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An Ordinary Afternoon

A sweet, little spanking story...
An Ordinary Afternoon

M and I had spent the night at a romantic bed and breakfast in a little, mountain town. When we woke up in the morning, I was my normal, horny self, but she wasn't feeling well--she sometimes suffers from altitude sickness. So we ate breakfast and walked around a bit, and then headed back to the big city.

During the drive back, she must have been feeling better because she got really playful. She was wearing these little cutoff jean-shorts, and she wanted to take them off. I told her no. She said she wanted to play with herself. I told her no, again. She doesn't listen all that well, so she started to unbutton her shorts. I stopped her with one hand while I attempted to drive with the other.

Somehow I managed.

Eventually we made it back to my house, amazingly without getting into an accident and with her shorts still on.

After carrying in the bags, I sat down on the couch. She had a wicked smile plastered over her face. She stood in front of me and took off her tank top and then her shorts. I didn't tell her no this time. She looked really good--nude and lithe and tall and deeply vibrant. Maybe just super horny.

She straddled me on the couch, and we kissed a couple of times--nice, deep, wet kisses as she grinded against me.

"You were quite naughty this morning," I said.

She smiled. "Yes, your cock was all hard and I didn't play with it. I really didn't feel good." She gave me her best puppy-dog look. "Is that why you didn't let me take my shorts off?"

"Part of the reason."

"I'll make it up to you now."

"You're going to. But I think first you need a spanking for being naughty." She gave me a funny look. "M, go in the bedroom and get one of my old ties." I did it in my best stern voice, and managed not to laugh.

To my surprise, she got up and went into the bedroom. She came back with one of my favorite ties, but I didn't make her get another one.

"Good girl. Now, go get the hairbrush out of the bathroom." She wasn't expecting that, but off she went. A moment later, she came back with the hairbrush. I held out my hand, and she reluctantly gave it to me. I sat it next to me on the couch.

"Turn around," I told her. She did, and I tied the tie around one wrist then around the other. I left enough play between her wrists so that she could move her hands to her sides.

She turned back around, and I patted my lap. She gave me one last look, a mix of excitement and fear, wondering whether I was really going to do it or not, but when no last-second reprieve came, she leaned over (it was difficult to do with her arms tied) and then sort of flopped onto the couch and my lap. She got settled, and I took a moment to enjoy the view. I really like asses and hers was amazing. High and very round. And it was even nicer to have it right there in front of me, propped up over my lap. I could do anything I wanted with it and to it.

I used one hand to coil up the tie between her hands, bringing her hands closer together and moving them away from her butt. My other hand ran over her cheeks and thighs, enjoying the feel of her skin.

"So what's going to happen now?" I asked.

"You're going to spank me."


"I was naughty. I didn't suck your cock when you told me to. That's being very bad, isn't it?" She was daring me to spank her, I think.

"Yes, it is. You're going to have to beg for your spanking."

"Please spank me."

"How many do you think you should get?"


I laughed a bit. My hand was still rubbing her ass and her thighs, enjoying the softness of her skin. "I think you need more than that. I have to make sure you'll be good next time."


"I was thinking twenty-five. On each cheek."

She didn't say anything for a moment. "That's a lot."

"Yes, but you were very naughty. And I want to see your ass nice and red." I let her think about that.

Still playing with her ass, I said, "You're going to have to beg for it."

It took her a second, but then she said, "Please spank me."

"How many?"

"Twenty-five, on each cheek."


"Because I didn't suck your cock when you told me to."

"Lift up, and ask for the first one."

She did, arching her back and pushing her ass up in the air. It was awesome--the power trip and the view. "Number one," she requested.

"Say please."

"Number one, please."

Using my bare hand, I smacked her left cheek, then her right. Nice, solid swats--not terribly hard, but solid. I enjoyed the sound. I teased her ass, running my fingertips lightly over where I had smacked her, watching her skin turn red.

I liked that.

I stopped rubbing her and waited. She figured it out and lifted up for me. "Number two, please."

Smack, smack. Again the left, then the right, each a slight bit harder than the first.

"Number three, please."

Smack, smack.

"Number four, please."

Smack, smack. This time the left side first, then the right. I concentrated on the skin on the bottom of her ass and the tops of her thighs, which she presented to me beautifully. It was just awesome when she lifted up--her ass, her hips and the tops of her thighs made a great picture. Plus, that view has always turned me on.

Her ass was getting quite red, which I also liked.

"Number five, please."

Her begging was also turning me on. Hell, everything was.

"Number six, please."

This time, both landed on her left side, right in the middle of her cheek.

"Number seven, please."

Smack, smack. The right side got both of these.

"Number eight, please."

