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An attitude adjustment

My wife has had enough and decides to help me fix my attitude.
It’s been a long day, but finally the kids have been put to bed and are asleep.After having worked the night before and sleeping all day until 5 pm, my wife is all smiles in bed, sipping on ice-tea while watching TV alone in our room.The lights in the rest of the house are dark.The only noise in the house is the faint chatter coming from the TV down the hall.

I slowly make my way from the living room, down the hall to our bedroom.The room is dim with only the flickering light of the TV on.She smiles at me as I come around the corner.Her silhouette glows in the light of the TV.Her toned legs are covered by a blanket.Her nipples lightly poke from her large breasts and distort the image on the front of her t-shirt in such a way that I can tell she is not wearing a bra.I catch a faint scent of her perfume.Usually that alone would drive me wild, but not tonight.

My wife is gorgeous.I am always catching other men, and women, staring at her.We met in collage, and even after two kids she is still a very fit, athletically shaped woman.At 5'-7" she has the body of a pin-up model with large breasts and a perfectly curved bottom.Her long brown hair extenuates her hazel green eyes.But it's not just her beauty that still holds me captive.She is bright, articulate, and very loyal.She really has no business being with me.For some reason, she is willing and happy to put up with me, most of the time.

“I’m going to take a shower,” I say flatly.

Without even looking for acknowledgement, I walk around another corner open the shower door, turn on the water and allow the door to slowly swing back to a mostly closed position.Awkwardly I remove my clothes and throw them in a dejected heap in the corner.It’s only now I see our youngest had left several wood blocks in front of the shower.With a slow sigh, I bend over to gather them up, before I ruin them with water or worse, step on them and wake the kids up with the ensuing profane rant.

I have 3 or 4 in my hand when I hear the loud “SANP.” I hear it before the pain registers.It is the noise that jolts the blocks from my hand and forces me into an upright position, although the cold sting that follows immediately after would by itself caused the same reaction.My lungs quickly expand with the cold air I suck through my gritted teeth, making a loud “SHHHHHH” sound.In this exposed position, deep in thought, I failed to notice my wife standing behind me.Of course, in her well rested playful mood, she had exploited my vulnerability and given me a quick slap on the ass.I twist around with a scowl and rubbing my cheek to see her, proud and smiling.

“What the hell was that for?!” I bite into her.

The smile disappears and her brow slightly furrows,

“What?I was just playing.OH, come on, don’t be such a little pussy.It wasn’t that bad.I hardly touched you.”

I can tell my response hit a nerve, but I don’t care.I continue knowing full well it was all in fun and not nearly as hard as I am making it out to be.

“No.It hurt.Geez.”

Now warning bells are going off in my head, telling me I am taking this too far but I can’t help it.I have a bad attitude and now I have an excuse.

“What the fuck?!,” I choke out with a frown.

My scowling continues as I turn around.With slightly exaggerated movements, I kick the wooden blocks out of the way, being sure not to let them lie where I might step on them later.I can still feel her standing there, but pretend not to notice while I re-open the shower door and reach in to make sure the water is hot enough.Even though the water was plenty warm, I stood naked, looking foolish with my arm stretched out till I could feel her walk away.

The hot shower felt good.Instantly the day was washed away from me.After hopping out of the warm shower, my body bathed in the cool air.I began to dry off and was almost done when she called to me from the bedroom.

“Just a second,” I said, trying half-heartedly not to regain my grouchy attitude, “let me finish drying off.”

No response.

When I finished, I walked into the bedroom and instantly noticed she was no longer lying under the covers, but rather sitting toward the corner at the foot of the bed with pillows situated behind her as a prop against her back.She had changed from her night clothes that she had been wearing all day.Now she wore a pair of fairly short shorts and a strap tank top.Her soft creamy legs lightly dangled off the edge of the bed.She watched me intently.She didn’t appear angry, just focused.The TV was on, still providing the only light in the room, but the sound was off.I stood there for a second; a little befuddled, but then started for the dresser to put some clothes on.

“Did I tell you to get dressed?” she asks before I open the drawer, “No,” answering her own question, “I told you to come here.”

