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Alexis And Her Sisters Are Punished

Alexis gets spanked again and it is in public
Velvet and I knew it was plain stupid and would lead to a spanking, and guess what, yup, it has. We are on holiday, Velvet Jaden and me, with Valentine my Mum, and Alexander my Dad, and we came away with my aunt and uncle and two cousins. We were all on the beach, well except for my Dad and Uncle who have gone on a three day sailing trip. Velvet and I were playing ball dangerously close to Mum who told us three times to play further away from her. It wasn’t just the noise, but twice the ball nearly knocked over her cup of coffee. The fourth time the ball did hit Mum’s coffee. That’s what we should have known. The coffee went right over Mum’s book, which was bad enough, but what was really bad were the four drops of coffee that splattered Mum’s top. Her brand new top. Mum just exploded,

“I have told you girls three times to play elsewhere and now look what you’ve done.”

Mum stood up and grabbed both Velvet and me by the hand. She led us over to our aunt and said sternly,

“I’m taking these two back to the hotel for a serious talking to.”

Velvet and I looked at each other. Serious talking to really meant a sound spanking. We knew it, our aunt knew it and our cousins knew it. Mum turned us around and still holding our arms led us quickly towards the hotel. We couldn’t struggle as that would draw attention to ourselves and we didn’t want people staring at us. Mum walked fast and we had to almost jog to keep up. The automatic doors to reception opened and Mum still pulled us along right up to the desk. Mum asked for the key, which she took, pocketed, and again grabbed both our arms. We all had to turn and it was then I saw Jaden. Great, I thought, our little sister wants to watch us getting told off and spanked, as well she might. Mum led us to the stairs and again as one we had to walk upstairs making sure no one realised just what was happening, not that anyone would suspect that a 20 year old and 23 year old would be spanked, but I just didn’t want to risk it. We got to the room door and only then Mum let go of Velvet but I noticed kept hold of me, took out the key, opened the door, and waited for all three of us including Jaden to go in before entering herself and closing the door behind her.

It was actually inter-communication rooms. Us three girls in one large family room and Mum and Dad in the other. The inter-communicating doors stayed open until night time and even then weren’t locked. Mum went to the bed and sat down, Velvet and I knew we had to stand right in front of her and wait to be scolded. We didn’t have to wait. Mum launched in to a tirade about our behaviour, how we just didn’t listen to her and look what trouble we had got ourselves in to. Velvet and me stood listening, our hands behind our backs, going from foot to foot in embarrassment, intertwining our fingers showing our unease, and that is because we knew what would happen as soon as Mum ran out of steam. When that eventually happened Mum said,

“Right, you both deserve a spanking and you are going to get one.”

Mum stood up went to her drawer and got out her paddle hairbrush, walked over to the desk chair and sat down facing in to the room.

“Who’s going first?” she asked sternly.

I was about to say Velvet when Jaden piped up with,

“Hey Mum, I can spank one of them.”

Velvet and I both looked around at 16 year old Jaden and even though she is four years younger than me had been spanking me regularly for the past several weeks but had not yet spanked Velvet, so I supposed I will be going across Jaden’s lap again if Mum agrees, and of course Mum did agree. Jaden got up and walked in to our bedroom, coming back moments later gleefully holding the hairbrush she had spanked me with so often, or at least the same type as she had purchased several knowing how often they break mid way through a spanking. Jaden took the other chair, placed it opposite Mum and sat down.

“You spank Alexis Jaden,” Mum confirmed.

Automatically I stood by Jaden whilst Velvet stood by Mum who commanded,

“Knickers down girls.”

Velvet and I were both wearing bikinis so together we pushed them down to our ankles and stood back up.

“Over girls,” Mum snapped briskly.

Seconds later and I was staring at the carpet with my hands on the floor for balance and when I looked under the chair I saw my legs dangling inches above the floor on the other side. Jaden’s lap felt firm, as usual, and I couldn’t help but look at her legs which I knew would tense as soon as the spanking started. I lay neatly across Jaden’s lap and waited and next second Mum instructed,

“Ready Jaden?” and when Jaden said she was Mum continued, “Now a long hard spanking Jaden, I want Alexis’s bottom bright red as well as the tops of her legs so no holding back.”

