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Alice the New Maid Pt 3

Tags: m/f, spank
Alice is taken to the punishment room for a spanking
Alice the New Maid Pt 3

Mr. Clark grabbed Alice’s arm and escorted naked Alice into the Punishment Room.

“Please punish me all you want, but don’t send me back to prison, sir”. Alice pleaded.

“Alice, I hope you will become one of most valuable staff members.” Mr. Clark said. “But you have to be responsible for your actions. Sarah was punished today because she is responsible for your training, and now is the time for your punishment.”

Mr. Clark sat down on a straight back wooden chair and patted his lap. “In the punishment room, I will always start you out with an over the knee spanking. So drape yourself over my lap.”

“Yes sir.” Alice obediently replied.

“It is good you have learned to always address me as ‘Sir’. Otherwise, I would have punished you for a longer time.”

Alice draped herself over his lap and then spread her legs apart. She didn’t like being exposed like this, but knew she would receive a more severe spanking if she didn’t spread her legs wide. “Please spank me, sir.” Alice said.

“Before I start your spanking, I need to check on how you are reacting to being punished.”

Then Alice held very still while she felt his fingers between the lips of her sex. “You are wet already!”

“I can’t help it sir.” Alice quickly responded.

“That is okay. Many of my female servants react that way while being spanked.” Then Mr. Clark started spanking Alice with his hand. He spanked her in a way that allowed his fingers to wrap around her nice round naked bottom and spank her upper inner thighs as well her whole bottom. He enjoyed seeing her nice milky white bottom turn into a nice shade of pink.

“Now that you are warmed up, please stand up and follow me.” Alice followed him to a wooden device that had a center section that was padded protruded from the wall. It also had two places that were spread apart for her feet.

“Please bend over this and spread your legs apart. There is a wooden bar that you can hold onto. As you see, there are straps so I can secure you in place, but I prefer you learn to stay in place without being secured. If you can stay in place, your punishment will be less severe.”

“I will try my best to stay in place, sir.” Alice said. She never thought that she would ever in a situation where she would voluntarily bend and expose herself like this for a punishment.

Mr. Clark walked over to the wall and pulled down some spanking implements. Then he took one of them and showed it to Alice. “This is called a leather tawse and it always makes a good impression on whoever I am punishing.”

Then Alice heard his footsteps behind her, and then felt the pain of the tawse on her exposed bare bottom. She was surprised how it wrapped around her, and as her spanking continued, she had to concentrate on staying in place.

“You are doing very well. Now I will use the riding crop on you.” Mr. Clark showed it to Alice.

Next she felt the sting of the crop on her already tender thighs and also between her bottom cheeks. She could feel her entire warming up with heat from her spanking.

Alice jumped out of place when she felt the crop hit her on her sex. It really surprised her and it really hurt.

“Sorry sir! It will not happen again, sir. You do not need to secure me.” Alice bent over again and spread her legs.

Alice then felt the crop hit her sex a few more times, as well as many other places on her exposed bottom. She was proud of herself because she stayed bent over with no restraints.

“Now stand up and don’t rub your bottom. Next, you will receive six strokes of the cane.” Mr. Clark said.

“Do you want me over the wooden horse, and count the strokes for you?” Alice asked.

“That would be very good. You are learning to take your punishment very well.”

“I do want to please you Sir. Thank you for punishing me.” Alice said. Alice wanted to make sure she was never sent back to prison. Then Alice went over to the padded wooden horse, spread her legs as wide as possible, bent down and grabbed ahold of the wooden legs.

Mr. Clark liked what he saw. Alice’s glistening sex was fully exposed.

“Be sure and stay in place. If you move out of position, I will give you extra strokes. Be sure and count them out loud and ask for the next stroke. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.” Alice replied.

“Since you have been taking your punishment very well so far, I will start you off with only six strokes.”

Alice remembered how bad the three strokes of the cane felt when she was first punished, but still said, “Thank you, sir. Please give me the first stroke, sir”

Alice felt the tapping on her already tender bottom, heard the whistle, then Crack!

Although the cane stung as much as before, Alice said, “One. Thank you, sir. Please give me another stroke, sir.”

Tap, whistle, Crack!

“Two. Thank you, sir. Please give me another stroke, sir.”

“You are doing a good job with your punishment session. Remember, if you ever feel you should be punished, go to my office and if I am not there, ring the bell four times. Then take off your panties, lay the spanking implement you want to be punished with next to you, and bend over my desk. Be sure your legs are wide spread.”

“Yes, sir. I will remember, sir”

Tap, whistle, Crack!

“Three. Thank you, sir.” Each cane stroke felt like a hundred bees were stinging her in a straight line. Alice still said, “Please give me another stroke, sir.”

Alice then felt Mr. Clark’s hands on her sore exposed bottom. “Your round bottom looks very nice with the markings from the first three cane strokes. Prepare yourself for the next stroke.”

Tap, whistle, Crack!

“Four. Thank you, sir. Please give me another stroke, sir.”

Tap, whistle, Crack!

“Five. Thank you, sir. Please give me another stroke, sir.” She was proud of herself, because she stayed in position.

“This will be your last stroke, if you stay in position. Be sure and stay bent over after your last stroke. Never stand up until I tell you to.”

“Yes, sir. I want to please you, sir.” Alice said.

Tap, whistle, Crack!

“Six. Thank you, sir.”

Then she felt his hands on her exposed bottom. His hands felt her all over and then slowly slid between her legs and felt her wet sex again. “You are becoming one of my favorite naughty maids to punish. But I still want you to do your job properly.”

“I will sir. I want to please you sir and keep my job here.” Alice said.

“Good! Now your can stand up and rub your sore bottom.”

Alice stood up, and gave Mr. Clark a big hug before she rubbed her bottom.

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