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Alexis Spanked

20 year old Alexis is spanked by her younger sister
I lay in bed, rubbing my sore bottom, crying my eyes out, feeling so terribly frustrated, so hard done by as it was just so unfair. Jaden, my sister, is two years younger than me but because our Mum says she is “The sensible one,” it’s Jaden left in charge and horrifically given disciplinary control over me, her older sister. It didn’t take long to come to a head. I only said she I going to stay up until the film ended. It wasn’t fair anyway that Jaden decided I had to go to bed at 9.30 pm. 9.30 pm for goodness sake. I’m 20 after all but no, Jaden said I had to be in bed for 9.30 pm so because the film was going to end at 10.00 pm I couldn’t watch the end. Well I said I was going to stay up, “So there.”

Then it happened. Jaden threatened to phone Mum and she knew what that meant. Mum had told us both before going out for her anniversary dinner with Dad. Mum had made it very clear in fact.

“Alexis, you listen to your sister and do what she says.”

When I argued Mum retorted,

“Yes Alexis, step out of line and your sister can spank you.”

I kept arguing and Mum added,

“If Jaden calls me and says you haven’t done what she says then you get a spanking from me when I get home, as soon as I get home, asleep or not, even if Jaden has already spanked you. Is that understood Alexis?”

Well that was understood, much to my chagrin. I had to let it go. How likely was it anyway that my 16 year old sister was going to spank me? Well I got that wrong. Boy did I get that wrong. Jaden had started it. She told me to wash up after dinner. Well why should I? She ate as well so I told her to do it and went off for a shower. I know Jaden was screaming something at me but I wasn’t listening, and it worked as when I got back downstairs the washing up had been done. So a win to me. I thought. I plonked myself in front of the TV to watch the film. Jaden came in and asked,

“Had a nice shower Alexis?”

She sounded a bit off but what the heck I thought. She did the washing up so was going to be a bit off but then she shouldn’t have taken me on should she?

“Yes thank you Jaden,” I replied.

I sat on the sofa in my new shorty nightdress and I saw her eyeing me, well my bare legs which I thought was a bit strange. Then she said it,

“You are going to bed at 9.30 Alexis for not doing as you were told.”

“You can’t,” I said sharply.

Well I knew the film was on until 9.30m and I bet Jaden knew as well. That’s why she said it I was sure. I just said I wasn’t going to bed until the end of the film. Well I said it three times but that’s all I did wrong. Next thing I know Jaden has gone to the kitchen and come back with the wooden spatula, the long heavy one with the large head. Crikey I knew how much that would hurt as I’d tried it on myself. OK so I had this thing about wanting to be spanked, like I’ve thought about it for years. So I tried smacking myself with this spatula and boy did it hurt but I hit myself again and again, real hard stinging smacks. I would take aim, then close my eyes and thwack I would smack my own bottom, and it would hurt. I got up to twenty five really hard smacks one time and took a photo of my own bottom. It was so cool. Well actually it was so red but like you know what I mean. The photo was so cool.

Mum saw it, on my camera, and asked me about it. I know I went red and Mum gave me a funny look, and I just said I didn’t know how it got there or who it was but I know Mum knew. I half expected her to say if I wanted to be spanked she would do it for me. I wanted to ask her actually but just couldn’t. I clammed up. I thought about it later and said next time I would say it was me and that if Mum thinks I need to be spanked then do it. It didn’t get raised again though. Not ever.

Jaden though being in charge of me did happen. Why her and not Velvet who’s two older than me? I just don’t know. It was so strange. Mind you Jaden didn’t get spanking rights over Velvet, just over me. That’s so unfair. Now Jaden has gone and spanked me with the spatula. The spatula I use to spank myself. Jaden came back in to the room and told me straight.

“Right Alexis, I’ve had enough of your attitude.”

I asked, “What attitude?”

“You know very well,” she said. Of course I did know but she got me so cross. I thought it was funny, my younger sister getting so uptight, making out she is so cross, but was it with her anyway? I’m her older sister, she should be listening to me shouldn’t she? But no, not my little sister.

“Listen Alexis, you heard what Mum said. You have to do as I say and if you don’t and I call her she will spank you when she gets back home.”

I remembered but Mum had never spanked me before. She hadn’t spanked any of us girls, even when she saw my photo she didn’t. It was just a threat, that’s all. I told Jaden exactly that. That’s when Jaden smile the most wicked unsisterly smile she ever gave me. I was shocked and she knew I was shocked. It was as though she was enjoying me being shocked as she added, cruelly I thought,

“So shall I phone Mum Alexis? Shall I tell her what you just said? Shall I?”