Jaden said cheerfully,

“No problem Mum, no problem at all.”

Next moment I felt Jaden’s thighs tense and the first spank hit home with a thwack. It stung. The first several spanks always did. There was no warm up, Jaden and Mum just went straight in with the large paddle wooden hairbrush which stung from the start. I looked across at Velvet and saw Mum enthusiastically spanking her bottom. I knew if I didn’t look now I would not be able to see her once the tears started. The spanking continued apace. Velvet’s legs were kicking and I realised mine were too. My eyes clouded over as the tears filled my eyes and ran down my cheeks, and I knew Velvet will be the same. On and on Jaden spanked the hard wooden paddle brush down on my bottom and it stung, and when she spanked my legs it really stung, like always. I know I was squirming around on her lap but there was no let up. Mum and Jaden were both experienced and were able to just spank away and not need a breather, so my bottom was stinging like crazy and still the spanking continued. It seems strange to say Jaden is an experienced spanker at just 16 years old but that is the case as she has spanked me so often and just like always with her I was beginning to wonder if the spanking would ever stop, when all of a sudden it did. The thwacking sound stopped but the crying didn’t. Jaden rubbed my bottom and still I cried. I found Jaden’s firm rubbing somehow comforting. As my crying quietened to more like a whimpering sob I listened and heard Velvet still crying, not that it helped me of course.

“Up you get,” Mum ordered and Jaden lifted her hand from my bottom. I eased myself off Jaden’s lap and as I stood up I rubbed my bottom as fast as I could, and saw Velvet doing the same. I was now looking forward to what I liked so much about being spanked, the after spanking glow, the busy tingling of my bottom as it started to cool down. I enjoyed sitting on hard surfaces so I was constantly reminded of the spanking. I knew Velvet was different. She hated being spanked, so at least that was easier for me, as I relished the pain.

“Pull your knickers up and go wash your faces girls. We are going back to the beach.”

There was a sudden panic. I said quickly,

“But Mum, we’ll need more than our bikinis as we are all red behind.”

Mum gave me a withering look and said unsympathetically,

“Well you know what to do, put a skirt on. You’ve been spanked often enough to know that for yourself Alexis.”

Sure I knew, I just wanted to make sure Mum knew, but I didn’t say it, in case she got mad again. Velvet and I went to the bathroom and washed our faces. We both knew we weren’t allowed cream to ease the pain. I didn’t want it anyway as I wanted the stinging to last but Velvet wanted to take some. She gave me a half look as though asking if she dare take the tub but I shook my head. I knew Mum would check and sure enough that was the first thing Mum did when we got back to the room. I gave Velvet a look that said I was right as we went next door and picked out a pair of skirts to match our bikinis and which were long enough to hide the red of our bottoms and legs. I usually preferred shorts as even though they were boyish I knew I had good legs and liked showing them off. Not today though. Not after a spanking. Minutes later we were ready to go back to the beach, our spankings over. Mum opened the room door and Velvet and I stepped out. There were two people there who we knew had the next room. They were staring at us. I realised in a sudden fluster, well, like, crikey, they knew we had been spanked.

One of them asked Mum,

“Everything OK Valentine?”!

Cool as anything Mum answered,

“Yes thank you,” but just to make matters as bad as they could be she added, “Now,”

Great, so that confirmed what they already knew. Of course it wasn’t that which told them we had been spanked. A quick look at my eyes and Velvet’s eyes and the fact they were bright red and bleary wet said it all, and certainly compared to Mum’s and Jaden’s eyes which were bright and cheerful. So as we all walked away I heard behind us,

“I guess the two of them got spanked,”

Although Mum had chatted to them before I really couldn’t be bothered but knew they were husband and wife. She shushed her husband up quickly enough, maybe feeling sorry for us, when she snapped,

“Do be quiet dear, they don’t need you to rub it in do they?”

