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Alice's Second Childhood. Alice's Second Chance

Alice is 18 but acts like a spoiled brat. Her big sister treats her accordingly

Alice’s Second Chance, Alice’s second childhood.




Mom was a good woman. Dad is a good man. Yet my little sister, Alice was, by age 18, a total spoiled brat and a delinquent. She could easily also have ended up being a killer. It is certainly arguable that she deserved to be sent to jail.


Now Mom did not believe in hitting children and she did not. She did, however, understand that the word ‘NO’ needs to be heard and understood by children. She never hit me but I knew what was right and what was wrong. I knew that I could not have everything I want.


I guess I might have preferred a brother but I was quite happy a few weeks after my 10 th birthday when Dad said:


            “Roberta you’ve got a little sister, we’re calling her Alice Joan.”


I do not have a conscious memory of my early childhood. I think, however, that maybe Alice got more of her way than I did. I do not think I was jealous. However even by the time Alice was six I thought there were worrying signs.


Then it happened. Mom was in a bank. Someone tried to rob it. A frightened security guard did not aim properly. Mom died.



I carried on my education. I was already doing well. I got both athletic and academic scholarships so I was able to get to college and do well in Computer Science without any special help from Dad.



It is true that Mom’s death caused real trauma to little Alice. It wasn’t a picnic for me. Dad reacted by trying to be nice to his little girl. I seemed to be coping so was left alone. So little Alice got everything she wanted. I do not know how many au pairs they got through. I think that, by the age of 10, Alice had in effect the ability to sack a hard working adult who did good house keeping but tried to set limits.



I later heard that from age 14 to 17 Alice had minor scrapes with the law. Dad was always able to talk the cops or the prosecutor out of causing any real consequences for Alice.



My aunt Christine, who taught in a state where the paddle is allowed in school, had often said:


            “Alice needs to be spanked, spare the rod and spoil the child.”


When I was 16 and Alice 6, I thought my Aunt was crazy. By the time I was 20 and Alice, age 10, was being a total brat I thought that maybe Aunt had a point.



I was at college by then. It was at college that I got my first experiences of spanking. I thought that to get on, I needed to pledge this fashionable Sorority. Part of the initiation was submitting to a spanking, in front of some Sorority sisters. I wanted status and popularity so I let I happen.


I did not like the idea of being spanked, but I thought that the advantages of Sorority membership were worth it. It was MUCH worse than I thought. For a start there were over 40 drunk or high college girls there to watch.


The next thing was that Jane Graham, one of the few women I have ever met who was both taller and stronger than me, took charge. She unbuckled my belt and pulled down my pants. Next she sat on a chair that had clearly designed mainly with across the knees spanking in mind. Next Jane told me to put my hands behind my back. I obeyed her.   I had heard as rumour that this ‘bondage’ was a part of the ‘initiation’. I expected a token effort. I was wrong.   Ms Graham tied my hands very tightly indeed. I actually thought that this discomfort would likely be worse than the actual spanking. I turned out to be wrong


The next bit was a huge shock. My panties came down too. I said:


            “Hey I never said you could do that, Stop!”


My words were ignored. One hand firmly held one of my pinioned arms, I still felt unsteady and unsafe. The first few spanks, with Jane’s hands hurt a bit more than I expected. Then she picked up a huge heavy hairbrush.


            WHAP! It hurt like hell. WHAP it hurt more. I started struggling and kicking but, strong and athletic though I was and am it was useless. Inside a minute I was actually crying. I think she carried on the spanking for about three more minutes.


I was VERY glad when it was over. I found out that nobody was allowed to pledge this particular sorority until they had been persuaded to really cry during a spanking. At the time of my spanking I doubt that the hairbrush had ever been used to brush hair.



Now I am strong and athletic. I keep my body in a good state. So when Ms Graham moved on I got nominated to take charge of the spankings. Most of the kids who were pledging were really nice. I found it hard to put all my strength into hurting them. A few were incredibly arrogant yuppies that thought they were entitled to all kinds of privileges - I actually found I LIKED hurting those girls.


The next year I left the sorority. I had spanked a dozen new pledges. This was normal. After the spanking, new pledges had to recite a long oath. Now one girl, Amy, had a speech problem. She failed to recite it properly. I was told to spank her again. I did.


Then Amy tried again to speak the words. She again failed. I was again told to spank her. She was already crying. I felt a third spanking of Amy would be cruel and unfair. Forty or fifty sadistic co-eds yelled for more. I was not prepared to do that.


I walked out of the Sorority House never to darken its doors again. I held Amy’s hand. I also took with me the hairbrush. It was an incredibly heavy wooden thing. It had plainly been made mainly for hurting rather than tidying hair.


I got the back of the Sorority hairbrush disinfected. I then found myself using the hairbrush to, err brush my hair.



I attended all little my sister’s birthdays. Until she was about 15, brattily though she BEHAVED, my little sister LOOKED quite adorable. She has those girlish freckles and cute, curly red hair. She was always a pleasure to see. She combined an angelic face with devilish behaviour.


Then it all changed. Alice wanted to be called A-J, rather than her real name.


When I saw her at the party ‘A-J’ was all ‘Goth’. She got her hair treated to be straight. She had it dyed jet black. Then she got into make up. Most of her face was made up as very white. However the make up around her eyes was blood red. Her lipstick was jet black.


A-J had her lower lip pierced. The jewellery she wore on her lower lip and ears were solid silver skulls.


Most of her clothes were also jet-black. She usually wore black pants. However sometimes she had a short black skirt and blood red stockings or panty hose.



Dad had some financial problems. Some of it was the amount of money he had lavished on meeting his little girl’s every whim. He looked like he might go bankrupt.



Alice got very poor SAT scores. She was not to graduate High School. She did not seem to know what she would do. I need you to understand that Alice did not have a learning disability, except maybe laziness. She was allowed not to bother so she did not bother. It all changed one April day.



I am shocked that Alice was able to buy booze so easily. Despite her efforts with push up bras she had rather modest breasts. Mom and dad made an interesting looking couple. She was just less than six foot. He was just over five foot. By the time she was 18 Alice and I were in some ways more remarkable. I am just OVER six foot and Alice just UNDER five foot.


