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Alexis Turns The Tables

Alexis tries to turn the tables on Jaden and her Mum as she wants to be the spanker
Isobel arrived just after lunch as promised. I was in my see through dress and as soon as Isobel saw it her eyes popped out and she said, “Wow, when did you get that Alexis?”

Jaden answered, “I did actually Isobel, but don’t worry there is one for you upstairs.”

Isobel’s mouth dropped open and I could see she pursed her lips to stop herself saying anything rude. Jaden continued, “Go upstairs and change then come back down and I will run through the rules. That’s a good girl Isobel.”

Isobel replied flatly, “Yes Jaden.”

Isobel turned away from Jaden and mouthed to me ‘good girl’ with a wide grin adding silently, ‘huh.’ I remained passive as Jaden was glaring at me but Isobel and I turned to leave the room. Jaden said sternly, “Five minutes then back here, or else,” the final two words were left hanging ominously in the air.

Isobel and I retreated upstairs and when we got to my room I closed the door. Isobel said, “Where did the bitch get that attitude from?”

I turned to her and a little anxious as I knew how strict Jaden had become and instead of answering Isobel’s question said, “Isobel, you had better get changed because if we take too long to get back downstairs we will both get it.”

Isobel gave an accepting shrug and went to the bed to look at the dress she was going to have to wear. She realised there was no bra and just a thong, looked across at me to check I was in the same, then whistled and said, “Sexy.”

Isobel took all her clothes off before coming back to me naked putting her arms around my neck and gave me a hug, saying, “We’ll show her Alexis, we’ll be very good and not get ourselves spanked. Agreed?”

I put my arms around Isobel’s waist and she was so warm, I put one hand on her bottom and patted her, saying, “Well this pretty bum of yours will get spanked if you don’t get a move on.”

We both laughed as Isobel went back to the bed, stepped in to her thong and slipped the dress over her head. We both looked at each other in the mirror. Isobel is a couple of sizes larger than me, all over, and looked gorgeous. Her lovely breasts stood out under the see through dress, and she looked almost as good as she did naked.

“Come on, let’s go,” I said happily and we both went downstairs to see Jaden.

Jaden was in the living room reading her book. She looked up I think to check Isobel was correctly dressed and I saw a sparkle in her eye as she looked Isobel up and down, probably thinking the same as me that Isobel has one good looking body. Jaden put the book down, crossed her arms and legs, and stared at us in turn with a frosty. She said in a rather unpleasant tone, “Well Isobel, as you know if you stay at a friends who is grounded you have to obey then same rules. Correct?

I was worried Isobel would rise to Jaden’s very obvious bait but thankfully she again answered flatly, “Yes Jaden.”

Jaden huffed as though upset, but went on to explain the rules including having to ask to go to the toilet, only talking to Jaden when spoken to, and a bedtime at 8.00. Isobel listened impassively but I could see in her eyes she was less easy when Jaden explained she was using the wooden spoon when spanking me and so would use the same on her. I knew Isobel hated the wooden spoon as it stung too much, not much better than a switch or cane. Her Mum used a heavy belt on her and that is what she was used to. Anyway we got through Jaden’s lecture and went back upstairs.

The afternoon passed quite well until Isobel needed to go to the toilet. I said I needed to as well as I thought it better if I was with her as Jaden was bound to make her wait. We went downstairs and entered the living room but stopped dead when we a visitor, one of Mum’s friends, Prudence. She turned to look at us and I could see the shock in her eyes when she saw we were wearing see through dresses.

Jaden allowed an awkward silence to persist for several moments and we knew we could not say anything as that would get us in to trouble, but eventually Jaden said, “Yes girls?”

I saw Prudence smile and realised she knew we were both grounded.

“Please can we go to the toilet Jaden?”

Jaden looked at the visitor and said, “Oh, I should have said, Alexis and Isobel are grounded and I’m in charge.”

Well I thought that was hardly needed. I looked at Isobel who was blushing but fighting to control her tongue, which again she managed to do. Jaden looked at her and asked, “You too Isobel dear?”

Isobel almost hissed, “Yes please Jaden.”

“I hope that wasn’t meant to be rude Isobel,” Jaden asked clearly enjoying herself.

“No Jaden,” Isobel said quickly.

I could see in her face she wasn’t expecting Jaden to be so controlled, or was it controlling? Anyway Jaden smiled and said, “OK girls, you can go to the toilet. Come back and tell me when you are done.”

Isobel and I left the room and went to the downstairs loo. I let Isobel go first.