There was a conciliatory,

“Sorry dear.”

I looked at Velvet and she was blushing, embarrassed because these people now know she is spanked. Me, I didn’t care, I even got turned on a bit by them knowing it. I was half thinking of making a comment back to the husband about watching his step or else he will be next. I didn’t though. Maybe too flippant what with such a sore bottom already. Maybe another time. Anyway we all walked down the stairs and we walked out towards the beach together. A few moments later and we were back with my cousins. They smirked when Velvet and I appeared, both still with red puffy eyes. It was just so obvious what had happened as they had seen us spanked so often before but there was the inevitable question,

“So did Auntie Valentine spank you both?”

I tried to be nonchalant about it and said in a relaxed tone,

“Sure, so what?” I even shrugged my shoulders as though it was no biggy at all.

“That’s a lie,” Jaden said fiercely, adding, “Go on Alexis, say the truth.”

I spun around, blushing a deep crimson, as I realised I would have to admit my 16 year old younger sister had spanked me. I looked at Mum for support but she just pouted her lips as though saying it was my fault I was spanked by Jaden. I looked at the floor as I admitted,

“Well no, actually Jaden spanked me.”

There was a moment’s dead silence then a sudden burst of voices as both cousins said together,

“What Jaden? She’s younger than you.”

Still looking at the floor and feeling about an inch high I shrugged my shoulders. I looked up at Jaden who had the widest grin you can imagine. I wanted the floor to swallow me, but it didn’t. Thankfully the subject slid out of sight and the afternoon passed well, with all of us getting on again, and to be fair I was on my best behaviour as I didn’t fancy either Mum or Jaden taking me aside for another talking to, well not today anyway. We got back to the hotel and ready for supper and Mum decided we should go to the lounge for a quiet drink before we ate. That’s when it all went pear shaped. Our room neighbours were there and the husband, I still don’t know his name, he was sitting at the next table to us and when we all sat down shouted across,

“Have you been good girls you two?”

He was smiling but his wife tut tutted to try and shut him up. I wanted to belt him one but I looked at Mum who raised her finger and wagged it so I knew not to say anything. He didn’t stop though.

“How long before your next spanking eh?”

It was really getting to me and I thought I should be able to answer back but Mum never went for that. Turn the other cheek is what she always said. Then he asked again,

“How old are you girls anyway, and still spanked by your Mum?”

The question was directed at me, but it was one of my cousins who answered by setting him straight,

“It wasn’t Mum it was Jaden that spanked Alexis.”

The man looked at Jaden who was conveniently pointed out, and he gasped when he realised what had happened. His wife said, “

“Just stop it will you.”

I couldn’t hold back anymore and I said loudly,

“Yeah, stop it jackass.”

I felt better for saying it but Mum gave me such a look, jumped up, and said directly at me,

“Alexis you will come with me right now young lady.”

I knew what that meant although the horrid man didn’t as he said,

“Yeah, give her a hard one.”

Mum gave him a withering look and his wife shook her head but they turned away and I had to turn to Mum who took my arm and led me out of the lounge and I reckoned we were on our way back to the bedroom. In fact we didn’t get that far. Mum opened a conference room door and Mum said,

“This will do.”

The conference room was empty and unlit although there was light coming in from outside. Mum was about to shut the door when Jaden stepped inside. Mum then closed the door led me to a chair and sat down. She opened her handbag and took out the hairbrush, as though she knew she would be using it. How did she know that I wondered? Jaden sat on a chair close by. Mum ordered,

“Panties and skirt down Alexis.”

