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Amanda's Investigative Report

A New Style Surrogate Discipline Service for Disobedient Teenage Girls
This story is a tribute to Bared Affair and to Angie who gave so many people so many great articles and so many happy times:

The format of each story in Bared Affair was a newspaper article style in depth report on a news item of interest to the spanking world and this is my version of ‘Bared Affair meets Lush’:

The Article:

17 th May 2011

A new service is being offered by Surrogate Discipline Limited, based in Stretford in Sussex, UK. This is an investigative report by Amanda Jones .

The service is designed for mothers who have daughters who are hard to control but who have lost the confidence needed to know when and how to discipline them properly. A common scenario is that the daughter refuses to follow any rules set by the mother and tries to control the mother and will not be receiving any form of discipline whatsoever. That leads to an uncomfortable atmosphere at home and one the mother wants to correct. Her problem is not knowing how even though spanking is a common threat given by the Mother o the daughter. This is a teaching service with a difference. To teach the mother to take back control of the house, and to set rules the daughter must obey or suffer the consequences. One salutary word of caution is that to help train the mother the mother may also end up being spanked if she does not try hard enough.

SDL Managing Director Mrs Jane Ford explained the service started as an evening class. Mothers attended and were taught how to regain control of their daughters, what rules to set, and how to discipline their daughters should those rules be broken. However, mothers complained that whilst it was helpful, there was too much theory and not any practical instruction. They found it too difficult when faced with the real life situation.

Therefore, SDL started to offer a more intense and personal service that involved one of their surrogates living with the mother and daughter over a period of weeks to instigate and enforce the discipline regime before transferring responsibility to the mother. The daughter is the focus of attention throughout as it is her behaviour SDL is having to change and over the knee spanking is the tool SDL uses.

The mother is required to sign a contract with SDL agreeing to provide board and lodging for the surrogate mother and to work with her throughout the contract period. She also agrees to pay SDL’s fee up front as an insurance to incentivise the Mum to keep with the programme.

About one week prior to the start date the surrogate comes to the house to be introduced to the teenage daughter or daughters involved. She hands over to both the mother and daughter the set of rules that the daughter must comply with. The list is not long and will normally include the requirement for the daughter to keep her room tidy at all times, not to lie, not to swear or answer back, not to stay in bed after a pre set time no matter what, to keep strictly to a pre set curfew, and to ask before using the telephone and computer. It is made clear to the daughter that all the rules will be strictly enforced. It is also made very clear to the daughter that the punishment for breaking any of these rules will range from being sent to her room, being grounded, and through to a bare bottom spanking.

It is at this stage the daughter counter-signs the Contract. She will already accept spanking is a given, and indeed she will have been spanked in the past although never very hard simply because the Mother doesn’t have the confidence. The daughter knows that this service is for her own good as well because otherwise she will never climb out of her current downward spiral. .It is exceptionally rare for a daughter to refuse to sign. She then has that week to understand the rules and be ready to comply with them in time for when the surrogate comes to stay.

Then on the day itself the surrogate arrives. The first thing she does is request both mother and daughter accompany her on a tour of the house and in particular the daughter’s bedroom. Invariably SDL find the daughter will not have taken the situation seriously enough and her bedroom will be in an untidy state. Immediately the surrogate reminds the daughter the punishment for an untidy room is a spanking, which is administered by the surrogate there and then. The daughter initially objects but is no match for the authoritarian surrogate.

It is almost always the case a spanking is given that first day and that normally sets the tone for the initial period during which the mother shadows the surrogate mother, watching what the surrogate does, and in particular how she admonishes the daughter when she is naughty.

Mrs Ford explained “This is the practical teaching style the mothers had asked for. However, whilst there are several competitors who offer this service we at SDL have found a more intense teaching method is essential. This involves spanking the mother when she fails in her own responsibilities.”

SDL found that when they first offered the service some mothers were not really focussed enough. They would watch the surrogate but not learn quickly enough. So SDL added a clause to their standard contract, known as Clause 6 which states that if the daughter earns a spanking then that will be given but afterwards the daughter will stay in her room while the surrogate and the mother will go to another room and discuss what went wrong and the punishment just given to the daughter. Unless the mother can convince the surrogate that she tried sufficiently hard to get her daughter to comply with the rules then the surrogate will give the mother the same punishment. Sp the mother, who is likely to be in her late thirties, will be spanked by the surrogate. SDL generally chooses surrogates who are older than the mothers specifically for this reason, but not always.