Isobel finished in the loo and waited for me. We both went back in to the living room and Jaden didn’t look at us but kept talking to Prudence. I knew Jaden was pressing our buttons but waited patiently. I counted two minutes before Jaden looked up.

“Finished girls?” Jaden looked smug.

“Yes Jaden,” we said together.

“Run along then,” Jaden said looking quite superior. I could have slapped her face but knew that would only get me a spanking.

I think Jaden was annoyed neither Isobel or I were rude in front of the visitor as I reckoned she would have loved to spank us both Mum’s friend, but we stayed calm and felt we had the better of Jaden now. We said goodbye to Prudence and left the room. Yes, we had got the better of Jaden but not for long though. Jaden left us alone for about fifteen minutes and we were in my room playing cards probably getting over confident. We were raising our voices as the game got exciting and as we are both competitive and both wanted to win we got excited. Suddenly Jaden walked in without knocking. It could not have been at a worse time as I thought Isobel had just taken a card from the bottom of the pack and was pointing this out to her.

I didn’t hear Jaden come in behind me and called Isobel a cheat, and Isobel denied cheating. Isobel must have seen Jaden as she looked up and behind me but I said, “Don’t worry, the bitch is downstairs still.”

The next thing I heard was, “No she isn’t, the bitch is upstairs.”

I spun around and froze when I saw Jaden. She gave me a hard stare, put her hands on her hips, walked over to my chest of drawers and took out the wooden spoon Mum left there for just this purpose, and said, “Now the bitch is going to teach you not to call her a bitch.”

I swallowed hard, looked at Isobel who was wide eyed, then I looked back at Jaden who was walking over to my chair, turned it in to the room, and sat down.

“Dress and thong off,” she commanded.

I looked again at Isobel who was trying to be invisible but really there was no reason for her to worry as she hadn’t done anything wrong. I was the one who called my sister a bitch. I pulled the dress up over my head and stepped out of the thong, put both on the bed and walked over Jaden just as Prudence came in.

“Not in front of her Jaden, please,”

Jaden said nothing but stood up and came across to me, grabbed my arm, half turned me around, and smacked my bottom. She said slowly, with a smack on my bottom between each word, “I .. am .. in .. charge .. here .. understood?”

My bottom was stinging and I knew I would have no say and Jaden wouldn’t show me any mercy. After all I was totally naked being watched by a fully dressed visitor and a fully dressed sister who was about to spank me. Jaden kept hold of my arm as she led me to the chair and sat down. I saw Prudence sit on the bed to watch. Isobel stayed standing and just as well because Jaden would have given her short shrift if she had tried to sit down. Jaden pulled me down across her lap and I remembered to have my legs fully spread apart. I just had time to look across at the bed and Prudence’s smirking face looking at my bottom and quite possibly my Brazilian cut pussy when the first spank landed on my bare bottom followed by the second and third, and soon Jaden was spanking in a constant rhythm first on one bare bottom cheek then the other, after a while spanking the back of one leg and then the other and then inside both my thighs.

I was squirming around on my younger sister’s lap as spank was followed by spank, so far with only her hand. There was the inevitable gap and I knew Jaden had picked up the wooden spoon and the very next spank was far stingier as once again my bare bottom was on the receiving end. The tears flowed as the spanking continued and I know I shrieked out when Jaden used the spoon on my legs and inner thighs. I lost count of the number of spanks but it went on for a long time. I know my legs were kicking but I kept my hands on the floor to balance. Jaden had her hand on my waist keeping me in place instead of her usual place on my breast and it was only later I realised that was because of our visitor. After forever the spanking stopped and Jaden at last told me to stand up. I knew to place my hands on my head as Jaden told me off for calling her such a rude name, a bitch indeed.

“Now face the wall my girl and think about what you did.”

I stepped across and faced the wall, my nose pressed against it, my hands on my head.

Jaden said to Prudence, “I’m sorry about that, but I have to teach my sister not to be rude.”

The Mum said, “No problem dear, in fact good on you as you clearly have it all under control here Jaden. I have to speak to your Mum later so I’ll tell her.”

“Thank you,” Jaden said happily.

I realised Jaden was being all smooth to impress Mum’s friend, but there was nothing I could do. Mum would get a good report about Jaden and be told Isobel and I were being obedient. Mum will love that I knew. Prudence left and Jaden came back upstairs.

“Well Alexis you really showed yourself up didn’t you?”

“Yes Jaden,” I had to admit.

Jaden felt my bottom as I still faced the wall and said, “Nice and warm.”

