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Alice meets Veronica

Tags: spanking, ff, fm
Alice goes to a house to get her cousin Sophie and gets in trouble with the strict owner.
Alice came home one evening after two weeks in Cabo really excited to see her cousin Sophie. Sophie lived with Alice seeing both of their parents had died in a car accident together. Alice was 20 and had been her 18 year old cousin’s guardian since then. But now that Sophie was 18 she didn’t think it would be a problem leaving her at home alone for two weeks while she was in Cabo partying.

How wrong she was. She came home to an empty house finding a note with an address and saying that Sophie was staying with a woman called Veronica. Alice went over there straight away to get her cousin that she had been missing so very much.

The house Sophie was staying at was huge. It was in the rich part of town and was the most expensive looking one in the street. How the hell had Sophie got mixed up with some of this lot? Alice rang the doorbell and shortly after the door was opened by a young, really hot butler. He was tall, had a tan and shoulder length blond hair. He could be a model. Man this woman must be filthy rich she thought.

‘Hello. My name is Alice I am here for Sophie. She is my cousin,’ she said to the butler.

‘Oh yes,’ said the butler. ‘Come in, Miss. Veronica wants to see you.’

Alice went in and the butler showed her the sitting room and asked her to sit down and he would go get Veronica. She looked around and was amazed by the stylishness of everything. She envied Sophie for staying here while she was gone. It was amazing. She was just about to check out the paintings on the wall, when Sophie came running in to her. He cousin hugged her and she remembered how she had longed for her best friend.

‘Oh, Alice, I have missed you so much,’ she said, hugging Alice so hard she had trouble breathing.

‘Soph. What is going on, why did you leave home?’ Alice said looking confused into Sophie’s eyes.

‘I… umh… It’s hard to explain,’ Sophie started, but then a woman came into the room. She was really tall, long beautiful brown hair and a figure to die for. She was extremely hot.

‘You must be Alice. I am Veronica. Sophie had told me all about you.’ Alice looked at Sophie who for some reason was looking at the floor. ‘I see you are finally home to care for you little cousin, it’s about time.’

‘Excuse me?’ Alice said at this. It was pretty obvious that this was criticism. ‘What are you talking about? And why is Sophie living here with you?’

‘Sophie is living with me because she needs someone to take care of her something you have not been able to do. She is repeating a year at school after failing almost everything and you have the nerve to leave her at home alone while you party in Cabo. Something I think you are too young for young lady. If your parents were alive would they approve of this unhealthy way of living?’ Veronica said sharply.

‘That’s a bit harsh. Sophie is a big girl she can take care of herself for two weeks. And as for me, I am a big girl too and can go to Cabo to party if I want. Who do you think you are meddling in our lives like this?’ Alice said angrily. This woman was really something criticizing her like this when she didn’t even know her.

‘Sophie as I have told her has a discipline problem. This is partly your fault, because you were supposed to be her guardian. I have helped Sophie these two weeks. She is already doing better at school, but we are not quite there yet. It would be better if she continued living here. Now however my biggest concern is you.’

‘Me? What is this an intervention? I don’t suppose you’re going to tell me I have a discipline problem too?’ Alice said sarcastically.

‘That is exactly what I am saying. You are just like Sophie. Young and heading down a dangerous road. You’re irresponsible, rude and disrespectful, but you are too stubborn to see it. I am going to make you see. I am going to make you understand that all your actions have consequences and in your case negative consequences.’

‘What are you going to do? Spank me for leaving poor little Sophie unsupervised at home?’ Alice laughed.

‘Yes, Alice, that is exactly what I am going to do,’ Veronica said not smiling or looking angry. Her face was expressionless. Alice looked at Sophie expecting that she would have that funny look they shared when something was stupid, but she didn’t. Instead she mouthed ‘I am so sorry.’ And it dawned on Alice that Veronica was actually serious.

‘You’re crazy. I am not letting you spank me,’ she shouted a little scared now.

‘Oh honey… I wasn’t asking for your permission,’ Veronica said smiling. ‘James has made supper which we will eat together and after you will both get the spanking you deserve.’

‘Both?’ Sophie finally spoke. ‘Why am I being spanked?’

‘Did you not receive a detention today?’ Veronica said calmly looking at Sophie.

