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Another Week with Auntie Beryl (Part 4)

This was turning out to be an erotic week seeing Kate spanked naked and being caned by Auntie and ..
This current stay with Auntie Beryl had been eventful certainly, on only my first or second day I had been made to strip and was caned by Aunty and her friends all because of a stolen biscuit and broken plate. She wasn't even my real Auntie, just a friend of my Mum's we used to call Auntie. Then the following day my friend Ron & I had witnessed Kate being made to undress and Auntie caned her bare bottom. And yesterday both Kate & I had been in trouble before going on the annual family picnic and we were made to undress in front of all the family and were caned in a park in the nude.

At the end of the punishment Kate and I had to walk back across an open meadow to the car to get dressed and were feeling pretty horny by the time we reached our clothes. There, hidden from the others by the car Kate had stroked my cock and let me touch her tits and guided my fingers inside her. I had only three more days and I would be going home but after this encouragement from her I hoped that the ill feeling between Kate and I might turn to something more agreeable.

We smiled cautiously at each other on the way down to breakfast the next morning and my heart raced. As we cleared away Auntie reminded us that Kate’s friends Pauline & Sarah were due over this morning.

Kate saw my face fall, as this meant that we couldn’t continue where we’d left off after the picnic.

In a kind voice she said to her mum “We can all play here if Jim doesn’t mind joining in with us girls.”

Auntie said “That is very sweet Kate. Thank you. I am having my hair done this morning and I won’t be back until after lunch. Will you organise something for Jim and your friends?”

Kate said she would and Auntie left. We finished off clearing up then we moved into the lounge. I went up behind Kate and started to touch her tits. She didn’t object so I slid my hand inside her bra, feeling her nipples go hard. I put my other hand on her bum then started to feel under her skirt. I was feeling her slit through the thin material of her knickers when the doorbell rang.

Kate answered the door and let Pauline and Sarah come in.

I was disappointed that our cuddling had been interrupted but was looking forward to spending the morning with these attractive girls. I hoped that Kate and I would find time for more cuddling later.

I heard Kate talking to her friends in the hallway. This was followed by some loud whispering and a few giggles. Kate returned to the lounge with Pauline and Sarah in tow.

Wow, Pauline looked stunning. This brunette had become very slim and was even more attractive than I remembered from the previous year and I wondered what chance I’d have of getting some time with her.

Sarah was also pretty, she was mousy haired with a fuller figure, slimmer than she’d been last year and the top she had on showed off a very ample cleavage. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on those I thought.

Kate brought me out of my reverie with a jolt.

“I’ve just told Sarah and Pauline exactly how you were touching me a few minutes ago and they think I should tell Mum when she gets back.”

I couldn’t believe I was hearing this. “Just a minute, you were the one who started this after the picnic yesterday.”

Kate remained very cool, “My friends know just how much I dislike you. I don’t think they could imagine me starting anything with you and Mum knows we haven’t exactly got on well.”

“She’ll never believe you.” I said as the three of them moved closer.

“Oh, I think she will,” said Kate, “and then she’ll cane you in front of all of us again.”

I stood there in shock. It was obvious I’d been set up again.

Sarah now spoke up, “There is an alternative option.”

“What?” I croaked.

Kate replied, “We spank you ourselves, now, here.”

“You can’t do that.” I said feebly.

I remembered how effectively Auntie could wield a cane and started to think this might be a better option than letting her cane me again.

“It’s your choice.” Kate added.

“Not much of a bloody choice is it? I replied.

“Well that just made sure you’ll get a few extra strokes from us and any more swearing and we will tell Mum as well.”

They were getting impatient.

“All right, I’ll take my spanking from you Kate.”

Kate smiled, “No, not from me, from all of us. Now, you know the rules, go upstairs and get undressed. Be back here in five minutes or you’ll get more.”

In my room I stripped off, leaving just my shirt on. My penis was growing at the thought of these three attractive 17 year olds seeing me naked. I went back downstairs enjoying the murmur of approval as my cock swung from side to side each step I took.

The stool from the kitchen was in the middle of the room and Kate stood next to it smiling, with the swishy cane in one hand and the bendy plastic ruler in the other.

“Take off your shirt.” she instructed, “you are getting 12 strokes so you will be spanked in the nude.”

I couldn’t argue, I knew the rules. Off came my shirt revealing my fairly well toned 18 year old body.

I started to bend over the stool, but Kate stopped me.

“I’ll tell you when to bend over. You touched me this morning and I’m going to touch you.”

“I was only carrying on what we start……….” I stopped mid sentence as she brought the cane down hard across my bum.