When first shown Clause 6 many mothers want it deleted. However, SDL are quite clear in their approach. Mrs Ford said, “If the mother is not prepared to have Clause 6 included then the service is not going to be right for them. In a strange way it also encourages the daughter to counter-sign the Contract agreeing to accept the Surrogate’s decisions, because they picture their Mum’s being spanked.”

I was allowed to shadow a surrogate with the full agreement of the Mum and daughter and was introduced to a surrogate her client and her daughter all of whom worked together to transfer control to the Mum and agreed to be interviewed. SDL Client, Mrs Karen Hopkins, 39 years old from Stretford, mother of 16 year old Emma, was allocated Mrs Joyce Campbell, 47 years old, as surrogate. Mrs Campbell explained the method works very well. “You might think only the daughter has the responsibility of complying with the list of rules. But in fact both mother and daughter have to. Whilst the teenager has to tidy her room it is up to her mother to make sure she does it. So if on the first day, having had a week to get her act together the room is untidy then whilst the daughter has earned her spanking, the mother also needs to show she has tried as well. If she can’t then she also deserves to be disciplined.”

So it happened with Emma and her mother. Emma’s room was particularly untidy. The surrogate gave short shrift to Emma’s complaints about her right to spank her. Mrs Hopkins watched carefully when her daughter started to argue.

Mrs. Hopkins was very impressed with the way the surrogate dealt with Emma and how she had her across her lap without the need to even raise her voice. Just a few choice sentences left Emma silent and in no doubt she will have to accept the surrogate’s authority and punishment, just as she had agreed to do. Emma had a look on her face that portrayed just how sorry she felt for herself and although obviously reluctant and apprehensive stood as still as she could as the surrogate took down her knickers, took her arm and guided her across her lap and after giving her bottom a few rubs gave Emma a sound spanking on her bare bottom.

Mrs. Hopkins explained, “I must say the surrogate was really quite proficient. She gave Emma a very hard spanking indeed.”

Mrs. Hopkins described the spanking in some detail. The surrogate spanked first one bottom cheek and then the other, continuing spanking alternate bottom cheeks until they were both rather red and Emma was crying and her poor legs were kicking. To Emma’s credit though once her spanking was over and she stood in front of the surrogate she apologised for her behaviour and promised to be good in future. Emma sounded so sincere, as though she had really learnt her lesson. I was rather proud of my daughter.”

Emma had been spanked before but never very hard so this had been Emma’s first real spanking. She explained,

“I just hadn’t taken the thing very seriously. Who was this woman to tell me what to do? I just reckoned I was the most important person in the house and everything should revolve around me. I was quite shocked how firm she was so when she walked me to the spanking chair I just followed. Even when she pulled my knickers down I kept saying to myself argue, resist, but I didn’t. By the time I was across her lap and the first spank caused me to gag I just accepted it. I had never been spanked like this before and she went on and on, my bottom was really stinging and I just couldn’t stop myself crying. She told me afterwards I was kicking my legs and squirming but I didn’t realise I was doing that. I was just glad it was over and she and Mum left me alone.”

Whilst Emma was left in her room lying on her bed, her knees bent up to her chest, still crying and rubbing her bottom, Mrs Hopkins and the surrogate went downstairs to the study. The surrogate questioned Mrs Hopkins about her attempts to get Emma to clean her room. At first she tried to say she was not to blame at all. That she had told Emma to tidy her room but her daughter just told her if she wanted it done she should do it herself. The discussion did not last long.

Mrs Hopkins explained, “The surrogate asked me what measures I had taken and then gave me some quite excellent pointers I had not thought about. I had to admit I had not tried hard enough.”

Mrs Hopkins thanked the surrogate for pointing all this out to her. Her thanks turned to pleas when the surrogate told her she was to be spanked under the Clause 6 Rule. Mrs Hopkins tried to talk her out of spanking her. The sudden realisation that she was being told by the surrogate to lower her knickers and bend across the surrogates lap gave her a real fright. She soon realised however there was no way out of this.

Mrs Hopkins explained, “I knew I had let myself down and became resigned to the inevitable. I lowered my knickers thinking how my last spanking was when I was 20 years old, never thinking I would be disciplined this way again. 39 years old and bent across the surrogates lap to have my bare bottom spanked was very sobering.”

She felt a bit silly bent being across the surrogates lap with her hands on the floor and she could see her legs dangling on the far side knowing her bare bottom was perched across the surrogates thighs and whilst she initially found her rubbing her bottom quite nice that feeling stopped as soon as the spanking started. Mrs. Hopkins had forgotten just how much a spanking hurts. She had watched her dear Emma being spanked and saw her suffer but it was only when she was being given her own spanking that she fully appreciated the stinging pain even a bare hand can produce. “I was telling myself I must do much better in future so the surrogate isn’t given cause to spank me again. I promised myself resolutely.”

