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An Alfresco Spanking

Shellie gets her first spanking over Jim's knee
Shellie and Jim had been hiking for about an hour when they reached the clearing. They’d seen no one since they’d joined the trail. On this beautiful sunny day, it seemed it was just them and the birds in the world.

The clearing was small but awash with sunlight. In the middle, there was a fallen tree trunk. “Perfect,” said Jim. “Shellie, it’s time.” He took off his rucksack and walked over to the trunk, sitting down and making himself comfortable.

Shellie meanwhile was still a bit aghast at what was about to happen. Of course, that’s the problem with sharing your fantasies, they might come true. She’d wanted to know what it was like to have her bare bottom spanked in the fresh air, helplessly over someone’s knee, but this..? Now it was becoming a reality, it was suddenly too much!

Jim knew Shellie was struggling with her thoughts and decided to take her in hand. If her fantasies were about to be realised, and he had agreed to do this for her, he had to make sure it happened. “Get over here now!” He insisted, decisively.

Shellie hesitated just one more second before going to stand in front of Jim. “Take off your trousers, and get over my knee,” he firmly commanded. “Yes Jim.” Shellie breathed softly as she did as she was told.

Once positioned, Shellie realised that there was no way back. The slight slope in front of the trunk meant that whilst Jim’s feet were firmly on the ground, her petit frame meant there was no way she was going to get any purchase. She was totally suspended across Jim’s thighs and at his mercy.

Jim started off slowly and gently, getting Shellie used to the feel of his palm against her buttocks. Very rhythmically, he alternated between her cheeks, building up his strokes so they were harder and faster. As she’d shamefacedly requested that he would be stern and punish her, he only struck the fleshy middle, over and over, to make her really feel the spanking. The noise echoed around the clearing, louder and louder.

Shellie began to squirm, the feeling building up in her bottom was getting more and more painful. He kept on hitting the same damn spot each time, not letting the feeling dissipate before he spanked her again.

“Keep still, Shellie, or you’ll only make it worse for yourself,” Jim admonished her. He landed his next blow perfectly, knowing that she couldn’t help herself but wriggle. “I warned you!”

Jim started peeling Shellie’s panties down. Shellie’s face flamed red with embarrassment. Jim couldn’t see it, he was marvelling at her reddening bottom, his spanking evident against her soft, pale skin.

He started spanking again, and Shellie moaned. This was so much worse! Somehow, the thin layer of fabric of her panties had protected her from the harshness of his blows. Spank, spank, spank, spank! “Is this what you want, Shellie?” Jim asked, “Is this what you needed, someone to take you in hand?”

“Y…ye…yes, Jim,” Shellie stuttered out a reply, as tears started to form. She never realised that it would feel like this! She felt so vulnerable, let alone feeling the pain of his blows and the softness of the breeze around her naked buttocks and thighs.

Spank, spank, spank! SPANK, SPANK, SPANK! Jim’s blows were relentless and soon, tears were rolling down Shellie’s face. As soon as Jim realised Shellie was crying, he decided she’d had a sufficient spanking for her first one. “Right, Shellie, that’s enough I think.” Jim helped her back to her feet, holding her for balance as she pulled her panties back up.

“Thank you, Jim,” Shellie’s eyes were bright and she was smiling. Jim picked up his rucksack, and they walked back down the trail together, his hand and Shellie’s bottom still stinging.

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