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Amanda's Fourth Report

Amanda shadows another Surrogate and learns some surprising aspects to spanking
The Article 5th July 2011

Amanda Jones third article in her series on the disciplinarian service offered by SDL and RDL, this time shadowing RDL disciplinarian Ruth Atkins.

Ruth Atkins is 29 years old, slim, smartly dressed in a blue skirt that stopped just above the knee, a white short sleeved blouse, and a jacket. Quite the business woman actually.

“I trained as a school teacher and was a firm believer in corporal punishment which I discovered if used correctly produced well behaved and well balanced young ladies. When it was banned in the school I was working at, I looked elsewhere and found RDL, a way to continue to teach young ladies right from wrong.”

I thought shadowing Ruth Atkins will be educational to say the least. It was a Saturday so the daughters who were at work would be at home, or at least not be at the office.

Ruth opened her electronic diary. The first call of the day was at a house not too far away. The two girls, Recipients, were on work placements and living away from home, sharing a house organised by the Company they are working for. They were also members of the same social networking site and over the last few days have been sending messages to each other and several friends berating their Mums about being overly controlling although specifically omitting their employment of RDL. Some of the messages were really quite rude although no doubt the girls were thinking they were being so clever. Unfortunately, for the girls that is, one of them had forgotten she had allowed her Mum to be a friend so long as she didn’t send any messages and so she saw the whole trail of messages.

Both Mums were RDL Clients who spanked their daughters when they lived at home and sought to duplicate the discipline regime now they were living away. One of the girls Mum got more and more annoyed with her daughters bemoaning comments and particularly the references to her being controlling and decided the time had come for her daughter to be disciplined. First though she copied the messages and circulated them to the other Mum. Both Mums’ were of a like mind so they planned how to deal with the girls. On Saturday night they established that both girls were going to the same party so were bound to sleep in the following day. The Mums both sent an instruction to RDL to send a disciplinarian first thing on Sunday but only to email the girls at 9 o’clock that morning.

One of the girls, Francis, was a Recipient of Ruth and the other, Carmel, of another RDL disciplinarian, Sarah Perkins and they liaised over their action plan. Ruth waited until 9 o’clock and sent an email to both Recipients, one on her own behalf and the other on behalf of Sarah Perkins. She knew the ring tone set for the girl’s mobile phone was a special one for RDL notifications and wasn’t surprised at all to get a very quick response from the two Recipients who knew anything less than quick risked a greater punishment, rather like ignoring an annoyed Mum.

Ruth loaded her bag in to the car and we drove to the house. We arrived at the same time as Sarah Perkins. It was unusual having two different disciplinarians for two Recipients in the same house but occasionally it happened, like today. We walked up the pathway and Sarah rang the doorbell. There was a scurrying around inside and when the door opened there were two young ladies standing there. We entered and were shown in to the living room. There was rather more room in the living room compared to the bedroom where punishments normally took place. The two girls had the whole house so they weren’t going to be disturbed.

Ruth and Sarah took out their papers and Ruth explained that the girl’s entries on the networking site had been monitored and found to be rude. I was watching both girls looking very uncomfortable albeit looking at each other seemingly unsure how their Mums had got access to the site, until Carmel put her hand to her mouth, said, ‘Oh dear no,’ and remembered she had given her Mum access.

The Francis wanted to press for an answer but Ruth said firmly, “There will be plenty of time for you girls to work out how. For now you have to get ready for your punishment.”

Ruth ordered both girls to remove their skirts and knickers and in just a few moments both were naked below the waist. I have to say they were very obedient, not contesting the decision nor refusing to follow the instructions given to them. I reckoned I was looking at two girls well used to being put across a disciplinarians lap.

“Hands on heads girls,” Ruth ordered and two sets of hands shot upwards and rested on the tops of their heads, their fingers intertwined.

Sarah walked behind each girl and asked, “Name please.” Each girl gave her name and as Sarah ticked the name off she pulled her hand back and gave the girls bare bottom two hard smacks, one on each bare bottom cheek. This was a common thing to do as if a girl was going to contest her punishment she will say something early on, at the first smack in fact. Sarah and Ruth exchanged knowing glances when there were no objections although there were a couple of ’ow’s.’

Sarah and Ruth pulled two chairs in to the room facing each other. They each held a hairbrush which they placed on the floor by their side, close to where each girls face will be when across their laps. The girls were biting their lips and looked distinctly uncomfortable although seemed to be resigned to what was about to happen to them.

Ruth announced, “Francis, get your mobile and then come to me,” and the first girl collected her mobile and walked over to her and stood by her side.

Ruth then explained to Francis, but for my benefit, her Mum wanted her to telephone her when she was across her lap, patted her lap, and Francis obediently bent across.

“Phone girl, your Mum is expecting the call.”

Francis dialled.

Sandy spoke to Carmel. “Your Mum spanks you in the nude, so please take the rest of your clothes off girl.”

Carmel seemed to know the order was coming and straight away started to remove her clothing. Carmel has a good figure as we all saw in the next few moments. Sandy insisted Carmel put her hands back on her head and seemed to delight in the girl’s discomfort, and I believe in the power she now welded over the naked girl.

Sandy stood up and explained Carmel’s Mum insists on guiding the naked Carmel around by her ear. Carmel scrunched her face as Sandy placed her thumb and finger around Carmel’s ear lobe and judging from the way Carmel gasped it was pretty clear that Sandy was squeezing hard, and as she pulled Carmel’s ear so the naked girl followed head first as Sandy led Carmel to the chair and sat down, still holding Carmel’s ear tightly. Sandy simply kept pulling on Carmel’s ear as she guided her down and across her lap. Seconds later and Carmel happily bent down across Sandy’s lap, shuffled a few inches as Sandy positioned her and she lay ready with her bare bottom, a very spankable bottom it must be said compared to so many others. Carmel already had a red ear and must know her bottom’s colour will soon follow suit.

Francis and Carmel were now both obediently bent across their disciplinarians lap, their hands on the floor, their legs just dangling an inch or two above the floor behind them. It was clear this wasn’t the first time they had been disciplined by RDL.