‘I… how did you know? It wasn’t my fault… Miss. Parker…’

‘Is a good friend of mine and an excellent math teacher.’ Veronica finished. ‘And that prank you pulled with your little friends was not funny. You will be spanked after supper and then go straight to bed Sophie, and then I will take care of your cousin.’

Alice was in shock. How could this be happening? Had this woman spanked Sophie before? It was like some nightmare and she didn’t seem to wake up. She couldn’t even run. She just followed Veronica’s instructions. They went into the kitchen and ate the supper James the extremely hot butler served them. He winked at Alice who blushed. She was so into him and just the thought of him working her made her consider staying her with that horrible Veronica woman.

Alice could picture herself with him. He was all tall, blond and handsome and she had a beautiful face, black shiny hair and perfect curves. She was tall too. Both she and Sophie were tall, the same height actually, but not even close to Veronica. She was at least five inches taller and bit more strongly built which scared Alice a little because she knew that if there was a fight between them, Veronica would win. She really did not want to be spanked.

Sophie ate in silence. She was a little scared. She always was before she got a spanking, but she knew that once it was over she would be really turned on. Her pussy would get wet of just the thought, which was weird because it was really painful getting a spanking. However she knew that after Veronica had rubbed cooling cream on her red bottom and comforted her and tucked her in she would rub her clit and get a huge orgasm. So it wasn’t all bad. That part she was looking forward to and she knew that Alice would probably do the same once she had been spanked to. Alice needed this; she just didn’t know it yet.

After supper they got up and Veronica grabbed Sophie’s arm leading her out of the kitchen. Alice stayed behind talking to James, but gave Sophie a concerned look. Sophie however returned it by smiling letting Alice know that it was okay.

Veronica guided Sophie up the stairs and told her to put her pajamas on and get ready for bed and then come into her bedroom and stand in the corner waiting for her. Sophie went into her room put on her pj’s and went in to her bathroom brushing her teeth. Then she went in to Veronica’s bedroom and placed herself in the corner. After about five minutes Veronica came in, but she didn’t tell Sophie to step away from the corner and Sophie knew better than to do so without being told. Veronica found a chair and placed it in the middle of the room and sat down just staring at Sophie for a while. After about five more minutes however she opened her mouth.

‘Sophie. Why am I upset with you today?’ she asked quietly.

‘Because I misbehaved in class and got a detention,’ Sophie answered. ‘And I am really sorry,’ she added in hope that Veronica wouldn’t be too hard on her knowing she was truly sorry.

‘Not as sorry as you are going to be. I don’t want to hear your apologies now. I am going to spank you for being naughty and then you are going to apologies,’ Veronica said still calm, but then she added sharply, ‘Now come to be and get over my lap!’

Sophie didn’t need to be told twice. She had no intention to disobey and make Veronica more upset. She got over Veronica’s lap still wearing her PJ bottoms, but she knew it was only for warm ups. They would come off later. Veronica started spanking Sophie’s bottom, but not too hard to begin with. She switched from right to left butt cheek increasing the force steadily. After a while Sophie could feel a good stinging and her bottom felt warm, but she continued lying there like a good girl showing Veronica that she deserved every swat.

After a while Veronica stopped and helped Sophie up. She grabbed Sophie’s PJ bottoms and pulled them down and then her pink panties too. Sophie stood there bare bottomed with her bottoms on her ankles and then it was back over Veronica’s lap with her bare pink bottom faced upwards. Veronica started the spanking again without hesitation. Now her spanks were hard and firm and fast. Sophie’s pink cheeks wobbled with each spank and turned quickly red. Sophie was in real pain now. She gasped and squirmed a little on Veronica’s lap.

‘Ow..’ she sobbed.

‘Ow? Does it hurt, Sophie?’ Veronica asked still spanking her firmly.

‘Yes. Yes it hurts.’ Sophie sobbed and tears ran down her face.

‘Well maybe you will think twice before you misbehave in class again. You wouldn’t have been so naughty if you knew I would find out would you?’ Veronica said smacking Sophie’s bottom even harder making Sophie squirm around even more.

