving her a hard time.


Rita heard Tessa berating her, about how she needs to behave properly and respect those trying to teach her good behaviour. She baulked when she heard Tessa tell her she needs to act her age. How dare she, she thought. I’m 52 years old being told to act my age by an18 year old. Really, she thought. Then the pain of the spanking took over, the constant thrashing of Tessa’s hand on her bottom was taking its toll. Rather than listen to the scolding that also continued unabated she was now squirming around on the teenager’s lap knowing she could not avoid the hand spanks but also not able to lie still. Rita realised she was learning even more respect for the teenager who was spanking her every bit as hard as Janet. Yes Tessa, I will be good she thought, I understand you are annoyed, but please don’t spank so hard. That unspoken plea went unheeded of course


The pain increased once Tessa picked up the hairbrush and started to thrash her with it, unrelenting and with the forceful threat of future spankings if she misbehaves. Rita felt the tears well up in her eyes and stream down her face. She knew she was being punished for sure.


When after what seemed forever the spanking stopped Rita’s crying continued unabated. Tessa kept her open palm on Rita’s bottom which was now very red indeed and warm to the touch, whilst slowly slowly Rita recovered her composure. Tessa told her to get up and a still tearful Rita stood, rubbing her bottom although knowing it didn’t rub the pain away at all, and stood in front of her teenage thrasher, waiting to be told what to do next.


“Do you now understand who is in charge Rita?”


“Yes Tessa, you are.”


“Who has authority over your behaviour?”


“You do Tessa. I will always listen to you and do what you say.”


“And if you don’t?”


“You will discipline me Tessa.”


“Exactly. Good girl.”


Tessa looked at her Mother and asked “well Mum, what did you think?”


Janet laughed and said “I don’t think Rita will question you in future darling.”


“So, what now?” Tessa asked.


Janet said “maybe you should feel between Rita’s legs. You might be surprised.”


“Really?” responded Tessa who rubbed her fingers between Rita’s legs and along her vaginal lips. She looked surprised and said “moist, wet even. So Rita you were aroused by my spanking?”


“More than I imagined I would be Tessa” she answered smiling, but looking comical with her tear stained face.


“I see, then maybe you should feel me then” she stated.


Rita felt under Tessa’s skirt.


“No, go inside my knickers Rita.”


Rita slipped her hand over the waistband of the teenager’s knickers and gasped when she felt the wetness.


“Oh” she said.


“And your nipples are so erect Tessa” Rita said.


“Shall I?” Rita asked and when Tessa nodded she felt the 18 year olds breasts through her bikini top and revelled when Tessa gasped.


“Right, Tessa” said, “I think Rita and I will be going to my bedroom Mum” she said looking at Rita and enjoying the smile she was given.


Janet said “well just so you know, David was misbehaving at the shops so he is about to get a spanking and then we will be going to my bedroom.”


David added “I thought you were going to give me a cold caning first?”


Janet smiled and said “yes darling, twelve strokes if I recall. I look forward to giving them to you.”


Tessa smiled at her Mother as she knew just how turned on she was when she gave a caning.


Tessa turned to Rita and said in a mock stern voice said “follow me” and the two of them walked out of the room.


Tessa lay on the bed facing Rita, one leg hooked over the older woman’s thighs, both caressing the other’s breasts whilst kissing each other, tongues entwined.


Rita said during a gap “it’s strange isn’t it, my son enjoying being spanked by a woman almost old enough to be his mother, and me being disciplined by a teenager, but I find the need to watch my step with you or face a trip across your lap so exciting.”


“Everyone to their own Rita. I am going to enjoy it as well. Having authority over you is so stimulating. I never thought I would want a woman older than my Mum to share my bed, but now I have parental authority over you, and I am going to enjoy being very strict with you, I can’t wait to enjoy each others body. It will be different to Mum though. She both protects and corrects David. You however will be looking after me, and I will be disciplining you, so it’s you protect me and I correct you.”


“That works for me Tessa.”


They both heard the scream together, and when they were silent they heard the swish followed by another scream.


“I guess David is struggling with the cold caning” Rita said. “I hope he’ll be OK.”


“Well, Mum will give him such a present afterwards he will be wanting another cold caning soon enough” Tessa said laughing. “Anyway, it won’t be that long before you earn the cane.”


Rita thought about that. The cane. “Really?”


“Don’t worry Rita, I’ll be kind with you and take it easy, to begin with.”


“Oh, that sounds OK then.” Rita still wasn’t sure, but one thing she did know was that if Tessa set her mind to it there was no doubt her teenage friend would use that cane on her bare butt and soon.


Tessa stroked Rita’s thigh and eased her fingers across Rita’s vagina, and it was wet.


“Thought so Rita, it’s turning you on just thinking about that cane, which is good because it is turning me on real fast.”


“Really Tessa?” Rita asked, miles away, thinking wistfully about bending over for the cane. “If that works for you” she added, feeling herself being edged towards an orgasm by the gently manipulation of her pussy by her wonderful 18 year old friend.


  “I’ll tell you what works for me Rita” Tessa said with a wicked smile.


“What’s that Tessa?” Rita asked still blissfully unaware of how her strict young friend was expecting to be satisfied first.


Tessa took her fingers away from Rita’s pussy, reached across and opened the drawer of her bedside cabinet and took out a huge black strap-on. “Mum gave me this and suggested you use it on me.”


“Well, if you insist” Rita said, smiling, thinking this young lady certainly knows what she wants.


“I do, straight after you put your head between my legs and lick me to orgasm” she said sharply as she gave Rita a hard smack on her leg.


Rita yelped thinking how quickly what was nearly an orgasm had turned to a discipline smack before saying respectfully “Anything you say Tessa, anything you say.”



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