I shuddered as I undid my skirt and let it fall to my ankles and my panties quickly followed. I was looking around to make sure no one was here but Mum grabbed my arm and pulled me towards her, not roughly, just enough to get my attention, and a second later I was over Mum’s lap, thinking how unfair it was as that man was the one who deserved to be spanked not me. Yet a second later and Mum gave me her first spank, and it stung, followed quickly by the next spank. I looked across at Jaden who was licking her lips and laughing. Was she licking her lips as she saw it was hurting I wondered? Mum never let up as she spanked me again and again with that hairbrush, and its solid wooden back was just so painful. I know Mum was telling me off but I didn’t hear much, just the sound of her spanking me mixed with my howls, and I just know my legs were kicking air. All I knew was that two spankings in one day and I am going to be so sore tonight. Mum was spanking harder than Jaden though, much harder. I was beginning to wish Jaden had sole spanking rights over me. Still Mum spanked me and I know I was squirming around on her lap. At last she stopped and she rubbed my bottom as I kept right on crying and stayed on her lap although I wanted to get up, it was just I didn’t have the strength, not whilst I was still crying so much. Slowly my crying turned to sobs and I heard Mum say something although I didn’t hear what. Mum spoke louder, firmer,

“Either get up Alexis or I’ll give you some more girl!”

That got me moving and I levered myself up, my hand on her knee, I pushed myself up so I was standing and as soon as I was up my hands shot to my bottom for some serious rubbing and I dodged from foot to foot, almost skipping, doing anything to stop the burning, stinging, in my bottom. My sobs turned to sniffing, my eyes opened, and Mum was staring at me.

“No repeat of that language my girl. Understood?”

If I wasn’t hurting I would have been flippant and said yes so long as she doesn’t spank me again. The time wasn’t right though and I said a meek,

“Yes Mum, never again.”

“Right, let’s go back to the lounge.”

Mum led the way out of the Conference Room. We had to go through Reception and I wondered what the crowd there was looking at. Mum went to the lounge but I went up and could see they were watching a TV. It wasn’t a programme I knew. There was a girl, and she was on a chair and, wow, she had her hand down her knickers and she was masturbating. Heck I had never seen anything like that before. How come it was on in a hotel Reception? Then I realised there was something familiar about the girl. Crikey, it’s Jaden.

I became aware of people whispering around me. I looked around and several people were looking at me. Pointing at me. I made out some of the murmurings and realised to my horror that they had been watching me being spanked. The whole thing was on film, Mum spanking me, and everyone here in reception had watched it. They had watched me being spanked on the TV and they knew who I was. I won’t be able to go anywhere in the hotel without everyone knowing I get spanked. I could hear some murmurs of how I looked too old to be spanked still. One woman even said I looked at least 18, which OK was nice really although when push comes to shove 18 and still spanked isn’t so much better than 20 and still spanked.

Just then Mum came up to Reception, attracted by the noise of the crowd, and looked in horror at the screen. If I knew Mum though the fact I was spanked on the screen was just my problem and what really annoyed her was that Jaden was masturbating. Her eyes blazed in annoyance , she looked at me and ordered,

“Go to the bedroom Alexis.”

I heard murmurings. Great they now knew my name. Thanks Mum I thought. Anyway, I decided I best not argue and even though I really wanted to go back to the lounge I made my way back up to the bedroom. I closed the door behind me and flopped down on the bed. I was drained. I lay on my bed and closed my eyes and before I knew it fell asleep. I became aware of someone calling my name and I awoke in a haze, aware of someone touching me, inside my knickers, rubbing their fingers gently up and down my pussy. It felt good. Very good. Slowly I opened my eyes and focussed. I could see black hair, a face I recognised, Jaden, ‘omigod’ Jaden. I was gobsmacked.

Just then the bedroom door opened and Mum strode in. She took one look at me, then at Jaden, then at her hand inside my knickers. Jaden froze, didn’t even take her hand out of my knickers. Mum also froze for a moment, just a moment, then strode over to my bed, took Jaden’s arm and yanked her off me, held her arm as she led her across the room, sat down on the chair and made Jaden stand in front of her.

“How dare you Jaden. Your own sister!” Mum was furious for sure.

“But Mum, I erm, I erm well I was only, erm …”

“Exactly Jaden, and to think I told you only this morning you were getting full spanking authority over your sister. Well that has to go.”

“Please Mum don’t, I want spanking rights over Alexis, please Mum.”