I turn around and face her.My body is beginning to get cold as the heat from the shower is wearing off.

“Come here,” she says again, this time pointing to the ground directly in front of her and obviously a little agitated.

As I begin to move toward her, I take a deep breath and sigh, “What!” in a half exasperated fashion.

She waits to respond until I am directly in front of her.

“You need to fix your attitude.”I open my mouth to interrupt, but she continues, “I was only playing.And, I didn’t hit you that hard.Turn around and let me see.”

She pauses for a moment, waiting for me to comply.The smell of her perfume makes my body melt.She must have put more on; she knows how it gets to me.

“Now,” she says with a raised eyebrow and a slight head nod for emphasis.

At this second demand, I roll my eyes and slowly turn around and allow her to inspect the damage my pride insists is there, but deep down I know is not.

“Just as I thought,” she says as she runs her hand along my ass, “nothing.Now, turn around.”

I don’t wait for a second demand this time and turn to face her.Her eyes are on fire, again, not angry, just very intent.Even though I try as much as I can to fight it, I can feel myself becoming hard.

“I am tired of your attitude.Walking around here like a grouch.I have repeatedly asked nicely but you don’t seem to want to get yourself squared away.So, if you are not going to fix that attitude of yours, then I will.”She pauses and takes a deep breath with a loud exhale.With a motion of her head she says, “Over my knee.”

My eyes grow wide in disbelief.Despite my brain screaming, “NO, NO, NOOO!!” my dick continues to come to life, betraying me.I look at her legs then back to her face, waiting for a smile to tell me this is all a joke.At this point my excitement is obvious, but she seems oblivious of it.

“Let’s go. It’s getting late and this Will. Not. Take up the rest of my evening.”

Shocked but saying nothing, I slowly start to position my naked body across her lap with my upper body still on the bed and legs hanging off her thighs and at an angle to the bed.Her skin is warm and smooth. She has placed a pillow up where she knew my head would lay.She fidgets a little under my weight to get comfortable and then places one hand very lightly on the back of my neck while the other rests on my ass.

“You know I love you, don’t you,” she asks?

“I know,” I quietly say, partly into the pillow.

“And don’t think I didn’t notice your hard-on, Mr.”

My heart is beating so hard I think I can feel the bed shaking with every beat.She raises her hand from my ass and time stands still for what seems like an eternity.Finally, “Sha-Wack!”Again, I am startled by what registers first, the noise.But this time the sting takes hold immediately and this time, it’s real.Before I can cry out, there is already heat burning my right cheek.

“AAhhhouch,” I yelp.

“Shhhh,” she tells me, “or I promise it will be worse, and stop squirming.”

Without a pause my left cheek is on fire.I try my best not to move or make a sound, sometimes whimpering into the pillow.She continues with the strokes, alternating sides and with nonstop comments in a choppy rhythm to each strike.

“I will Not. Be Treated. This Way.Anymore.You will fix your Attitude. On your Own. Next Time. Or this will be your Punishment.Do you Understand?!”

This goes on for some time.About three-quarters of the way through I realize my hard-on is only just starting to subside.When she finally stops my ass is glowing red and on fire.

“Ok,” she says, “Stand up.”

Painfully, I stand to my feet in front of her, rubbing my burning ass and looking at the floor.

“Will you be acting that way again for no reason,” she asks calmly, hands clasped together in her lap?

I shake my head “no,” still looking at the floor.

“You know I love you, don’t you?”

I nod my head “yes” not taking my eyes off the floor.

“Good boy.Now, lay across my lap again,” she says lovingly.

I look at her face for the first time, with terrified eyes.

Knowing my dread, she explains, “Your punishment is over, let Mommy make it better.”

My cock instantly springs back to life, much harder than before.In a sad attempt to hide my excitement I again quickly find my position across her lap.She delicately begins to rub my ass.She must have hid some lotion or something under a pillow because her hand touching my ass has a wet chill.Her now cool hand feels good as she comforts me.

“There you go, baby.Mama makes it all better.”