She gave Sophie ten more sharp swats and then stopped rubbing Sophie’s now red bottom for a while. Sophie really hoped it was over, but she knew it wasn’t. There was still the hairsbrush. Sometimes over the last two weeks Sophie had gotten just a little spanking for smaller things like swearing and stuff.

That wasn’t that bad it was just a quick spanking and then she would have to stand in the corner, but for an offence like being disrespectful to a teacher and doing something bad at school the punishment was a lot more severe. She knew that after this hard spanking by hand there came the additional hairbrush spanking. And sure enough after rubbing Sophie’s bottom for while Veronica said, ‘Sophie. Go get the hairbrush.’

Sophie got up and walked over to Veronica’s drawer and got the big wooden hairbrush that was so unholy. She handed it to Veronica looking sulky.

‘Now sweetie, you know you deserve this extra reminder to be good in the future. This is what happens when you are so determined to naughty things,’ Veronica said and grabbed Sophie’s arm pulling her back over her lap.

‘I am going to give you 20,’ she said and gave Sophie a sharp spank with the brush making Sophie shriek out in pain.

Sophie was now crying loudly, but she could feel her pussy’s wetness. ‘Just a little longer’ she kept telling herself in her mind and then she could lie in bed and finally benefit from this situation, which was several awesome orgasms. But the feeling of that hard wood brush on her bottom made it hard to see the good things. It was so painful and embarrassing. She felt embarrassed that Veronica could see her bottom and probably the wetness in her pussy as well. But it also felt safe lying on Veronica’s warm lap with her left hand resting on her back.

Veronica gave Sophie the five last spanks quickly and Sophie was so relieved that it was finally over. She lay over Veronicas lap sobbing while Veronica rubbed her bottom and her back comforting her. She knew that now that she had paid the price for being naughty Veronica would be a lot nicer to her. She had been like a mother to Sophie these two weeks. Yeah she had spanked her when she was naughty, but she had never stayed angry. She was a really good person Sophie thought and she only punished Sophie because she cared. She had already helped her a lot with her school work and Sophie was doing so much better.

‘I’m sorry, Veronica.’ Sophie sobbed. ‘You have helped me so much and I just keep being naughty.’

‘Shhhh… honey. It’s okay. All young girls misbehave once in a while,’ Veronica said rubbing Sophie’s back. ‘That is why you need me, to guide you in the right direction.’

Veronica helped Sophie up and found the cooling cream in the drawer. Then she told Sophie to lie on her stomach on her bed and she rubbed Sophie’s sore bottom with the cream, massaging it in to the skin making Sophie moan. She could see that Sophie’s pussy was wet which she understood, it was common and she herself felt wet. She would rub her clit later, but first she had another naughty girl to take care of.

She took Sophie back to her bedroom tucked her in and kissed her goodnight. It was only nine o’clock, but her early bedtime was part of her punishment. Then she got the hairbrush and cooling cream and went downstairs to find Alice. She knew Alice didn’t want to be spanked, but it was necessary and she knew that even if Alice didn’t want to she would be waiting for her downstairs in the living room, and so she did.

When Alice saw Veronica she got up and said, ‘You aren’t really going to spank me are you?’

Looking worried and then she saw the hairbrush and looked terrified. Unlike Sophie, Alice’s mother had spanked her as a child and Alice had thought she would never ever have to feel a hairbrush against her bottom ever again. But she was wrong.

‘Yes I am, and by the look on your face this isn’t a total stranger to you is it?’ Veronica said holding the hairbrush up in the air.

‘No, not a total stranger,’ Alice said looking scared. ‘But it has been a while. You can’t seriously spank me. I am twenty years old.’

‘I have spanked people a lot older than you. In fact I myself got spanked when I was twenty. But now at 42 I know how to behave myself and use that knowledge to teach naughty boys and girls how to behave better. You cousin has improved a lot since we met and it makes me feel good to see how much I have helped her. She was heading down the road for a life in poverty and crappy jobs and now her future looks a lot better. I am helping her get in to college and I am going to help you as well. It is not to late Alice, not even at twenty. I think you should live here with me, repeating a couple of high school courses, improving your grades and I’ll think you will find that you can go to college too.’ She finished her little speech giving Alice a friendly look.

Alice had mixed emotions. This woman had helped Sophie so much and Alice had always thought she herself was too stupid and undisciplined to ever go to college, but maybe it wasn’t too late. Maybe this woman could help her. It seemed foolish not to give her the chance. But she still didn’t want to get a spanking.