Then to add insult to injury she ran her hand up my stomach and on to my breast and gave me a rub, pinching my nipple. I let out a gasp.

Isobel snapped, “Jaden, that’s not fair.” I knew Jaden was really grating with Isobel and in a way I was surprised she took so long to break. Jaden sounded delighted when she went over to Isobel and said firmly, “You will not talk to me in that tone my girl, now turn around.”

I realised Jaden was forcing Isobel to concede to her, not by taking her arm but by making her turn herself around, and Isobel did so, turning with a huff.

“Lift your dress up,” Isobel commanded. Again Isobel did so knowing what would happen.

Jaden rubbed Isobel’s bottom, pulled her hand back, and as hard as she could smacked her hand back on to Isobel’s bare bottom. Isobel gasped but stood still. She gasped again when the second smack landed. She grimaced at the third smack and I was sure would say something at the fourth but again bit her tongue. Jaden lent forward and hissed in to her ear, “Good girl, best not to upset me you know.”

I risked looking at what was happening and saw Jaden run her hand up Isobel’s stomach and cupped her breast in her hand. I saw Isobel bite her lip, still intent on refusing to knee jerk a flippant answer. Jaden really was being evil and I knew Isobel was being especially good because she found Jaden so irritating she didn’t want to give her the opportunity to spank her properly. Jaden gave up and I looked back to the wall so she missed seeing me look, but I reckoned in any case Jaden will have felt her authority was enforced before turning and leaving the room.

7 O’clock came soon enough and Jaden reminded us about 8 O’clock bedtime. Isobel and I looked at each other and I suggested we shower now. Isobel agreed and we turned to leave the room and again Jaden shouted the instruction, “Keep the door open because I will be checking on you,”

It was an obvious reference not to cuddle up, which had been exactly what Isobel and I had intended to do. Jaden had again out thought us so we showered with the door open and it was lucky we obeyed Jaden as she came up as Isobel finished her shower and I was about to have mine. Jaden eyed us both before going back downstairs. We went back to the bedroom and just before 8 O’clock Jaden came up and saw we were both in bed.

“What are you wearing girls, let me see?”

I sat up in bed and threw the bedclothes off and Jaden could see I was naked. She looked across at Isobel who more slowly did the same and again Jaden could see she was naked.

“Good girls,” Jaden announced as she left the bedroom. I listened out and was sure Jaden had gone downstairs before whispering to Isobel, “Isn’t this great Isobel, I love being sent to bed early.”

“Really Alexis, how come?”

“I find it such a turn on.”

Isobel laughed and whispered back, “Well what I find is a turn on is you and me in the same bed.”

I giggled and said, “We have to wait for Jaden to go to bed first for that.”

It was Isobel’s turn to giggle. We carried on whispering until we heard Jaden come up. She had her shower and afterwards came in to my bedroom and looked closely at both of us as we feigned sleep but seemed satisfied we were actually both asleep. She went to her bedroom and after another half an hour we heard her switch her light out.

I whispered over to Isobel, “It’s safe.”

Isobel shot out of bed and came over to mine and jumped in as I lifted the covers up. We giggled and shushed each other at the same time but before long we weren’t making any sounds as we kissed and cuddled. We caressed each other, our tongues searched out the others as we kissed, we kissed each other’s breasts, and each other’s stomachs and as our passions boiled over we kissed each other’s pussy. Isobel had a full pussy of hair and I said in a mocking tone, “Better get this off for next time my girl.”

Isobel laughed, then said more seriously, “Yours is great Alexis, so smooth, so soft, I’ll get it done as soon as I can.”

We buried ourselves again between the others legs and licked and kissed each other’s pussy, I felt Isobel’s tongue inside me as mine entered hers and as I squeezed her vagina lips between my fingers and found her clit so I gasped as she found mine. I tried to stay as quiet as possible but our only hope now was that Jaden was asleep and as I gasped a long aching gasp out loud I came just as Isobel did as well. We were breathing heavily as we collapsed on each other’s pussy, me still kissing her and groaning with delight as she kissed mine. When we calmed down we manoeuvred ourselves around until we were facing each other and we kissed. I said in a loving tone, “She must be asleep, but another few minutes and we need to get back in to our own beds because if she catches us in the same bed there will be hell to pay.”

Next thing I knew the bed covers were pulled roughly away and I looked up to see Jaden glaring at me. I realised I wasn’t alone as I still had Isobel in my arms. Jaden was holding the wooden spoon and said in a very sharp tone, “Out, both of you.”

