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Another Week with Auntie Beryl (Part 3)

Kate and I had just heard we were to be caned, in the nude at the family picnic
I had three more days staying at Auntie Beryl’s before I could go home. I had just witnessed Kate being made to strip in front of me and my friend Ron before she was caned just a foot or so away. It was so exciting seeing such a beautiful girl, completely nude and being caned on her gorgeous bottom.

As soon as I could get to bed I worked on my hard cock until I exploded over the sheets and then exhausted I fell asleep.

The following morning I was woken by Auntie Beryl’s booming voice reminding me that I should have been downstairs for breakfast, washed, dressed and my room tidy by 7.30am and it was now 7.40am. As she pulled back the covers she saw that I had no pajamas on and the mess all over her sheets was all too evident.

“Get ready, now or we won’t be ready for the picnic. I’ll decide on your punishment later.”

I had forgotten all about the ‘important’ family picnic!

As she left the room, I heard her calling Kate’s name and wondered what she was in trouble for.

I made my bed as well as I could, tidied my room, washed and dressed checking I hadn’t forgotten anything before I came down for breakfast. I did not want to make Auntie even more cross.

A few minutes later Kate appeared for breakfast. It seems that she too had overslept and from her face had done something else to upset her Mum.

I had never been on the ‘picnic’ but had heard Auntie saying it was a special family tradition and what fun it was. The picnic was an annual event involving Beryl, Kate, and Beryl’s two younger sisters, none of whom I had even met. Sally, the youngest sister was married to Mike and their daughter, Julie, was Kate’s age. Mary was divorced and had a son, Tom, a few months younger than Kate.

The phone rang and a few minutes later Auntie Beryl appeared at the doorway. She looked fed up and annoyed.

“Sally has called to say that Mike has to work so won’t be going to the picnic. This is supposed to be a special day, you two have already spoilt it and now this. I am going to have a quiet cup of tea and decide how you will both be punished.”

With that she left us to finish our breakfast in the dining room. I had a sinking feeling in my gut and from the expression on Kate’s face she was non too happy either.

“Why are you being punished.” I asked her, but Kate ignored me and just finished off her cereal.

Auntie returned looking slightly happier and announced that as we would be out at punishment time, 7.00pm we would suffer our punishment in front of the whole family at the picnic.

Both Kate and I leapt to our feet and started to argue.

“One more word out of either of you and you will also get six strokes with the tawse.”

We sat down quietly. We both knew from the expression on her face that this was no idle threat. We also realised that “also get six strokes with the tawse” meant that our punishment would be the cane and that we would be punished with no clothes on. I pictured me standing there nude in front of Aunt Sally, Julie, just 16, Aunt Mary and Tom, not to mention Kate and Autie Beryl.

The morning seemed to drag by as Kate and I were banished to our rooms. We could hear auntie preparing the picnic and then explaining on the phone to her sisters what we had done and how we were to be punished. We were called down.

Looking at us both Auntie said, “I’ve spoken to Aunt Mary and Aunt Sally to explain that you will be given the cane at the end of the picnic and to make sure that they were OK with that.”

I couldn’t help it, I blurted out, “And?”

“They both completely understand and have no objections.”

I had never been to their annual picnic so I wondered how auntie would be able to punish us in a public place. When we got to the picnic site, mid afternoon, I understood. We had driven for miles out into the countryside and then turned off down little lanes to a meadow in the middle of nowhere. A little copse of trees stood at one end and the picnic took place in a clearing in the middle. My stomach churned as I saw the other members of the family and realised they all knew what was going to happen.

There was an excited chatter as we all greeted each other, though it seemed that Sally, Mary and Julie were looking at me in a knowing way as we were introduced.

We played games, though I didn’t have my heart in it and from Kate’s expression, neither did she. We ate our picnic in the shade as the sun was still beating down.

Auntie Beryl stood up. “I am sorry to have to spoil all our fun, but as you know Jim and Kate were very naughty this morning and I am going to have to give both of them six strokes of the cane.” With that she brandished a whippy looking cane about three feet long.

My face went red and I wanted a hole to open up.

“Please go to the car and get ready for your punishment.”

We knew it was no use arguing. Kate and I set off towards the car. We undressed quickly, avoiding each other’s eyes. A few minutes later we joined the rest of the family, each wearing just a shirt.

“Jim, you will be punished first. Take off your shirt.”