It was only afterwards when Mrs Hopkins had recovered that she asked the surrogate whether at 39 years old she was too old to be spanked but the answer was particularly abrupt. She was told her age is not relevant at all. It is imposing your authority on someone who needs to learn that is important, and the person receiving the spanking needs to know she has earned it. Nothing more really mattered, and the quicker she learned that the less time she would spend across the surrogates lap. Clause 6 was the enforcer.

Mrs Hopkins explained, “I must say I thought I would be able to get away without being spanked myself, but I know I did not try hard enough to get Emma to tidy her room. It was actually a very good lesson for me.”

It certainly helped Mrs Hopkins understand being a mother is a responsible position. ”If I had trouble understanding the concept beforehand, I certainly learned quickly as I was lying prone across Mrs Campbell’s lap having my bare bottom soundly spanked.

Mrs. Hopkins admitted she used to hate the post Emma spanking discussion with the surrogate because it was so often followed by her own spanking. She could gauge fairly early on if she was going across her lap as well and even started to rub her own bottom in anticipation.

Quite noticeably Emma kept her room clean and tidy from that first day onwards. For the next two weeks Mrs Hopkins shadowed the surrogate as she dealt with Emma who earned quite a few spankings for breaking several different rules including curfew, swearing, and answering back. The surrogate set very firm boundaries. Emma knew exactly what would inevitably result in a long and painful trip across the surrogates lap. The surrogate always gave Emma and her Mum notice of upcoming things. Perhaps the time Emma’s room will be inspected, or the time she has to have her homework completed. Emma learnt that if she failed to keep to these times the consequences were her own fault. Slowly Emma learnt to obey the surrogate and took positive steps to improve her behaviour. Equally Mrs. Hopkins also knew she had to be persistent to make sure Emma did as she was told. Just as Emma was spanked so often, Mrs. Hopkins found herself upended across Mrs. Campbell’s lap almost as often.

Mrs. Hopkins acknowledged, “I suppose its right to say I hated having my knickers taken down and put across Mrs. Campbell’s lap but in a way each spanking I received made me more resolute to ensure Emma behaved properly so it was right to be made to suffer whenever I failed in my maternal duties.”

Emma told us, “When I knew Mum was being spanked as well I used to listen from my room and thought well she deserved it for allowing this horrid surrogate in to our house. After all I reckoned I was the most important person in the house and everything should revolve around me.”

Mrs Hopkins realised quickly that first apology from Emma was a façade and lost sympathy with her daughter and concentrated more on how to learn how the surrogate used various tools to control Emma, such as the tone of her voice, how she never became angry or raised her voice, the particularly good use of Time Outs, how she always allowed Emma to explain her actions, although Emma knew that discussion was more often than not directly preceding being put across her lap and soundly spanked for whatever she had done wrong. The surrogate always argued more effectively than Emma did because she was simply more articulate and experienced. The surrogate always ensured Emma realised exactly what she had done wrong before going across her lap. She learnt she had made her own decisions, albeit bad ones, and as a consequence was paying for them with the spanking.

It was also noticeable that the surrogate gave Emma the benefit of the doubt. She only resorted to spanking when she knew for sure that Emma was in the wrong. Sometimes she would withdraw privileges instead. She chose the punishment to fit the crime, it was not a one punishment fits all. Mrs. Hopkins could see how Emma was coming to respect the surrogate. She knew when she had done wrong and no longer argued but accepted her punishment.

Then the more difficult period arrived. The surrogate stepped back and the Mrs. Hopkins had to take the front line role. Mrs Hopkins said however “Even having watched for two weeks and picked up lots of tips it was never as easy as it looked.”

Mrs. Hopkins tried to copy the surrogate’s methods but the first time Emma broke a curfew she complained her Mums’ instructions had not been clear, and Mrs. Hopkins even found herself agreeing that she had got it wrong. The surrogate had to step in. That meant first dealing with Emma. She soon got Emma to agree she had deliberately misunderstood what her mother was saying. Once Emma accepted that, she quickly found herself across the surrogates lap, red bottomed and howling once again. She was sent to her bedroom.

Then it was Mrs Hopkins turn. The surrogate explained again how she needs to be firmer with her daughter. “To enforce the message the surrogate again put me across her knee and gave me a spanking. I needed to learn faster that was for sure.”