Francis had connected with her Mum and everyone heard the conversation as it was on loud speaker, as she told her Mum she was across the disciplinarians lap about to be spanked, that she was sorry about the comments and agreed they were rude. There were other people at the other end of the phone who it turned out were family members who usually watched Francis being spanked by her Mum. It really was like a spanking that the Mum might carry out in front of the family.

Her Mum gave the clear instruction to start the spanking. Ruth looked across at Sandy, they nodded to each other, raised their hands together, and brought them down hard on the respective bare bottoms on their laps. The sound of the double spanking filled the room. Then Francis spoke again, answering questions from her Mum.

Ruth listened to the conversation, but there was no break in her spanking rhythm and she gave Francis several hard hand spanks. Francis gasped as spank after spank thrashed down on her bottom but knew whatever she said her bottom was going to be a deep shade of red before her punishment was over. Francis was forced to respond to her Mum’s scolding even though her legs kicked and her bottom stung the longer the spanking progressed. Francis said fairly often just how sorry she was and her Mum berated her. What was clear however was just how close this was to a spanking by her Mum in front of her family and brings home the way the RDL service duplicates the home discipline session as closely as possible.

It transpired that Ruth knew Francis met frequently. Hers was a bottom she knew very well indeed as she had Francis across her lap almost every week, just about as often as her Mum did when Francis was living at home.

Whilst Ruth was spanking Francis, Sandy was spanking Carmel. It was different to see the wholly naked girl flail around, her breasts bouncing as she squirmed around on Sandy’s lap. Every now and again Sandy stopped spanking Carmel, pulled her ear so she faced upwards and berated the poor girl before letting go of her ear again and continuing to spank her.

These were two quite different spanking techniques. Francis was spanked almost as though she were at home with her Mum and others listening on a loud speaker phone as she is scolded and spanked with background comments from those listening on the phone although drowned out by the gasps and sobs of the now crying Francis. Sandy on the other hand was giving her charge a specific type of punishment, a spanking in the nude and subjected to the humiliation of having her ear pulled. Now her bottom was every bit as red as her ear.

Sandy and Ruth glanced at each other until both indicated they were happy they had sufficiently spanked the girls with their hands, and together stopped, had their Recipient hand them the hairbrush on the floor and started spanking both girls quite methodically. There was no more talking from the girls, and even Francis’s family stopped directing any more questions. They did however continue to make comments about how much Francis deserved her spanking, which Francis must have heard but was crying too much to answer.

Both girls had to suffer some two hundred spanks with the hairbrush and it was spellbinding to watch the bare bottoms flow and ebb as the hairbrush bit in to the young bottoms, and their legs kicked, their mouths opened to let out louder and louder screams before Ruth and Sandy stopped spanking them.

Ruth told Francis to stand up holding the phone. Her Mum started to berate her again and seemed to understand her daughter was in no condition to answer but just stood holding the phone whilst sobbing and sniffing as her Mum told her in no uncertain terms she must not be rude about her to her networking friends.

Sandy grabbed hold of Carmel’s ear and yanked her up, Carmel desperately stopping herself grabbing Sandy’s hand.

Both girls were told to again put their hands on their heads. Carmel still looked rather sexy as she stood in the nude, and it was then I realised her nipples were so taut. She was aroused by the spanking. Quite something I had to admit. I looked at Francis who I saw had a tear stained face, and it was then I realised I was so intent on watching Carmel’s breasts that I failed to see how tear stained her face was as well. Strange, but it set me thinking that spanking in the nude maybe adds both humiliation and excitement to the ordeal, certainly for anyone watching but quite likely for the person being spanked.

Ruth told the girls their Mums now expected both girls to apologise by sending messages to the networking site. Both girls looked aghast when they were told they must state in their messages they had been quite rightly spanked for it. I looked at both girls who froze. Clearly they did not want to make any such admission to their friends. They both spoke together which I just about made out said they would make the apologies but not admit to being spanked. They pleaded that they are both 22 years old and not all their friends were still spanked.

What a factual statement. Not all. So a fair number of their 22 year old friends were still spanked. I wondered how many were RDL Recipients.

I was shaken from my wonder by Sandy who stood up, grabbed hold of Carmel’s ear again squeezing hard pulled her back to the chair and in one movement had her back across her lap.

Francis’s phone exploded in sound as her Mum said, “I knew it, so I authorised another 100 spanks with the hairbrush if you refused.” Francis gasped as Ruth pointed to her lap and Francis practically fell forward and across her lap.

Both girls must have known another 100 spanks will leave their bottoms not just red sore and stinging but bruised as well and all before 10 o’clock in the morning. The sound of two hard wooden paddle brushes on two bare bottoms filled the room again and the girl’s shrieks of pain were louder than before. Ruth and Sandy kept their spanks hard, not letting up, as after all they were following their Clients instructions and knew the girls would have been suffering the same fate if at home.

After 100 spanks the spanking again stopped. Sandy yanked Carmel up by the ear. Ruth slapped Francis’s legs a few times to encourage her to stand up, and again both girls stood in front of the two disciplinarians. Francis’s Mum again asked the girls to admit on the social networking site they had been spanked and this time both agreed straight away.

Then the kickback. Francis’s Mum said, “Right, consider yourself grounded at the RDL office and you must send the messages tonight. I will expect to see them before 9 o’clock or I will have to contact RDL again. You both know where the office is.”

I again realised both girls fully expected the extra punishment and Ruth explained that for both these girls grounding was a natural consequence of a spanking when at home. The office is about a 15 minute walk away. Ruth offered both girls a lift but I gauged neither fancied sitting right now. I noticed neither had put knickers on after their spanking but put them in their handbags, no doubt to be put on when they reach the office. I remembered that was where I first saw Ruth and knew it was unlikely either girl would get another spanking so long as they sent their messages by 9 o’clock that is.