‘So you’re not going to let me get away with that spanking?’ she said already knowing the answer.

‘No. I am not. You left your already struggling cousin home alone while you yourself went to Cabo getting drunk every night. I ought to spank you several times for than one offence, but I don’t believe people should be punished more than once for the same crime. I am going spank you by hand and then I am going to spank you with the hairbrush and then you are going to apologize for making me take on the responsibility of your mess.’ She gave Alice a stern look.

‘Yes m’am,’ Alice answered knowing that she deserved it. How could she leave Sophie alone when she was failing school? She needed her to help her and push her to do better and instead she left her to raise herself. In fact she had left Sophie to raise herself ever since their parents died. She had been Sophie’s best friend and never her mother. She should have been her cousin, friend and mother, not just friend.

Veronica turned off the TV and sat down on the couch. They might as well do it in the living room she didn’t feel like sitting on a straight wooden chair for this one too. She laid her brush and cooling cream on the table in front of her and held out her had to Alice who took in. Veronica pulled Alice over her lap leveling her so that her bottom was in the right position. Alice supported her hand on the floor hair long, black hair falling down to her face. She heard someone coming in and looked up.

‘Oh…sorry ma’m, I was looking for Alice, but I can see she is busy.’ It was handsome, extremely hot James. He winked at Alice who felt like she was about to die lying bottom up over Veronica’s lap.

‘It’s alright, James. I was just about to spank naughty little Alice, but she can stay up an hour after before bed. It should give you time to talk.’ Veronica patted Alice softly on the bottom and Alice felt gratitude that Veronica would let her see him after her punishment.

‘Yes. Thank you m’am,’ James said bowing to Veronica leaving the room, but both Veronica and Alice had the feeling her would be listening at the door.

‘Okay back to you spanking,’ said Veronica giving Alice a sharp smack on her right cheek and then another one on her left. And like this she continued for several minutes. Alice could feel her bottom staring to feel warm, but it was nothing new to her. She had felt this kind of pain many times before, it had just been a while. She was twitching a little now trying to avoid Veronica’s hand, but Veronica never missed. Her hand could find a naughty girl’s bottom in the dark.

‘Okay get up and pull down those jeans,’ she finally said after what seemed like forever.

Alice hesitated. She was a little shy even if Veronica had just spanked her bottom she didn’t want her to see it bare.

‘Oh go ahead and do it,’ Veronica said unbuttoning it for her and pulled it down to Alice’s ankles. ‘And now the panties. Go on.’ She demanded letting Alice take them down herself, but Alice would much rather Veronica did it because actually removing her clothing herself was really embarrassing. But she did it nonetheless and felt really ashamed of herself as se lowered herself back over Veronica’s lap.

With Alice’s bare bottom in the air Veronica continued the spanking. With her left hand firmly on her back and her right hand dancing over each cheek in a nice rhythm making them move back and forward and Alice’s gasp of pain each time Veronicas hand hit the reddening butt cheeks. Veronica started using more force and decided to give each cheek two swats then switch to the other.

Alice started to squirm around sobbing ‘Owch… ow.’ And tears were now running down her beautiful face. Veronica however kept up the pace and was not satisfied with color of her butt cheeks yet.

‘Stop squirming little girl or I will have to give you extra with the hairbrush.’ Alice stopped squirming at once and bit her teeth together still crying loudly.

Veronica spanked her for another couple of minutes before she stopped rubbing her bright red bottom as she always did before continuing with the hairbrush.

‘Veronica can’t I please get up now. I’m sorry...’ Alice sobbed. ‘I don’t think I can take the hairbrush too.’

‘This is a punishment young lady. I cannot give in to your pleading. You deserve what you get and more I might add. Besides I would never give you more punishment than you could handle. You can handle this, Sophie does and she hadn’t been spanked before she met me. I am going to give you what she got earlier which was twenty swats with the brush.’

