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Asking for a spanking

Mike asks his Aunt for a spanking, but it leads to a lot more
My Aunt Liz was not really my Aunt, but an old family friend, who had taken me in when I was 10. My parents had gone off travelling, and she had decided that I should stay with her, much to my annoyance at the time. But now, 11 years later, she was actually more of a maternal figure than my real Mum.

Aunt Liz sat cross-legged on the kitchen chair, showing off her long legs, balancing one of her black high-heeled shoes on a toe.

“ I am sorry, Mike, I just never know what to get you for your birthdays. You seem to buy whatever you want and I don’t want to get you underwear or stuff like that. Clara seems to buy you items like that anyway.” Liz says in a quizzical manor

I looked over the coffee table, taking the card, and carefully opening it. Clara, my much older girlfriend, had the flat looking just so, everything in its place, but there was space at the end of the book cabinet for one last card. I read it, arranged it, and then sat down opposite Liz.

“Aunt, there is one thing I would like - but this is going to sound really strange, and I don’t really know how to ask. When I was young you always threatened me with a good hard spanking where I wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week. I was so frightened at the thought, I always behaved, and I never did get a proper spanking - in fact, I can only ever remember you giving me a pat on the bottom occasionally, and that was more of a hurry along type affair. I don’t want to ask Clara, as she'll just think I'm silly. I know you've always told me that I can tell you anything, so would you please give me a proper spanking, so I know what it's all about?”

Aunt Liz looked at me, no expression, just deep in thought. The room was deadly quiet. Then she smiled, the room lit up; the atmosphere had all gone in an instant.

“If that is what you want, my love, of course I will give you a spanking! The trouble is, for all my threats, I really don’t know how to give one. I know all I need to do is smack your bottom, but as you have obviously wanted one for a long time, and I'm sure it was hard for you to ask, I should go home and research it. And I do have a few friends that I know I can ask about spanking naughty boys.”

“No, no, Aunt! You don’t have to ask anyone, please. I don’t want all the women’s club knowing that you're going to spank me.”

“Oh shush, you silly! I'll be very tactful. I just don’t know even where to begin, let alone finish. You let me do a little research and then next Sunday you can pop round and get your birthday spanking. Is that a plan, my love?”

The week dragged by. I couldn’t believe what I had done, but having finally told the truth I felt so much better. Clara, my decade-older girlfriend, seemed to feel the stress had been taken away, and even probed a few times as to why I was happier after my aunt had visited.

“Did she give you a birthday spanking?” Clara said laughing

 I panicked a bit, worrying that my Aunt had said something to her. I knew they often met up for shopping trips during the week, and had become very good friends. I tried to be cool, picking up an empty glass of wine and heading for the kitchen.

“No, I wasn’t that lucky”

I shouted back, really blushing, and having a mini panic attack. Then the phone went and I heard Clara chatting, and the conversation was dropped.

Sunday morning eventually arrived and after carefully choosing some very smart clothes, I got washed and dressed, and had a late breakfast.

“Off to see Aunt now sweetie, I will be back by lunchtime, see you soon.”

Clara appeared at the door and gave me a big cuddle in her baby doll nightie.

“Ok sweetie, see you soon. You know I love you, don’t you? And you can tell me anything? Don’t you sweetie,” Clara said, following up with a very soft kiss on my lips.

I felt awful.

“I am going to Aunt Liz’s and she is going to spank me” I blurted out.

There. I had said it. It was out in the open. I'd hated hiding the truth from Clara, now the two people I loved most in the world both knew. I waited for a million questions and a very pissed off Clara, but instead a warm smile spread over her face.

“I know, silly. Liz told me all about your conversation last week. You had her pretty flustered, and she didn’t know who to talk to about it. I was a bit annoyed to begin with that you hadn’t asked me, but that's OK. I'm happier now that you've told me before the event. We always said no secrets!”

“Really, Clara? You're not upset with me? Maybe I should call aunt and tell her it is all out in the open now, and you could spank me sweetie, just so I know what it feels like.”

Clara kissed me again.

“Oh no, naughty! Liz has been planning this for a week, she's borrowed a few implements to spank you and spent hours on the Internet! She even went last Thursday to see an old headmistress friend of hers for advice, so you're not getting out of it that easily. But I can come along if that would make you feel better?”

I nodded, and got a final peck on the cheek.

“Give me ten minutes to get dressed and then we can get going and get your bottom smacked” Clara said, slightly exaggerating the word smacked. Then she was gone.

I blushed at the words. I was going to get a smacked bottom! A real proper spanking. I was still so nervous, but excited at the same time. I had thought about this for years and years, and today it was finally going to happen.

Sitting in the kitchen waiting, trying to be calm, wasn't really working. I couldn't read, I paced a little, and then sat down, my feet tapping the ground. I was so relieved to hear the clip clip clip sound of Clara’s heels approaching on the hard wooden floors. She peeked round the door then twirled in to the room, wearing her highest gloss black stilettos, black shiny stockings, a short tight A frame skirt that finished mid-thigh, a crisp white blouse, sufficiently undone to see her breasts pushed up, from a white under wired bra. Clara looked like the sexy headmistress type I had always fantasised about.