Alice had access to Dad’s SUV. Given her height, even with skyscraper footwear, it was amazing that any bar would admit her but she managed to get lots of beer.


God was smiling on Patrick and James Holly that Sunday afternoon. Patrick was on a bicycle with his 1-year-old son at the back. They had no chance of seeing the car Alice drove far too fast, the wrong way on a one-way street... Alice actually drove her car off the road into a field. She hit the front wheel of the cycle. Patrick and James were thrown off. Luckily there was lots of cut grass. Their injuries were slight. Alice could easily have died herself but a cop pulled her out before the car exploded.




When she was arrested Alice was, as usual, dressed Goth. She had black pants and a black sweater. This time her lipstick was red, but incredibly vivid blood red. The silver skull stud was still in her lips. The rest of her face was made up white as a sheet and her hair died black as coal. Her bra was designed to give an impression that she had more than was the actual case. Silver skulls also dangled from her ears.


I heard that her lawyer had difficulties in getting Alice to change her appearance for her trial, or rather her guilty plea. I saw her there. She looked about 14, maybe younger, and very innocent. It shows how misleading appearance can be.



Now Patrick Holly, the adult victim, deeply believed in his view of Christianity. He urged forgiveness. So Alice was only sentenced to ‘time served’ about 5 weeks, plus a 7 year driving ban. Still of course Alice had a felony conviction. Her brief period in jail removed any help of Alice graduating High School. She had zero prospect of college and very little of getting any reasonable job.


Dad’s debts meant that he had to sell his home. He found a job at a small hotel in Montana. It included accommodation, but not for Alice, who was still calling herself   A-J.




I was doing okay. I had just bought house jointly with Aunt Christine, mom’s brother Bob’s widow. I was making reasonable money but property prices were very high in the town I worked. Plus Christine had just found a new teaching job in the same place. It made sense.


The day we signed the papers on our new home Christine told me of her lovely visit with her friend Brian, a divorced father and his incredibly tall, clever and cute 11 year old daughter, Molly. We had nice home and good jobs.



Alice, on the other hand; was a homeless, jobless and desperate ex con. She asked for my help. I felt she had caused her own problems.



Yet I could not say ‘no’ to my desperate sister, despite her behaviour. So she moved in. Christine and I made it clear that we expected her to find a job. A-J lost her first waitress job and did not seem to be working too hard to find another. Her room was a tip. She was acting like a total brat for the first week of that summer.


I was relieved that she gave up the ‘Goth’ image. However, she quickly found an almost equally frightening alternative. It was the ‘bimbo’ look. Her bras were even more pneumatic. Her beautiful red curly hair had already had all the black dye taken out. However she again arranged the hair to give a false impression of height. And it was again dyed, this time blond. The bimbo look was less unpleasant to look at than the Goth version.   I feared she was more likely to get herself pregnant (or be it with male help.). Her skirts and dresses were always well above the knees. She wore stockings more often than pantyhose.



Christine was studying and preparing for her new post as deputy Principal at the local Junior High. She was hoping to write a book.



One Tuesday things seemed to be going wonderfully. I thought that Alice was finally going to take responsibility.


I was going able to save the extra cost of gasoline. Not that this was high, what with my hybrid car. Christine drove me in to the next town. But first we had to go to get Alice to the bus stop. If she was going the same way we were I would, of course, have driven her all the way.


I had given ‘A-J’ money for her lunch and the bus fare so she could look for a job. I was hoping she would start to learn adult responsibility. She was indeed dressed as a modest, sober job seeker when I dropped her at the bus stop. For instance her skirt went well below her knees.



Christine did some research with actual books and documents at a local library. I did computer work. A job I thought would take 6 hours was over in less than half an hour. Christine had also found the information she wanted quickly. So we had a lovely lunch.



During the lunch I met a lady I knew. She was Dr Mina Shah. Mina worked both as a General Practitioner and a Paediatrician. Just before I left for college Mina had treated both me and little Alice. She asked about Alice. I told the good doctor that Alice had behaved very badly, but that I thought that she had now learned her lesson. Then Christine remembered a lovely old movie in the listings for the TV that afternoon. So we drove home looking forward to a pleasant, relaxing afternoon. Christine and I were feeling good as we drove home.


As soon as we reached the house we had the first shock. Christine’s car was gone. It had sentimental value for my aunt. It was also a classic with some financial value. My new home mate was very smart but not wonderfully organized. She literally did not remember the licence plate number. She was asked about it by the cops when she phoned. She agreed to ring them back.




I heard loud noise loud noise. My Prius had been rear ended in the driveway. I wondered about the damage. Then I saw Christine’s classic car, also a little damaged.


The driver’s door of Christine’s car opened. Out came A-J. She was NOT dressed for a job interview, well not for any job I’d want her to apply for. Her dress scarcely covered her butt. I saw a man who seemed well into his 20s get out of the passenger door.


I was incredibly angry. I thank fate, God, or whatever for something on the table. It was my hairbrush. I saw it just as the front door was opening. For 7 years I had used the implement I had taken from the sorority for my hair. Now I decided to return to its original use. I yelled as she opened the front door.


            “You stupid little brat. You know it won’t be legal for you to drive for years. How could you?”


Then I took full advantage of being the stronger and bigger as well as the older sister. I dragged Alice to the sofa and across my knees. I did not need to pull her skirt out of the way. It was so short that my target was clear.


In a second Alice’s sensual sexy panties were around her knees. Then I too hold of her hands with one hand and grabbed the hairbrush with the other.


            “What are you doing you …?”


A-J could not think the right word.


            “I’m going to SPANK my naughty LITTLE sister. Something that’s long overdue.”


The young man saw the first half a dozen blows. He saw Christine who had come down stairs. The man said:


            “I’m sorry, if I’d known she was that young I’d have never kissed her.”


He then left. Within a minute Alice was crying and kicking desperate to escape,


            “This is child abuse, you can’t…”


I ignored it and the spanking went on for half an hour. She was almost out of tears when I finished. She was also totally defeated.


            “Now, go to the corner, and leave your panties where they are. Oh and keep silent!”