“No Jaden, I will certainly let you spank Alexis again but no automatic rights, not yet anyway.”

Great I thought, a whole discussion over whether I get to be spanked by my Mum or younger sister and I don’t get asked. I wondered just how many 20 year olds have to suffer the same indignity. Mind you, I suppose it is quite funny as I just need to know one of them will spank me. I looked at Mum who allowed Jaden a few moments to understand she has lost automatic rights over my bottom, then blasted Jaden with,

“You do know the whole hotel saw you fingering yourself on the TV screen.”

Jaden looked horrified. “What?”

“Yes Jaden on the TV screen in Reception.” Mum’s eyes were blazing and continued, “In full view of everyone, then when you are gone by the time I get to the conference room and look around for you, I can’t find you, so I come up here, and what do I see? Well Jaden, what do I see?”

Jaden gulped hard. Mum continued, still fuming,

“Your hand down the inside of Alexis’s knickers, that’s what. It’s bad enough when you girl’s masturbate, but to do it to each other, and Alexis is 20 years old for goodness sake.”

Mum looked across at me and I knew I still masturbated, almost every night in bed. It’s great, really great. Mum wasn’t actually focussed on me though. She was focussed on Jaden. Jaden looked as contrite as I had ever seen her, and I guess knew what was coming, well we both did. Jaden hadn’t been spanked for quite a while but she was going to get it now. A real good one judging from Mum’s look. Sure enough Mum ordered,

“Skirt off and knickers down my girl.”

“But Mum, please.”

Jaden looked good begging. Really pretty I thought as her eyes filled with fear. She didn’t wait for the answer though but started to unzip her skirt and let it fall to the floor and yanked her knickers down and stepped out of them. Mum took her arm as though to make sure she didn’t run off and a couple of seconds later Jaden was laid neatly across Mum’s lap. Mum looked across the room when she realised her handbag was on the bed.

“Alexis, the hairbrush please.”

I shot up, opened the handbag took out the hairbrush and skipped across the bedroom placing the hairbrush into Mum’s outstretched hand. I decided to stay where I was, right up close looking down on Jaden’s bare bottom. I hadn’t registered before. Sure I knew Jaden is pretty and although a bit rounder than me is still in good shape. Her butt though looked real cute on Mum’s lap, and as Mum tapped it a couple of times with her hairbrush it sent ripples across her bottom. Very sexy I thought. I watched speechless as Mum lifted her arm, the hairbrush balanced in the air a split second before dropping down fast onto Jaden’s bottom. Wow, those ripples turned in to waves rushing all across her bottom like in every direction. I watched spellbound as spank after spank caused wave after wave of flesh bouncing around Jaden’s bottom and pretty soon Jaden’s legs were kicking and she was howling, begging Mum to stop, telling Mum she will be a good girl and never do it again, though she never did say what, it was though she was saying she won’t do anything naughty again, ever.

I watched Mum as she concentrated on Jaden’s bottom, making sure not a single inch went un-hit. It was a marvel to watch. Mum looked so powerful as she spanked Jaden just as hard as she could. I knew I liked being spanked, really, but had never watched Mum spank me. It was breathtaking. I reckoned Jaden’s kicking legs were just like mine would be, and Jaden’s howling were just like mine. I could see why Jaden enjoyed watching me being spanked, the power Mum had over Jaden, it was her decision how hard, how long, where to spank, with what. Such power. Me, I liked to submit to that power and the more I watched Mum spank Jaden the more I knew I liked to submit. My bottom was sore from being spanked twice today but already I wanted some of what Jaden was getting.

Mum stopped eventually although I never wanted her to stop. She could have spanked Jaden all night if she wanted, and then some more, or she could spank me. Maybe I was going to get spanked anyway. It struck me that maybe Mum thought I was as much to blame by allowing Jaden to put her hand down my knickers. I waited with baited breath as Mum scolded Jaden some more, then looked at me, back at Jaden, and said,

“Well the two of you can go to bed right now. No supper. No going out. Just straight to bed.”

