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Alice the New Maid Pt. 2

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Sarah, who is in charge of Alice's training, gets spanked first.
Alice the New Maid Pt. 2

After Alice was spanked by Mr. Clark and was given her maid’s outfits, she was assigned to Sarah, who was in charge of all of the maids. Sarah was a very tall and thin woman, who commanded much respect from the others in the household.

Sarah taught Alice that Mr. Clark demanded that everything had to be done in a certain way, his way. So you had to pay attention to every minor detail. As a maid, Alice would be responsible for keeping the mansion neat and clean, plus serving meals to Mr. Clark and his guests.

Although this was her second day working at the mansion, she really liked the arrangement. She had her very own private bedroom, and could eat at anytime in the kitchen. All she had to do is to let the cooks know when she wanted to eat, and they would prepare her meals.

Since the mansion was so large, there were several maids who worked there. Alice was the new maid, so she was only given a few rooms to keep clean, as well as her own bedroom. One of the rooms she was given to clean was called the parlor. This is the room that Mr. Clark would relax in, as well as entertain guests. It had a very large fireplace in it that always needed to be constantly cleaned. There was also a large bar in it, and Alice was also in charge of making sure the glasses were always clean, and the dirty glasses taken to the kitchen to be washed.

Sarah told her that she was expected to be working, whenever Mr. Clark was awake in the house. Alice also would receive one day off a week, where she could relax anywhere on the property. If someone was going into town for supplies, so could ride along with them. Alice really liked working for Mr. Clark. It was so much better than being in prison.

But then that evening, Mr. Clark walked into the parlor with Sarah, while Alice was relaxing on a chair. What was even worse for Alice, she had decided to have a drink of wine from the bar. She thought that Mr. Clark would not notice, since she took care of all of the dirty glasses.

Alice quickly stood up from the chair and tried to hide the glass of wine when he walked in.

“Sarah. Is this the way you train maids around here? Look, the fireplace is a filthy mess, there is dust all over, and Alice is drinking my wine.” Mr. Clark yelled at the two of them.

“No, sir. Sorry, sir.” Sarah spoke softly with her head down.

“And you, Alice. Do you want to be sent back to prison?”

“No, sir.” Alice meekly replied.

“Then both of you, follow me to my office. Now!”

Once all three of them had entered his office and Mr. Clark closed the door he said, “Sarah, I want you to show Alice what to do when you are sent to my office for punishment.”

“Yes, sir.” Then Sarah walked over to Mr. Clark’s desk, slowly pulled down her panties, folded them, and laid them on his desk.

“Now Alice, I want you to do the same.” Mr. Clark said.

So soon Alice’s panties were on Mr. Clark’s desk, next to Sarah’s panties.

“I am going to punish Alice in the punishment room, but first I want to deal with you, Sarah.” Mr. Clark said. “I want you to show Alice what I expect you to do if you feel you have done something wrong and you need to be punished, or I need to give you a quick punishment.”

“Okay, Alice. Look over here at the side of the desk. Most guests in the house are unaware that these are hanging here. You will see a long wooden paddle with holes in it, a leather strap, and a cane. You will need to decide which one you will be punished with. If you choose the wrong implement, you will be punished both by the one you choose plus the one Mr. Clark believes you deserve. The cane is always for the most severe offense.”

“So most of the time I would want to chose the cane. Correct?” Alice asked.

“It hurts a lot more, but you are safer that way.” Sarah replied. “First, you lay the cane on the desk, and then you stand on this line and spread your legs apart.” There was a thin red line on the carpet, about two feet away from the front of the desk. “Next, you make sure your skirt, dress, or uniform is up above your waist as far as possible. Then you either hold onto the desk, or put your elbows on the desk, and stick your bare bottom out as far as possible. I will show you.”

So Sarah assumed the punishment position, and Alice could see that her naked bottom was totally exposed.

“Sarah, you know why you are about to be punished, don’t you?” Mr. Clark asked.

“Yes, sir. For not training Alice properly.” Sarah replied.

“You are correct.” Mr. Clark said. “And for that, I will give you six strokes of the cane. Please count them out loud for me.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Alice, please stand in back of the desk, so I have plenty of room to swing the cane.”

So Alice went behind the desk, and this way she could watch Sarah’s facial expressions while she was being caned.

There was the whistle of the cane, then CRACK!

“Ouch. One. Thank you, sir. Please give me another stroke, sir.”

“See how nice Sarah asks for another stroke, Alice? I expect you to do the same thing.” Mr. Clark said.

Whistle, Crack!

Alice could see the painful expression on Sarah’s face, but Sarah still said, “Two. Thank you, sir. Please give me another stroke, sir.”

“See how Sarah stays in place, and doesn’t rub her bottom.”

Whistle, Crack!

“Three. Thank you, sir. Please give me another stroke, sir.”

Whistle, Crack!

“Four. Thank you, sir. Please give me another stroke, sir.”

“If you voluntarily submit like this, your punishment will be less severe than if I take you into the punishment room.” Mr. Clark said.

Whistle, Crack!

“Five. Thank you, sir. Please give me another stroke, sir.”

“This will be your last stroke. Stay in position until Alice can see what effect six strokes of the cane has on your bare bottom.”

Whistle, Crack!

“Six. Thank you, sir.”

“Now Alice, come around here and feel the cane marks.” Alice felt the raised red welts on Sarah’s bottom. “Also, Sarah will probably have trouble sitting down for the next three days. Sarah, you can stand up now, but don’t rub your bottom or put your panties back on.”

“Yes sir.” Sarah meekly answered.

“Now Alice, before I take you into the punishment room, I want you to take off your uniform. I want to inspect you first.” Mr. Clark said.

As Mr. Clark sat on the couch, Alice took off all of her clothes. Alice remembered her first inspection, so she walked over to Mr. Clark and stood before him with her hands on her head and her legs spread far apart.

Then Mr. Clark used his long fingers to feel her skin around her exposed sex. “Have you been shaving yourself?”

“I have been doing that for her.” Sarah said.

“Then Sarah, come over her and feel her. You missed a spot.”

Sarah felt around Alice’s sex and said, “You are right. I do feel some hairs. Sorry sir!”

“Sarah, bend over the desk again for two more strokes of the cane. You are setting a bad example for Alice.” Mr. Clark said. “Alice, stay standing there until I am thru with Sarah.”

Sarah was now bent over the desk again, with her bottom completely exposed again.

“If you keep up this poor work in training and supervising the maids, I may need to find someone else to do your job!”

“Please, no sir. I will do a better job for you. Please give me three more strokes of the cane, if I can keep my job as trainer and supervisor of the maids.”

“I think I will do that for you. Prepare yourself for three strokes.”

There was the whistle of the cane, then CRACK!

“Ouch. One. Thank you, sir. Please give me another stroke, sir.”

“Alice, I will always give you more of a punishment if you ask for it.” Mr. Clark said.

Whistle, Crack!

“Two. Thank you, sir. Please give me another stroke, sir.”

“Sarah, if Alice has to be punished in the Punishment room again, you will be in there with her. So make sure she is doing her job properly.” Mr. Clark said.

“I will, sir.” Sarah said. “Please let me keep my job as a supervisor and please give me another stroke of the cane.”

Whistle, Crack!

“Three. Thank you, sir.“

“Sarah, now you can stand up, pick up your panties and leave the room. Now it will be Alice’s turn to receive her punishment.” Sarah left the office and then Mr. Clark opened the door to the punishment room. “Alice, you can turn around now and follow me for your punishment.” 

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