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as My Lover Slept

As my lover slept I rained down love on her.
I enter our bedroom and my lover is sleeping. Her sexy leg is half out from under the sheet curled up beside her. I crawl in bed and gently kiss her ankle and nibble her calf, I kiss my way up her leg as she moans and stretches. I pull the sheet off exposing her nudeness. Her ass is sublime. I cannot wait to feast on her delicious soft ass. I nibble behind her knee causing a giggle to escape from her lips. I suck on her thigh and playfully bite her again as I caress her thighs with both of my strong rough hands.

Her silky skin is so soft and smooth. My erection hurts it is so hard but this is your turn. Your legs spread voluntarily as I move up your voluptuous body. Your sexy brown hair splayed over your back as you pretend sleep. I kiss the inside of your thigh as I finally lay fingers on your soft round ass. I gently squeeze and fondle your ass, my heart racing with anticipation. I grab your ass cheeks in both hands as I slowly kiss my way towards my first goal.

Your legs spread further giving me total access to your hotness from behind. Your soft smooth lips need my touch, my kisses my love. I slide my tongue up and down your smooth lips my wetness joining yours. I dine on your deliciousness, delving my tongue into you seeking entrance. I part you with a pointed tongue and nibble your lips below at the same time. You gasp out loud at the invasion going on in our bed. I suck hard as I slide my tongue in and out of your hot sweet pussy. You are so hot and wet already that I drink your juice gladly. I release one of your marvelous globes to insert two fingers into you from behind. You buck back against my hand as your breathing quickens. I pump my hand faster wanting your first climax to envelope you. You shudder and shake as you cum for me. I bury my face in you as deep as I can and drink as much of your lady cum as I can.

I move up and nibble your ass, biting gently and kissing a lot. I suck one soft round cheek so hard you moan out loud. I caress your ass and lower back rubbing softly as I move higher and higher. My erection is nearing your hot wet pussy. You feel the hardness rubbing along your thigh and you moan again and wiggle your sexy ass at me. I let my hard dick tease your entrance as I rub your neck and shoulders. The tip slips in and I quickly pull it out. You sigh and wiggle again offering me what you have. I slip in three inches and hold myself above you. You raise your hips shoving the rest of my dick into you as you loudly moan again. I start slowly pumping into you as I kiss your ears, neck and face. I pump slowly deep and slow. I feel your soft ass flesh beneath me which makes me even harder but that comes later my sweet. I turn your face and kiss you from behind as I start fucking you harder and faster. You bite my tongue as it snakes into your mouth.

“I am cumming again baby, please fuck me harder,” you beg

I piston my dick into you hard and fast, as my belly slapping your soft ass with each thrust. I feel your body tense up and you clench the sheets in both hands. Your climax is stronger than the last one. You buck wildly beneath me as I pound your pussy from behind. You collapse into the bed and don’t even notice me getting up; I attach both ankle restraints to you before you know I am not in bed with you anymore. I g rab one hand and attach the restraint to it as you struggle. I collect the last hand and you are tied spread eagle to our love nest.

“My turn now kitten,” I growl at you.

I pull out your hair brush and spank one beautiful round cheek. It turns bright red so fast that I hurry to repeat on the other side. You try to struggle but we both know you are trapped. I aim lower on your thigh so I get a new red mark. Yummy loud smacks reverberate through our room. I hit your other thigh and again watch as the redness appears so quickly. I spank you for not telling me you love me when you woke up. I spank you for not asking if you could climax EITHER time. I spank you because I can spank you. Your soft flesh springs back after each swat. I separate your cheeks as I paddle deeper into your ass. My dick is dribbling precum all over us both.

“What do you want next baby’” I ask knowing what the answer better be.

“Please fuck my ass,” is your weak reply.

I spank you ten more times before I ask again; “Try again my sweet.”

“Oh god I am so sorry. Please fuck my ass SIR,” you correct yourself.

I lube my raging erection and insert a finger into you. You quickly accept my finger since this is not our first or tenth time doing this. I add two more fingers into your ass and slide them in and out as I almost drool at what is to follow; I remove my fingers and climb over you. My dick nears the entrance I so desire. You raise your hips as I slowly insert my dick into your ass again. I push slowly as I spread your cheeks. I only stop when there is no more to insert. You moan loudly as I start pumping into your ass. My balls are already tight from the intense foreplay. I lean over and kiss you from behind as I start fucking you in earnest. I grab your tits and squeeze as I shoot my cum deep in your ass. You are panting with each stroke in and out. I kiss you hard as I pour all of my cum deep inside you. I finally collapse on top of you as I drift off to sleep.

You kiss the side of my face as you smile.

“I love you so much SIR, thank you for loving me too, you whisper.

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