Jaden was crying too much to argue. I was upset I didn’t get another spanking but decided not to ask. So Jaden and I just took off our clothes, well Jaden only had her t shirt on, and went to the bathroom. Mum stood with us and ordered sharply,

“Shower in the morning both of you. You both go to bed and if either of you get up I will spank you again and no mistake. Is that understood?”

I nodded my head in agreement. I looked at Jaden whose face was still tear stained. Well a few minutes later we were both washed and under our bedclothes. Mum snapped,

“I will be in to check on you so don’t forget about me giving you another spanking if you get out of bed.”

With that Mum left the room. There was silence. I was trying as hard as possible to hear if Mum was still outside. Jaden spoke first,

“She’s gone Alexis.”

“Yeah?” I retorted. “Sure?”

“Sure,” Jaden replied.

“You OK?” I wondered what Jaden thought of the spanking.

“Sure I’m OK. How did it look, the spanking?”

“It looked really hard.”

Jaden laughed. “Just like they look when Mum spanks you.”

We both laughed. Jaden said seriously,

“You know Alexis, I see what you like about being spanked.”

I asked, “Why do you think I like being spanked Jaden?”

Jaden laughed and replied, “Because I do know the number of times you have almost asked me to spank you over the past few weeks.”

“Maybe,” I said lightly accepting my 16 year old sister was more perceptive than I gave her credit for.

There was silence for a bit before I said,

“Everyone saw you masturbate Jaden you know.”

“I know,” Jaden admitted. “I was just so turned on when I watched Mum spank you, well I always am turned on, like I do that every time you get spanked and it’s even sexier when I spank you and I do myself afterwards.”

“Really?” I was certainly surprised although maybe I shouldn’t have been as I masturbate every time I get spanked whether it was by Mum or Jaden.

“That’s why I didn’t mind being spanked before, to see what it was like and you know something, it felt, well, OK. Does that make sense?”

“Sure Jaden, I like it so why not you as well?.”

I reckoned that if Jaden liked being spanked maybe I should offer, so I said,

“You know Jaden, if you ever want to be spanked I’ll do it for you.” I wanted to say how I really would like to spank her but thought that too forward. Anyway, I could see Jaden thinking, but she didn’t say no. Wow, maybe one day then I will get the 16 year old over my lap. Jaden never did reply but said,

“Whatever, so when you were in bed I just couldn’t resist it Alexis, I like to dominate you by spanking you so why not sexually as well, so I put my hand inside your knickers. I was so turned on still and I wanted to make you cum so maybe you would let me dominate you in future.”

Oh wow I thought, yes I would so like Jaden to dominate me, it sounded so cool, having her spank me then force herself on me, just so cool. I looked across at her and said,

“So do it now, dominate me now, make me cum,” I said matter of factly.

Jaden was now the one who sounded shocked. “What if Mum catches us?”

I answered with a smile, “So? What’s the worst that can happen? She will spank us, and probably she’ll use something heavier than her hairbrush but all we’ll do is cry anyways.”

Jaden thought for a moment, smiled, and said,

“Yeah, so what if we get spanked again, in fact bring it on.”

There she goes again, wanted to be spanked. I was just about to say again I would spank her if she wanted when I heard movement and Jaden slipped under my bedclothes and I turned towards her. My arms went around her neck and hers around my waist. We kissed, just a peck on the lips as though testing but when I smiled and Jaden smiled we clinched, our tongues entwining and our arms squeezing each other. I put my hand on Jaden’s breast, she ran her hand down to my pussy and her hand was fully between my legs and a second later we were kissing each other and feeling each other, I had my fingers inside her just as Jaden went inside me and I was getting more and more aroused and I knew Jaden was getting aroused. We were getting awfully close to orgasm, me and my sister, I knew I should stop but couldn’t, she tasted so good, so warm, so soft, I was nearly there and I knew Jaden was nearly there, and Jaden had her finger inside me flicking my clit and all of a sudden I came, like I had an enormous orgasm, and couldn’t stop myself groaning and moaning as I climaxed.

