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Alexis is Grounded

Alexis is grounded by Jaden who then controls her every move
It had been quite a twenty four hours. Mum and my 23 year old sister Velvet had gone away for five days and were not due back until the day after tomorrow. My Mum had left clear instructions that I have to obey my 16 year old younger sister Jaden, and Jaden can telephone her at any time if I were naughty, explain what I had done, and Mum would decide if Jaden should spank me. Well that was OK even though I am 20 years old as after all Jaden had spanked me regularly for months now, but only whenever Mum told her to in fact.

Maybe I should remind myself about that. I am 20 years old and have a job and live in my adult world. Jaden is my 16 year old sister. That’s right, my 16 year old sister has spanking rights over me, and those rights have been exercised so many times I can’t remember. Mum travels for work a lot and now she leaves Jaden in charge of me and so the telephone system was put in place. It’s quite effective actually. Mum had been gone just five hours and I got in to an argument with Jaden which ended with me calling Jaden quite a rude name. I listened to Jaden phone Mum using the speaker phone, ask if I was allowed to call her that name, listened as Mum said in no uncertain terms I was not, and ended by telling Jaden to spank me. A long hard spanking.

Two minutes later and a beaming Jaden sat on what she started to call the spanking chair, a wooden spoon in her hand, and she told me in what she thought was a very adult voice,

“Shorts and knickers off Alexis.”

I scrunched my face as I undid my shorts and in one go lowered my shorts and knickers, stepping out of both and putting them on the table. I walked over to Jaden and looked down at her. She had yanked up her already mini skirt so I so I was going across her bare thighs. Jaden tapped her leg and she held out her hand, took my arm, and guided me down across her lap. Jaden took me by the waist and said,

“Move up slightly Alexis.”

I knew she wanted my bottom balanced on her right leg which would have my bottom in just the right position for her hand. The movement of my stomach on her bare legs was rather nice and I squirmed around a bit to enjoy the moment. Not for long though as Jaden smacked my bottom and said sternly,

“Enough of that my girl. Now stay still whilst I give you your spanking.”

My spanking? Thanks, as though I needed to be told that. Next moment though Jaden gave me my first spank, a hard smack with the spoon on my right bottom cheek, followed quickly with another on my left bare bottom cheek. I gasped, as I always did when spanked with the spoon. Jaden spanked me time and again and I was soon squirming around quite naturally on Jaden’s lap no longer so enamoured by my skin being on her skin, more like thinking just how hard she was spanking me. I knew I should not have been so rude to her. She was right to call Mum and was right to spank me. I was going to have to watch my language with her. I knew I was usually rather a bitch with Jaden, even since Mum has asked her to spank me so often recently, but it needed Mum’s say so and I had been quite careful not to be bitchy in front of Mum. So I could be nasty to Jaden and get away with it. That may not be the case now I am alone with Jaden as Mum will be much more inclined to accept Jaden’s request to spank me.

Jaden stopped spanking me and rubbed my bottom. This was new. Mum used to stop spanking part way through, rub my bottom, scold me for a while, and then finish the spanking. Jaden rubbed me, my bottom and the tops of my legs, and as I expected started to scold me.

“I have told you not to be rude to me haven’t I Alexis?”

“Sorry Jaden,” I tried.

The response was a dozen hard spanks with the spoon before Jaden said,

“Wrong answer Alexis. I am in charge for five whole days and if you are rude I am going to phone Mum every time. Understood?”

There was no time to answer as Jaden gave me another hard stinging spanks on my bottom and the tops of my legs. Jaden went on to make it clear that she will make no allowances and it won’t matter if she phones Mum twice or three times a day, she will and ask for permission to spank Alexis. Great I thought, and I bet the bitch would. I also knew the more she pestered Mum the more annoyed Mum will be, but annoyed with me not Jaden. I didn’t want Mum harassed like that because it will rebound on me and if Mum gets so many phone calls then I might end up getting too many spankings, if that were possible.

Not that I minded being spanked. Far from it, though it wasn’t the spanking I liked so much as the tingly stinging feeling afterwards. It’s just I’m a bit of a coward and can’t pluck up the courage to ask Mum or Jaden for a spanking. I never have been able to and I am ashamed in a way I haven’t. It was never that long before I earned a spanking and I settled for that.