It was quite awkward with both of us trying to stand up at the same time but we both knew what was going to happen next. I could have kicked myself as I remember saying we needed to get back in to our own beds but we were in another place then, miles away where everyone has erotic thoughts and is in love, not here, at home, where we are grounded and under the spanking authority of my sixteen year old younger sister. Not here in the present, standing, both naked, both automatically putting our hands on our heads, both pursing our lips, eyeing Jaden first and then the wooden spoon, both seeing the spanking chair turned in to the room which I was sure wasn’t the case yesterday but reckoned Jaden had already turned it around before pulling the bedclothes off.

We watched as Jaden walked over to the chair and sat down. She looked at me and Isobel, deciding, and said firmly, “Isobel, you first.”

I stared at Isobel. This is exactly what we had tried to avoid. I wondered if Isobel would object. Of course she knew the rules of grounding and if she refused then her Mum would spank her when she got home and she would have to come back here for Jaden to spank her so she just gave in and walked over to Jaden, accepting the inevitable. Jaden tapped her lap and smirked as Isobel bent down. It was then it struck me I had never seen Jaden spank anyone before. She had spanked me but I only saw the carpet and her legs. This time I saw the very shapely Isobel across her lap, her gorgeous round bottom perched on her right thigh, Isobel’s hands on the floor, her breasts dangling down as mine wouldn’t, her legs balanced inches off the floor. Isobel was beautiful as she looked down at the carpet, her bottom raised, waiting.

Jaden rubbed her bottom and I wondered at my sister’s power. Just sixteen years old and my twenty-year-old friend across her lap. I shuddered as I watched Jaden lift the wooden spoon up and arc it down on to Isobel’s bottom. I looked in wonderment when Isobel’s bare bottom cheek shook and swayed as her flesh rushed away from the wooden spoon, the deep crevice swirling around, steadying again, just as the wooden spoon spanked down on her other bottom cheek and that bottom cheek swirled and swayed. The rhythm continued, spank after spank, and I watched in awe as my sister played almost a tune on Isobel’s bottom except the sound was a simple splat and followed by gasps and cries and howling from poor poor Isobel.

I watched with my hands clasped firmly on top of my head as Jaden reduced my twenty-year-old friend to a blubbering weeping crying wretch but realised that is what she did to me every time she spanked me. I hadn’t realised just how intense she looked as she spanked and how happy she looked when the crying started. My sister the bitch was right. I might well like to be spanked, need to be spanked, and looked forward to the stinging tingling in my bottom afterwards, but now I could see Jaden was a wicked cruel girl who was enjoying giving such pain, not because it was deserved but because she needed it like a drug.

Of course the other thing that struck me was that my spanking was to follow, just as soon as Isobel’s was over. I actually gasped when Jaden told Isobel to get up as I knew the moment had come. Isobel stood next to me and put her hands on her head. I sniffed as Jaden looked at me and with what I now thought was a vile grin pointed to her lap. I wanted to run but knew I couldn’t, wouldn’t. I deserved the spanking because I had disobeyed my sister and her rules, and this particular rule was one Mum also insisted upon. No canoodling in bed whether when grounded or otherwise, so I could hardly complain to her about this spanking could I? Like a lamb to the slaughter I walked over to Jaden and bent down across her lap. I looked at the floor but I pictured Isobel across Jaden’s lap. When Jaden spanked me I pictured Isobel’s bottom crumbling and swaying and although I knew I was much slimmer, far less fleshy, I could not get that picture out of my head, and Jaden’s wicked intense smile as well. How could I have willingly given up control to my sixteen-year-old nasty spiteful sister? How?

The pain took over, the constant spank spank first with Jaden’s hand and later with the wooden spoon left me reeling as usual, tears running down my cheeks, pain spreading relentlessly across my bottom, my backs of my legs, and inevitably my inner thighs. I blubbered, sobbed, cried, howled, and choked as Jaden spanked me on and on and I knew she was giving me a lesson I was not intended to forget.

“Do not have sex with other women in your bed,” she said firmly although I was certain the real message was not to have sex with other women in my bed except with her. After all Jaden was usually all too quick to stroke my Brazilian pussy and to play with my clit. I was regretting though giving Jaden automatic spanking rights over me though but it was too late to change that I supposed. I kept saying to myself I needed to be spanked and Jaden spanks me hard and so that is good, but after last night letting her friends and their Mum’s spank me, and today spanking me in front of a friend of Mum’s, I just reckoned the power had gone to her head. She needed to be brought down a peg or few. Mind you I wasn’t in the best position to say that, lying across her lap, legs spread wide, my hands on the floor for balance, and Jaden spanking my bare bottom just as hard as she could. Maybe though I will show her she needs to be more restrained, more caring even, like it was OK to teach me a lesson but some things should be done in private.