It didn’t last as moments later the door opened, light flooded the bedroom, Mum was a silhouette in the doorway, then disappeared as the door closed, the light was gone, but I knew she was next to the bed, so did Jaden. Mum’s eyes were blazing,

“I was next door watching you girls. Out of bed, bend over and show me your bottoms. I warned you not to get out of bed, but even I didn’t think I’d have to warn you not to get in to the same bed. Now you will learn. Now you will both get taught a real lesson you won’t forget in a hurry. Out of bed both of you.”

Mum made it clear that learning included another spanking. Mum telling me off was always a bit scary but exciting as well as the build up to the spanking and Mum saw me still breathing heavily and shot me such a look, like I may well have just had an orgasm but what you are about to get will make you forget it very quickly indeed. Jaden and I didn’t wait to be told anymore. I scrambled out of bed and Jaden looked at me shocked as we bent down sticking our bottoms right out knowing another spanking was going to happen. The phone rang, and Mum answered.

“Valentine speaking … oh hi Sis … Yes I stayed up here and you were right, well almost, anyway I stayed in the next room and caught them in bed together so they are getting spanked again.” There was quite a gap whilst Mum must be listening to auntie, then “Oh yes I remember, Mum did that to us when she caught us that time … It really hurt.”

I wondered what Mum meant by ‘when she caught us,’ and ‘it really hurt.’ Still, we didn’t have much time to think as Mum ordered,

“On the bed, next to each other, on all fours, elbows and top of your heads on the bed, bottoms pushed right out and legs apart. You are going to get something my Mum taught me a long time ago.”

Mum waited a moment and then said,

“Oh and the people in the room next door have just come back so they are going to hear you being spanked again.”

I groaned. Jaden and I got on the bed as instructed, inches from each other, bottoms right up, and we watched Mum go to her room and return with a slipper, leather soled.

“Right girls, I think you heard me say this will hurt. It goes like this. I will be hitting you with this slipper on the soles of your feet. Three smacks on each foot, and I can tell you it is the most painful thing, pain will shoot up your leg, and it will sting for ages. Then, three smacks on the back of each thigh and then three smacks on each bottom cheek. After that you get taught not to touch yourselves you know where. By the way it won’t be just once so don’t bother getting up until I tell you.”

I listened in wonderment. Smack the soles of my feet. I knew exactly what that was like as I had done that to myself loads of times. It hurt like crazy but afterwards, wow, the stingy feeling is just so erotic. I couldn’t wait. Moments later Mum made it clear I was going first as I was the older sister. Mum stood right by me, tapped the sole of my left foot and then after a moment a thwack was followed by the spread of pain right across my foot and up my leg, just as I had done to myself so many times but much much worse. I screamed out, my whole body tensed, but a second later another thwack on the same sole and more shooting pain. The difference was incredible compared to smacking myself. Mum wasn’t holding back, not a bit. The third thwack and I let out my loudest scream. I brushed against Jaden and felt her soft skin against mine and wondered what she would be thinking about my screams as she will know they weren’t put on. I bet she was shaking. I didn’t have time to think as there was another thwack this time on my right foot and the same pain shot up my leg. I wasn’t thinking about very much other than the pain. The second thwack followed and a more intense pain shot up my leg. I screamed out again not even caring who heard as I was sure the whole hotel did. The third thwack hurt the most, maybe it was the hardest, but it was by far the worst I didn’t scream so much as cry, the pain consumed me.

The spanks to the backs of my thighs were almost a relief. Normally they would sting and they probably did, but when compared to the smacks to the soles of my feet they seemed like mere slaps. The smacks on my bottom were just swats but I was shaking as I cried, still brushing up against Jaden’s equally naked body. I started to calm down as the smacks stopped, and I focussed on the smacks to the soles of my feet and yes they hurt like crazy but the pain was a tingle, a lovely erotic tingle, and a pain that would stay around for at least several hours. Jaden knocked against me straight after I heard a thwack and realised it was Jaden being spanked now. I didn’t suppose she had ever smacked the soles of her own feet herself so this was going to be a huge shock. I listened to each thwack on her feet, her thighs and her bottom and whilst my suffering paled I knew she was hurting. Maybe brushing against me helped her as well?