The girls left the room to wash their faces as they got ready to leave. After just a few moments we heard them giggling, as though the spanking was forgotten. Should I be surprised? Probably not as I remembered whilst being spanked hurt afterwards the real pain was when sitting down not when standing so maybe giggling is OK.

Ruth was about to go when Francis came out to say goodbye, but also, almost surprisingly, asked if it would be possible to be spanked again that afternoon rather than have to be grounded all day. Ruth was quite professional when she told Francis that was up to her Mum if she cared to call her. Francis said she would think about it and went back to Carmel.

I saw this as yet another example of where the disciplinarian duplicates the punishment that would have been given by the Mum. Francis could quite easily ask her Mum if she could have a second spanking rather than be grounded had she been at home and her Mum actually spanked her. Again the punishment fits exactly what the Mum would have given, and her Mum might well decide to commute the punishment, or not. Francis was free to ask. It seemed she decided against it, probably because she knew her Mum would refuse anyway perhaps?

Francis and Carmel came back in to the living room. Ruth and Sandy produced the paperwork and sent the emails off. Francis’s Mum thanked Ruth over the telephone. We got in the car and watched the girls walk off down the street, both talking quite happily it seemed although walking with an uncomfortable limp and both rubbing their bottoms. We knew they had been spanked long and hard but no one else would, unless their bottom rubbing gave it away. Ruth allowed herself a smile as she watched the girls who will have sore bottoms for several hours.

We bade farewell to Sandy who drove off. Ruth checked her diary the next job involved a new Recipient, 21 years old and at Uni. Her location was a 15 minute drive during which we relaxed. I reflected on just how seriously the two disciplinarians took their job. It wasn’t just the fact they spanked the girls so hard. They both gave the type of discipline the Mum’s wanted. Talking on the telephone and ear pulling are quite specific types of discipline and the Mum’s can specify this when first entering in to the contract with RDL. This personalised style of service is quite fundamental to the satisfaction achieved by the Mum’s. One can easily argue it is also comforting to the Recipient, knowing they will be disciplined just like they were at home by their Mum’s. So, satisfaction and comfort, not two words one would normally associate with a spanking, but appropriate nevertheless.

The next visit showed how the service copes with different circumstances. Ruth was due to see Hannah for her first visit. Her Mum had requested a hand spanking followed by the strap. An interesting entry in the application form was that if Hannah resisted then she should get 6 to 12 strokes of the cane. It wasn’t clear why that should ever be necessary bearing in mind Hannah had to agree to the terms of the RDL service, but nevertheless Ruth had a cane with her.

We arrived at the house and rang the bell. A young girl let us in but said her name was Liz who is also 21 years old. Ruth asked for Hannah but was told she wasn’t there. Now this was quite extraordinary. Ruth checked and had received confirmation from Hannah she would be there, so where was she? I watched as Ruth considered the facts. After all Ruth had experienced most situations and I think saw Liz looked on the nervous side. Ruth read her body language and acted on it.

Ruth was stern with Liz and demanded she call Hannah now, and by now she meant right now. To add emphasis Ruth got out the strap and the cane laying them on the table making Liz believe she intended using the implements on someone’s bottom. Liz got more nervous and left the room. Her voice carried though and she was heard on her mobile telling Hannah she had better get back here right now. 30 seconds later and the front door opened and a rather sheepish Hannah came in.

“Nice of you to honour your appointment,” Ruth snapped.

“Sorry,” Hannah replied. She looked sorry, sounded sorry, and I had no doubt was sorry. After all she knew what the contract said and she was looking at the cane as she made herself sound so sincere.

A minute later and Hannah was naked below the waist and across Ruth’s lap. Ruth gave Liz a stern look and told her to sit and watch. Liz said she couldn’t wait as she was meeting her Mum in a few minutes at the shops. She caved in though under Ruth’s glare and sat down. Liz asked if she could call her mum, and Ruth said she could. Liz started explaining her delay when Ruth started spanking Hannah whose gasps were clearly heard by Liz’s Mum.

“Tell her,” Ruth snapped knowing her voice will be heard down the phone. Ruth spanked Hannah as she listened to Liz explain to her Mum that her friend Hannah was being spanked by a lady but no she didn’t know who she was but Hannah’s Mum arranged it, because Hannah had promised to help her sister with some of her homework but went to the pub instead.

Liz’s Mum made a comment and Liz blushed and pursed her lips. I wondered if her Mum thought RDL might be worth looking in to.

Ruth kept spanking Hannah who was squirming around on her lap and gasping as so many others have done. Hannah’s bottom was already a lovely shade of red as were the tops of her legs. It didn’t help that Ruth was so annoyed with Hannah at least she acted as though she was as she saw a business opportunity here. That would be Liz of course.

Ruth finished hand spanking Hannah and deliberately asked Liz to pass her the strap and glared at her as she walked over, picked up the strap, went over to Ruth and handed it to her, and I noticed Ruth put her hand over Liz’s as she took the strap and stared straight in to her eyes as though this could so easily be her. Liz blushed, swallowed hard, but dared not move until told to with a hiss from Ruth and she looked at the floor as she scurried back to her seat, and from the look on her face knew Ruth wasn’t someone to be messed with. Except she had.

Ruth held the strap firmly as she lay it across Hannah’s bottom before taking a deep breath raised the strap above her head and thrashed it down on Hannah’s already reddened bottom. Hannah cried out in pain and her bottom bounced around quite exquisitely. Liz kept blinking as she glanced upwards at Hannah’s bouncing bottom as the strap hit her literally dozens of times. The tears flowed down Hannah’s cheeks but like Ruth I was quite detached from the pain Hannah was suffering. This was about disciplining a naughty girl because her Mum wasn’t here to do it. A service that had to be given for the girl’s own good. Ruth had to leave her feelings at home, albeit she provided the service with relish.

Ruth also looked out for business opportunities. Here she was spanking Hannah for the first time so already knew Hannah was a given, a girl who’s bottom will be spanked often because her Mum believed in discipline. She was so apologetic when she arrived that Ruth knew this girl’s bottom was going to be a regular sight across her lap.