Talking of private Jaden finally stopped spanking me, but then came the rubbing, all around my bottom, the backs of my legs, my inner thighs, oh my goodness she was going to rub my pussy and clit with Isobel watching, I screamed silently no, no, please no. She must have heard because although she pressed her fingers along my pussy just the once she rubbed my inner thighs again and then my legs and bottom, before telling me sharply to get up.

I stood up next to Isobel, my hands on my head. Jaden told us in no uncertain terms, “How dare you sleep together, and you are both grounded. Well Alexis you can add three days to your grounding, and you Isobel I intend phoning your Mum and telling her what you have been up to.”

For the first time I heard fear in Isobel’s voice. “Please don’t Jaden, I’ll do anything.”

Jaden laughed. “Hah, anything my girl?”

Jaden spread her legs apart and pointed to her own pussy and said, “Go on, eat that then.”

Isobel blushed looked at the floor and blushed. Jaden scoffed at her and said, “No, then maybe you just lied when you said you would do anything. “ Jaden’s eyes blazed with success and she continued, “You two had better behave or else I won’t hesitate to spank you again. Understood?”

“Yes Jaden,” we said together, not for the first time.

Jaden left the room. I looked at Isobel with tears still in my eyes and I saw hers were red as well.

“She is such a tyrant,” Isobel said between sobs.

I decided something had to be done. I reached for the phone and rang Mum. She answered with a worried, “What’s wrong Jaden.”

That shook me. How come she assumed it was going to be Jaden after all?

“It’s me Mum, Alexis.”

“Oh, right, sorry Alexis, well, what’s up?”

I let it go the fact she was almost disappointed it was me and said, “It’s Jaden Mum, she’s a tyrant.”

“I see, but you agreed she should have unquestioned spanking rights over you Alexis. Remember?”

“Yes Mum, but she has changed. She keeps spanking me in front of her friends and their Mum’s. How am I supposed to look them in the eye later on Mum?”

“I do see that. Shall I have a word with her then?”

“Look Mum, she spanked me yesterday and grounded me because I was five minutes late Mum. Just five minutes.”

“You told me over an hour Alexis.”

“Jaden forced me to say it Mum, she was twisting my arm and told me she would use several switches on me if I didn’t.”

“I see.” Mum was thinking. I knew I had lied but I needed some leverage. To emphasise it I said, "Mum, Isobel is here and she can confirm it." I gave the phone to Isobel who was ready to play along.

“Hullo Mrs. St. Claire, yes Alexis was only five minutes late. I promise.”

I took the phone back from Isobel.

“See Mum.”

“OK Alexis, I’m going to come home. I’m only an hour away in the car. Velvet can stay here, I’ll come home and sort it out, then if I can I’ll come back later on this afternoon. Just stay out of Jaden’s way until I get back.” Mum said goodbye and hung up.

Isobel and I looked at each other and laughed. We didn’t tell Jaden but stayed in my room and planned. I told Isobel I wanted to be allowed to spank Jaden myself to teach her not to mess around with me, maybe even get spanking authority over her in future. I was so confident Isobel and I got dressed, not in the see through dresses but in proper clothes, sleeveless tops and very short shorts. I wanted to feel Jaden’s skin as she squirmed on my lap. An hour later and Mum got home. We heard her come in and then there was a row between her and Jaden. After a while Mum shouted up, “You two, down here please.”

Isobel and I entered the living room both feeling pensive about what might happen. If it all went wrong I will be in the worst trouble ever. Mum looked at Isobel and said, “Tell me truthfully. Was Alexis late by only five minutes?”

Isobel took a deep breath and thankfully was able to tell the truth.

“Yes Mrs. St. Clair.”

Mum turned to Jaden and said sharply, “Right, I believe her. Jaden you need to be spanked.”

I decided to speak up. “Mum, I am the one who was wronged and I think that means I should spank her.”

Mum gave me a quizzical look, her eyes narrowing, but she knew I was right. That’s how come Jaden spanked me in the first place after all. Mum reached a decision, “OK Alexis, you get to spank Jaden.” Mum looked at Jaden and ordered, “You will let your sister spank you.”

Jaden gasped and stamped her foot in anger. Mum ignored it. I went to the table and picked up the wooden spoon and went to sit down. I thought Jaden should undress.

