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An Early Lesson

I am just coming to the end of a very successful teaching career. I am respected within my profession and often newly qualified teachers ask me for advice. My response is always the same “maintain classroom discipline.” Until now I haven’t elaborated on this response however I think it is time to reveal how I learned this very important lesson.

I had just qualified as a teacher and having undertaken a probationary period was now allowed to teach classes unsupervised. Everything had been going well until one particularly warm Friday afternoon. The children were hot and bothered and just marking time until they could escape for the weekend. It was half way through the last lesson of the day that I noticed that Lucy a particularly troublesome brunette had removed her tie and undone several buttons on her blouse revealing a well developed cleavage. “Lucy! Put you tie back on and do up your blouse,” I requested. Lucy didn’t even bother to acknowledge my request and simply continued flirting with the boy on the next desk. Feeling hot and bothered myself, I quickly wrote uniform violation on a demerit slip and dispatched her to the headmaster.

Having dismissed the class I was busy tidying my classroom when I received a note asking me to go to see the headmaster. The headmaster welcomed me to his study and we exchanged pleasantries before he steered the conversation around to Lucy. He advised me that Lucy had been punished and sent home with a note for her parents reiterating the schools uniform guidelines, which were strictly applied. The headmaster was sympathetic regarding my difficulties with Lucy and we discussed different ways to manage her behavior in class. I found the discussion very useful and made mental notes of the suggested techniques ready to apply them the following week. Our conversation seemed to have reached a natural end and I started to rise in anticipation of being dismissed by the headmaster. However, this was not the end of the matter.

“A moment Miss Alexander,” he said. “I am a firm believer in class room discipline and believe that pupils should be sent to me as a last resort. In the past I found that teacher’s often find it easier to dispatch a troublesome child to me rather than address the issue themselves and so whenever this occurs I find that a mentoring interview such as we have just had is useful. However, I find that if the teacher also receives a punishment this provides an even bigger incentive to maintain classroom discipline themselves.”

I’m sure that my face was a picture of shock at the headmaster’s words. Thoughts tumbled through my mind as to what punishment he intended for me. My confusion was short lived as he led me across to the sofa and having seated himself, took hold of my hand and pulled me forward across his lap. Startled, I gasped “Sir” as I felt him lift my floaty summer skirt exposing my white lacy panties. A more forceful “No!” shot from my lips as I felt his hand start to pull my panties over my buttocks. The downward motion of my panties stopped however he continued to maintain a firm grip on the material.

“Miss Alexander, if you are to maintain strict discipline in your class it is important that you understand that punishments are not optional. Now, if you wish to continue in what I am sure will be a very successful teaching career you will stop squirming and allow me to bare your bottom.”

The threat was very clear and so I stopped struggling as my panties were pulled down my legs to my knees. “Lucy received three swats with the strap on her bottom. You will receive six, however they will be administered after I have warmed your bottom with a good, firm, hand spanking.”

Whilst he was delivering this speech the headmaster’s hand had been gently caressing my buttock. As he finished talking he administered the first spank, rapidly followed by more. He was quickly into a rhythm alternating between buttocks with hard stinging spanks. Having accepted the inevitable, I had decided that I would stoically accept my punishment however I couldn’t stop little cries escaping my lips as he continued his assault on my bottom. Initially, I had tried to count each spank however the sensations they were creating rapidly caused me to lose count.

Eventually, the first part of my ordeal came to an end. The spanking stopped and his hand again caressed my bottom. My bottom was on fire, the heat radiating out into the room. As his hand lightly roamed across my flesh I became aware of dampness between my legs. Aghast that I had become aroused I tried to press my thighs together to hide my naughty secret.

It was just at this point that the headmaster said “You will need to stand up for your strapping”. Reluctantly I came to my feet, as I did my skirt adjusted itself back into it’s normal position. Noticing my now modest demeanor the headmaster said “Better take your skirt off, I don’t want the strap to catch in the material.” Reluctantly, I undid my skirt lowering it to the ground and stepping out of the pool of material. My panties succumbed to gravity and joined my skirt on the floor. To my relief my blouse covered my pussy as I leaned forward and braced my hands on the sofa as instructed.

Nothing could have prepared me for the first swat from the strap. I shot upright grasping my buttocks. “Resume your position,” said the headmaster. “They won’t count if you keep dancing about and I will have to give you extras.” I bent forward again and managed to limit my movement to a little jig as each swat was administered. As the sixth and final swat connected with my bottom I let out a massive sigh of relief realising that I had been holding my breath.

“Stay put,” said the headmaster, “You need a salve to cool your bottom.” He walked to his desk and returning with a tube of gel, squirted some onto my bottom and started to massage it into my glowing cheeks. As his hand caressed each buttock I realised that his fingers were also dipping into the juices dripping from my pussy. I moved slightly trying to guide his hand away however inadvertently my movement caused his hand to slip deeper between my thighs and I felt his finger connect with my clit. An involuntary groan left my lips. Appearing oblivious to its new location his fingers continued in a circular massaging motion against my clit. Abandoning all self control I ground my pussy against his hand as waves of pleasure radiated outwards. Slowly my breathing returned to normal as my orgasm subsided.

“Well Miss Alexander,” said the headmaster “as you know one of the schools guiding principles is fairness for all,” and with that he unzipped his trousers and pulling them and his boxers to the ground stood before me with a fully erect cock. He sat down on the sofa and guided me to my knees and his cock into my mouth. Immediately I tasted drops of precum as he pressed my head down gently to encourage me in my task.

“Undo your blouse," he commanded, "and release your breasts.” My hands shook a little as I undid the buttons and unclasped my bra. Quickly these garments were discarded and I knelt, naked before him, his cock bobbing in and out of my mouth. His hands squeezed my breasts and then his fingers found my nipples and pulling sharply on them he shot his load into my mouth. As his spasms subsided he withdrew his cock and ran his finger along my lower lip as I swallowed his cum.

“You may get dressed now Miss Alexander," he said as he restored his own clothing. I quickly gathered my garments and slipped them back on.

Standing before him flushed and disheveled he dismissed me with the words, “You have the makings of a very good teacher.” And so I did.

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