Liz though was the business opportunity. Ruth kept looking across at her and made it clear from her looks that the two of them must have a chat. Ruth kept spanking Hannah with the strap until her bottom was more than adequately red. A crying Hannah was told to stand up and face her disciplinarian and without asking rubbed her bottom. Ruth didn’t tell her to stop. This need to rub was a natural one and the girl will automatically do whatever she does at home. If her Mum didn’t let her rub until told she may then the girl would be so distressed by her spanking she simply will not rub until her disciplinarian told her to.

Ruth knew from the notes that Hannah’s Mum allowed her to rub as soon as she got up. It never ceased to amaze me that normally discrete girls would rub their bottoms stepping from foot to foot with their hair covered pussy’s in full view. Was it was just that we were all women? Hannah’s hair was glistening as though damp. Was it perhaps a sign of her arousal at being spanked? I looked across at Liz and wondered about her pussy. Was she damp?

Ruth crossed her legs and her arms and stared at Hannah until she calmed done some. Hannah was still sniffing when Ruth said she now had to deal with her failing to turn up on time. Hannah looked horrified and as Ruth glanced across at the cane on the table Hannah followed her gaze, rubbed her bottom even faster and started to beg. Ruth didn’t stop Hannah begging and rubbing until Hannah realised she was blubbering and stopped. Ruth simply said a few choice words. “Twelve I think.”

Hannah sobbed.

Ruth stared again at Liz. “Was it your fault Liz?”

“What?” Liz’s voice was a pitch too high. It told Ruth that Liz was to blame.

Ruth told Liz to tell the truth. Liz closed her eyes for a moment, opened them again, and admitted to Ruth she was to blame. Hannah was still sniffing as her bottom stung as Liz admitted she had told Hannah she was too old to be spanked and that she would get rid of the disciplinarian for her. She told Hannah to go around the corner and would call her when Miss Atkins had left. Liz pleaded, “Half of me reckoned it wasn’t real anyway, like whoever heard of a service where strangers call on you and spank you.” Liz stopped a moment, thought, and added dolefully, “Now I know it’s real.”

Liz looked repentant and Ruth had assessed Liz correctly. She just had to turn it around to her business opportunity. She turned to Hannah and reminded her that the contract provided for the cane if she was late, as though her Mum knew she would try it. Everything said the cane would have to be used. That is until Liz suddenly said quite forcefully to Ruth it wasn’t fair to punish Hannah as it was her that convinced Hannah to try to avoid the punishment. Ruth let Liz dig herself a bigger and bigger hole before asking her, “If Hannah doesn’t deserve to get a second punishment then maybe you do Liz.”

Liz stopped arguing. She just said, “Really?” Her voice was almost squeaky as though she hadn’t thought about the consequences. Ruth said yes really, if Hannah didn’t get spanked then Liz would have to be.

Hannah and Liz looked at each other and that was when Ruth played a trump card. She threw out almost a challenge. If Liz agreed to be disciplined she would be hand spanked, but if not then Hannah would get the cane. Hannah looked with pleading eyes at Liz. It was Liz’s turn to sniff before turning to Hannah and saying rather despondently that she hadn’t been spanked for nearly two years.

Ruth remained unreceptive to the begging and knew she was winning. The tone of Liz’s voice was now almost acceptance, and after all saying she hadn’t been spanked for two years was accepting her next spanking was imminent.

Ruth knew better than just to spank Liz. If she were to get a new Client she would need Liz’s Mum to sign up to RDL. Ruth told Liz to phone her Mum and get her agreement, and of course let Ruth tell her the cost of the spanking. Liz objected but Ruth shot back that someone has to pay. Hannah’s Mum will pay for the caning but a spanking is cheaper. Hannah stepped in and begged Liz again to accept the spanking. Liz conceded and rang her Mum, explained what had happened and passed the phone to Ruth who said a spanking was well deserved and if she liked she could send all the details by email if she were close to a computer. In fact Liz’s Mum was at work.

Ruth kept talking to Liz’s Mum explaining the service as she got her email ready to send. Ruth sent off a standard package of information that was already been set up on her handheld and which only needed a few specific details added, like name and address. It incorporated a brief outline of the RDL service including a suggested list of misbehaviour that typically earned a spanking, a rather clever list produced by RDL’s marketing department as it included many standard reasons why Mum’s spanked their daughter’s like for lying, back chat, over drinking, general rudeness and the like. Most Mum’s would readily relate to the list. All Ruth had to do was add the specific act of naughtiness which in this case was actually the first item on the list, lying. The contract was attached. Ruth asked Liz’s Mum if she had any queries. In fact she had just one question. Was she the disciplinarian who had just spanked Hannah? Ruth answered she was. Seconds later an email came back agreeing to the terms.

Ruth pointed out Liz had to agree to participate. Liz’s Mum asked for the phone to be handed to Liz. It was clear what she was saying from the way Liz kept saying, ‘Yes Mum,’ time and again.

Liz handed the phone back to Ruth and asked sheepishly, “Where do I sign?”

Ruth said sternly, “Where do I sign, Miss Atkins.”

Liz repeated those same words, bit her lip, and looked resigned to being spanked.

Ruth put the phone to her ear and Liz’s Mum said she thought the strict way she was dealing with Liz was very good indeed. Ruth thanked her and closed the call.

Ruth sat on the chair, ordered Liz to take down her skirt and knickers, guided her across her lap, told her to get used to the position, and proceeded to spank Liz’s pert bottom long and hard. Liz’s bottom was turned a deep almost luscious red before Ruth stopped. Liz stood up rubbing her bottom and tears ran down her face.

Hannah had stood obediently watching her friend being spanked, still rubbing her bottom, still sniffing, but at least happy she wasn’t going to get the cane. Hannah told me later on she would never be late again. She hated the cane and in fact her Mum had only ever caned her once and she screamed for ages afterwards. She knew she was mad to have listened to Liz and yes she was stupid and won’t ever do it again.