She arched up, but I didn't smack her. I made her hold it, her back arched. I teased the back of her thighs with my fingertips, then across the hot spots getting spanked, watching goose bumps form. She widened her legs slightly, inviting my fingers to touch her.

Smack, smack--surprising her. 

My fingertips returned to their torture, teasing her skin and enjoying the heat of her ass.

"Ask for the next one."

"What number?"

"That's your job. I guess we'll just have to start over."

She made an exasperated sound. "That's not fair."

"It doesn't have to be fair. You're the one that's been naughty." I gave her a good one on each side, to drive in my point.

She twisted her body around to look at me. It was quite the dirty look.

"You're not in charge here," I told her. "Now lift up, and ask for number one again."

"It was at least six." She was still looking at me. I gave her a stern look back. "Please?" she asked.

"Okay, ask for number seven."

She lifted up, which kept turning me on. "Number seven, please."

Seven was hard, on the low, red spot. She let out just a tiny bit of a yelp.

"The next time you lose count, we will start over, understand?"

"Yes, sir. Number eight, please."

The 'sir' turned me on, too, for some reason.

Smack, smack. Eight wasn't as hard as seven.

"Number nine, please."

I surprised her with one on the middle of each thigh.

"Number ten, please."

Smack, smack. Back to the middle of her cheeks.

"Number eleven, please."

I ran my fingertips over and around her sensitive, red cheeks. They ran down the back of her thigh, then up the inside, near her cunt--oh, so close--then skipped over to the other inner thigh.

Deftly, without her noticing, I picked up the hairbrush.

Whack, whack. One right in the middle of each of her red spots. Her body went tense as a gasp escaped her lips.

"Forgot about the hairbrush, did we?" She took a moment--I'm sure it was starting to really smart--then lifted up.

"Number twelve, please." Her voice was a cool whisper--she was turned on, but there was also something else in it.

Whack, whack. The hairbrush made a different sound--quieter, but denser. And it left nice, small rectangular red spots behind it.

"Number thirteen, please."

Whack, whack. Fairly hard, right on the crease between her cheeks and her thighs. A tender spot.

"Number fourteen, please." Her voice tweaked.

I teased her again, just briefly, my fingers rubbing the heat of her skin, but only for a moment. I hit the crease again.

"Number fifteen, please."

She lifted up, but I could tell she was getting a little tired. And sore.

"Higher, babe. Arch up for me."

She didn't protest, arching her beautiful ass higher for me. So fifteen was a little softer than the last few.

"Good girl."

"Number sixteen, please."

Whack, whack. Sixteen was back on her thighs.

"Number seventeen, please."

Whack, whack. Right in the middle of her cheeks.

"Number eighteen, please."

She arched up, waiting for it. Her knees were spread further now, and the one was barely still on the couch. I could see the edge of her cunt. Very, very lightly, I teased the lips of her pussy. My fingertip just barely touched them, running up and down each of them, pushing them slightly apart.

Very wet. I slid the fingertip through the opening of her lips, pushing them further apart, then dragging the wetness to the back of her cunt. She let out a cool, harsh breath.

Whack, whack.

She took her time again, recovering or hoping I'd play with her again. Finally, she said "Number nineteen, please."

Nineteen was back on the crease, pretty hard. I didn't want her ass cooling down.

I used the handle of the hairbrush to push apart her cunt lips. I pushed the edge of the handle down, rubbing it just inside the front of her cunt. She liked that, moving her hips against it.

Abruptly, I took it away from her cunt. "You do not have permission to come. If you come without permission, it would be very bad for your butt. I would have to get my belt." I let her think about that. "Ask for the next one."

"Number twenty, please."

Whack, whack. Twenty was a little higher up on her ass, on the edge of the redness.

"Number twenty-one, please."

Her arching wasn't good, again.

"Come-on, babe, only four more to go. Be good. Lift up for me."

It took her a second, but then she arched up. It turned me on that she was doing it for me. Straining to please me.

Still, twenty-one was pretty hard, back on her sore crease, both on the right side.

"Twenty-two, please."

She knew what was coming--two hard ones on the left crease--so I made her wait for them.

Whack, whack.

"Twenty-three, please." She arched up good, and asked quickly, knowing the end was in sight.

I was in no hurry for it to end, so I teased her again.

My fingertip touched her lips, spreading them. I spread the wetness on the insides of her thighs, then across the crease, cooling her hot skin.

"You're very wet. Your spanking isn't turning you on, is it?"

She didn't answer me.

I got my fingertip wet again, and ran it out the back of her cunt, across that sensitive skin below it, then up between her lovely cheeks, leaving a wet train behind it.