Jaden was satisfied she had got me worried about the phone calls to Mum and so started the second half of my spanking as she picked up the spoon again and my bottom again became like a set of drums as Jaden quickly reduced me to tears and a bottom squirming leg kicking crying and gasping 20 year old girl. On and on Jaden spanked me, on and on I cried and I knew my bottom was going to sting all night long.

Jaden stopped spanking me after what seemed like forever, and she waited for me to calm down. Her hands rubbed my bottom but before long squeezed her hands down the inside of my thighs and I edged my legs apart, only to feel Jaden rubbing my pussy.

“Nice Brazilian Alexis,” my sister said as she continued to run her fingers along my now moist pussy. My breathing was heavier and my bottom lifted up and down as I tried to extend her caressing of my pussy. Gone was the concern she was my younger sister, all I could think of was my stinging bottom and pulsing pussy as Jaden pushed against my pussy lips and her fingers were inside me. Another few seconds squirming around on her lap and her fingers were pressing my clit. I was getting so close to orgasm, closer and closer as I started to gasp, long erotic gasps until I let out a long long beautiful gasp as a came. Wonderful. Quite quite brilliant. Better than many of the orgasms I gave myself. Until it dawned on me my younger sister and given me such a great orgasm, not to mention the stinging tingling bottom. I was calm soon enough although stayed lying across Jaden’s lap as she still rubbed my bottom, I was waiting for her to tell me what to do, and Jaden kept me waiting, maybe to see if I tried to get up before she told me. Eventually came the instruction,

“Stand up Alexis.”

I stood up and looked at Jaden, rubbing my bottom.

“I didn’t say to rub did I Alexis?”

I said hurriedly, “No Jaden, sorry Jaden,” and dropped my hands to my side.

“Do not annoy me Alexis because I will have to phone Mum if you do.”

I spent the rest of the evening thinking about Jaden’s threat to phone Mum at every opportunity. I lay in bed worrying about it, until I fell in to an uneasy sleep. The next morning Jaden told me to sit next to her so we could discuss discipline. My discipline of course. Jaden wanted me to agree that she should decide if I needed to be spanked, leaving out the need to telephone Mum.

“What about Mum though Jaden, she hasn’t said you can do all of that?”

“Well, if we agree then she will probably be alright about it, don’t you think Alexis?”

I remembered she wasn’t so right with it when she saw Jaden masturbate at that hotel, but I thought better of reminding my sister about that as it always put her in a bad mood, which meant me ending up getting it in the neck, so to speak.

I asked, “Won’t Mum get suspicious if she isn’t called Jaden?”

“Maybe,” Jaden replied, and continued, “But we can deal with that afterwards. I can show Mum I can take decisions like that.”

“So you want spanking authority over me Jaden?”

It was rhetorical as I knew very well what my younger sister was saying. I knew I didn’t mind. After all Mum has given her permission every time Jaden has called her, every single time, so it won’t lead to any more times I’m spanked.

“That’s right Alexis. Do you agree?” Jaden was now sounding annoyed so I thought I shouldn’t press any more of her buttons.

“Sure Jaden, it’s a good idea actually.”

Well it made sense. It would avoid the constant phone calls to Mum. I should have suggested it I thought. It was only later I realised Jaden had led me to accept the decision so readily and that she was showing a strength I had underestimated. My 16 year old sister was taking control, quickly. It turned out though that once I agreed to her having spanking authority she wanted rather more control over my behaviour. In fact Jaden went on to explain she wanted full disciplinary control, and what’s more she said she wanted the right to give me time out, send me to a naughty spot, even ground me, and when grounded I would have to ask her permission for everything, like going to the toilet or making myself a drink and she would act as my babysitter which meant I would have to go with her wherever she went, all the time obeying her orders as though she were Mum, or worse actually, and she would send me to bed early, 8.00 pm was mentioned. The discipline routine was spelt out in all that detail. Jaden told me it would do me good, and I suppose I saw how it might even be fun. I was getting wet just discussing it with her. When she told me about early bed time well it set off so many images in my head I agreed. So that was it. Jaden had full disciplinary control over me. She said I need to keep her fully informed of my whereabouts and phone if things changed. So I told her,

“Well, tonight after work I’m going out with some work mates for a drink. Just for an hour so I’ll be back by 9.30 pm.”

Jaden responded, “That’s good, but don’t be any later, or else.”