Then it started to click for Mrs Hopkins. She began winning arguments with her daughter. Emma missed a curfew clearly set by her mother and she knew exactly what to do. “Explaining to Emma what she had done wrong, getting her to agree she had broken a rule, and giving Emma that first spanking really gave me a lot of confidence. Emma knew she deserved it.”

Emma admitted, “It was different going across Mum’s lap. That was the turning point for me. The surrogate would leave eventually and I thought I could go back to getting away with things again with Mum but after Mum spanked me that first time I knew there was nothing to stop her doing it again. I knew I had to be better behaved or I would be spanked on a very regular basis.”

Emma admitted her Mum used to be a pushover but not any more. Actually now she had a better understanding of what a tough job she has being a mother of a teenager and has much more respect for her. Her Mum always explains what she has done wrong first and Emma knows she is right and deserves her punishment. “Then she spanks me very hard.”

After that Mrs Hopkins became more and more in control of the household. She used the full array of punishments for her errant teenage daughter. After three more weeks Mrs Hopkins felt she was in full control and the surrogate agreed. Her job was over. The surrogate left the house but kept in touch by phone and email with both Mum and daughter to ensure Emma did not revert to her old ways.

We interviewed the surrogate. She explained the first day is very important. She always finds a reason to spank the teenager and to spank the mother as well. Actually the Mum is usually the harder task so after explaining her failure to her she takes her upper arm to walk her to the spanking chair. Invariably she pulls back but the surrogate is resolute and as soon as the Mum allows her to walk her across the room she knows power has transferred to the surrogate. The surrogate always lowers the daughters’ and the Mums’ knickers for her as it is a more dominant action and always spanks them both until they are crying freely. “I always watch out for real tears kicking legs and squirming bottoms before I even think about stopping.”

Once the spanking routine is established SDL favours the surrogate spanking the teenager in front of others. One time Emma had two friends over and their mother. One of the girls had her hand between her legs and was definitely rubbing herself as she watched the surrogate spank Emma and her sisters breathing also suggested she was aroused by the very hard spanking Emma was getting. The mother knew her daughters found being spanked sexually arousing but even so had never established her authority sufficiently so was an ideal SDL Client. Afterwards the two friends went to sympathise with Emma and their mother took the opportunity to ask the surrogate for her business card. She is now a Client and her surrogate has spanked the mum and both daughters several times in just the first two weeks although SDL was confident the mum was starting to learn to take the maternal role and things will improve eventually. It’s a common pattern really.

I discovered a few weeks later that the friend who played with her pussy whilst Emma was spanked turned out to be particularly naughty pushing the surrogate to spank her far more often than perhaps is usual and that led me to wonder if she actually enjoys being spanked. It made me think about spanking as a sexual orientation, but more of that later.

Another way SDL has won new business is by reacting to requests for help. One day a surrogate was walking close to the home she was helping in when a teenage girl ‘bumped’ in to her. The teenager had been at the house a few days before and watched her friend being spanked by the surrogate. She made it sound as though she had come across the surrogate by accident but it was clear it was an intentional meeting when the conversation turned to spanking and the teenager said, “She is so lucky having a Mum prepared to spank her. I don’t know how to ask my Mum to spank me.” The surrogate asked whether she meant having her Mum spank her or discipline her as there is a huge difference and after a pause the girl gave a reticent answer that she just wanted to be spanked. The surrogate knew what was needed and suggested the girl phone her Mum and if at home and free she could come round to their house now and have a cup of coffee and a chat. A delighted teenager phoned her Mum and the invitation was confirmed.

The conversation was pleasant enough and the surrogate indicated to the girl to leave her and her mum alone. The surrogate told the Mum about the spanking a couple of days earlier and how her daughter had apparently bumped in to her in the street but that really her daughter actually wanted to see what being spanked was like. As expected the Mum said she didn’t believe in spanking. The surrogate explained that if her daughter wants to be spanked surely it is far better for that to happen in the safe environment of the home rather than she seeks out someone unknown. After some reluctance the Mum agreed to spank her daughter. The surrogate gave the Mum a sheet with examples of ten things that in SDL’s opinion should earn the teenager a spanking. The surrogate emphasised she should not tell her daughter about the list but just bear it in mind for when she does spank her.

The daughter came back in to the room and the surrogate told her to take her knickers down as her Mum was going to spank her. A few seconds later the girl was across her Mum’s lap with her bare bottom staring up at her Mum and after a few seconds she gave her daughter a few spanks, then a few more, and under the surrogates instruction made the spanks harder and harder. The spanking continued and got harder and harder and the Mum realised her daughter was lying there taking the spanking even though her legs were kicking and she was squirming and gasping and she was now turning her daughters bottom a very deep shade of red. The surrogate kept nodding her head indicating the Mum should continue to spank her daughter who was crying freely.