Jaden glared at me, daring me, I knew she was daring me. Crikey I should phone Mum and have it out with her. I was going to. Until Jaden raised the spatula and thwacked it down on to her open palm. It made just the same sound as it made when I spanked myself with it. Just the same sound. Jaden seemed years older than me just then. Her voice, her stance. I trembled when she said oh so forcefully,

“You won’t want me to phone Mum Alexis. You are going to take a spanking and then you are going to bed now. Not 9.30, not 8.30, not even 8.00, but right now.”

I gasped. I was being told off by my little sister and instead of being cross I was feeling quite strange. Really strange. Jaden was threatening to spank me when I had wanted to be spanked for so long, and when she said I was being sent to bed well that just blew me away. How often had I dreamt about Mum spanking me and sending me to bed early. I know it made me sound childish but after being spanked that was my second best wish. 20 years old and sent to bed early. Delicious. So I wanted to shout yes yes yes to my sister. I was about to when she said out of the blue,

“Hey sis, have you seen your nipples trying to explode out of the front of your nightie?”

I looked down at myself and I stared in disbelief. My nipples were so taut, and I knew for a fact from the tingling in my pussy I was wet down there for sure. I looked up at Jaden and wondered if she knew that as well. I knew I had to say something, tried so hard to, but all I could say was,


Crikey, ‘Oh.” How absolutely idiotic of me. No wonder my little sis Jaden laughed as she strode across to me and took me by the upper arm. I was speechless, somehow outside my body as she pulled me across the room to a dining chair. I just thought she was going to sit on the chair and pull me across her lap, but no. She placed one foot on the chair and said in a strict voice that left me blubbering,

“Climb up and get over my leg Alexis, and do it quickly.”

I never resisted. Didn’t try to resist. I bit my lip, knew my lip was trembling, as I clambered and bent right over Jaden’s leg, feeling her arm on my waist as I balanced right across her thigh and before I knew it I was staring down her leg towards the floor, until my nightie suddenly fell over my head. It had risen right up and I could feel Jaden’s hand on my bare waist so I knew my nightie had risen right up. Jaden knew it as well as she snapped,

“Shake it off Alexis so it’s on the floor.”

I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that but when next second I felt a searing pain on my bottom and knew Jaden had smacked me with the spatula and did exactly as she told me and a second later the nightie was on the floor. I didn’t even have any knickers on did I? Another stupid decision. I didn’t like wearing knickers in bed so never usually wore them when in my nightie, but now I didn’t even have any knickers so felt properly exposed. My boobs are pert so weren’t dangling thank goodness. Still I bet they didn’t half look silly wobbling there with me upside down. Well not stupid if you were a bloke, but to anyone else, well other than a lesbo, it must make me look really dippy.

“Now stay still Alexis, even though this is going to hurt you stay really still until I’ve finished.”

What else could I do? If I moved too much I could fall off and hurt myself, I mean the spanking will hurt but falling off will be worse. No, I was helpless, totally under my lil sis’s control. Well, I wanted to be spanked so I just thought this is it. Now I get to find out if it was worth the wait. Next second I heard the thwack and the pain spread like fire across my butt. Then the second thwack which I reckoned was on my other bottom cheek. Two more very quick thwacks and I was starting to cry. I wanted to kick my legs but knew I mustn’t, maybe I couldn’t, so I just made do with crying. Another two solid thwacks and I was struggling. This was so much harder than when I spanked myself. Incredibly harder. Then another two thwacks and another two hard stinging smarting spanks. I lost count but knew Jaden hit me more than twenty five spanks, many many more. It must have n=been a hundred spanks and it felt like a thousand. My bottom was stinging like it has never stung before, it was throbbing, my whole bottom, stinging and throbbing as thwack after thwack continued to plaster my poor exposed bare bottom.

Jaden stopped as quickly as she started. “Get off now Alexis,” my sister ordered.

I was still crying when I got off. I scrambled down and must have looked quite daft as I carefully slid down her thigh. I felt a proper fool when I slipped and as my legs touched the floor I just crumbled, landing with a thump on the carpet, the same carpet I had been looking at when prone across Jaden’s thigh. I couldn’t believe it, and red faced and so humiliated scrabbled to my feet and knew my boobs were wobbling about and my legs opened so my pussy was spread open, suddenly regretting the full Brazilian wax job I now sported.