Alice obeyed. Then I talked to her.


            “Now Alice Joan you are 18, so what I did could not be child abuse. If you want to call the police, that’s fine. I think I will get a fine for a minor assault. But you, well you’ll go to jail for driving illegally and using a car without permission.”



From that day, Alice’s life then changed totally. We did some research. Firstly we removed most of her intimate hair. Then we found a specialist bra shop. A-J had worn bras designed to give maximum emphasis to her chest. All those bras were given to a good will shop. Instead we found ‘training bras' tending to flatten her front. We also found folk who would fill in the ear (and other) piercings.



For the big shopping expedition we chose Saturday because we knew it would be crowded. Except when we were in the car or Alice was actually in a bathroom stall either Christine or I held Alice’s hand very firmly. A lot of the time we both held hands with her. In department store after department store I came out with this line:


            “Alice is tall for a 9 year old, but still very childish. I am worried about her getting precocious. I think she thinks she should be treated as an adult. It’s not as if she’s mature for her age. Have you any suggestions. Think 7 rather than 11.”


The 18 year old, dressed in pink overalls, just kept silent.




Aunt Christine and I had taken our freckled little girl to a half a dozen shops and found quite a few suitable outfits for her. At the very last shop we visited we found an amazingly helpful, if very young,   shop clerk. Norma Johnson was an African American who looked like she was still at school. She suggested a sailor type dress. It was sized for my sister but was not likely to be the first choice of many girls over the age of 4. It was quite short. I wondered whether we would get away with it.


            “Do you have a fitting room for children?”


Norma Johnson, who was indeed schoolgirl with her first Saturday job, smiled:


            “Well, they’re mainly for grown ups but I’d like to see how this young lady looks so I’ll take you there.”


The room was bigger than I expected. It allowed the lady trying things on to be looked at by a friend or two before committing herself to the extent of going into the store in whatever it was she was trying on. Christine helped a reluctant Alice into the new dress.


I liked what I saw. Alice did look cute in the short childish frock. Christine took a photograph. It looked really amazing. I stood next to her. I wore heals and my hair right up. Together with my natural height advantage we really looked like a mother and a rather young daughter.


The sales lady came in.


            “You look like a really nice little girl Alice. If your aunt buys you pretty dresses like this there is no risk of YOU growing up too fast, despite being so tall for a 9 year old.”


The clerk remarked. There was a slight problem. Christine saw it more clearly than I did:


            “Yes, but there’s something that worries me. The dress is so short. People get glimpses of her cute heiney and panties. Now there are so many men who have quite the wrong idea of little girls.”


I was thinking along the same lines. There was an element of truth. I had a suggestion:


            “Christine is right. It does suit Alice, but some guys see short dresses as sexual. Could it be in the same style, but just a little longer?”


The clerk had another idea:


            “I see your concern. I have an idea, can you give me a minute.”


The lady went out. She came back with some tights. They were pink and ribbed. Christine and I smiled. They seemed an ideal solution. Alice’s reaction was different


            “Are you blind you f****ing, n*****, bitch. I’m not a baby, I won’t wear toddler clothes.”


I was secretly pleased that her performance was so like a toddler, even including Alice stamping her feet. Christine apologized.


            “We are really sorry. We do not tolerate that kind of behaviour or language.”


I noticed a bolt on the door and pulled it locked. We were going to need some privacy. Then I looked at my still angry 18-year-old sister.


            “Alice I think you have something to ask.”


            “Not here, not in front of…”


In thirty seconds I grabbed my sister, found the comfortable chair and had her across my knees. Up went the short skirt of her dress. Down came her panties, the ones with Minnie Mouse cartoons on them. Out came my hairbrush. There was one last bit of defiance:


            “You CAN’T, not here.”


Then with all my strength I landed three heavy whaps on her bottom. She started to cry. I carried on with the whaps for about ten minute.


            “Now young lady, stand in the corner there. Hold up your dress and leave your panties round your knees, then have you something to ask Christine.”


The place had mirrors placed so that you could see how you looked from the back. We adjusted one. Alice could quite clearly see her pale pink left buttock and the other cheek as red as a rose.


The clerk suggested that Christine and I try on some adult stuff so we could keep the dressing room. This worked out quite well. She also remarked:


            “I wish a few more Moms were as good as you at letting kids know what is acceptable.”


After the 4 minutes of corner time I told Alice:


            “You know what you deserve for defying your elders. I think you have something to ask Aunt Christine


Alice obeyed, she asked:


            “Aunt Christine, I’ve been VERY naughty please spank me very hard.”


Christine is left-handed. She borrowed the same heavy former sorority hairbrush. Again the 18 year old cried. After another 4 minutes of corner time. I said to Alice:


            “Tell Ms Johnson here what happens when you use naughty words.”


The subdued 18 year old said:


            “My mouth gets washed out with soap.”


I said:


            “Since it was Ms Johnson here you were so nasty to, I think you should ask her something.”


            “Pretty please, will you take me to the rest room and wash my mouth out with soap.”


Norma had a problem:


            “I would love to do it, but maybe not on company time.”


I gave her our address and phone number.


            “So if you came about half past seven, Alice would just be ready for bed. Then she could have the soap taste to remember all night.”



Alice left the shop in her new dress and tights. We bought more in the same style. Dressed as she was and without any money or ID we felt that we no longer needed to physically hold her hands.


We found a children’s play area. Alice had to pretend that she really enjoyed using swings, slides and things like that. Maybe she did. Christine and I kept a good eye on her and we discussed our plans.


            “You know my Jane Alice would be 10, if she had not died.”


I remembered. I had felt really sorry for my aunt who had lost her only child and her husband in the same year. At 49 she would now have little chance of having another baby. The two girls had Alice in their name because of an ancestor who had been a real heroine in the 19 th century not only fighting for suffrage but also teaching former slaves in Mississippi (a very dangerous job.)


            “So we could pretend she was the other Alice. She could start school as a 10 year old. She’d be believable. And she still has an incentive to get people to believe it.