Mum changed position and I yelped out again when there was a thwack on my left foot. So Mum was going round again. The pain was greater than the first time, much greater, my eyes were filled with tears which I know were running down my cheeks. I could hear Jaden still crying and she was no doubt listening to me knowing she was going to be spanked again very soon. Mum did the full circuit, the same number of smacks, harder and harder as she went. When she finished with me and I heard the first smack on Jaden I glanced towards her and saw the pain on her face. She wasn’t used to being spanked so the onslaught will take an awful toll on her. Will she still want to be spanked again like she said when we caressed each other in bed I wondered? Time will tell. In the meantime Mum kept smacking us. I wasn’t surprised when Mum started on me a third time. The soles of my feet ached beyond belief but I knew the feeling afterwards would be worth it. I just hoped Jaden would feel the same. Of course if she reverted to wanting to spank me, and if Mum ever agreed to that, then she would know to smack the soles of my feet for sure.

“You will not masturbate again girls, I hope that is understood.”

I shook when I felt Mum’s hand clasp my pussy and squeeze. Why I wondered? Then I found out. Suddenly her hand wasn’t clasping my pussy but then I felt a slap and more resounding pain, followed by another slap and another, six slaps in all. Mum was smacking my pussy. Wow.

“This is what my Mum did to me if she caught me masturbating and this is what you will get if I ever catch you again.”

Mum embarrassed me further when she added,

“I had a mound of hair on my pussy when my Mum smacked me there but I as you have shaved all your pussy hair off it sounds more of a slap sound, eh Alexis?”

I was mortified at my Mum smacking my pussy and then discussing my Brazilian cut. Mum moved to Jaden and did the same to her, first clasping her pussy then smacking her there, six times. Jaden gasped with each smack. Would it stop us making out? I wasn’t sure though I didn’t like my pussy being smacked. I would have to ask Jaden what she thought, when we had the chance.

At least Mum ended our punishment on that third round throwing the slipper on the bed but making us stay in position, our bottoms perched upwards and our pussy’s on show, and she let us cry ourselves out. Jaden placed a finger on my hand in a show of unity, or was it a need for my support? I don’t know if Mum saw it but I loved Jaden for doing it. Mum waited for our crying to turn to sobs, then without any softness in her voice at all said sternly,

“You will both go to bed now. Your own beds. I will be in my room and if I hear any sound from you other than crying I will do all this again. If I catch you playing with each other again this will be like a walk in the park my girls, believe me, a walk in the park. I will cut a switch and beat you. Understood?”

“Yes Mum,” Jaden and I said together.

We got back in to bed and stayed as quiet as we could but I know I was sobbing and so was Jaden. Still, I heard when Mum went to the toilet and quickly my hand went to my pussy. I had been so turned on my having my soles smacked I needed to release all those erotic feelings. I rubbed my pussy quickly knowing I was almost there anyway, found my clit, flicked it, and came almost immediately although I held my breath to kill the groans and moans I would otherwise be making as I climaxed. It was over when Mums silhouette appeared again in the doorway, she listened a moment and then went back to her bedroom. I looked across at Jaden and saw the glint of her white teeth as she smiled and the sparkle of her still tear filled eyes, but I knew she had also sorted herself out.

My mind was buzzing from the day’s events. I knew that I would continue to get myself spanked by Mum and hopefully Jaden as well, but what the heck. I wondered about Jaden. Would she dominate me again? Would I get to spank her?

I wondered what if Mum did use a switch on me. I imagined myself out in the garden having to pick a few for Mum to use on me. I got all tingly in my pussy just thinking about it. What would it feel like for my feet to be hit by a switch, painful for sure but maybe it would be worth it? I’ll talk to Jaden about it all in the morning but in the meantime as the pain in my bottom, my thighs, and the worst of the pain in my legs turned to stinging and tingling I just rubbed everywhere I could and waited for sleep.

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