The surrogate eventually signalled the spanking could end pointing out to the Mum what a lovely shade of red her daughter’s bottom and tops of legs were and that is the colour she should aim for in future. The Mum gave the surrogate a surprised look as though saying surely this was a one and only spanking. The daughter stood up and rubbed her bottom bouncing from foot to foot as the surrogate asked her what she thought of the spanking. The daughter gave her normal short hand response indicating it was fine. The Mum was again surprised as she had expected her daughter to be aghast at the thought of another spanking but when asked the daughter agreed she would like to be spanked again, adding almost as an afterthought, “If I deserve to be.” That made the Mum think, and she got out the list, showed it to her daughter, and moments later her daughter agreed breaking any of these rules would lead to her being spanked.

SDL have found this is the normal outcome of such an ‘accidental’ meeting. However, if the Mum resisted agreeing to spank the daughter, the surrogate would suggest a trial run of two pre-planned spankings per week for the next two months. The Mum should think about the things that riled her about her daughter each time and the daughter must accept the spanking until her bottom and legs were a burning red. The surrogate would supervise the first spanking so the Mum can see just how red they should be. Usually the Mum accepts that which makes the daughter happy.

The girl will often go off to her room to rub her bottom in private and will almost naturally masturbate as she will have found the experience quite erotic. The Mum will suspect it but won’t know for sure. The surrogate ignores the whole issue of masturbation and concentrates on the future pre planned spankings and reminds the Mum to keep checking the list and focus on whatever the daughter has done wrong and spank her for that at the next pre planned spanking.

The surrogate leaves after agreeing the times of each spanking and it seems Sunday lunchtime and Wednesday before being sent to bed early are very commonly agreed times. The surrogate asks for an email from both the Mum and daughter each week confirming the spanking has been administered. She monitors the emails. The daughters are usually short, confirming the spankings took place. The Mum’s tend to be more descriptive and state surprise that actually the daughter breaks the rules much more often than she had thought and as suggested she focussed on that when each spanking was given as though she were now punishing her daughter for her wrong doing.

After two months the surrogate goes and sees them if still local or makes a three way call otherwise. The Mum now admits her daughter is naughtier than she had realised and no longer wants to wait until the allotted day to spank her. The daughter normally prefers the pre planned times as she gets herself aroused sexually by the thought of the spanking. However, the surrogate is more aligned with the Mum than the daughter and gets the daughter to agree to a full discipline regime. That is a spanking as soon as one is deserved based upon a set of pre set rules. The surrogate suggests a set of rules should be agreed and that is when the Mum normally produces the list the surrogate gave her previously but with several extra categories. The daughter reads the list and is by now aware the choice and control has been taken away from her. In the surrogates experience the daughter will be spanked at least once a week from now on and often far more than that.

Mrs. Ford explains, “This is all given free, but what we have found is friends of the Mum soon see a change in the behaviour pattern of the daughter and SDL will quickly enough get calls from those friends who will often then become clients. It’s a business development tool that has proved to be very successful.”

One meeting I found very exciting whilst researching the report was when I was asked to attend a meeting with a client who had been through the training and had regained control of her daughter’s behaviour and been solely responsible for her discipline for about six months. Mother and daughter had agreed to be interviewed on a no names basis. When the surrogate and I arrived there was an almighty row taking place. The daughter had a friend over and the daughter and friend had been rude to the Mum who was now berating them both. The girls had thought the surrogate was coming over later and the daughter in particular looked quite dismayed when the surrogate walked in. I stood and watched the surrogate stare both girls in to silence and then turn to the Mum as though to say you are in control so deal with it.

The Mum did take control and told both girls how rude they had been and expected an apology. Both girls immediately apologised. Then the Mum surprised them both by asking the friend if she got spanked at home. The girl was visibly shaken when she said she was. The Mum retorted that in this house naughty girls get their bottoms spanked. So purely by chance I was about to witness a spanking.

The Mum ordered both girls to face her as she sat down on what had become known as the spanking chair. After several very choice words the Mum announced her daughter would be spanked first. With a stamp of the foot showing teenage frustration at being spanked in front of the surrogate and me I think she stomped over to her Mum and without being told to she lifted her skirt above her waist yanked her knickers down to below her knees and bent across her Mum’s lap. The Mum looked at the friend and told her to stand still until her turn. The friend was fidgeting and looking very uncomfortable indeed but stayed relatively still.