Slowly the sting, while still present, starts to morph into a low measured throb.Using her other hand she runs her fingers though my hair.

“Shhhh, Mommy loves you.It’s ok.”

I begin to relax and fail to notice the hand rubbing my ass is slowly spreading my cheeks apart more and more often.It’s not long before she is pressing up against my hole.For a brief moment, she stops, and when she does, in a semi doze I try to pick up my head.The hand she had used to play with my hair took hold the back of my neck and calmly guides my head back to its place of rest.

She says in a sweet hushed tone, “Its ok baby, put your head down.”

As soon as my head lands back in its resting place I feel a cold and very slippery liquid slowly making its way between my reddened ass cheeks.The cold is followed by her soft touch, this time penetrating my ass.With a gentle rhythmic motion she starts with one finger, then two.It’s not long before I am arching my ass to meet her.With every thrust of her hand she is now commenting on what a good boy I am and how much she likes to fuck my ass.

“You like it when I fuck your ass, don’t you,” almost put more like a statement than a question.

As I allow a soft moan escape my trembling lips, abruptly, she removes her hand.I continue to move my hips, hoping to find her touch, and not doing so, I begin to whine and pout.

“Stop it!Quit pouting.Do you want another spanking?”

Her words remind me of my still burning ass.I stop whining, but find I am unable to stop grinding into her thighs.My body is out of my control.Then, I feel it.It’s not her hand.It’s something else.Slowly it slips between my slick cheeks and into my ass, spreading it wider and wider.I gasp.It stops moving deeper and she says in a quiet comforting tone,

“You are doing so well, baby.Take it for Mommy.It makes me so happy.”

"It's too big; it hurts my ass, please stop." I wince.

She grabs a fist full of hair and forcefully yanks my head back off the pillow, so much so that I have to arch my back.She leans in, close to my ear.

She whispers, "First of all, this ass is Mine!Every part of you belongs to me.I will do what I want with you."

Each sentence is punctuated with her slightly shaking my head, still held off the pillow by the fist full of hair.

"Secondly, you are to address me as Mommy.Is that understood?"

"Yes, Mommy.More lube please, Mommy."

She lowers my head back to the pillow as she leans back to a more upright sitting position.She loosens her grip on my hair, and begins to rub her fingers through my hair with her nails lightly scratching my scalp.It’s sensual yet relaxing.Then a moment later I feel more of the cold lube easing the movement of the object deeper and deeper, spreading my hole wider and wider.I exhale in an attempt to relax and push against it forcing it to go deeper.

“There you go, good boy.See, I knew you could.MMmmmm.That makes Mommy so hot.”

Her speech is in a low husky almost primal whisper.I now realize the object is a butt plug as it slides firmly into place.I lie like this, across her lap, violated, for a moment in silence.

“Ok, stand up,” she says nonchalantly, breaking the quiet moment.

Without a word, I do.And, as soon as I am standing facing her, she stands, repositions the pillows at the head of the bed, removes her tank top and sits.As she gets herself situated, I haven’t moved and the plug is still resolute in my ass.I have crossed my hands in front trying to cover my obvious excitement.Finally comfortable she motions to have me come and sit with her.Embarrassed but not totally overcome I start to walk around the edge of the bed, still doing my best to hide my erection.

“Silly boy, I see that hard cock” she giggles, shaking her head.Her eyes twinkle, “I know it's hard because of what I do to you.Now stop wasting time and come here.”

Because of the object in my ass I awkwardly begin to mount the bed.I carefully move to sit next to her when she shakes her head, “No” and motions that I sit facing her across her lap.She places a pillow under her arm on the far side and has me lay my head on her arm.Wasting no time she pours lube all over my cock and reaches down and begins to rub me with slow full strokes.She looks in my eyes, so much love.I am lost in her gaze until she turns on the vibrator in the plug.I loose my breath for a moment.

“Breath, baby.”

I breathe deeply and she pulls my mouth to her breast.

“There you go baby, suck on my tit… but don’t you dare cum.”