Sounded like a threat I thought. Then I reconsidered and reckoned it was a promise. Anyway, I intended getting back on time. I always fully intend obeying Mum when I’m told, and now the same for Jaden, Only I didn’t. Actually when I think about it I never get it right which is how come I get spanked so often. So I walked in to the house at 9.35, just 5 minutes late. Jaden must have seen me walk up the path and was waiting just inside the front door.

“What time do you call this young lady?”

Young lady? Who does she think she is the bitch? Then I remembered disciplinary rights over me and answered politely, “It’s just 5 minutes Jaden and I can explain.”

“You can explain later Alexis,” Jaden snapped.

Jaden grabbed me by the ear and I knew I mustn’t resist so as she tugged I just followed. It hurt. Jaden led me in to the living room and I saw the chair already in place and neatly on the seat was the heavy wooden spatula with the large spoon head. I had mentioned to Jaden once it made a heck of a paddle and after that she got to enjoy using it on me. It made quite a thwacking sound and left the whole of my bottom a stinging red. I hadn’t meant for her to spank me so hard with it that first time but like all things Jaden took it to the extreme, and I suppose I did show her much more respect that way. Jaden sat on the chair grabbing the spatula as she sat, looked up at me and ordered,

“Get your skirt and knickers off Alexis. 9.30 is 9.30, not 9.35.”

Well I knew that of course that was right but thought 5 minutes should just get a ticking off. I wasn’t in the mood for a spanking, but that counted for nothing. Five minutes later and I was kicking and yelping as Jaden spanked me with the wooden spoon, and I knew my bottom would be bright red and hard to sit on. On and on the spanking went, and all the time I knew this was the first spanking Jaden had given me without referral to Mum, just a few hours after I agreed and here I was already crying my eyes out squirming around on my 16 year old sisters lap, knowing she never did anything by halves. First things first was to get through the spanking. I had little doubt there would be further punishment to follow. No doubt at all. The spanking did stop, Jaden threw the spoon on the floor right under my face as though to emphasise what she had done not that that was necessary as my burning bottom was testimony to that. I looked at the wooden pain giver. Velvet knew my secrets and knew how I longed to be spanked with this very spoon, how I had a love hate relationship with it, I hated being spanked with it and loved the stinging sensation it left with me for hours afterwards.

Jaden had spanked just as hard as Mum had ever spanked me, or so it seemed, leaving me burbling and with such a stinging bottom. Now it was over she did rub my bottom at least and that felt good, her hand rubbing in circles, gently, her hands rubbing the tops of my legs, gently, then her hands running down my inner thighs, still gently, and when I raised my bottom and spread my legs so her hand slipped between my legs and covered my pussy and rubbed, still gently, her fingers rubbing my wet pussy, entering me, finding my clit, and as I squirmed and moaned so Jaden kept inside me until I exploded in orgasm, and when she kept her fingers inside me so I exploded a second time before collapsing, enjoying her fingers playing with me, until she again rubbed my inner thighs, up and down, then my bottom, round and round, until I was calm, content, spent.

I lay there for a second and then there was what seemed like an explosion but was Jaden’s hand spanking my bottom and it shook me out of my stupor, and she ordered,

“Up you get Alexis and let me tell you what will happen.”

I got off her lap and stood in front of her, and saw her smirk, yes I had enjoyed what she had done to me, and yes I would want her to do it again, but right now I knew there was more punishment to come and I would not be able to object as I had given my sister full disciplinary control. Jaden crossed her arms and her legs, she looked comfortable, in control, and I felt so small, like a naughty teenager waiting to be told my punishment. I didn’t have to wait long.

“Alexis,” Jaden said, as though I needed to be told she was talking to me, “You got home late and that is unacceptable. You are therefore grounded for three days. So that continues after Mum returns. Understood?”

I wanted to object but Jaden picked up the wooden spoon and was casually lifting it and dropping it in to the open palm of her hand.

“Yes Jaden,” I said meekly knowing that meant I was wholly under her control.

“On work days that means you will come straight home after work unless there is a very good reason not to do so but if there is a good reason you can stay out later but each time I will add a non work day to your punishment.”

I scrunched my face as I knew I had works drinks on the second and third nights of my grounding so that meant both days next weekend and I had plans for then which I would have to cancel. Jaden wasn’t finished.

