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Amelia Gets Punished

Amelia's disregard for the rules finally gets her into trouble
She came strutting by with several other girls, talking loudly. Her shirt was unbuttoned more than it ought to be and her tie hung loose, against the dress code. I’d reminded her multiple times about it and she continued to defy the rules. Perhaps it was time to teach the girl a lesson.

“Amelia, detention in my office after school, you’re in violation of the dress code yet again.”

She seemed startled, but murmured a soft, “Yes sir.”

I wasn’t usually one for punishments but there was something about the way Amelia continually defied me that seemed to anger me more than any other student could. She was tall with long blonde hair and a stunning figure, the uniform skirt tantalizingly short over her plump ass and her shirt always unbuttoned enough to show off her large breasts. She was stunning for an eighteen year old and seen plenty come and go, but none who compared to her

I was seated at my desk when she came in. I saw her friends waiting by the doorway; that wouldn’t do. She stood waiting for me to speak but I pointedly ignored her for several long moments before I spoke.

“Send your friends away; you will be here for a while.”

This seemed to surprise her again, but she complied and I felt a rush of satisfaction.

“Now sit patiently while I finish grading these papers and then I will punish you.” She sat down at a desk, shifting impatiently for twenty minutes until I was finished. By then, the school had emptied of students and most of the teachers. My classroom was one of the few used in the basement and being Friday, the janitors wouldn’t come down to clean until Monday morning.

I got up and locked the door silently before turning to her.

“For repeated violations of the school dress code, you will be spanked, this time. Do you understand?”

She bowed her head, “Yes sir.”

“You are lucky I do not send you to the Headmaster's office. What do you say?”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Good, now lean over the desk with your hands in front of you.” She did as told, bending at the waist to lean over my desk. Her skirt rode up even more, to the point that I could see the bottom curves of her ass checks. I stepped up behind her and pushed her skirt up above her waist. She jumped at the action. It was school policy to spank only outside of the clothes, but I didn’t care and besides, I wanted to teach her a lesson. I paused to stare at the red lace thong she wore.

“This is against dress code as well.” I said tracing the thin silk ribbon between her cheeks. She shivered at the touch. “What have you to say for yourself?”

“I am sorry, sir.” She whispered.

“I will have to confiscate them. Stand up and remove them.” I stepped back and she complied, handing me her panties with down cast eyes. “Your skirt too.” I remarked as she turned away.

She looked at me with frightened eyes, “But sir – “

“Do as your told Amelia or you will be punished more.” I interrupted.

This was very important to me. I’d be fantasizing about this girl for months. She swallowed but removed her skirt, letting it fall to the floor at her feet. Now she was naked from the waist down as she leaned over the desk.

“Before each slap you will say, ‘Please sir I need to be punished’ and after you will say ‘Thank you sir I needed to be punished’ and you will not cry out. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“Say it.”

“Please sir, I need to be punished.” I smacked her ass hard and she cried out in pain.

“You must be silent, Amelia, this is your punishment. Now what do you say?”

“Thank you sir, I needed to be punished.” She whimpered, falling silent.


“Please sir, I need to be punished.” She cried out again when I hit the exact same spot.

“Remember what I said, Amelia. You must not cry out.”

“Thank you sir, I needed to be punished. Please, sir, I need to be punished more.”

I smacked her ass as hard as I could twice in a row and she let out a small shriek.

“Remove your tie.” I demanded. She did as I told her and I used it to gag her. “I told you not to cry out, and you did not listen. I am the teacher here and you will do as I say, understood?” She nodded and resumed the position. I spanked her several more times, not quite as hard but enough to make her squirm and groan. I enjoyed the way her ass shook for several moments after the smack. After another hit, I noticed her wetness, it was dripping slowly down her long legs. I reached down to wipe some from her pussy and she shuffled her legs wider. I pulled her up and removed the gag, showing her my hand, wet with her juices.

“What is this? Are you enjoying your punishment?”

“Yes, sir.” She moaned, looking up at me with panting breaths.

“You dirty slut.” I reached forward and ripped open her shirt, staring at the red lace bra that accentuated rather than concealed her large breasts. “This, too, is against regulation. I’ll need to confiscate it as well.”

She shrugged out of her shirt to take off her bra and hand it to me. I ignored it though, and reached forward to pinch her nipples hard. She moaned in pleasure. Unable to take it anymore I pushed her to her knees before me.

“Suck me, you whore.” She hurriedly pulled my cock from my pants and began to fuck me with her mouth. I pulled out as I started to come, spraying her face and breasts with my cum. She moaned as it hit her, opening her mouth to catch some. I noticed one of her hands was busy stroking herself. I pushed her down further, forcing her to support herself with her hands.

“Did I give you permission to pleasure yourself?”

“N-no.” She stammered.

I smacked her ass hard and she jerked forward, her breasts swaying. “No what?”

“No sir!” She cried out as I slapped her ass again. By now it was bright red, but her body was weeping for release.

“Do you want to come? Do you want to me to fuck you, little whore?”

“Please, sir!”

“Say it, beg me to.” I ordered, loving that she was naked and on her knees before me.

“Please, sir, please fuck me. I need to come so bad, please let me. Please, please just fuck me!”

“And what are you?”

“I’m a dirty, filthy whore and I want you to fuck me. I want to be your slut. Make me yours. Make me your whore.”

Those dirty words pouring out of her mouth did me in. I knelt behind her, thrusting my cock into her pussy so quickly she surged forward in surprise. I clutched her breasts as I thrust in and out hard. Her tight pussy pulled my cock in, milking me until I shot hot cum deep inside her. She screamed as she came around me, but I continued fucking her until the last of my cum was hers. I pulled out and she fell to the floor. I straightened my clothes as I watched her catching her breath, her breasts shaking with each rise or fall of her chest and her ass still bright red. She finally got up, reaching for her clothes. I stopped her when she reached for her panties.

“No, no. I confiscated those. Whores like you don’t get to wear panties. If I find you wearing any panties next time you’ll be punished again. Understand?”

I walked out with her “Yes, sir.” still ringing in my ears.

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