Her expert hands play with my cock, balls and inner thigh.She lightly scratches with her nails and pulls on my sack, not my balls, just the skin where the balls meet the taint.It starts softly but she continues to pull toward her till I feel the stretching everywhere.Then she lets go and starts to milk the head of my cock.This type of varied manipulation continues for a while.The toy in my ass is making it hard not to explode.She can tell and gleefully encourages me to continue to suck on her tit.The comments continue, reminding me how dirty I am for wanting to have my ass violated like it is, how much it turns her on to be able to control me like this, and how she understands that I need her.I start to moan more and more.

Again she sternly warns me, “Do Not Cum.”

A feeling of dread flows over me.I won’t be able to hold back soon.

“Please,” even my eyes beg, “Please, Mommy, let me cum.”

I am shaking, trying not to cum.

Finally she speaks in a low breathy voice "MMmmmm, Cum for Mommy!Give me that cum."

Almost before she is done, my toes curl, my eyes roll and I am forcefully cumming into her hand.

Then in a sexually husky whisper she encourages me, "Ohhh... good boy.MMMMmmm.That’s it.Give me all that cum.Fuck my hand. Good boy."

She continues to milk the head of my cock as I come back down to earth.Quickly I become acutely aware of the plug still vibrating in my ass.And the sloppy noise her continuous fondling of my cock is making is only increased by using my cum as lubrication.My cum is all over my belly, cock, balls and her hand.I start to flinch and twitch with every movement, up, down and around of her practiced hand.

"Please, Mommy, it's so sensitive, no more."

After, what seemed to be like an eternity and a period of quickening her pace, she sighed and stopped.

"Now, what about me?Is it my turn to cum," she ask a little sarcastically?She points to a towel on the dresser, "Give me that towel."

I awkwardly get up off her lap, but before getting off the bed, I reach down to stop the vibration deep within me.

"What. The. Fuck. Do you think you are doing," she asks incredulously?She continues with a matter-of-fact tone, "Did I tell you to touch the toy?No.If I wanted it off, I would have turned it off.Now, hand me the fucking towel."

Quietly I hand the towel to her.She opens the towel, wipes the cum from her hand, folds the towel in half and lays it on the bed between her open legs.While she does this I notice her excitement has left a rather large wet spot on her shorts.She lifts her hips and removes her remaining clothes.She removes her silky wet panties from the shorts.She then tosses the shorts to the floor at the foot of the bed and dangles her panties in front of me.

"I bet you want to smell these, rub them all over your face... don't you," she pauses."Go ahead, take them."

I greedily snatch them from her hand and bring them to my face.I take a long deep breath.I'm in heaven.

"Mmmm... good boy.You like the way my pussy smells, don't you."

Her hand now moves to her delicate pussy and begins to lightly pet it.My eyes fixate on her beautiful flower.I am lost in some distant world, unable to give an audible answer.But my thoughts are screaming, "YES!OH GOD YES!"

Hearing my thoughts she beckons, "Come here baby and lick my pussy."

As I position myself between her legs on my knees, ass up, I realize I am already hard again.I breathe in deeply; her sent leaves my brain swimming.Her taste is sweet and warm.I can feel her soft hairless inner thigh, rub against my cheek.I bury my tongue deep within her and she gasps.Her hips gyrate in time with the movement of my tongue while she moans.She encourages her baby to eat her beautiful pussy.Her taste is intoxicating.I can feel her climax getting closer as her breath is beginning quicken.Her hips grind harder and harder into my face that she holds in place with her right hand.Her left hand messages her breast.

"Stroke your cock while you eat my pussy," she moans.

I adjust myself so that I have access to my dick and franticly begin to jerk at it.She is so close.

“Yeah, you like stroking your cock don’t you.I bet you want to lick my ass while you touch yourself, you dirty boy.Mmmmm… maybe later I will let my naughty little boy lick my ass while he jerks off, but right now you lick my pussy.Mmmm… good, yeah, lick my wet pussy.Suck on my clit.”

Her words are thick and sweet like honey.Her body tightens as I lightly suck on her clit.Climax washes over her in waves.Her hand holding the back of my head grabs a fist full of hair while her thighs clamp down, making it almost impossible to breath.Though my ears are shielded by her thighs, I can hear her muffled groans and cries of ecstasy.All of this is too much for my body to handle pushing me over the edge.The world goes white and I cum again, shooting what little I have left on the towel.