“If going to work you can choose the clothes wear. At all other times I will choose your clothing and you can expect to be dressed with ease of spanking in mind, your bottom always accessible for a quick smacking. In addition you will ask me before you do anything. If you need to go to the toilet you will come and ask me for permission. You will not speak until spoken to and so you will wait for me to look up and ask you to speak. If you want to make yourself a drink the same applies. OK so far?”

Hardly, I thought, but I didn’t say that and instead said an obedient, “Yes Jaden.”

Jaden smiled and I knew she was enjoying my suffering.

“You know already you will be in bed for 8.00 each night and not a moment later. If you are late it will again add a non work day to your grounding.”

I was adding this up, those three days were going to be at least at least another whole weekend maybe two. What else I wondered?

“You can have a friend come and even sleep over, but you know the rules on that, your friend has to keep to the same house rules and gets spanked if she earns one.”

Well that was standard and we all understood that rule and most of us had been spanked by someone else’s Mum on the back of it.

“Now Alexis I will come on to when you answer back or are generally sulking sassy bitchy or argumentative.”

I gulped as that summed me up, not my fault but I was certainly all those things, sometimes.

“Time out. If I need to put you somewhere to keep you quiet I will call time out and will point to a chair in which case you will sit down facing the wall, or I will point just to the wall in which case you will stand facing the wall with your hands on your head and your nose pressed against the wall. Is that understood?”

I looked at my 16 year old sister, very confident now, almost arrogant I supposed, but her tone of voice gave me goose bumps, whilst the thought of being controlled in the way she outlined was so erotic. Velvet knows I like the thought of all these things, but Jaden didn’t know, and still she was telling me what would happen to me if I misbehaved. I nodded my head, unable to say the words, well until Jaden showed me the spoon again and I quickly said,

“Yes Jaden, I understand.”

I wondered just how many times I would be spanked or disciplined by Jaden over the next few days.

“Right, bedtime,” Jaden snapped.

I looked at my watch and didn’t notice Jaden stand up and quick as a flash brought the spatula down hard on the front of my thigh. It stung. I yelped.

“Are you questioning me girl?”

“No Jaden,” I said quickly as she raised the spatula again. I lowered my eyes and said a very unhappy,

“Sorry Jaden.”

Jaden gave me a very scornful smile but I supposed she had won the discussion hands down. She pointed to my room and said,

“You have 15 minutes to get to bed, after that expect another spanking. No night clothes when you are grounded Alexis, if I need to spank you during the night I don’t want to worry about getting you undressed.”

15 minutes, so I had time for a shower, brush my teeth, remove my makeup, and that was it. Not too bad I thought. After picking up my skirt and knickers I made my way upstairs, not even thinking about getting dressed, thinking much more about the humiliation of being sent to bed so early. Humiliation for sure but I so enjoyed being treated this way and somehow knowing Jaden was unaware of my delight in being controlled like this made the experience even better for me. I showered quickly and was in bed just as Jaden came upstairs. She came in to my room, and said sharply,

“If you get up then expect not to sit down for a long time. Understood Alexis?”

“Yes Jaden, I will stay in bed, I promise.”

Jaden was satisfied and went downstairs although quite pointedly left the bedroom door open. Still, I heard her downstairs and decided I could risk feeling myself, I was so turned on, my sister speaking to me in such a superior tone and being sent to bed early, I felt so perky and knew I was already wet when my fingers touched my pussy. I rubbed myself, conscious I need to shave again as it was slightly rough but ignoring that I was enjoying the erotic thoughts buzzing around my mind as I brought myself to orgasm. Ten minutes later my mind was still full of thoughts of being dominated and I brought myself to my second orgasm. I was in such a lovely place I was euphoric. I closed my eyes and next thing I knew I was awake, it was morning and time to get up.

I wondered what I should do, after all Jaden had said not to get out of bed until she said so. I decided I would call out.

“Jaden, are you there?”

I heard movement downstairs then Jaden called back,

“I hear you. Stay in bed until I come up Alexis.”

I settled back in bed and waited, wondering what a whole day under Jaden’s authority would mean. I started to realise when 10 minutes later I was still waiting and so called out again,

“Jaden, can I get up?”

I heard footsteps as Jaden ran up the stairs and straight to my room.

“Get up,” Jaden demanded.

I stood up and Jaden grabbed my arm spinning me around and next thing I felt a hard smack on my bottom. Jaden said firmly,

“When you are grounded you wait for me. Understood Alexis?”

I didn’t have to answer as a second hard smack hit my bottom.

“You do things when I say so not when you want to. Is that understood Alexis?”