Ruth scolded both girls again as she sent off emails to Hannah’s Mum and Liz’s Mum, copies to the two girls, and also printed off copies which she left on the table which of course she hoped would be seen by others which could offer more business leads. Ruth and I left the two sobbing girls who were still knickerless but in each other’s arms trying to calm the other down. I half caught Hannah kiss Liz on the cheek and wondered if the rest of their clothes would follow their knickers and the two naked girls end up in bed together. Ruth told me if she were a betting women, which she wasn’t but if she was, she would expect to find them in bed together rubbing each other’s hot bottoms and wet pussy’s. She was probably right.

We got back in to Ruth’s car before checking the diary for our next visit. In fact there was a gap of two hours before the next appointment so we decided to go for a coffee and I took the opportunity to find out more about Ruth.

When Ruth was growing up at home she was often left in charge of her siblings and quickly learnt to control both her younger sisters who was a year and two years younger than herself and indeed her older sister as well. By the time Ruth was 18 she insisted she have spanking rights and her Mum allowed it after one particular incident when a huge party was held at the house without permission and the mess took ages to clear up. After that Ruth spanked all three of her sisters regularly and even produced a list of misdeeds for them that would lead to an automatic spanking.

So when Ruth decided to leave teaching and saw both SDL and RDL advertise for staff she applied and decided RDL suited her better as she didn’t particularly want to live in which is an SDL requirement.

What is also true of Ruth is how she is always looking for the business development angle. She described one such occasion. She had to visit a young lady of 23 years of age who was away from home doing a low paid internship and who she had already disciplined on several occasions. This particular time Ruth was spanking the young lady when her house sharer came home together with the sharer’s Mum who was there just for the day. Ruth continued spanking the young lady as the two women walked in to the living room. Apparently whilst the sharer looked quite shaken the sharer’s Mum first looked shocked then when she saw her daughter was subdued she realised this wasn’t the first time.

After the spanking was completed and the young lady was tending to her very red bottom, Ruth heard the sharer arguing with her Mum in the kitchen. Ruth knew pretty much what the argument would be about. The Mum would be saying the service sounded like a good idea for her daughter who was objecting loudly. Ruth entered the kitchen just as the sharer’s Mum was saying that her daughter was always short with her verging on the rude, and the sharer responded saying that of course she was always short with her Mum as the allowance she gave her was nowhere near enough and she had asked her Mum to up it.

The Mum acknowledged Ruth as she came in and stopped arguing with her daughter and said to Ruth that she had spotted the RDL paperwork last time she was there and had meant to ask her daughter then what it was about but forgot. Ruth explained the service very briefly but the Mum understood quickly. She turned to her daughter and said she was minded to take her daughter to her bedroom and give her a spanking herself. However, maybe RDL should have a go at correcting her behaviour. The sharer shouted back at her Mum she wouldn’t always be so annoyed with her if she increased her allowance so she had some spending money.

That’s when Ruth stepped in, suggesting by way of a compromise that the Mum increase the allowance and in return RDL was appointed to deal with any subsequent misbehaviour by the daughter for which there would then be no excuse. Both Mum and daughter stopped and considered the proposal. The Mum was the first to react and said she agreed. The daughter was more reluctant knowing she was opening the door to an unlimited number of trips across the disciplinarian’s lap but Ruth had gauged it correctly and knew the daughter would lose face if she reneged and she also very reluctantly agreed. Ruth produced the paperwork on the printer at the house, both Mum and daughter signed, and another Client was won.

I suppose I knew the answer already but Ruth confirmed she had dealt with the sharer’s bare bottom on a very regular basis since then.

RDL know Ruth is their most adept disciplinarian when it comes to business development. “She has a nose for new Client’s,” Mrs. Compton, MD of RDL told me. On one occasion a Mum questioned whether Ruth had the ability to control her wayward daughter, so in front of the daughter Ruth took the Mum across her lap and gave her a long hard spanking with her hand and a wooden paddle. The Mum admitted Ruth was easily capable and was still crying as she rubbed her bottom with one hand whilst signing the contract with the other. The daughter was laughing saying how much she had enjoyed watching her Mum being spanked but stopped laughing when her Mum said, ‘How dare you laugh young lady, get across my lap.’ Ruth stepped forward and said, ‘Allow me,’ and took the daughter across her lap and gave her as hard a spanking as she had just given her Mum. Ruth left both Mum and daughter crying telling the Mum it was a free demonstration. The Mum thanked Ruth between sobs.

Mrs. Compton told me within minutes the Mum had emailed the contract to RDL, with both hers and her daughter’s signature, and Mrs. Compton felt it was no coincidence the new Client gave RDL an instruction the following day to discipline her daughter for rudeness. Mrs. Compton told me that the Mum later sent her an email admitting the quick instruction to spank her daughter was ordered ostensibly because her daughter deserved it but primarily to compensate for the free spanking the previous day and she made a special thank you to Ruth giving a very large tip.

Mrs. Compton explained, “This new Client was ever so complimentary about how Ruth dealt with the whole situation,” and added enthusiastically, “Ruth is one of our stars.”

I must say it was a privilege to shadow her.

Behind The Article: Amanda’s Thoughts and Actions:

The day spent shadowing Ruth was a thrill from start to finish. We are now lovers and know how to turn each other on. Ruth is very school-mistress’ish which I find very sexy and I readily address her as Miss or Miss Atkins whenever we are alone. Her naturally strict tone of voice sends quivers through my pussy and I have a whole list of things that if I fail to keep to will earn me a spanking. Not as long a list as with my Mum, as that now totals 35 items, but enough to be disciplined on a regular basis. So I get disciplinary spankings from both my Mum and ‘Miss’, but don’t mind at all really as I still find my disciplinary spankings a turn on.

I have experienced the sexual side to spanking as well, a good hard spanking before making love to Miss and if being spanked is necessary to keep my lover happy then give it to me is what I say.

Ruth has spanked me so many times but it was exciting to watch her spank the Recipients. I could savour the arc of her arm, the way her head bent as she aimed the strap or the cane, the way she watched the girls cry out and gauge whether she was hitting hard enough. So exacting.