“Take all your clothes off Jaden. Now.” I spoke in a very snappy tone I was rather pleased with, and even more delighted when an extremely unhappy Jaden started to take her clothes off. Her figure was quite similar to Isobel, maybe a reason I fancied them both so much. It was especially satisfying to watch Jaden remove her bra, the sixteen year old did have enviously well formed breasts and I was looking forward to seeing them bounce around as she was bent across my lap being spanked. I also smirked when she removed her knickers and saw her pussy which to my surprise had a full Brazilian cut. She hadn’t only a few days ago. Even Mum’s eyes popped when she saw it.

It was then Isobel said something very strange. She looked at Mum and said, “You know Mrs. St. Clair you are to blame as well. You should have known Jaden would go too far.”

I thought Mum was going to explode but she didn’t. I thought back to the phone call and was surprised then that she decided to come home so quickly. Had Isobel noticed that and decided there was more to it. She may have been right as Mum said, “I guess so Isobel, I did think she might but decided to trust her. I sent Prudence along to check and she said it seemed as though it was fine, but obviously not.”

Isobel kept on, “Well she took advantage of your trust and so you are to blame there.”

Mum blushed, looked at the floor, and said quietly, “Yes, I am I suppose.”

“Yes you are,” Isobel said firmly, and continued, “When Carmel’s Mum was wrong like that she let her daughter spank her you know.”

Everyone had heard about it. Twenty one year old Carmel spanked her Mum when her Mum had spanked her by mistake believing someone else who simply should never have been trusted. Isobel said still more firmly, “Alexis needs to spank you Mrs. St. Clair.”

Mum gulped, looked at me with what I was sure was a tear, and nodded. Crikey I thought, Mum is going to let me spank her, crikey. I knew I had to keep up the pressure that Isobel had so resourcefully applied.

“Right Mum, get undressed as well.”

Mum took a deep breath and remarkably started to undress. I needed to think how I wanted to punish her and Jaden. Falaka. Yes I was so turned on by that. I rushed to the cupboard and took out the whippy cane, went back to the living room and turned two chairs around.

“Both of you kneel on the chairs.”

Mum and Jaden both saw the cane and knew what I was going to do. Mum had often done the same to me and now she was going to get it. Seconds later both were kneeling on the chair, naked, Mum’s larger bottom staring at me next to Jaden’s beautifully shaped firmer but still fleshy bottom. As important were the soles of their feet. I stood next to Mum who was closest and said, “Mum, Jaden, six each for being so bad.”

There was a ring on the doorbell. I looked around but Isobel was already answering the door. There were voices that got louder as half a dozen of my friends walked in. Shirley said, “We heard you were grounded and so decided to call in but we weren’t expecting this, just like Carmel eh?

“Sit down and watch girls,” I said happily.

Mum groaned but both she and Jaden accepted they would now have an audience. I turned to my Mum and sister and said rhetorically, “Now where were we?”

Mum sobbed, Jaden groaned. I tapped Mum’s foot lightly three times then three times rather harder. She screamed and I knew the pain would be shooting up the back of her leg. I tapped her other foot and then another three firm strokes. Mum screamed again and Jaden looked across at Mum and the horror filled her face. Jaden had not ever been caned this way as far as I knew. Mum only discovered it relatively recently and had only caned Velvet and me this way. I knew the lasting pleasure achieved by this punishment although the initial shock of the pain was also so memorable but for a very different reason. I moved on to Jaden who looked at me and begged,

“Please Alexis, don’t, I’m so sorry, please Alexis.”

I looked disdainfully at my sister and said, “What, like you were with all your friends yesterday as they spanked me one by one. Eh Jaden, like that? Well now you get spanked in front of my friends and let’s see how you like it.”

Jaden grimaced miserably and turned her face away, gasped as I tapped her first foot lightly, and howled when I gave her the first three strokes. I tapped her other foot and then gave her the three harder strokes and she was in tears as the pain must have spread up her leg.

I moved back to Mum and gave her three harder strokes on each foot, and finally gave Jaden her last three on each foot. Both were crouched down afterwards and their toes were pointed upwards as they struggled to cope with the pain. Even my Mum was crying. I had never of course seen her cry like this before and was overawed for a moment. Then the adrenalin rushed around me again and I knew the second punishment, how I was going to spank them both.

Whilst they cried I got another chair and placed it in the middle of the room. I picked up the wooden spoon and ordered, “Mum, I will spank you first. Come over here.”

Mum looked quizzically as I placed one foot on the chair.

“Get over and balance Mum, if you fall we are going to start again even if it takes all night.”