The Mum started to spank her daughter and my attention became drawn to the ever reddening bare bottom as the bottom cheeks of the teenager bounced around as spank after spank landed on her small round bottom. Her Mum held her by the waist whilst the daughter had her hands on the floor so well away from her bottom. The Mum parted the daughters’ legs so she could spank her inner thighs which brought sharp gasps and cries from the teenager. I had to admit it was a very sound spanking.

I glanced across at the friend and saw her licking her lips and standing with her legs together and I was sure was rubbing her thighs together as though grinding her pussy lips together and I realised the girl was getting aroused by watching the spanking. It raised yet again a query in my mind. Did the daughters get aroused by the spanking and did they masturbate afterwards? It was a question I was yet to ask Emma, the daughter who did agree to be named, but I hadn’t yet. I glanced at the surrogate who caught my eye and half smiled, so I reckoned she knew the answer.

The Mum had turned her daughters bottom and legs a nice deep shade of red before letting the crying girl up. She stood next to her friend looking at her Mum and rubbing her bottom crazily. I could not believe she could have felt aroused just then, not after such a spanking. Maybe her friend was different though.

The Mum looked at the friend and ordered her across her lap. The girl objected saying she wasn’t her Mum so why should she spank her, but even I could tell it was half hearted. The Mum ignored all the pleas and arguments and told the girl if she hadn’t taken her knickers down and bent across her lap by the time she counted to five there would be all hell to pay. I noticed this was a non specific threat but as soon as the Mum got to two the girl had capitulated and was yanking her knickers down as she stepped across to the Mum and bent down across her lap. The Mum made a quite comical comment about giving this young lady’s bottom the first of many spankings and then did exactly that. The girl gasped after the first spank and it whilst it looked like she was shocked by the severity of the spanking she made no attempt to get up.

The spanking continued unabated and the girl was soon sobbing then crying and her legs were kicking. I found the experience rather exciting truth be known.

When the girls’ bottom and legs were as red as her friends the spanking ended and the girl got up, stood next to the daughter, and was now the one rubbing her bottom frantically. I could not help but look at her pussy and was sure it glistened wet. I knew many actually well behaved adults enjoyed being spanked and were sexually aroused by being spanked and supposed there was no reason why a teenager should not feel the same way and decided I would write an investigative article on the subject.

A few minutes later and both girls were told to go upstairs and clean themselves up. The surrogate and I stayed with the Mum and the surrogate congratulated her on being so in control and so very different to how she was before her training started.

I excused myself and went upstairs to the bathroom and walked past the daughter’s room. I could hear them talking and the friend was explaining just how awesome the spanking had been and that she had actually cum during it. The daughter poo poo’ed the whole idea but the friend said she was still turned on and wanted to have sex with the daughter. There was giggling and the sound of kissing and I walked off to the bathroom even more intent on writing an article on the sexual implications of spanking.

I went back to the living room and the surrogate asked me what I thought. I was a bit stumped until she asked me if I thought the friend was aroused by the spanking. How did she know I wondered? Anyway she did. The surrogate told the Mum she had to phone the friends Mum and tell her she had spanked her daughter. It would be for the best.

The daughter and her friend came back in to the room and whilst both were still red eyed they were smiling, at least they were smiling until Mum explained why she was going to call the friends mother. The friend objected, at least until the Mum sat on the spanking chair again and pointed threateningly to her lap. The reaction was instantaneous and when the Mum asked the friend to bring her over the phone she did do obediently and listened to her Mum being told she had just been spanked. Mum put the phone down and looked at the friend and told her she had lied and her Mum had never spanked her before. After a pause she continued telling the friend that it was something her Mum had been thinking about and when she gets home she can expect another spanking. The girl looked thoughtfully at the floor as she rubbed kept rubbing her bottom but when she licked her lips I again thought she might well have been aroused yet again nat the thought of another spanking to come.

Two weeks later the surrogate called me to say the friend had now been regularly spanked by her Mum and a friend of her Mum had telephoned her to ask about the service we offer and was now a client of SDL. Another good business development tool then for all Mums’ who want to introduce spanking as a discipline regime for their teenage daughters but don’t know how to enforce it. Girls of sixteen and over can be quite single minded when then want to be but SDL know how to overcome their stubbornness.

It is clear that families become much happier when the correct disciplinary regime is in place with the Mum’s in control and the daughters taught to be well behaved and it is amazing how quickly other Mum’s notice and want to take control back in their own homes. Hence SDL prospers. My own experience of watching the spankings first hand only emphasised the impact on me.

The case of Mrs. Hopkin and her daughter Emma are therefore quite common in SDL’s experience.