We collapse in this position for several minutes.Finally, she begins to pet my head.

"Baby, turn the toy off, go take it out and wash up off for Mommy."

With all the strength I have left, I do as requested as quickly as possible.When I come back the low volume of the TV is barely filling the room.She is lying on the bed facing me, watching TV.I slip into bed.Feeling her naked body, I hold her tightly around her waist and lightly kiss her.She lies on her side with her arm under my head.Her other hand lightly caresses the hair around my ear and the back of my head.My face nuzzles into the crest of her breasts.I feel so close to her.I know I would be completely lost without her.I love her so much.

"I love you, Mommy."

"I know you do. I love you too baby."

We lie this way for some time and I drift off to sleep.Her sex and her perfume mingle together in my nostrils making my dreams wild and erotic.I wake up to find her asleep.As gently as I can I pull myself away from her, trying not to wake her.The TV is still on.I reach for the controller and turn it off.She slightly rouses, rolling to her other side.As she does, I lie behind her and smoothly slide one arm under the pillow under her head.I drape the other around her waist and lightly kiss her neck.A soft moan and deep breath inform me she is somewhere between sleep and awake.I hold her tightly, doing my best to comfort her back to deep slumber.Her skin under the blanket is warm and soft.I desperately attempt to keep myself from becoming aroused, but it’s of no use.My dick is gently nestled between her well curved ass cheeks and is hard as a rock.I am resolute in my stance of allowing her to sleep, until she speaks, breaking the dark still night.

“Thank you for turning off the TV.”

“You’re welcome,” I whisper.

“I love you.”

“God, I love you.Thank you,” I begin to gush, I can’t help it, “thank you for loving me.I am so blessed to have you as my wife.I know it sounds corny, but you touch me so deeply.”

My eyes water and I clinch her tightly.Over and over I kiss her neck, shoulder and behind the ear.

“I love you.I need you.Never leave me, I am lost without you.Promise you will never leave me.I promise to protect you and love you with all that I am, just please; never leave me.”

“I promise.”

Though my face is almost completely buried in her neck, from behind her I catch a brief glimpse of a contented smile on her face.I breathe deeply, again catching her smell.Her hand reaches up and runs through my hair.As I continue to kiss her neck she quietly moans and arches her back.I move my hips forward creating friction between her ass and my dick.She slowly rotates her hips, rubbing my engorged cock.I gently kiss up and down her neck.

“Fuck me,” she moans.“Fuck my pussy with that cock that’s rubbing up against my ass.Fuck me.”

Aggressively, I roll her over and lay on top of her between her legs.I kiss her deeply as my hips lean into her.She is so wet I instantly slide inside her.Her soft legs wrap around my waist and her hands scratch across my back.I push myself deep inside her, pull away then push deep within her again.She pulls and twists her body to aid my efforts the best she can.Both our movements start slow but quickly build to a frantic pace.

“Mmmm… that’s it.Fuck me! Yessssss.Fuck my wet pussy,” her words are heavy with lust.

“God. Your pussy feels so good.You are so wet.I love being inside you.”

It’s not long before her breath again begins to quicken and become shallower.She reaches around my back and holds on tightly.Her words, wet kisses and heavy breathing in my ear is bringing me close to my own climax.

“Fuuuuuck,” she hisses, “I’m gonna cummmmmm!Ahhhgrh…”

Her body thrashes against mine.I feel her pussy clamp down on my dick as she groans and squeals.Seeing her reach her end has brought me to mine.I twitch and flex as I cum inside her.We hold each other close.

“Now, it’s time for bed” she says sleepily.

All I can manage is a short quiet grunt and a garbled, “I love you.”

Slowly I get up and stumble into the bathroom to clean up.When I return she is laying on her back waiting for my return.I lie down and get comfortable next to her.She places her head on my shoulder.I wrap my arm around her and kiss her forehead.

“I love you.”
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