I stay at Ruth’s place most weekends now and have lost count of the number of times she has lowered my knickers and put me across her lap. It’s not that she brings her work home, not really. She is such a professional at work and only spanks her girls the way their Mum’s want them spanked. At home though she gets to spank me the way she likes. Her discipline spankings are very different to her erotic spankings. After all, whilst there is my list of things that earn me a spanking it is just as often she gives me an erotic spanking, pre-lovemaking, and they can be painful but delicious.

Whether it’s erotic or discipline she makes me feel secure, loved, and I willingly comply with her whims. Her short fuse means I have to be on my toes but know she is happiest when controlling me and I know Ruth is as turned on by spanking me as I am being spanked by her.

Ruth’s loves to spank me naked and sits with folded arms and crossed legs as she watches me take all my clothes off. I know a discipline spanking is about to be given but I like being naked for it anyway. I look down at her and wait for her to grab me by the arm and pull me down and across her lap.

She has such a hard hand and can hand spank me for ages. Then she rests, rubbing my bottom in circles and then the next stage of the spanking is harder. After another long unbroken spanking she rubs my bottom again then spanks ever harder. She loves using a wooden paddle. Not a hairbrush but a proper spanking paddle and boy can she make me cry with it. When I’m really naughty she uses a school cane, a senior one, and makes me bend over standing with my legs well apart, dropping my tummy and raising my bottom. I have to count each stroke and say, ’Thank you Miss.’ I hate the cane but love it as well. It is such a wicked implement and so painful, but when I look down at Miss’s bare and oh so sexy legs I know when she is arcing the cane downwards.

Discipline spankings are followed by facing the wall time, usually 5 minutes with my nose pressed against the wall and my hands on my head. Miss will scold me and give me a hard smack every now and then so by the time my wall facing is over I am so aroused, my pussy will be ever so wet by then. Of course Miss knows that, and whilst she will always give me a hug and a kiss afterwards, she won’t always make love straightway, forcing to wait in my bedroom alone until Miss is ready. Yes, so controlling. She will wag her finger and with a wicked smirk tell me I have been too naughty and will give a very final ‘No wait until I say.’ So wicked, but I almost come as I slouch away and have to tend to my very sore bottom on my own, determined never to break another rule but knowing I will. I know that is how ‘Miss’ controls me and I love her for it.

I am generally spanked in private. There are two exceptions. The first is when we visit Ruth’s Mum or sisters. Because Ruth’s Mum still spanks Ruth’s sisters, even though they are 27, 28 and 32 years old, spanking is standard in the household. In fact when Ruth is staying there her Mum likes Ruth to take over spanking duties when any of the sisters need to be disciplined. So when I was naughty that first time and was spanked in front of all of them it was humiliating as I had never had an audience before, but after that it was something I became used to and don’t dread anymore, in fact being spanked in front of them is a bit of a turn on now.

The second exception is more recent. Ruth and I were having dinner at my Mum’s. We argued and I lost it I suppose. Ruth said, ‘Right young lady let’s go to your bedroom and teach you not to be rude.’ I was horrified as Mum didn’t know then Ruth spanked me. I looked at her and knew I was blushing, but I was brought right back down to earth when Mum said, ‘You deserve it Amanda, and frankly I was about to say the same.’

Ruth stood up, but Mum said, ‘No need to go upstairs, spank her here and I can watch.’

Ruth agreed, turned her chair in to the room, I stood up and walked over to her and held my arms up. Ruth lifted up my skirt put her thumbs inside the waist band of my knickers and pulled them right down to my ankles. I swallowed hard still not sure I wanted my Mum to watch me being spanked by Ruth but knew I had no say in the matter. Ruth was in control of our relationship, something I readily agreed to and have happily accepted.

Luckily Ruth did not spank me fully naked. She tapped her knee and I knew that meant I had to bend down across her lap. I lowered myself down until my hands were on the floor and my tummy was across her lap. Ruth rubbed my bottom a few times and then started to spank me. It was a discipline spanking with a methodical spank after spank up one side of my bottom then down the other side, on and on, such hard spanks. I knew my bottom was being turned red.

I looked up and saw Mum’s legs. She was standing and I knew looking down at my bare bottom. I supposed that as Ruth’s family had watched me being spanked several times now being watched by my own Mum wasn’t so bad. It didn’t help though that Mum and Ruth were chatting, about me as Ruth spanked me.

‘How often do you need to spank Amanda then?’ Mum was almost matter of fact. Ruth replied with a fake weary tone, ‘So many times I can’t tell you.’

Great, I thought, so now Mum knows Ruth spanks me a lot.

It got worse. Mum said, ‘I thought so. There were a couple of times I spanked Amanda the day after she had been staying with you and I was sure her bottom was still red.’

Ruth almost laughed when she said, ‘Yup that will be me.’

Mum then said in a questioning tone, ‘There was one time there was what looked like a cane line.’

‘That was me as well. Amanda sometimes needs the cane, when she is really naughty.’

All the time Ruth was spanking me, on and on, as she was having this crazy conversation with my Mum. All this talk of me being spanked by Ruth and my Mum and then the cane. I wanted to scream to them both to stop.

Mum was saying, ‘You sure can spank very hard with your hand Ruth. I can see Amanda is already struggling. Very good.’

Ruth replied, ‘Normally I use a paddle as well but I don’t have one here. Erm, do you have a wooden backed hairbrush maybe?’

Mum answered, ‘Something better.’

I again wanted to scream. I knew what Mum liked to use, and it was right here in the kitchen. I saw Mum’s legs through my tear filled eyes going to the draw. Seconds later she came back over to us and I heard her say, ‘Ever try this?’

‘A wooden spoon, long handled, yes, one of the Mum’s who is an RDL Client likes me to use it on her daughter.’

‘Oh right. Of course, your work. I use it on Amanda and she hates it.’

‘Well I’ll use it now then. Ta.’