Mrs Hopkins stated she is now a much more sociable person who actually speaks up when in a group and people listen to her. This has given her confidence a real boost. “I can tell any Mother it is well worth the risk of being spanked themselves because they will enjoy life much more. You know, I can recommend SDL to any mother who needs to be shown what to do.”

Emma knows that if she breaks a rule then Mum yanks down her knickers there and then and puts her across her lap. Early on the surrogate was once so mad with Emma’s back chat she spanked her in front of three friends and an Aunt. Emma was so embarrassed but after that she got spanked in front of her friends and family alike. She still is. “Crikey I’m embarrassed to say just two days ago my Mum had a group of friends over for coffee, I got home and must admit I was in a foul mood, but Mum stood no truck from me and after a I threw a couple of sharp comments her way she spanked me on the bare in front of everyone.”

Emma’s Mum sets the rules and the boundaries and Emma admits it is actually much better for her knowing exactly what she can and cannot do. Her Mum is very strict and she tends to get spanked about once a week and reckons about half have someone watching her Mum spank her. She does feel humiliated being put across her Mum’s lap like that because she always makes her cry so everyone sees her in tears and rubbing her bottom but she knows she unquestionably has earned the spanking so can’t really complain. “Now I appreciate Mum much more and she is a great mother to me. I really love her to bits. Does that mean SDL did a good job? Probably.”

Mrs Ford said happily, “When the daughter is the one to praise us knowing she has undergone spanking after spanking over a period of several weeks and that she will continue to be spanked by her mum, well then we certainly know we have done a good job.”

In fact SDL has a 96 per cent success rate which speaks volumes.

Mrs. Ford explained the key is including the mother in the whole discipline side of things. There is nothing quite like the prospect of a mother in her thirties being spanked to concentrate her mind and help the learning process. It works for teenagers. SDL has proven it works for mothers as well and whilst every mother wavers for a moment when they see Clause 6 most still sign saying, ‘Well if I need to be spanked to get me back in control at home then it’s worth it.’ What’s more, SDL has found if they dispense discipline in front of friends of the mum they are acting for invariably they get us another client. What a business technique that is.

SDL operate throughout the North of England and are expanding south. Their client base is constantly and quickly expanding so they are looking for surrogates to help their expansion plans. Most of their surrogates are either ex teacher’s police prison officers military or similar but SDL are looking for many more experienced woman who know how to dispense discipline effectively and who want to use their skills to good effect. I would add that if you are a caring person who wants to encourage families to act the way they should which helps both Mum’s and their daughters then a job with SDL is for you. Apply now and help Mum’s take control.

Behind the Story: Amanda’s Thoughts and Actions

I looked at the story and couldn’t help feeling aroused. I knew my pussy was wet every time I read it and mused over what had happened over the last couple of days. You know my name is Amanda Jones. I am 20 years old and live at home. I had left a copy of the final draft at home and when I came down for breakfast yesterday morning my Mum told me she had read the article and thought I was rather like Emma, in other words a girl who liked to be in control of things at home and that I could do with a good spanking indeed quite a few in fact. I laughed and told my Mum she wasn’t like Mrs. Hopkins as she certainly knew her own mind. I left and went to the office.

Later on when I was getting the final draft ready for the editor I got quite aroused. I thought about what Mum had said and I called her and asked if she was serious that I needed a spanking. When my Mum said she was very serious and thought being disciplined would help me understand what I was writing about I was quite stunned and still in shock found myself saying, ‘OK,’ and agreed that from now on if Mum thinks I need a spanking then she can, will in fact, spank me. Mum told me that was fine because my room was a mess and she needed to show me she was fed up cleaning up after me. I guess that left me in no doubt what will happen when I get home and when I fumbled putting the phone down I knew immediately my knickers were damp, wet in fact, and it felt like a butterfly was rippling along my pussy which throbbed in expectation. I could hardly concentrate on my work but did somehow submit the final copy before going home.

I was both pensive and aroused on the journey home which intensified when I opened the front door to be met by Mum looking very stern. She stared at me for a second then told me to follow her in to the living room where there was already an upright chair facing into the room. My breathing deepened and my lips were suddenly dry as I followed Mum and stood by her as she sat down. I cannot tell you just how aroused I was. I couldn’t stop thinking about the spanking I had watched and now I was about to get the experience first-hand.