            “But I do not think we should tell her about our plans. And I know that Brian worries about Molly. She is very mature and responsible, but she is 11. He wonders how he’ll manage. Well my job does not start until fall. If Alice came with me I could keep an eye on both. I think it would be good to tell Molly that Alice is 9.”


I had Alice Joan’s school reports from 8 and 10 years earlier. They showed her as being a potentially bright child who was lazy, disobedient and difficult. Frankly they seemed to suit her very well. They were hand written, and not well. So changing the appearance of the years concerned was not hard. Christine, of course, still had Alice Jane’s birth certificate. It was not going to be hard to get the 18 year old admitted to 4 th grade, if she seemed mature enough. But these were plans for the end of the summer.


After letting “the child” have some time “playing” we needed to buy some other things. Principally we needed some suitable soap. I checked on safety issues. There was an effective carbolic soap, which was really good at getting rid of germs and dirt but safe even if kids swallowed a bit. We also bought our child one toy to play with, a Betsy Wetsy doll.


Since Alice had behaved badly she would need to be sent to bed without supper. I ordered HER favourite pizzas, which were delivered. We also had coffee Ice Cream, which both Alice and I love. She stood in the corner silent whilst Christine and I gorged ourselves. Her tights and panties were down enough to show of her heiney, which was still fairly red. Her short dress was pinned up just to make sure. At 7pm it was bath time.



Christine insisted on supervising Alice’s bath time. By 7.30 the 18 year old was washed, dry and in her new ‘jamies, with feet on them and cartoon characters. I found a large plastic bib. I heard the doorbell go. It was Norma Johnson, the shop clerk. I led her straight up to the bathroom. Alice knew what she had to say and she said it.


            “I used VERY naughty words to you Ms Johnson. I need to be punished. Pretty please will you wash my mouth out with soap?”


Norma managed three applications with a VERY soapy washcloth. Then the child was in bed, to stay until 7am. She was NOT given a chance to rinse her mouth out.



We had to organize things quickly. Christine packed what she would need. I packed lots of Alice’s new clothes. I booked the train trip. I double-checked. There were two advantages of going by train. The first was that it would mean that we would cause less pollution than going to Brian and Molly by plane. The other I will come to later.


Christine would stay with Brian for the rest of that summer. I would have to be home by Monday. We had breakfast and left just after 8am. A bit before 9am we had a visit to make. I held my sister’s hand. She knocked on the door.


            “May I have a word to Ms Norma Johnson?”


A lady, her mother or grandmother, had come to the door. She called up




Alice curtsied to Ms Norma Johnson. I should add that I think Ms Johnson probably had just a Saturday job. She would have been 16 or 17.


            “Ms Johnson, I forgot to say thank you for washing my mouth out with soap. I do thank you. I really needed it and you were very good at it. I also want again to apologise for my language and behaviour.”


During the car journey to the train station I explained the situation:


            “Alice, for the rest of the summer you are 9. You can be 18 if you want us to call the police about your latest crimes. Now as a 9 year old you will refer to me as Aunt Roberta and you will talk to your Aunt as Aunt Christine. For other adults you will say Mr or Ms or Dr or Reverend as the case may be.


            “You also need to know that my hair brush and the rest of the carbolic soap are in easy to reach hand luggage.”



We had reserved three seats on the train. Where we sat there was a little table. Alice was sat next to the window and therefore furthest from the corridor. The train was quite crowded.


About half an hour into the trip my sister said:


            “Bobbi, I’ve got to get up.”


I ignored her. A few minutes later she said


            “Aunt Roberta, please.”


I then whispered into her ear. I made clear what I expected of her. She changed her tone.


            “Aunt Roberta, Alice needs to go potty.”


Christine got out of the outer seat. I took Alice’s hand and held it firmly. I carried a bag in my other hand. She guessed some of what was going to happen.


            “Roberta, give me some dignity.”


The rest room cubical on the train was relatively large. It was designed to suit the needs of handicapped people if need be.   It was also gave enough space for me to sit down and have Alice across my knees. First I insisted that Alice wash her hands after using the rest room then I said:


            “Now we need to deal with some disobedience. What have you got to say?”


I looked at her. My efforts had worked.


            “Aunt Roberta, I’ve been very naughty please spank me very hard.”


I lowered to top of the toilet seat. I sat on it. She was dressed again in the sailor dress and tights. I pulled down her tights and then her cartooned panties. I carried on spanking until she cried. After the spanking I said:


            “Now someone needs to learn to address adults properly. You need to learn what you can say. Just a reminder about your disrespectful tongue.”


I then washed her mouth out with soap. I did not have the time to do as complete a job as Norma Johnson had the night before but I think she realized she would have to be careful of what she said.


Once we had returned to our seats I said:


            “Why don’t you play with the lovely toy Aunt Christine bought?”


So she had to spend a lot of the train journey feeding and changing Betsy Wetsy.


I was not able to stay for very long with Brian and Molly. I did have a night train to catch. However I heard some things explained to both of the little girls.


            “Molly, I know that you are only eleven but your father tells me that you are very mature and responsible for an 11 year old. Alice, I know that you are only a quarter of an inch shorter than Molly but you have been much less mature than most 9 year olds.


            “So we are going to have to supervise Alice much more closely. Molly, we don’t want you telling tales for the sake of it but if Alice is difficult or disobedient we need to know.


            “Molly we know that your father is not sure about whether it is right to hit naughty children and that in any case you have never been REALLY naughty. Unfortunately, for a long time, Alice was VERY, VERY naughty and got away with it. So sometimes her aunt will have to spank her.”


It was Brian who carried on with the explanation


            “Aunt Christine does love Alice. She does not like hurting her but Alice needs to learn to behave like a responsible child or else she can NEVER be a responsible grown up.”


Molly noticed several things. Firstly Christine supervised Alice in the bath. Secondly Alice had a bedtime, 8pm even though it was summer so there was no school. Thirdly that Alice’s footed pajamas were very childish.


Molly and Alice had to share a room. I heard that Molly only teased Alice a little but did enjoy being treated as in charge. We had discussed how to deal with Alice with her father over the telephone. He thought what we were doing was drastic but something drastic had to be done.