I saw Mum hand Ruth the wooden spoon and I felt the head on my bottom. Ruth tapped it a few times, lightly, but I knew it won’t be light for long. There was a gap and then I could feel Ruth’s thighs tense and next second my bottom exploded. The head of the spoon bit in to my bare already stinging bottom. What I did know was that as hard as Mum spanks me Ruth spanks even harder and the spoon will sting much more in Ruth’s hand. I was right. I was bucking and squirming as Ruth spanked me with that spoon and I knew then it would become a regular implement in Ruth’s cupboard full of implements. To my dismay this was soon confirmed. ‘Cool,’ Ruth said. Mum went back to the same drawer and I discovered later gave Ruth three wooden spoons from her collection. Three large headed long handled wooden spoons.

Ruth tested the spoon on the back of my legs and I screamed. I didn’t want to but when a wooden spoon is used on the back of my legs I have no choice but to scream out, louder than when Mum spanks me, much louder, because Ruth spanked me much harder than Mum did. I kept screaming as Ruth kept spanking my legs.

There was a gap. I was crying. I couldn’t stop. I did hear Ruth ask Mum, ‘You want a go?’

Mum said she didn’t need to but she was glad Ruth was spanking me so hard.

Then Mum rubbed my nose in it. Here I was, 20 years old, across the lap of my 29 year old girlfriend and lover, being spanked, watched by my Mum. The spanking was on hold as Ruth rubbed my bottom. Then Mum said it. ‘Hard to think it was Amanda’s idea to be subject to discipline spankings, after she wrote that first article.’

Of course she was right, and OK I don’t actually regret it as my behaviour was pretty bad, but did she have to actually say it when I’m across Ruth’s lap and being spanked so hard, and I don’t even know if the spanking is over yet.

It got worse. Ruth said happily, ‘Well she made the right decision as this bottom needs to be spanked a lot.’

Ruth emphasised the ‘Spanked a lot,’ bit with a dozen more spanks with the spoon and I cried out a dozen more times.

The spanking ended. Ruth pulled my arm and I knew to stand up. She was smiling as I stood and looked down at her with tear filled eyes and tears running down my face. I rubbed my bottom like mad. It was hot, and I knew was going to be really red when I get to look at it in the mirror. I loved looking at my red bottom in the mirror. I wanted to go right now, knowing I won’t have Ruth to cuddle me and kiss me better, not with Mum in the house, so I will go to the bathroom, lock the door, and rub cold cream on my bottom. Of course I knew I mustn’t masturbate but wait for Ruth to make love with me. If Ruth caught me masturbating I would be in serious trouble so was careful only to masturbate when she wasn’t around. She caught me a couple of times and the extra spanking hurt beyond belief.

I was told the punishment was over and was still rubbing my bottom as I ran upstairs to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and first had to get the tears out of my eyes. I knew I had been spanked hard. It took a few minutes but my sight cleared and I saw my red bottom. Wow now that was not just red but bruised. Ruth had done a great job on my bottom, it was a beautiful red, and she had disciplined me really well.

Mum was right, of course as she always was. Yes I did ask to be disciplined by Mum, and willingly am disciplined by Ruth. I am getting exactly what I wanted, and needed.

I was so turned on and even though I knew better I had my finger edging inside my pussy as I gently rubbed myself, up and down, pushing inside, and my breathing was deepening as I enjoyed touching myself.

The door opened. I had forgotten to lock the door and Ruth walked right in. I froze. How stupid of me. How utterly stupid. Ruth looked at me and saw my hand between my legs, and I knew masturbating was a no no. It was high up on my list of no no’s on Ruth’s list. Very high up. So I had just been spanked hard and I knew I was going to be spanked again, for masturbating. It was going to be bad. Really bad.

I looked at Ruth who gave me a hard solid stare. ‘Go to your room and get undressed. Face the wall, put your hands on your head, and hold this spoon. Understand me young lady?’

‘Yes,’ I answered, and made my way to my bedroom. I dreaded what was going to happen. Masturbating always earned a spanking when I was caught. I was listening for Mum’s footsteps. She was bound to watch me being spanked again. I got to my room, and with my bottom stinging I got undressed, everything off, went to the wall, pressed my nose against the wall, and put my hands on my head still holding the wooden spoon.

I heard Ruth come in. Did Mum come in as well? I didn’t hear her. I knew Ruth came and stood behind me. Any second now I will be back across her lap for another spanking. Of course I knew I earned it. I knew masturbating earned me a spanking. It was just my bottom was stinging so much already. I could feel the warmth of Ruth’s body. She ran her finger down my back. Normally I am ticklish but after a spanking less so. I felt her hand around my waist Her hand was on my tummy, moving upwards, on its way to me breast where she stopped. That was so unfair. She was going to get me aroused before spanking me.

Then it happened. She didn’t caress my breast. She was squeezing my nipple hard and forcing me to turn around, and before I knew it I was looking in to her eyes. Then I looked down and saw her bare breasts. Ruth was as naked as me. How come? I looked bewildered.

‘Your Mum has gone to play cards and you know you have been a very naughty girl who needs to be spanked. Don’t you?’

Ruth was being exceptionally nice to me. Mum had left the house so we were alone. ‘Yes Miss, I know.’ I had to be respectful. I loved calling Ruth ‘Miss.’ I knew Ruth loved it as well. It turned us both on. Ruth kept squeezing my nipple and it hurt, not as much as the spoon of course. She then put her other hand on my pussy. She held my pussy and squeezed, not too hard, but it felt good. One hand squeezed my nipple and her other squeezed my pussy.

I looked at Ruth’s breasts and wanted to kiss them. Oh did I want to kiss and suck those taut nipples. Ruth knew it as well. As she squeezed my nipple she pulled me downwards to her breast. She tasted so good. I encircled her breast with my lips and sucked as she squeezed my pussy. Her breast and nipple were so delicious as I sucked and I felt her taut nipple and knew Ruth was aroused. After several moments of ecstasy I felt her squeeze my nipple again pulling me up, and as my lips touched Ruth’s she kissed me, her tongue was inside my mouth, she let go of my nipple but the pain stayed a while, nicely stinging, so my bottom was stinging and my nipple was stinging.