Mum gawked at me, one leg on the floor and one on the chair until she realised she really was going across my knee like that. She had to be rather careful as she got up on the chair before flopping over my bent leg grabbing the seat of the chair to balance. She was dangling well above the floor. I tapped my Mum’s bottom with the spoon. I was ecstatic. I had my Mum balanced over one knee, her bare skin against my bare thigh, Mum as naked as the day she was born, Mum’s large breasts drooping down, her legs dangling in mid air, and as I brought the spoon down that first time all sorts of feelings burst in to my mind.

I was spanking Mum. Actually spanking my Mum, her bottom was shuddering around after the spoon spanked her, her legs kicked slightly with the pain, she gasped maybe in shock as much as pain, and I had caused all of this. I felt drugged up as I brought the wooden spoon down hard on her bare bottom again, and again her bottom cheek swirled around and again she gasped but louder this time. I decided to go for it and just carried on spanking alternate bottom cheeks and watched her fleshy bottom churn around getting redder and redder as the spoon did its job and left its mark.

On and on, spank after spank, soon Mum was crying freely, my Mum letting aloud howls of pain as I spanked her. Just how much better could it get I wondered. Well I knew when I glanced at Jaden standing there watching with her hands obediently on her head, looking pale and absolutely scared about what was going to happen to her next. I gave Mum a good twenty more spanks before telling her she can get down. I watched as she managed to get off my leg without falling off and walk over to where Jaden was with a very very red bottom. The red bottom I had given her.

Mum turned and looked at me placing her hands on her head and I crooked my finger at Jaden. My leg was still on the chair and Jaden was just so unhappy as she clambered up on to the chair and balanced on my leg. She was holding on to the seat of the chair for dear life and I hadn’t even started yet. I looked at my younger sister half expecting her to plead, but she didn’t. She closed her eyes and just hung on and even when I tapped her bottom with the spoon she only let out a little squeak. When I spanked her with the spoon that was different. Then she shrieked and kept shrieking every time I spanked her. Her bottom wasn’t as fleshy as Mum’s but swirled after every spank and turned red much more quickly.

I was so enjoying myself as I spanked away, reminding myself of all the times Jaden had spanked me. I looked at Isobel who was smiling at me, enjoying my joy. I spanked Jaden for even longer than I did Mum but knew eventually I had to stop. Jaden was tense as she hung on to the chair but it felt so good with her tummy on my bare leg. Eventually though when her shrieks kept coming and her legs were kicking I knew she was at the extreme of what she could take without falling off and so stopped spanking her and let her ease herself off my leg. A crying Jaden stood next to Mum, her hands on her head and tears flowing down her cheeks. Did I feel sorry for her? Maybe. Probably, as after all I had lied to Mum, and so had Isobel.

I looked at them both and said sternly, “I hope you have learned your lesson, that you must be more responsible. Agreed?”

They said so delightfully in unison, “Yes Alexis, sorry Alexis.”

“OK, go and wash up the both of you. Don’t get dressed but you can come back and serve drinks to all of us.”

I was so high still. Mum and Jaden left the room and went upstairs. I put my finger to my lips to make sure Isobel didn’t say anything that might be overheard but when I was sure they were in the bathroom I said, “Hey girls that was so cool.”

Isobel and I took it in turns to tell them all what had happened.

“Isobel set it up brilliantly.”

“Thank you Alexis,” Isobel said looking so proud of herself, and returning the compliment said, “I must say you were so dominant. What a spanking position.”

“I know, I’ve always so fancied it as it is so demeaning for the unlucky person being spanked.”

The explanation stopped when Mum and Jaden came in to the living room, still naked but carrying our cool drinks. They stood waiting for further instructions and I said,

“How about some nibbles Mum?”

Mum and Jaden went back to the kitchen, we thought. We chatted on. Isobel said,

“It’s interesting how telling the truth made them agree to be spanked.”

“What do you mean Isobel?”

“Your Mum asked if you were only five minutes late so I said yes. If she had asked if Jaden forced you to say an hour I could not have told her the truth as she didn’t force you.”

I giggled, and didn’t hear Mum and Jaden outside standing quietly but now getting dressed. They had heard the truth. Next second Mum walked in, fully clothed, her eyes still red but otherwise back to normal. She glared at me and at Isobel. My confidence collapsed Isobel put her hand to her mouth. What now? Mum knew we lied. Knew it. We told her. What now?

“Isobel, you will pack your things and go home now. I will call your Mum and tell her why you are coming home early.”

Isobel didn’t argue but ran out of the room and upstairs. Jaden came in and looked very annoyed.