I went to collect Alice at the end of the summer. Christine explained:


            “Our little girl has behaved much better than before. I only need to give her seven spankings and three mouth soapings. I think that Molly was disappointed. She likes it when Alice is naughty because she gets to watch.


            “Alice has also had to write about five thousand punishment lines.”


I had some accounts of what happened over the telephone. To tell the truth I had found reading out loud very hard. I had to put a lot of effort into it. Alice had also found this hard. Her father had allowed her not to try.


Now, Molly found reading out loud easy, easier in fact than ordinary reading. Of course Christine insisted that Alice and Molly take it in turns to read to the younger neighbor kids. It made the short freckled 18 year old feel inferior to the tall 11 year old.


Until that summer Alice had worn disposable contact lenses. She is very short sighted. We stopped buying those. Christine describes finding a particularly patronizing optician specializing in children’s needs. Instead of letters he used pictures of things like teddy bears, elephants, cars. He also offered styles of glasses, which emphasized childish status.


Christine told me what she had said to Alice:


            “If you are a VERY good girl this summer you will get to go back to school. You may even graduate next year.”


I arrived on the Saturday morning. Christine remarked:


            “Alice has been naughty. She borrowed one of Molly’s dresses without her permission. Have you got something to ask your big sister, Alice?”


Alice knew it was easier to ask for a spanking and get 1 than to be spanked for not asking for a spanking and to be spanked again for the original offence.


            “I’ve been a naughty girl. Pretty please spank me very hard.”


Alice had graduated to a jumper style dress. It was more what you would expect for a girl between eight and ten. It went below her knees. She wore ankle socks rather than toddler style tights. Once I had her in position I took my time pinning her dress and petticoat out of the way and pulling down her panties, still with cartoon figures on them, down to her knees. I noticed her butt. On the left hand you could see some evidence of what had happened over the last few weeks. The right cheek was almost as white as snow.


After 10 minutes she was crying like a baby. Her right bottom cheek was a red as a rose.


We had a big lunch with all Alice’s favourite things. Alice did not get to eat anything; she stood in the corner with her panties around her ankles and holding up her dress and petticoat.


We then told Molly her story.


            “So the naughtiest silliest little girl is really 18.”


I smiled and said


            “Yes, she is. Maybe she should be in jail. And we still might have to call the police.”


Christine then explained:


            “You know that my own little girl died when she was a baby. My Alice Jane would be 10. She would start fifth grade. I’ve got her birth certificate.


            “In our school district you graduate from what they call elementary school at the end of fifth grade. We promised that Alice would get to graduate from school next year. She has been relatively good so she will have a chance to graduate from school, ELEMENTARY school, if you get good enough marks in the tests.”


To my surprise it was Brian who informed us of another need to punish Alice:


            “I understand that you think lying is a particularly bad habit in little girls.”


Christine and I agreed.


            “Alice did you tell the truth when I asked you whether Molly had said you could borrow her dress?”


The girl in the corner answered.


            “No, I did not.”


Of course a mouth soaping was called for. I made a suggestion which Molly and Brian agreed to. So I walked Alice up to the bathroom. I put the plastic bib on her. Molly, not quite 12, sat down on a chair. Alice knelt on the floor. She opened her mouth.


Actually I think that Molly’s small hands made her more efficient at washing the lies out of our naughty young lady’s mouth. At the end of the proceeding Alice curtsied, apologised and thanked Molly for what she had done.




The train journey back was without incident. I showed Alice that I had put the heavy hairbrush, a washcloth and carbolic soap into a bag I carried. I put my hand onto the bag a couple of times when I worried.


Alice spent the trip reading “Little Women”, “Good Wives” and other sequels in Louisa May Alcott’s series.



Alice fitted into 5 th grade surprisingly easily. We had some worries about whether she would reliably get to school. As it happened the elementary school was in walking distance. Usually either Christine, who Alice now addressed as “Mommy”, or I could get her to school.


There was one, particularly effective, status reinforcement. It was the fact that we always insisted on firmly holding her hand when we walked her to school. About a dozen other 5 th grade Moms also walked their kids to school. Only one other mother insisted on holding onto her 10 year olds hand, and he had some other problems too.


We also made sure that Alice was collected from school and walked straight home. Much of the time Christine was able to do this. She could do her lesson preparation at home. Some days I walked her back. When neither of us could manage we asked Norma Johnson, the shop clerk who so approved of her discipline, to baby sit.



One afternoon I was a little late. I heard Alice’s voice amongst other loudly singing:


            “Cry baby bunting, Mommy’s gon a hunting…”


Then too they yelled


            “How’s Betsy Wetsy, do you need your dydees changed?”


Alice and four other girls were picking on a young girl who was crying.



The victim of the bullying was Jessica Walker. It happened that her older brother, George, was in the class that Christine taught. We found out the whole story. Jessica’s father had become very ill. She was worried he might die. One effect of the stress was bed-wetting. A nasty girl called Ann, from Alice’s class saw Jessica’s Mom buying dry nites.


Up until that morning we had thought that Alice’s behaviour was improving. I had thought of taking her to the mall as a kind of reward. Now we had found out what a vicious little bully she was that was out of question.


We telephoned George and Jessica’s mother. She agreed to our plans.



Christine and I walked Alice to Jessica’s home. She knew what she had to do. She curtsied:


            “Jessica, I want to say I am very sorry for what I did. I would like you to visit my home at lunch time so you can find out how sorry I am.”


George arrived at lunchtime. Just before lunch Alice said:


            “I’ve been a VERY naughty girl pretty please spank me and wash my mouth out with soap.”


Jessica got to watch whilst Alice went over first my knees and then Christine’s. She also came up to the bathroom and watched the mouth soaping. I had thought that Alice had learned her lesson. As instructed she said to Jessica:


            “And on Monday I will tell Ms Peters what I did and tell her about Barbara, Ann and Darlene’s role in the bullying.”


Jessica forgave Alice. We decided to let Alice eat with the rest of us.



Again on Monday I was the person who was due to collect Alice from school. I saw her chatting and laughing with Barbara, Ann and Darlene in the corridor. I had a question:


            “Did you have a chat with Ms Peters?”


She hesitated.


            “I err, I was going to but they’re my friends.”