Mum told me to take my knickers down and I quickly slipped my fingers inside the waist band and pushed them down to below my knees and lifted my skirt up above my waist. Mum tapped her leg and I bent down across her lap. I gasped when Mum put her hand on my bottom and I felt those butterflies again. Mum told me off for and I heard words like ‘bedroom,’ ‘messy,’ ‘unacceptable,’ ‘lesson,’ but I really wasn’t listening. She rubbed my bottom but I was somewhere else, waiting for my spanking. I thought about all the clients of SDL, the mums and the daughters who were in this very position, about to get their first spanking.

The first spank was a complete surprise. The noise. The sharp sting. I made an involuntary grunt and wondered how come but when the second spank hit me I knew I had no control over the noises I was going to make. Spank after spank was met by grunts and gasps and noises that Mum must have known meant the spank had hurt. I pictured the bottom of the girl who I had watched being spanked and knew my own bare bottom was on its way to being the same colour.

Mum spanked the tops of my legs and I thought I could not take much more of that pain, but I did, I even lifted my bottom up when Mum rested a bit and just rubbed my bottom which I found such a lovely experience but fell back quickly in to making gasps and groans when Mum spanked me again. Mum stopped spanking me after what must have been an age but I didn’t know how long. All I did know when I could see again from my watch, so after the tears dried, was about thirty minutes had passed since I had got home.

Mum didn’t say anything but just looked at me and I stepped forward, put my arms around her neck, gave her a hug and said I was sorry. I wasn’t sure what I was sorry for but it just sounded right. Moments later I was in my bedroom on my bed, my hand between my legs, caressing my pussy, my very wet and pulsating pussy. I could not remember ever being so sexually aroused.

I wondered what Mum thought. Was she pandering to me? Did she think my article was a cry for help, my wish to be spanked? Did she think better she spank me than anyone else? I wasn’t sure. My head was a whirl of thoughts of pain and arousal, and I loved it.

Next morning I got out of bed, had a wash, and went to find Mum who was standing next to her bed. She asked me how I felt and looked worried I thought. I went over to her and turned, lifted my very short nightie and said cheekily, “Look Mum, I think you missed a bit.”

Mum said surprised, “Did I?”

I was then the surprised one when Mum took my arm and in one movement she sat on her bed and pulled me down across her lap. I didn’t resist as again it just seemed right. I had been cheeky and Mum didn’t like it. I was asking to be spanked again and Mum knew it.

Mum said, “I have told you about being cheeky enough times Amanda,” Mum snapped, and continued, “No problem you know. In fact I missed quite a few bits so I’ll start right over.”

Next second Mum landed the first spank then the second then more and more hard spanks. I was screaming out as my bottom was sore before she started spanking me again. I knew my bottom was bouncing around and my legs again stung as she spanked me all over again. It was awful but it was wonderful. I now knew how people being spanked felt alive when across the knee of someone they love or respect receiving a well deserved punishment.

This time I had looked at Mum’s clock when the first spank landed and as the hands were large I could see through my tears the spanking had lasted twenty minutes. I was amazed and aroused. Mum let me up and again said nothing. I ran from the room rubbing my bottom and went to my room. I looked in the mirror and saw my bottom was every bit as red as the girl who I watched being spanked. Just brilliant.

I got dressed and went to work. The final draft had been approved by the editor. I sat at my desk and thought about the two spankings Mum had given me. Was she done now or will she spank me again? I couldn’t quite think straight as my mind was disorientated as I pictured myself across Mum’s lap being spanked.

The phone rang. It was Mum. Can you talk she asked? I looked around but no one was close by. Sure I replied.

“I’ve made a list Amanda of twenty seven things that will earn you a spanking. Let me know if you agree to them.” Mum read out the list and after each item I said a simple ‘yes.’ My pussy was wet again and the butterfly I came to love was yet again making its way up and down my pussy. Mum read the list and I said yes again and again. Part way through a colleague saw me on the phone and made a thumbs up. I responded with my own thumbs up knowing my colleague had no idea I had just agreed to another rule which if broken would lead to a spanking. Mum finished the list and said she would have a copy ready for me tonight. We would walk through the house so I could make sure everything was in place before the regime started but I should have no doubt that the new discipline regime would take immediate effect. I again agreed. I put the phone down and knew I needed to find a quiet room to masturbate. This was the start of something new but I welcomed it.

It will help me after all when I do my next investigative report in to the sexual impact of spanking. I still wondered whether Mum was doing this to help me or because she really thought I needed to be spanked, but I was OK with it.

I was almost an expert on spanking now but wanted to find out more about how others felt who were spanked and who spanked others. I knew I had better keep a few spare knickers in my bag as I reckoned I would need to change them after interviews for dry ones. I laughed at the thought of it. After all, there was no question that being spanked was better than any sex I had ever experienced.

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