“Mum?” she asked.

“I am sorry Jaden but you were right after all and I should have listened to you, not your lying sister here.”

“Yes!” Jaden said in a sarcastically delighted tone.

Mum made me stand there when she got the phone. Isobel’s Mum answered.

“I am afraid I have sent Isobel home because I have caught her lying, a very very bad lie .. Yes I think so as I am about to give Alexis the spanking of her lifetime .. Yes that would be good if you were to do the same to Isobel .. I will leave that up to you but Alexis is unlikely to sit down comfortably for at least a week.”

Mum put the phone down, turned to me my friends and said, “You girls will stay and watch what happens to a blatant liar.”

Mum turned to me and said, “Get undressed and go to the yard and cut two switches. If I don’t like one of them I will break it and you will go and get two more. Believe me Alexis you will want the minimum you can get away with.”

I sobbed as I again removed my clothes until I was the only naked one in the room. I turned and went out to the yard. Two switches. I’ll obviously get them both and my bottom will have red weal’s all over it. I searched the yard but couldn’t find any good ones, ones that Mum will accept. Mrs. Castle was in her yard and saw me searching. She called over. I didn’t even connect that I was still naked. “Looking for switches dear, come through I have loads now.”

I walked through the gate still naked. Mrs. Castle’s eyebrows rose up and I then remembered I was naked but I just didn’t care about that as I had something far worse to think about. Mrs. Castle helped me cut two fresh whippy switches. She chatted casually, “Of course the twins are now twenty five and it’s at least a year since I last needed these.”

Great I thought. Four years to go for me.

Mrs. Castle chatted on, “I remember when I babysat you and had to spank you all those times you were light as a feather over my lap. You had such a lovely small bottom Alexis, I used to turn it red so quickly but each time I thought about stopping you’d raise your bottom up as though asking for more so I just kept on going. You’re bottom was the reddest I ever made a bottom and you know it clear shone in the dark.”

I remembered. I enjoyed giving Mrs. Castle a reason to spank me almost every time she babysat us. Mrs. Castle continued, “I see there’s still no fat on you young lady. Anyway, who is going to spank you, Mum, or I hear Jaden gets to spank you most of the time now?”

I looked up at Mrs. Castle and said, “Both of them Mrs. Castle.”

“Really, well maybe I’ll come and watch and see how well they do.”

I thanked Mrs. Castle for the switches and went back to my house with Mrs. Castle following me. Mum and Jaden were waiting. Mum said, “Come to watch, no problem. Sit with the girls and join us for drinks afterwards.”

Mrs. Castle smiled as she sat down. Mum took the switches and inspected each one.

“They’ll do,” she announced giving one to Jaden.

“Alexis, grab the chair.” I groaned but did as I was told.

I heard Mum say, “Jaden, you first, keep caning her until the switch breaks and then I’ll use mine on her.”

Mum said before the first switch, “Jaden, once the switches are broken we’ll move on to the wooden spoon heavy belt and hairbrush.”

I groaned and I heard several of my friends gasp. Mum said to the back of my head, “Just to be clear Alexis, Jaden has the fullest possible spanking authority over you and it is up to her if you deserve to be spanked or not. Even when she isn’t sure she can give you a spanking just to make sure.”

I groaned. Mum emphasised the new rules by saying, “ You will hear me say, ‘Just wait until Jaden gets home my girl.’ You will have to wait for Jaden and she will be the one to spank you every time from now on.”

I groaned again but got a tingle in my pussy. Oh my, I was getting aroused by the very threat of being told Jaden will be the one to spank me when she gets home. Every spanking from my younger sister. Every one. She will be bound to stroke my pussy after my spanking so that will make things better.

I heard Jaden stand behind me. She demanded to know, “Ready my girl?”

I forgot all the people watching and just thought about Jaden and started to hope Jaden rubs my pussy after switching me or else I’ll probably come when I’m over her lap.

“Yes Ma’am,” I said, not seeing the quizzical looks on all the faces. Seconds later the first stroke. Very stingy, and whippy, so I knew a red line must have appeared across my bottom. The first of many. The second stroke felt harder, whippier, stingier. I really won’t be sitting down comfortably for a week, and probably weeks and weeks to come.

By the tenth stroke I was ready to beg her to finger me. I said between gasps, “Please Ma’am,” but this time saw my friends gawking at me, I blushed, and they knew what I was thinking as I looked back to the chair and wanted the floor to swallow me up, just as the eleventh stroke bit in to my aching bottom. I was back under Jaden’s complete control and everyone knew it.

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