I said clearly:


            “You lied, that needs to be dealt with here now.”


I grabbed her hand and pushed open the girls’ restroom door.


            “You can’t, not here, not now. PLEASE!”


I ignored her pleas. She resisted but it was not hard to get her into position. She was screaming kicking and resisting but the spanking went on. Barbara heard. She encouraged her friends to come in. A first grader also arrived and saw.



Jessica told me what happened the next morning. It as during registration Alice put her hand up. She told Ms Peters, in front of the whole class:


            “Ms Peters, I have been very naughty. I have bullied Jessica for something she cannot help. I made friends with Barbara, Darlene and Ann who joined in.”


Now, as I said, this state did believe in occasional use of the paddle. Ms Peters had not used it before in her twelve years of teaching, but faced with such bullying she consulted the principal. All four girls got paddled.


It got better. I talked to the mothers of the other girls. The other parents did not believe in hitting kids. However each of them wore a t-shirt the following week saying:


            “I am a bully and a brat.”



Best of all it meant that Alice had to find more suitable friends.


One morning Alice insisted that she was very ill and could not go to school. I thought she was lying. I decided to take her to Dr Shah. I had phone ahead and was told that it would be okay. We had to wait most of the morning in a waiting room full of crying babies and their mothers.


The first thing the doctor said to my baby sister once she was sitting down in the office was:


            “I need to take your temperature…”


Alice opened her mouth, reluctantly.


            “Not that way. You had better lie on your front.”


She folded her arms and shut her mouth. I lifted her legs so that she went onto her back on the soft flat examining area; I pulled her cartooned panties out of the way. It was just as if it was time for a diaper change. This meant that the good doctor could do put the thermometer in the correct place for an immature person.




I thought I had turned things around Alice graduated elementary school. She was not at the top of her class. But well there were some very smart people in that class- for instance Jessica Walker. I guess she tried harder than her first effort at graduating elementary school but she still did not have the love of learning that I would have liked to see


Christine and I also insisted that Alice took her share in household chores. We were worried about too much water consumption so we did not buy a dishwasher. Since Alice could not drive to the market and frankly could not be trusted to cook she did a lot of the dish washing. She also now knew that her bedroom would be regularly inspected. Alice also learned the proper use of an iron and a vacuum cleaner. She once said:


            “You’re rich, why don’t you hire an au pair?”


That caused one of the few spankings she needed the following spring. Children should NOT criticize adults and juvenile delinquents have no right to criticize anyone.



I was making a lot of money. I was able to help Dad start a new business two towns away. He came to visit his daughters quite often. He never failed to say:


            “Alice, you are incredibly cute.”


When she once complained I bought a set of prison orange jump suits. Alice decided that Mary Janes and jumpers looked better on her.


Alice did well in Junior High. We had chosen a small school, which sometimes allowed kids to skip a year. To be fair to Alice, as she approached her 21 st birthday, she was less boy obsessed than the other girls at the school. She did more school- work than other girls. (Nearly all the boys did as little schoolwork as possible.)


The plan was that the year of her 21 st birthday my sister would graduate from Junior High.


We had made plans for her to be at a High school in a slightly different area. We did not want people to notice how little she was growing.


I was glad we had a lot of money for another reason. I met a guy called Victor, during a business trip to England. I had thought he wanted marriage. It turned out that Victor wanted mainly to be a daddy. Although his condition did not impair sexual and reproductive functions Victor had barely a year to live.


Victor got to see Victoria. He only lived 3 weeks after her Christening but I was glad


I planned to take a few years with my daughter rather than working outside. That summer I found I had to supervise two babies.



Dad had done some research. He found a genuine and apparently safe medical process for helping breasts to grow. That was to have been Alice’s 21 st birthday gift. As things turned out quite different gifts were bought. As it turned out Alice would need to be treated that summer as MUCH less mature.



Thinking back maybe Victoria was part of the reason for Alice’s regressive attitude, which we were to find out about. My own boobies, though larger than Alice’s had been less than impressive. Of course they got

much better in preparation for Victoria’s needs.




Christine and I chatted about her ‘daughter’ Alice. She had a morning in. I was spoon-feeding Victoria who was approaching her first birthday. Alice, along with the other children at the Junior High had taken the tests. She would indeed graduate from Junior High. I had found a High School where she would not be known. The ‘tall 11 year old’ would seem like a short 16 year old. All would be well.


I explained my feelings:


            “I have to say that sometimes I liked spanking Alice. I do not feel good about that, but on the other hand I think overall we have done a good thing. If we had done nothing Alice would have ended up in jail.”


I have to confess that I was concentrating too much on my aunt and had forgotten how long I had left Victoria in the High Chair. I had stopped feeding her some, truth to tell, not very appetizing looking baby food.


Christine was about to go out. She had a job interview for Principal. Victoria pushed a bowl right onto Christine’s smart grey interview suit. It got worse. Victoria laughed and so did I. Luckily Christine just had the time to change. Then everything changed!




I got a phone call from the school. Alice had been the ringleader of a huge food fight. It also turned out that she had sold several of her friends vodka and hard cider. Half of the girls in the graduating class were drunk. All the domestic staff, many students and several teachers had been assaulted with various items of food. Alice was VERY drunk.


Christine had, quite rightly, turned off her cell phone because she had the interview. By the way I think that Alice was the only student in her year forbidden such a device. I drove to the school. I found it quite hard to get my very drunk daughter into the back of the car.


There was one bit of good luck. Brian and Molly had moved to our street. Molly was not going to start her new school until the fall so she could keep an eye on Victoria.



Just after six that night I had sorted out Victoria. She had thrown up on her baby grow and soaked her cloth diaper. I was, of course, used to dealing with an infant approaching her first birthday. I went into see my soon to be 21 year old sister. She too had thrown up and wet her clothes and her bed.



The school did not want publicity. It was agreed that the delinquents would be allowed a graduation certificate but not to go to the ceremony. A report of their behaviour would be put on their permanent records. Also they would each have to personally apologise to the individuals they had thrown food at.