Whack. I hesitated, then smacked the other side.

She was breathing hard. "Twenty-four, please."

Whack, whack. Both in the middle of her ass cheeks.

"Twenty-five, please."

"Really lift up for it."

She arched as high as she did for the first one. Being cruel, each one hit right on the sore, red, red crease.

She relaxed down, against me.

I ran my hand across her ass, enjoying the warmth and the redness. It was really quite red. I wondered if there would be bruises, which made my cock twitch.

"You're butt is looking just awesome. I like it red."

My fingers, unable to resist, eventually ended up back at her cunt. I teased her again, two fingers spreading her lips. Then, for the first time, I ran a wet fingertip further down, just around her clit, then back to her cunt.

The two fingertips went back into her cunt, just a little, then back down. This time I rubbed them against her clit. It was swollen and easy to find.

"You seem very turned on, babe. Very wet. You didn't like getting spanked, did you?

"No, it was terrible." There was some sarcasm in her voice.

My fingertips left her clit, got wet again, and then returned.

She started moving her hips against my fingertips. I could tell she was getting close.

"Remember, you don't have permission to come."

"Can I please come?"

"I don't know, I think it's going to cost you."

"Cost me what?"

"Ten more, I think."

I moved my fingers back up, away from her clit, back to the opening of her cunt. She moaned her disappointment.


"Okay, what?" I asked.

"Ten more, so I can come." She was having difficulty speaking; her voice was really cool sounding and low.

I took my fingers off of her clit. "Ask for them."

"I don't get to come first?"

I chuckled. "Don't be ridiculous. You have to pay for it first."

This she didn't like. She curled around for another dirty look.

"Don't you want to come? Lift up. Ask for them."

Resigned to it, she lifted up, presenting her wonderful and very red ass to me.

I made her wait.

"Do you want the hairbrush or my hand?" I wasn't really letting her choose, but I was curious to see what she would choose.

"Your hand."

"Does it hurt less?"

"A little, but I just like it better."

"I think we'll do five and five. Beg for it."

"Please give me ten on each side. Five with your hand, and five with the hairbrush. Please." Her begging had improved.


"So you'll let me come."

I made her count these, too. I started with the hairbrush, and gave her five all on the right side, most on the crease. Nice, solid, hard shots. Sometimes she wouldn't be arched enough, so I'd wait. She knew what I wanted and would eventually lift up.

I made the ones with my hand a little harder. After each one, I'd rub her ass and massage it, but I left her clit alone. As I've mentioned, the heat and the redness turned some strange part of my mind on in a big way.

Then she had finished paying the toll.

I rubbed the hot skin on her ass and thighs, teasing her by coming closer and closer to her cunt. Eventually my fingers went back into her cunt, re-wetting them. Ever so slowly, I moved them towards her clit.

This time she arched for a different reason, spreading her legs to allow me as much access as she could. She was back to gently moving her hips, rubbing against my fingers, her breathe getting more and more ragged.

Her clit was between my two fingertips. I was rubbing it and squeezing it. She was close.

"You still don't have permission."


"Please, what?"

"Please, please let me come."

"Are you going to be a good girl next time when I tell you to suck my cock?"


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, I'll be good and suck your cock when you tell me to."

"Will you be good and do what I say the rest of today."

"I'll do whatever you say. Please, pretty please let me come." She was at that point where she'd do anything to come. My favorite point.

"And, if you are naughty, will you take off your clothes and ask for a spanking when I tell you to?"

"Yes." She was so close now, trying to hold it off. "God, I need to come. Please."

"Are you going to come good and hard?"

"Yes. You're driving me crazy. Please let me come."

"Okay, you can come, love. Come really hard. Come for me."

That was all she needed. She let out a moan as I massaged her clit between my fingertips.

She started to come.

M comes hard. Really hard. The first time, I worried that maybe she was having a seizure or a heart attack she came so hard. Her whole body shakes and shakes and shakes and she damn near passes out.

This time was even better than usual. It started with gasps and little squeaks. Then the long, slow moan, followed by the shaking as I held her in my lap, (cock rock hard against her) not letting her get away from my fingers. It was cool to watch--her red ass humping up and down, her long, nude body spread out .

I kept her on my lap, my fingers lightly--ever so lightly--rubbing her clit. She calmed down, and tried to get away from my fingers.

"You're not in charge," I told her.

"It's too much," she said, still trying to get away.

"I don't care." My fingers slid away from her clit, and then the first two went into her cunt, all the way inside her in one smooth motion.

She gasped, arching up, allowing them to get deeper into her.

I fucked her with my fingers. I slid them in and all the way out, actually taking them an inch outside her pussy, waiting a beat, then pushing them back deep into her.