Two more hard smacks on my bottom.

“But Jaden …”

“No buts my girl,” Jaden snapped as she grabbed my arm and in one movement she sat on the bed and I was pulled across her lap. I didn’t have time to object and supposed I knew I shouldn’t have even tried to object. If it had been Mum in charge of me I would have just accepted it but because it was Jaden I wasn’t as careful, or I suppose wasn’t as respectful. I reckoned I might be taught that respect now as I felt Jaden’s hand rubbing my bottom.

“Legs spread apart Alexis,” Jaden snapped.

I didn’t know whey and looked around but saw the blur of Jaden’s hand smacking down on the back of my leg. I shrieked. Jaden said,

“Legs spread apart Alexis now.”

Jaden smacked the back of my other leg and as I still hadn’t done as she said she gave me two more hard smacks. I gave in and spread my legs apart.

“At last,” Jaden said in an exasperated tone.

Jaden rubbed the tops of my legs and then my inner thighs. It felt so good and I lifted my bottom hoping she would rub there again but instead she cupped her hand fully over my hairless pussy and squeezed.

“Jaden,” I shouted in shock only to feel her squeeze my pussy harder. I could only gasp, and she said sternly,

“Whenever I spank you your legs will be apart like this, understood girl?”

I gasped a whispered, Yes Jaden.”

“Do you know why Alexis?”

“No Jaden,” I replied, recovering.

“Because when your legs are apart it will be an act of surrender and you will feel vulnerable as your pussy will be in my full view and if I think you need to be controlled I will smack you there, like this.”

Next moment there was a stinging feeling as Jaden smacked my pussy. I momentarily regretted the Brazilian cut but after a few seconds the stinging turned to a delightful smarting and I said a sensual,


I think Jaden knew how I felt and immediately landed a hard spank on my bare bottom.

“This is for not waiting for me Alexis, to teach you manners and patience.”

Jaden spanked my bare bottom with her hand but before long used the spoon she had brought up with her, spank after spank, my bottom was soon stinging and I was again squirming around on her lap but trying to keep my legs spread apart as she demanded. It was difficult when the spoon spanked the inside of my thighs as the stinging was almost unbearable but I think Jaden was watching me carefully and when the tears ran down my face eased up a bit, let me recover while she spanked my bottom, and when I had regained some composure once again spanked my thighs hard. The tears flowed as Jaden spanked me on and on, until eventually Jaden stopped and rubbed my bottom as I cried. I got the distinct feeling that Jaden was enjoying her control over me because when my crying reduced to sobbing she smacked my bottom again and ordered,

“Get up and stand in front of me with your hands on your head.”

I did as I was told, looking down at the still seated Jaden who was smiling with such superiority, so dominantly, and I complied so obediently, not just because I had given her control over me but because I wanted her to control me. My pussy was tingling as I waited for my sister to tell me off.

“Next time wait for me, understood Alexis?”

“Yes Jaden,” I answered quickly. For sure I readily thought.

Jaden stood up and wagged her finger right in my face, saying firmly,

“Now go and face the wall, hands on your head and nose against the wall, until I say.”

Two hard smacks on the side of my leg and Jaden spun me around again and pushed me towards the wall where I stood quietly, my hands on my head and my nose pressed against the wall. No matter how demeaning I thought it was, me at 20 years old being bossed about by my 16 year old sister, I went with it. Masturbating last night told me how good this was, that it was what I wanted, maybe even what I needed. I reckoned it was 10 minutes before Jaden let me off. She came up behind me, her mouth by my ear, and almost hissed,

“Now if you are good you can go and wash and get dressed. Don’t forget to come straight down afterwards so we can discuss what to do today.”

“I’ll be good,” I promised sounding as definite as possible.

Jaden patted my bottom, but there was no smack, and said,

“Good girl. Off you go.”

I turned, smiled at Jaden and said,

“Thank you, oh and I am sorry for being late yesterday Jaden.”

Jaden gave me a knowing look and said,”

“Apology accepted, now get going.”