Alice Joan’s 21 st birthday was in May 16 th . We had originally planned it as a real celebration. For sure few 21 year old needed to be ready for occasional mouth soaping and spankings. On the other hand she had far more prospect of graduating not only High School but also, eventually, from college and finding a job than seemed remotely imaginable 3 years earlier.


Before the drunken food fight, we had planned to pay for a long vacation. Dad’s new business was going quite well. He had researched an effective and safe means of her growing her breasts, one of the things that most embarrassed her.


Of course after what she had pulled in April that would be out of the question.



Just after breakfast on May 16 th we gave Alice some gift cards. They contained the copies of certificates for what she would have received had she behaved well. Included were vouchers for a trip all over America and the breast treatment. All were stamped CANCELLED!


I then said:


            “You won’t have the presents we were going to give you, but we have bought you lots of gifts.”


I handed her the first gift. She opened the package.


            “Thank you, but why would I need so many towels?”


I should explain that Victoria’s British aunt had sent me three dozen ‘terry nappies’. They are the British type of old fashioned cloth diaper. They are basically 24-inch square towels.


            “They aren’t exactly towels, these go with them.”


She opened the small package with large safety pins.


            “And these.”


The waterproof baby panties, in Alice’s size with an allowance for the bulk of the diapers, were transparent.


            “I will NOT put diapers on.”


Christine then explained things:


            “You don’t have to. Of course babies do not diaper themselves. However 21-year-old brats need special treatment. What do you say when you have been defiant?”


Alice curtsied and asked for a spanking, Christine and I both obliged. During her corner time the doorbell went. In came lots of young ladies. Molly was in front. Another new guest was Jessica. A dozen victims of the fight were there. They included Rosemary, a 12 year old.


As soon as the girls arrived I pulled a string. Down came a huge poster saying:


            “Alice’s baby shower.”


Molly had opened a large gift. It was a diaper-changing table. As luck would have it little Victoria’s diapers were also slightly damp. I changed my daughter’s wet diapers. Just before I started I lifted my 21-year-old sister onto the larger changing table. At the same time as I was unpinning Victoria’s single, slightly damp diaper Rosemary took charge of Alice. Molly lifted Alice’s legs. Rosemary slipped a diaper folded into a kite shape under Alice’s ass. Then she tightly pinned the diaper in place.


Christine then explained:


            “Because Alice is such a large baby we will need extra absorbency.”


Again Molly lifted Alice’s legs. Again Rosemary slipped the second diaper under the 21 year old. It was pinned in place. Then a third followed. On went the plastic panties.


The next gifts were a frock and a pair of blue tights. Alice could see that they were identical to those her little niece was wearing. I guess, with her dress being so short, Alice liked having the toddler style tights covering her new underwear. However the bulge under her tights allowed most people to guess at what was on underneath.


     “I know how Alice likes SHORT dresses.”


I said as I buttoned her up at the back


The next clothing gifts were different to Victoria’s. There were several pairs of mittens. They were so designed that once clipped in place the ‘child’ would not be able to use her hands to say unbutton clothes or unpin diapers or indeed feed herself.


Lots of other gifts were bought. There were some adaptations to the single bed Alice had. There were boards at the end and bars for the side. It as turned into a crib. If need be there was also a section which could be sealed on top.


Alice’s bed, now crib was moved into Victoria’s room.


            “Molly is going to help with babysitting so she will be staying with us. She gets your room.”


I explained to Alice. I also told her.


            “Until Victoria starts walking you will not. You are not to say anything except baby talk. Also your clothing will always match little Victoria’s.”


Other gifts included an oversized netting style playpen. It was in a lobster pot shape. From the outside Christine Molly or I could pull a lever and the thing would be four foot or we could raise it to just over six feet.


With Alice’s short stature, her feet covered by the tights and the mittens she was just as safe in her playpen as little Victoria was in the much smaller pen next to her.


Our guests joined us in the kitchen with Rosemary babysitting. The television had DVDs of tele tubbies to entertain Victoria and Alice. It was, indeed, Victoria’s favorite. I happened to know that teletubbies deeply irritated Alice. That made it a particularly suitable choice of entertainment for the two of them.


At about half past eleven Rosemary came into the kitchen.


            “Alice keeps fidgeting and I think that Victoria has wet her diaper.”


I came into the front room. Alice said:


            “Roberta, please, I need to go to the bathroom.”


I at first ignored her. Then I leant down and checked Victoria’s diaper. It was indeed a little damp. I talked to my 1 year old.


            “Who’s a little Miss water works, let's get you changed.”


I rapidly got Victoria out of her only slightly wet diaper and into a clean one. Then I addressed Alice:


            “I told you that you were to use baby talk. By the way you can go to the bathroom any time you like. BABIES go to the bathroom in their dydees. It is time for your first feed. I have some spare milk that Victoria does not need. I expressed it into a bottle.


            “However because you have been naughty and pretended you can use big girl words we will fill your baby bottle with VERY soapy water instead.”


Just before our main meal I fed Victoria. I believe that even up to and a little after a child’s first birthday it is good for babies to be fed properly. Molly sat on the sofa. She had Alice’s head in her lap. She fed her the bottle full of soapy water. At first Alice was fidgeting like anything. Then she stopped fidgeting. Molly remarked:


            “I think baby Alice has her first wet diapers, shall I change her?”


I smiled:


            “With real babies you change them as soon as their diaper is even a little bit wet. But Alice only ACTS like a baby. With Victoria we must make sure she never has a wet or stinky diaper for more than a few minutes. With Alice we can check her diapers whenever Victoria needs changing, but not at other times. If Alice is wet or stinky we can change the babies at the same time as Victoria. Otherwise Alice can stay in wet or stinky diapers for however long.”


Molly was not sure:


            “But might that mean that Alice will get diaper rash?”


I smiled:


            “If she does, it will be a suitable part of her punishment.”


In the kitchen I had been showing the girls how to cook a British desert called an apple crumble. It is easy to make and really yummy. I love it. So does Christine and of course Alice


However the girls were also cooking vegetables. We chose the ones Alice most hated. They had to be thoroughly cooked. Then they had to be blended. At a little after noon I undid the wrapping on a huge gift. It was a High chair designed for a baby of Alice’s size. However it had extra straps.