Kate moved up close, put her hands on my chest, then down my flat stomach until she cupped my balls in both hands. She slowly knelt down until my cock was fully in her face and she stroked it gently running her fingers around the head, down the shaft and around my balls. My cock was aching but I was enjoying this.

“Mum always spanks your cock if you don’t keep it under control so I think we’ll do that as well. Right now bend over, we’re each going to give you four strokes of the cane on your bottom.”

Swish, swish, two stinging strokes criss crossed my bum. Swish, swish, two more just at the top of my legs.

“Stand up and rub your bum.”

They watched, enjoying the spectacle as my cock swung around. Then Kate flicked the end of my cock, adding, “I think we’ll be spanking him too girls, don’t you.” Pauline and Sarah giggled in agreement.

Pauline took the cane and bent me over the chair. Swish, swish, I was trying not to let them see it was hurting but the next one caught me right across the top of my bum and I leapt up with a shout and rubbed it hard.

Thwack, Kate flicked the ruler across my cock, “Did we give you permission to stand up?” she said, smirking.

Pauline bent me over the stool, by pulling down on my cock. Swish, her last stroke and I was again told to stand and rub my bum. They were enjoying my discomfort and seeing my rigid member waving about as I rubbed.

Sarah took the proffered cane and gave me a sharp tap on the bum to make me bend over. She stepped round behind me and parted my legs which gave them a clear view of my balls and rigid cock.

Swish, swish, swish, swish, Sarah barely stopped between strokes leaving tram lines across my bum cheeks.

“Stay where you are.” instructed Kate as I started to get up. “Two more from me for fun.”

Swish, swish, two stinging strokes flicked across my bum making me yell out again.

Kate made me lie down on my back along the coffee table and parted my legs. I felt very vulnerable but excited as she knelt between my legs and ran her fingers up my thighs and around the shaft of my hard cock making me groan aloud.

“I think he’s ready to be spanked now, don’t you girls.”

Kate flicked the springy ruler in the air before handing it to Sarah. She moved in to stroke my cock and pulled the foreskin back to reveal the helmet. I braced myself as thwack, thwack she delivered two flicks across the shaft. It stung but in an exciting way. Then thwack, thwack two flicks on the head.

My juices were flowing now as Pauline gripped my penis between her fingers. She played with it and I felt the erection grow harder as she ran her fingers round the head. She gave the ruler a testing flick then thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack she flicked either side of the shaft making my cock swing wildly.

Reluctantly Pauline gave the ruler to Kate. She pulled back the foreskin to give her an unhindered view of the tip of my cock. Thwack, thwack two strokes across the head made me groan aloud. She paused to rub the juices round and picked up the ruler again but at that point the front door opened and Auntie took in the whole scene.

The girls leapt back hoping to distance themselves from my naked body and reddened cock.

“What the hell is going on here?” she shouted, “Well Kate………., Sarah….., Pauline, will one of you explain?”

Kate had nothing to say while Sarah and Pauline just stared at the floor.

Auntie took charge right away, “Jim you get upstairs right now and wait in your room until I decide how to deal with you.

Kate, as your friends will be here for dinner I will talk to you three later and decide your punishment, do you understand?” Go and play at Sarah’s until lunchtime and do not be late for dinner.”

I went upstairs wondering what Auntie meant by going to ‘deal’ with me and guessed I was to be punished again. I lay on my bed recalling how good it felt touching Kate and wishing we hadn’t been interrupted.

I heard the girls leave and shortly afterwards Auntie entered the room wearing just her underwear. Although she was in her mid thirties she was really fit and as I lay on the bed totally naked my cock responded.

She had brought in some soothing cream which she began to apply to my now rigid cock.

“I want you to tell me exactly what happened down there this morning and if I find out you have lied or left anything out you will be punished with the girls tonight.”

I groaned as she worked the cream around my erection and told Auntie everything, including me touching Kate. By the time I finished I could see that she was aroused.

“I don’t want to get any cream on my underwear,” she said as she unhooked her bra and slid off her panties.

Then she lay down on the bed next to me and told me to stroke her breasts and then encouraged me to slide my fingers deep inside her. Her juices were flowing and so were mine, now.

She wiped my cock and pulled a durex over and down the shaft. “I think it was very unkind of Kate to lead you on like that, so I will try to make amends,” and she turned onto her back and guided me on top of her. She gripped my cock firmly in her cunt as I slid into her; it was so tight. I began to fuck her and somehow I kept going for quite a while until eventually I erupted inside her with an enormous groan.

A short time later she told me, “You will tell no one about this, and perhaps I will let you do it again. Now get washed and dressed and because you told me all that happened you will not be punished with the girls tonight. Just remember, though, there are still two more days before you go home!”

I had a feeling that I was going to enjoy dinner tonight.

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