Veronica rubbed her bottom for another minute and then got the hairbrush from the table. Alice started crying again just by seeing it and was wondering if James was listening to what a coward she was. Veronica held her left hand firmly down on Alice’s back as if she was worried Alice was going to try to get away, but she would never do that. She was way too scared of Veronica’s reaction. And then Alice felt the hard wood back of the brush on her already sore bottom and she gasped moaning

‘Ow... I’m sorry please..’ and then she got another and she knew there was no reason to plead with Veronica because she had said twenty and she was not going to change her mind and least not to Alice’s favor.

Veronica gave her firm hard swats. First right, then left and then right again. And Alice gave a little ‘ow..’ each time crying loudly tears streaming.

‘Maybe… now…. You… won’t… be… so… naughty…’ Veronica shouted giving Alice extra hard swats after each word making her shriek out in pain.

‘I’m sorrrrryyyyy!’ she yelled receiving her last five swats. And then when it was over she just laid there over Veronica’s lap on the couch crying loudly, faced down towards the floor, tears running into her hair. Veronica put the hairbrush back on the table and got the cooling cream. She rubbed on Alice’s bottom just as she had with Sophie earlier.

She let Alice up and helped her put her pants back on seeing Alice was still sobbing and helped her back down in sitting position on the couch. She then took her arm around Alice hugging her and kissing her on the forehead. This was a very important process Veronica thought to herself. Hard discipline was absolutely necessary, but one should never forget the comforting afterward. Showing the punished that there was now a clean slate and all was forgotten.

‘I’m sorry Veronica. You are absolutely right. I deserved this. I just didn’t like the responsibility I guess. I was just eighteen when I was suddenly supposed to mother Sophie.’ She sobbed into Veronica’s bosom while she was holding her and hugging her.

‘I know sweetie it was not fair, but it wasn’t fair for you to let Sophie mother herself either. But now I am here and I can help you,’ Veronica said patting Alice’s head smiling. It was the same with all girls that age she thought. They always wanted to pretend to be grownups, but once you gave them a well deserved spanking, they started acting like the kids they really were.

After Veronica had calmed Alice down, Alice went to look for James. And she didn’t have to look very long he was as she expected right outside the door.

‘Awww man that was so hot,’ he said.. not so formally now.

‘Glad you think so,’ Alice said smiling. She now realized that her pussy was dripping wet and a sudden naughty inspiration hit her. ‘James do you find me attractive?’ she said giving him a sexy look. He was a little old for her around twenty-eight, but he had a boyish charm.

‘Hell yeah! Why, is there a little wetness going on down there?’ he asked giving her a naughty smile.

‘Definitely yes. Is there anywhere we can go and take care of that situation?’ she said. She only had an hour before Veronica expected her to go to bed, and she wanted James to fuck her hard and good before that.

James took her outside the back of the house, past the pool and into the pool house. There behind a couch on the floor they got naked. James put his finger in Alice’s pussy feeling how wet she was.

‘Damn… girl. I can see there is no need for foreplay,’ he said showing her his wet finger.

‘No there is not,’ Alice said looking at James’s erect penis and turning around on all four showing him her glowing red bottom. He kissed it softly and then put his penis in her dripping pussy. He was big and filling her up. In the beginning he softly pulled in and out, but quickly found a nice rhythm fucking her hard. Alice supported herself on her elbows lifting her bottom so James would have easy access to her g-spot. She could feel his big hard cock going in and out, the pain of him thrusting against her bruised bottom and her breast moving with the rhythm he was fucking her.

They fucked long and hard, trying not to come to early, but suddenly Alice gave in and she moaned and gave a little shriek at her powerful orgasm. Then once she had come it was James’s turn he came and moaned and gasped in orgasm. He pulled out and sprayed his junk all over her ass. They lay panting and breathing next to each other a while before Alice put her clothes back on and headed back to the house hoping Veronica wouldn’t guess what had just happened between Alice and her butler she was so fond of.

But Alice didn’t need to worry. Veronica had been in her bedroom playing with her vibrator. She also had the need of a huge orgasm. And when Veronica went looking for Alice, she was already wearing the pajamas she had laid out for her and ready for bed. Veronica tucked her in like a mother to her child and kissed her goodnight. It was nice she thought to herself as she left the room turning the light off. She had been lonely in this big house alone, but now she had a purpose. She had two young girls that seriously needed her discipline... and love.

This is part two in this story. If you liked this one. Please continue to part three. Sophie Goes Bratty.

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