The first of eight girls, all under 16, started spoon-feeding the bigger baby. I had, of course, picked baby food that Victoria liked whilst I fed her. The two infants sat next to each other. Molly and Rosemary made sure that Alice did indeed have to swallow lots of veggies that she did not like. However they managed to get a fair amount on her face and on her bib.


The doorbell rang. The Pizza deliveryman came. I am sure he saw Alice in her High chair sitting right next to Victoria.


We all ate our Pizza and took turns in feeding both babies. Then we had apple crumble and Ice cream. It was divine. We also fed little Victoria some of it. She loved it. Alice got a different desert, stewed prunes.



Now you cannot possibly toilet train a girl of 11 months. However sometimes a mother can notice something. I noticed it. Very quickly I had Victoria’s tights and panties down and her diaper unpinned. I think the cold of the potty-chair helped baby empty her bowels.


            “Its going to be that much longer before Victoria’s diaper actually needs changing.”


I said, after I had wiped her tush and repinned the still totally clean and dry diaper on my little one.


Christine lifted Victoria into her small netting playpen. I, being bigger and stronger, unstrapped Alice and lifted her into the larger pen. Just after I pulled the lever to make sure the netting went over Alice’s head I could see, hear and smell something.


            “I think baby Alice has stinky diapers. Well it’s not change time yet.”


Now we have quite tall fences in our back yard. I pushed the lobster pot playpen into the back yard and left Alice in very poopie diapers for nearly 3 hours, on her own.


It was a nice day. We pushed the changing table outside. Alice had the embarrassment of lying right next to Victoria who I changed. Molly and Christine saw to Alice.



Had I been a judge I would have sent a person who had driven as dangerously as my sister more than three years in jail. She would expect to spend her 22 nd summer behind bars. Alice did indeed spend the nights of that summer behind bars, or be it crib bars.


We also added things to Alice’s feeds to make it easier for her to have soggy or stinky dydees




As it happened Victoria suddenly started walking surprisingly well. That meant that Alice was allowed to toddle rather than crawl.


Unfortunately Alice had not understood that baby talk was compulsory. She had soapy water feeds more than my milk feeds. We found out that it was possible to buy oversized pacifiers. I bought some for baby Alice. This was not enough, Alice often refused to use her pacifier. Then I had an idea.


We drove Alice and Victoria to the beauty place we had taken Alice to all those years ago. We parked a little way away from the shop. Victoria travelled in the stroller. Both Alice and Victoria wore green corduroy jumper style dresses, which tended to show off their diapers. They did not have tights because it was too hot.


Christine pushed my daughter along in a stroller. I stood right behind my sister. I was so close behind that you had to look closely to see the toddler reins I held.


Both little girls had their hair put into pigtails with cute ribbon bows. However Alice needed some other treatment. When she had first came to see us she had her lip pierced. We had asked the beauty place to remove the piercing.


Now we asked that the piercing be put back in place. However it was not needed for jewellery. Instead it provided anchoring for tiny rings, which held the pacifier in place.



Alice spent the whole of that summer being treated very much the same way as Victoria. However there were some differences. Alice needed some little trips across my knees, Christine or Molly’s. Now Molly was not yet 15 and maybe not as strong as I was. However I think the shame of such a young teenager having the authority to spank her helped reinforce Alice’s status.




Now I had been lucky with a paediatrician. Mina Shah had helped to care for Alice both times she was a child the first time. Alice had been difficult and rude. Dr Shah also had a general practice. It was, therefore possible for the Paediatrician to look after the 18 year old treated as 9 year old and then a ten year old.


Dr Shah was also a friend. She did a house call. She checked over Victoria and she was fine. She checked over the 21 year old treated as a 1 year old. Again she was fine but for one problem Diaper rash. She prescribed some cream.



I think the most embarrassing time for Alice was when she was invited to Maria’s birthday party. Maria was Rosemary’s sister. Maria was 4. Most of the kids at the party were little ones of her age. Some of them used as potty-chair but most used ‘the big potty’. They all understood that little Victoria needed diapers. All thought that Alice was very pathetic for needing diapers.



Two weeks before school was to restart we stopped adding the stuff to her feeds. One week later we decided she could be potty trained. We had an oversized baby potty. For the first two or three days we left her in actual diapers and had her ask for the potty. I think this also helped with Victoria’s training.


Alice was indeed, just about, able to get out of diapers and go to High School on time. However even on that last weekend Alice had daytime accidents. We decided that training panties were needed. We made them specially. Basically they were plastic panties with terry cotton linings. At night she absolutely NEEDED diapers until well after her first Christmas at High School. Dr Shah gave a note to allow Alice to avoid any activities, which would involve changing in front of the other students.



Jessica went to the same school High School. It was not the one most of the kids from her Junior High attended. Jessica did NOT tell the other girls ALL the truth about Alice. They did not know about her criminal record. Jessica did not tell the other kids how Alice had spent the summer between Junior High and High school. Jessica did not tell them about Alice's particular underwear.


However Jessica did make sure that all the kids at the High School know how badly Alice had behaved and how little she was trusted. All the kids at the High School knew that Alice was collected and taken to school. Jessica, officially a year younger than Alice and in fact six years younger was known to be baby sitting the High School girl with the troubled past.


Jessica keeping Alice’s previous accidents secret was quite ironic. Jessica did NOT forget to make sure that everyone in her class knew that Alice still got dragged across adult’s knees. Most of the kids at that school had been spanked in the past. I think that only 1 other child in Alice’s year still got spanked.




Alice did graduate High School and got to college. The college was not far way but too hard to commute. In the summer between school and college Alice had worked in a clothing store. Norma Johnson had a job supervising,


I felt it was necessary that her employer knew the truth about Alice’s past. I gave her that information. I also leant her hairbrush.


Ms Johnson got a promotion to another store near the college Alice was to attend. Ms Johnson agreed to look after Alice and offer accommodation. She kept hold of the hairbrush.


Alice now looks like having a reasonable career. We make sure she always has a female boss who knows her history. The old sorority hairbrush gets handed from boss to boss. Alice is now very good at doing what she is told.




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