I put my hand on Ruth’s pussy and she was wet. I gasped. She was really wet, really turned on. I looked in to her eyes and she said, ‘Lucky for you I need to have you and really have me. You are so sexy right now.” She waited a moment then added sternly, “Tomorrow morning, before breakfast, you and I will be in the living room and I will use this spoon again on your bottom and your Mum will be watching again. Understood?’

I sniffed, knew I couldn’t argue, didn’t want to argue then but just enjoy my lover, nodded and said, ’Yes Miss.’

‘Good girl. Now then you and I are getting in to your bed.’

Ruth guided me back towards the bed and helped me lie down. She lay on top of me, her legs between mine, pushing my legs apart, her pussy and mine nestling together, as we kissed, her tongue searching out mine, intertwining, her hands caressing my breasts as I caressed hers. So what if I get spanked again in the morning and Mum watches again. Now is now and I am so up for giving Ruth the best orgasm ever and I knew she felt the same. She squeezed my bottom and it was so sore I gasped. Ruth knew I liked that, it sent my pussy wild and she squeezed my bottom again.

Ruth loved me to suck her nipples and I sucked as hard as I could wanting to make Ruth cum like never before. She had let me off, well for a few hours anyway, I was expecting a spanking but instead we are making love. OK, she still smacked me as we made love, sometimes hard smacks on my thighs, or gentler smacks directly on my pussy that sent me wild. I loved her controlling me and my emotions like this. So with my legs kept apart, lots of rubbing of my inner thighs, in between spanks on them, lots of rubbing of my pussy, her fingers edging inside me as she rubbed my bottom, occasionally smacking it as I edged towards orgasm.

We caressed each other, kissed each other, our tongues in each other’s welcoming mouths, or our tongues licking the others taut nipples, warm inner thighs, and each others’ wet pussy’s. We were lost in each other as lovers know best, and we did love each other. We each came several times that night, little pants of delight right through to loud sexual gasps of orgasm, until we were both spent and fell asleep in each other’s arms. ‘Sleep tight my love,’ Ruth whispered in to my ear, kissing my ear lobe, and then added with a quiet laugh, ‘Tomorrow morning is discipline time.’

‘Yes Miss,’ I replied, smiling, almost asleep.

The next thing I knew Ruth was sitting on the bed shaking me gently. ‘You’re Mum is downstairs and I need to spank you for masturbating, so let’s go young lady.’

Ruth took my nipple between her thumb and finger and squeezed. I gasped as I slid out of bed, still naked, realising Ruth was dressed in a sleeveless vest and shorts showing off her bare thighs. She yanked my nipple and I had no choice but to follow. She led me downstairs and in to the kitchen.

‘Corner time first my girl,’ Ruth snapped as she took me to the wall and I pressed my nose against it and put my hands on my head.

My Mum said, ‘I see you are being very strict Ruth. It’s necessary I suppose.’

‘No let off for the naughty, that’s my motto.’

Mum said, ‘I did like the way you spanked Amanda yesterday. I was thinking that maybe I should let you discipline her for me, if you wouldn’t mind that is.’

‘No problem for me. I will give you my email address and mobile number. Just send me a message and treat the spanking as done.’

She thanked Ruth and said that would be very helpful, then asked, ‘What’s the reason for this spanking Ruth?’

I froze. Surely Ruth wouldn’t say. I was staggered when she did. ‘Your daughter masturbated last night in the bathroom and that is on my list of things that earn a spanking.’

Mum must have thought a second, and then said in a hesitating voice, ‘Masturbating, that’s not on my list. Should it be?’

‘No, but it is on mine because if she wants to cum then she does it with me. Last night she did herself, or at least nearly did.’

‘Why didn’t you spank her last night then Ruth?’

Good question I thought, feeling as bad as I could bearing in mind my Mum and my girlfriend were discussing me masturbating. Calm as anything Ruth told my Mum, ‘I thought you might like to watch again.’

‘Very thoughtful Ruth,’ Mum said and I knew she meant it. Mum then added, ‘Does this earn the cane?’

Thanks Mum I wanted to scream out. I didn’t need her to remind Ruth about the cane.

‘Not this time. Does it interest you?’

‘Well it would be nice to see what it is like, how painful.’

Ruth asked quickly, ‘Do you mean on you or on Amanda?’

Mum half choked and said in a flustered tone, ‘Oh on Amanda of course.’

I knew my Mum and that tone told me she was lying. Oh my goodness my Mum wanted to be caned. Did she want to be spanked I wondered? Was she really inviting Ruth to spank her as well? I wished I could look at her face but didn’t dare. That would get me several strokes of the cane myself. Ruth is an expert though and will have worked out what Mum meant. It won’t be long before I find out if Ruth spanks my Mum. Maybe Ruth’s email address will have another use, like letting my Mum request a spanking, or even the cane. Somehow I wasn’t all that surprised after seeing so many adults spanked during my investigative reports on SDL and RDL. It’s just that it is my Mum who might want to be spanked. How crazy is that? Well, I suppose how crazy bearing in mind I am 20 years old, work for a living, and am happily still disciplined. Like in the next few moments.

Ruth walked over to me and grabbed my arm, turned me around and led me to the chair. I couldn’t quite see Mums face as Ruth sat down and kept holding my arm until I was bent across her lap. I saw Mum’s legs and the long handled wooden spoon in her hand but that was all. Ruth rubbed my bottom and of course I had a spanking to get through and out of respect for Ruth I raised my bottom so it stood proud, just as she liked it when she was giving me a spanking. I knew this wasn’t going to be erotic as a spanking given for me masturbating is anything but erotic after all. Still I knew Ruth would know what I meant by it. My respect for her.

I suppose my last thought as the spanking progressed and as the tears started to flow was that I had learnt so much about spanking, and being spanked, but what Mum said proved I still had lots more to learn.

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