After four or five plunges into her, I stopped inside her, and curled my fingers a bit. It took a second, but then I felt the different-feeling skin on the side. I rubbed back and forth across it.

Her magical little spot.

"You're not going to come again, are you? That would cost you another ten."

I think this turned her on. She was trying not to, but it was too much. The shiver and the shakes started again. As they did, I started plunging my fingers in and out again, occasionally rubbing her spot, making her crazier and crazier.

It wasn't as good as the first one, but still wonderfully intense. This time I stopped when she did, my fingers still inside her.

I gave her a minute there on my lap, to get her breath back. I continued to touch her skin and enjoy the view.

"Go look at your butt in the mirror," I told her. She slowly got up off my lap and went to the bathroom. After a minute she came back.

"It's really red." She had a funny, half-disbelieving smile on her face. I stood up off the couch and kissed her. She could feel my cock through my jeans.

We kissed a few times, then I led her over to the corner of the room.

"You have to stand in the corner now." I guided her into the corner as she gave me another one of her looks. "You'll stay there until I say otherwise." I moved her hands up, away from her red butt, so my view would be unobstructed.

Returning to the couch, I turned on a baseball game. I tried to watch it, but mostly I was watching her and her sweet ass.

It was a surprising turn-on to have a nude, attractive woman standing in the corner with a red ass. All because I told her to.

I made it through an inning.

I quietly walked back over to her, and very lightly started running my fingertips over her sore ass, then further between her legs, teasing her lips again.

I grabbed the tie and led her out of the corner and to the bedroom. I sat on the bed, and pointed to the floor. She kneeled down.

"Do you want to suck my cock?" She nodded her head, smiling. "Oh, you do now, do you? What's going to happen next time I tell you to suck it and you don't?"

"You'll spank me?"

I smiled at her. "It will have to be a better one next time, if you didn't learn your lesson from this one."

"Let me suck your cock."

"Beg for it."

"Please let me suck your cock. I want it in my mouth."

"Okay. But you better do a good job, or you'll be back over my lap."

She moved forward and put her lips on the head of my cock. She kissed it, then her tongue flicked back and forth across it. My cock had been hard for a long time without any attention, so her lips and tongue felt real good against it.

She licked up and down it a few times, like an ice cream cone, then took it into her mouth. The heat and the wetness of her mouth felt awesome. She pushed about three-quarters of it in, sucking on it. She started working it up and down, in and out of her mouth, making it wet. She varied her speed, sometimes faster, sometimes slower with her lips tighter around it. Every now and then she'd stop and lick the head. She usually uses her hand with her mouth, so it was interesting just having her mouth.

Having her stand in the corner with a red ass was a turn-on, but nothing compared to having her on her knees in front of me, sucking my cock, hands still tied and her red, red ass.

I was getting close, but I wanted to take advantage of that red, red butt, so I stopped her. She gave me a look of disbelief.

"Go get a condom. I want to fuck you now."

Lucky for her, she smiled, got up and went to the bathroom.

I always make her put them on my cock, but this time it was a little tricky with her hands tied. She managed. She turned half-sideways so she could use both hands. She rolled it down my cock, then looked at me.

I motioned for her to turn around. "Put your head on the floor." She did, giving me a different, maybe even better view of that red bottom. "Do you want a pillow for your head?"

"Yes, please."

"That's too bad, because slaves don't get pillows."

I kneeled down behind her, my knees outside of hers. I used my hand to help the head of my cock find her cunt. I put a hand on each hip, moving my hips sideways a little, making her wait.

Suddenly I thrust forward as I pulled her hips back, forcing my cock deep into her, banging up against her. Wonderfully tight and wet. I held it in her as I looked down, enjoying the warmth of her ass against me. I wanted to freeze the moment, make it last forever, but my cock wanted to come.

I started banging her, fucking her hard and fast, no longer concerned with making her come or teasing her.

Her mouth had gotten me pretty close, and the heat was turning me on more and more. I kept fucking her, harder and harder, our bodies slapping together, the sound almost obscene.

Then I could tell I was almost there. I slowed down just a bit, trying to go deeper and harder. It was all too much--the heat from her ass, the tight warmth and wetness of her cunt. The little noises she was making. The moment hit, clearing my mind, the whole world shrinking down to my cock and balls and her pussy. I was coming inside her. I kept moving in and out, still trying to fuck her hard, to get all my come into her. Deep into her.

Then I was done. I slumped forward, against her back. We slowly slid sideways, until we were both on our side, my cock just barely in her.

She turned her head around, and I kissed her. She had a big, sweet smile on her face.

"Did you like that?" She asked.

"Oh yeah.”
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