I stood up rubbing my bottom and it was only when my eyes started to clear I realised Velvet was looking straight at me. Had she watched Jaden spanking me? I was still rubbing as I saw more clearly and Velvet was smiling and my heart sank as I realised that yes my older sister had watched me being spanked by my younger sister. I shook my head in despair. How much worse could it get? Of course it did get worse when Jaden grabbed my upper arm again and said sharply,

“Right Alexis, now you are going straight to bed. Let’s hope an early night teaches you a good lesson.”

That was it. My second best dream. Being sent to bed early. I blinked as Jaden tugged my arm and literally led me out of the room, passed my nightie still on the floor, passed a now laughing Velvet, out of the door and up the stairs, Jaden pushing me in front of her. Me still naked but not caring I’m naked. I just wanted to get to my room and for Jaden to stop clutching my arm, she was hurting me now, not as much as my poor bottom hurt but she was squeezing my arm something rotten, and of course the humiliation of being led by the arm like this. At last that humiliation ended just as soon as we got to my bedroom. Jaden pushed me inside and followed me in. I didn’t allow her to come in, she just came in, as though she had a right. The cow I thought. She said briskly,

“OK Alexis, in to bed. If you get up I will be back and give you another dose with the spatula. Understood?”

I stared back, very cross, wanting to snap my sister’s head off. Needed to. I didn’t though. I looked at her and knew my bottom throbbed but it was calming down, and was feeling as I expected it to, all warm and tingly. I realised my pussy was tingling again and just knew my nipples were taut again. I was getting off on the spanking and knew it. What was also clear was that Jaden also knew it. She had her cat got the cream smile, her I won smile, her I know what you want smile, and then the bitch said,

“Exactly Alexis, you be naughty again my girl and you are going straight back across my lap.”

Did she call me, ‘My girl?’ How insulting. Yes she did. I looked at her, all 16 years old, and thought she has just spanked me, put me across her knee and spanked me in fact, now she’s putting me to bed early, and threatening to spank me again. How dare she. Or, maybe not that, yes how tough of her, just what I need, someone to keep me in line, someone to knock the rough edges off me, the rudeness, and boy can I be rude. Yes, I should have been spanked long ago and many many times, and now Jaden has spanked me. A good solid pain searing spanking on my bare butt, and yes she should spank me again if I need to be. Mum said she should and I agree. I didn’t need to tell her, was scared to tell her, but couldn’t stop myself,

“Yes Jaden, I’m sorry, really sorry, I won’t be naughty again, I promise.”

Jaden laughed and spat out,

“Oh but you will be Alexis won’t you, and when you are you know I will spank you, don’t you, very hard indeed so you learn your lesson?”

I blushed, and Jaden knew there wasn’t going to be any argument from me, and raised her clenched her fist in satisfaction when I admitted,

I said almost parrot fashion knowing I was admitting her control, “Yes Jaden, you will spank me and I know you make it very hard so I learn my lesson.”

Then to my absolute mind boggling embarrassment Jaden came over to me and in one swift movement put her hand between my legs. I grabbed her arm, looked in to her fierce eyes, heard her say,

“Uh uh, let go.”

I was so obedient. I just released her grip. Jaden smiled a mocking smile that put me more and more under her spell. Then further humiliation when she said,

“Very wet young lady. I guess I know what you will be doing in bed.”

I was mortified. Jaden knew just how to humiliate me, just which buttons to press, and this topped the lot. I pleaded, “I won’t Jaden, I promise.” I knew I would and so did Jaden. It was just so hard being told off by a 16 year old and my sister to boot.

“That’s a lie Alexis and you know it, you do it to yourself all the time, and I hear you from next door you know.” Her voice was so harsh. My sister heard me masturbating, pleasuring myself, and I thought then my humiliation was complete. I swallowed hard but said nothing, I couldn’t say anything, it was the truth after all. Jaden kept her hand fully grasping my pussy then released me, held her hand just a couple of inches from my pussy, then a flick of the wrist and she smacked me full on my pussy. It stung but felt erotic at the same time. My feelings were so con fused. I gasped but stood still. I opened my eyes to see Jaden had left her hand inches from my pussy. I froze. I didn’t try to grab her arm or shield myself. I just stood there, wondering if she was going to smack my pussy again. Hoping she would. She didn’t. She gave me a look that said be naughty again and she will smack my pussy again. I almost wanted to be naughty again, so she would smack my pussy. I wasn’t. I breathed deeply and next second Jaden pointed to the bed. She didn’t say anything, just pointed with a firm cross look on her face. I looked at the floor turned and went to my bed, lifted the covers and got in, pulling the covers back up.