I hesitated, knowing that I had become aroused at the thought of Sally, Mary, Julie, Kate and Auntie Beryl seeing me nude. It was strange, I was quite proud of my body but to be caned in front of all these women was making me feel embarrassed and excited. I unbuttoned my shirt and slipped it off, my erection on full view getting a couple of quiet gasps.

“Come over here and tell everyone why you are to be punished.”

At this point everyone else was sitting on a blanket on the ground. I walked over, my cock bouncing, hard, now at their eye level.

“I am to be punished because I ……… er …….. I made a mess in my bed, overslept and wasn’t ready for breakfast on time.”

She tapped my cock sharply with the cane, “I have warned you before about becoming aroused during a punishment. If you do not control that I will spank him too. Now bend over this tree stump.”

There was a tree stump directly in front of the ‘audience’. I turned around, bent over, resting my stomach on the stump, my hands flat on the ground. Auntie tapped my legs until I had parted them to her satisfaction. Knowing that I had the eyes of all these women on me only increased the erection that I was unable to control.

Swish, swish, swish. The cane criss-crossed my bum but I held still, knowing I would get more if I moved. Swish, across the join of my thighs, swish, swish.

“Stand up and turn around.”

My cock was rigid, pointing slightly upwards and got a reaction that under any other circumstances I would have been happy with. Auntie Beryl was not happy and drew out a springy plastic ruler from her bag and struck me once across the shaft of my penis.

“Stand behind the others,” she instructed, "while I punish Kate and then I’ll deal with that.”

“Kate, come over here. Take off your top and then explain to everyone why I am going to cane you.”

I stood behind the others on the blanket and watched as Kate undid the buttons on her blouse revealing her wonderful breasts. She slipped out of the blouse, dropping it to the ground and faced us. My cock reacted as my eyes took in her slim body, the firm breasts, flat stomach down to the down covered mound between her shapely legs.

“I overslept, my room wasn’t ready, I hadn’t washed and was late for breakfast,” she mumbled.

“And?” reminded her mother.

Looking down, Kate added, “And I had been reading a magazine that Mum told me not to.”

“Very well, Kate, now bend over.”

Kate turned away and bent over the stump just two feet in front of the blanket. Auntie Beryl stepped up behind her and tapped her legs with the cane. Reluctantly, Kate spread her legs as instructed. My cock hardened and moved which was noticed by everyone, much to my distress. When I looked down I saw that Sally, Mary and Julie had their eyes fixed on my erection. Tom’s eyes were fixed on Kate’s slit and I noticed that he had to adjust his trousers a couple of times.

Swish, swish, swish. The first three strokes criss-crossed Kate’s rounded cheeks and she leapt up, clutching her bum, making her breasts swing. My eyes were on stalks.

“You will get an extra stroke for moving. Bend over again.”

Kate bent over, spreading her legs and showing us all her glistening slit. Like me I think she was enjoying this in a perverse way.

“Now keep still or you’ll get even more,” said Auntie.

The first strokes had put red marks on that lovely bottom which now waited for more. Swish, swish, two strokes at the join of her bum and thighs, swish, swish, the final two on her cheeks.

Kate stood up when instructed and walked round to stand by me. My cock was still erect and Auntie called me back to stand next to her.

She turned me sideways to the rest of the family.

“I have told Jim before that this is unacceptable behaviour,” she said, tapping my cock with the ruler. “And that he will be given additional punishment for his lack of control.”

Thwack, thwack, two strokes on the head of my cock, making it bounce. She stopped it moving, at the same time sliding back my foreskin. Thwack, another on the head, thwack, thwack, two strokes on the shaft and thwack a stinger on the tip, making me wince. I looked up to see Auntie’s sisters staring at my cock. Julie ran her tongue around her lips as she stared at my rigid member and I decided perhaps it was not so bad being punished in front of this family. Kate and I were not allowed to dress yet and had to stand behind the others until Auntie decided we had suffered enough.

Finally, we were instructed to go to the car and get dressed. I couldn’t stop looking at Kate’s body as we walked and her eyes were on my cock. When we got to the car she reached over and stroked her fingers along the shaft and round the head, telling me she thought my cock was nice. We stood facing each other and I stroked her breasts, which I said were gorgeous as she continued to fondle my cock. We had to stop to get dressed but perhaps this punishment session had changed our attitude to each other. I wasn’t sure we’d be friends but perhaps we could have some fun!

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