I went to the bathroom still feeling elated. I was back in my younger sisters good books so that was good. I washed, remembered to shave my pussy, and went to my bedroom to get dressed. I looked on the bed and saw some clothes put out. Not what I would have chosen. After all it was a sheer dress that was designed for a bra and knickers but they weren’t to be seen. Still, Jaden had chosen it so I put it on and looked in the mirror. Anyone looking at me will see my pert breasts and full Brazilian shave. Nothing was left to the imagination. I liked the look, thought it was evocative, yes I felt sexy, it seemed a shame no one would see me in it, at least I assumed no one, other than Jaden. Of course if someone came to the house what then? If I put knickers on Jaden might get annoyed. She might even spank me for disobedience. I should ask though, in case someone does come to the house. Then with a wicked grin I looked at myself in the mirror and reckoned what the heck, whoever it was would get a real eyeful. Maybe I would like that anyway? Maybe I should ask Jaden? I took a deep breath and turned, and went downstairs. Jaden looked up and smiled and said sternly,

“Lucky for you that you have put on exactly what I left out for you or else you were going straight across my lap. Now sit.”

Jaden made my breakfast, again not asking, just producing. I ate in silence as she was engrossed in her book. It became clear that was how the day would go. She will look after me but no chat, not for the girl who has been grounded. Jaden cleared away the things and even washed up but still no chatting. It was eerie, as Jaden usually chatted away. I jumped when she suddenly announced,

“I expect you to read a book or watch TV, but to be quiet, speak only when spoken to, and to ask me if you need to do anything else, and I mean anything so don’t forget.”

How could I forget, I knew I had to ask to go to the toilet or make myself something in the kitchen. Jaden had already picked my clothes. I half smiled back. So, exactly what I had thought. I looked at my 16 year old sister sitting in normal clothes whilst I felt naked, well as the dress was see through I supposed I was naked. Jaden said,

“I like you in that Alexis.” Jaden let out a half laugh.

“Thank you Jaden.” I felt at ease with my small breasts and so wearing a see through dress in front of my sister was fine with me and if Jaden liked it then all to the good.

“If I need to spank you the dress lifts up easily,” she said.

“I noticed,” I replied. I also noticed Jaden still smirking as she looked me up and down but as soon as she caught my eye her face took on a severe look and she picked up her book and started reading. I was effectively dismissed, by my younger sister. For a moment I wanted to scream at her but knew it would only get me spanked again, so I stood up, turned, only for her to say casually,

“By the way, I’m having some friends over tonight so you will come to that. You get to stay up after 8.00 but make sure you are well behaved.

I was about to answer but Jaden said a stern,


I gave her a last look, then went back up to my room. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought about how strict Jaden had been before sitting on my bed and picking my book up.

The day went slowly. I had to ask Jaden twice if I could use the toilet and both times she kept me waiting before she looked up. She sat with her legs crossed looking quite grown up really and when she did look up and spoke it was with a clipped school mistress like voice, but I had to say one that I found quite erotic, strict, a voice I wanted to obey, a voice that made me want to masturbate. So when I got back to my room and before reading again that is what I did. My hand slipped between my legs whilst thinking about Jaden telling me off, maybe holding the wooden spoon in her hand, threatening to spank me, and I would quiver as she spoke. All those thoughts went through my mind as rubbed my pussy edging my fingers inside and finding my clit, my wetness making it all so erotic as I brought myself to orgasm.

I took from my draw the large wooden kitchen spoon I kept hidden and rubbed it on my bare bottom cheeks, lightly tapping myself, a couple of times hitting my bottom harder, sharper, harder, but knew I mustn’t mark myself as I was fully expecting Jaden to spank me again and did not want her to know I spank myself sometimes. I turned over on to my tummy and spread my legs, running the spoon head up and down my pussy and not knowing why but trying it for the first time I gently patted my pussy with the wooden spoon. I gasped as it hurt so much but a few seconds later decided I needed to do it again, then again, and as I smacked my pussy time after time my breathing deepened, I gyrated my hips, after a dozen smacks I ran my fingers along my pussy and it was moist, soaking in fact, and as I smacked my pussy another few times I felt so alive. I could not wait any longer and my fingers pressed against my soaking pussy lips as I slipped them inside and found my clit and as I had done so many times before flicked my clit until I came, and it was overpowering. The mixture of thoughts about my sister and how she was controlling me, the thought of being across her lap, her spanking me, an imaginary crowd of people I knew watching, telling her to spank harder as I cried and cried, whilst now I was groaning and moaning in orgasm.

I collapsed in sexual bliss, floating but with such a sore bottom. I decided to stay in my room lying on my bed but it wasn’t long before my fingers found my pussy and once again I was on my way to orgasm.

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