“Remember Alexis, get up and you will be spanked. If you need to get up for the toilet you call me. You will have tosh out but you will call me. If you get up and I catch you, which I will, you will get a spanking no matter what time of the night it is and no matter who is in the house. Understood?”

I nodded my head in total and utter agreement. Jaden was satisfied, bent down and kissed me goodnight, like I was a child and I suppose that’s how I felt, a child who has been spanked and put to bed, only I’m 20 years old. When Jaden walked out of the room she made a point of leaving the door open. I gawked at her but she laughed and said,

“That’s right Alexis, it stays open, so no masturbating and no getting up or else I will know. Get it?”

I got it and nodded. So that’s how come I’m in bed rubbing my sore bottom feeling so mad about Jaden and frustrated and hard done by. I got the spanking I always wanted and the promise of more to come, and sent to bed early which for me was such a turn on, but I can’t finger myself for fear Jaden will hear. That is just so nasty. As though Jaden knew what I wanted to do and is testing me. If I masturbate and she hears me then she gets to spank me again now. If I don’t masturbate then how do I get to sleep? Well one thing I did know. My little sister was going to spank me again for sure. I started to think about that and the tingling in my pussy got worse. It was torture. I needed to masturbate, I really did. I listened out and could hear the TV. Was Jaden watching it? Could I risk it? I thought yes I will risk when I heard her voice. She was in her room. Next door. It must be Velvet watching the TV. Yeah, my big sister gets to stay up and watch TV and my little sister who has just spanked me stays in her room, maybe to catch me out. I listened hard and realised she was on her mobile. What was she saying? Then I realised.

“Yes Mum, I have had to spank her and put her to bed … No problem she cried a lot … Yes I used the spatula … I promised to spank her again if she is naughty and she didn’t argue so don’t you worry about anything Mum, you and Dad enjoy your dinner and the show, it’s all under control here… I don’t think you need to spank her again when you get home Mum, I will do it if she needs it … Really Mum, It’s no problem me being younger than Alexis, it’s more her problem really. I’m so up for helping you with spanking responsibilities, between us we will make sure Alexis conducts herself like a proper well behaved girl in future, and when she knows my word is law she will learn quickly, I may have to spank her on a regular basis but that’s just fine with me … Yes Mum I’m sure … Cool Mum, done.”

That’s just great, my little bitchy sister is in charge of me. How awful is that? Better Mum spanks me than Jaden especially when Jaden will most likely tell everyone. Stuff it though, Jaden spanking me was such a turn on, lying across her thigh, helpless, held firmly in position, spanked so hard, yes she’s a great spanker. The sending me to bed, like I’m 20 so how crazy is that but I loved it, being told what to do even by a sassy 16 year old. It was just so so cool. I knew I must sort myself out. I put my hand between my legs and rubbed, my pussy was already so moist my fingers slipped easily along my vaginal lips as I rubbed faster and faster, easing my fingers inside myself, feeling my clit, wow what an orgasm I am having and I know I’m making a bit of noise I just hope Jaden doesn’t hear, just a few more seconds and I am going to come … Yes … Yesss... Yesssss …, wow this is so great … what the …

The bedclothes were pulled off the bed quickly and I opened my eyes, she froze with my hand between my legs, Jaden was looking down at me.

“I told you what would happen you tramp. What did you expect making all that noise, I couldn’t miss it could I? Well I suppose you want to be spanked again so I better do it. Up you get girl.”

Jaden walked over to my chair and sat down. She pointed to her lap and I had no choice but to walk over to her. As I almost got to her she screamed out,

“Velvet, can you come and watch me spank your sister please.”

That shout was just like Mum. I groaned when I heard Velvet running up the stairs. I was lying across Jaden’s lap as Velvet came in to the room. I looked up just as Jaden rested that dreaded spatula on my bottom. I was going to be crying again very soon knowing my older sister was watching my younger sister spank me. So embarrassing. I hoped this time I wouldn’t have the urge to masturbate when put back to bed but just cry myself to sleep. Oh yes, that reminded me, my second dream wasn’t just being sent to bed early, it was being sent to bed early and crying myself to sleep. Yes that was it and maybe it will happen what with Jaden spanking me a second time so soon after the first spanking. I stuck my bottom in the air as though saying to Jaden bring it on as I now hoped my younger sister will spank me long and hard so my second dream will come true.

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