“You look stunning, sweetie”, I said, watching as she twirled slowly so I could admire her from every angle, slowly raising her skirt up a little, revealing the tops of her stockings.

“I have put on silk stockings and suspenders for you, darling, as I have a feeling that by the end of today you might well be bent across my lap too. So, a little treat for you to think about while getting your bottom spanked.”

Again Clara elaborated on the word spanked, and seemed to shine as she said it. I blushed deeply again, and bending over she kissed me once more

.” It’s OK, sweetie, don’t be frightened. But you should have told me before! I would gladly have taken you over my knee and spanked you. In fact I am getting turned on just thinking about it now. Come on, let's get you spanked sweetie.”

Clara drove, explaining that I probably wouldn't be able to sit down comfortably by the time we came home, apparently enjoying making me even more nervous. She hitched up her skirt as she drove and gave me a wonderful view of her silky white thighs, stocking tops and suspender straps, telling me I would soon be having a view of them from upside down, when over her lap, laughing quietly at my discomfort

. “I think you might even be getting the cane today as well, my love. Liz had Mary round last night. You remember your old headmistress? I don’t think she ever gave you the cane, did she? Well, you’re in for a treat today naughty! I rather think we are all going to give it to you., what fun eh?”

How I stammered as we pulled in to Aunt Liz’s drive, not quite believing what I was hearing! I was still a little dazed as Clara opened the door of the car, and looked at me.

“Come on silly, this is what you wanted! In we go, sore red well-spanked bottoms for naughty boys.”

She smiled at me wickedly, holding my hand like a reassuring mother. And then patted my bottom as we got to the front door. Aunt Liz opened the door, smiling as she saw Clara too.

“I am so proud of you for telling Clara. I really was worried about that. I'm so pleased you have no secrets. Now, I also have a little surprise: Mary, your old headmistress, is here. We had a good talk about what you asked for and I thought it best to get a professional in. We're all dying to learn how to give you a nice red bottom – sorry, a good spanking! - But I'm sure you'll have a nice red bottom by the end of it.”

All the ladies laughed quietly, smiling at each other.

I hadn't seen Mary for four years, and I blushed a little as the feelings of my schoolboy crush came flooding back. She was in her mid forties but still looked amazing, her lithe body toned with lots of yoga and tennis. She wore a plain black skirt that finished just above her knees, hugging her sexy bottom, with discreet heels and a cream blouse. She gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“It was a shame you were such a good boy at school, Mike. I'd have loved to spank your cute little bottom years ago. But it seems all good things come to those who wait. Now ladies, I think it's time to get started. Mike, get undressed and go and stand in the corner, please.”

I looked in disbelief at what had just been said to me, stunned, like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Smack, a burning sting across my face brought me back

“I said, get undressed and go and stand in the corner, unless you want me to undress you?”

I still looked in disbelief. Immediately, Mary slipped my trousers undone, yanked them to the floor slipping down my pants, only to be confronted with a very stiff erection.

“You’re a very naughty boy and you're going to get very sore bottom,” she said, grabbing my ear and marching me to the corner. I shuffled behind her, nearly falling, with my trousers and pants around my ankles. This was followed by ten hard spanks to each of my chubby bottom cheeks.

Mary turned to Liz and Clara. “If they're going to behave like naughty boys, then it's time to treat them as naughty boys. Clara, let's have you sitting on this dining room chair. Pull up your skirt. That's right! I do like feeling them wriggle and squirm, skin to skin, while giving a spanking across the lap. So I want you, in your strictest voice, to call Mike here and to get over your knee”.

“Come over here, you naughty boy! Time for a well-earned spanking” Clara said, in her strictest voice. I was still in a state of disbelief. I felt the fingers of Mary once more, nearly ripping off my ear lobe, marching me over to Clara. I stood in front of Clara’s stocking tops.

“Grab him by his erection and pull him over you, Clara. He was made with a nice handle hold, use it.” Mary said smiling at Clara

Clara wrapped her fingers around my erection. Gently she pulled me across her. “Wiggle forward, Mike. I want your bottom nice and high.” I shimmied forward a little, very aware my bottom was now the highest point of my body, and my erection was clamped between Clara’s silken thighs. I looked back, and sure to her word, I saw Clara’s stocking tops this time from the floor up. She was perched on the very edge of the chair. I gazed hungrily at her black sheer stockings, contrasting beautifully with her pale white thighs, and felt my erection stiffen.

“Now, my dear. Cup your hand - like this - and then smack that naughty bottom, one cheek, then the other, and work from here” I felt Mary’s finger poking my bottom. “To here” then a nice patting feel on my bottom. I sighed. This wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

“No, harder than that! You'll never give him a red sore bottom at that rate.”

The pats became a little stingier and the noise of the spanks increased.

“Go on, put your arm into it girl, and flick your wrist too.”

Smack, smack, smack!

“That's better. Remember the lower spots, too. You want this naughty boy to remember the spanking for a long while after.”

Again I felt fingers prodding my bottom.

“Down low and central, just there, the sit spot, that's called. As by the end I want to see a red angry sore spot of bottom here, so every time he sits down he will remember he got a well-spanked bottom. Legs apart Mike, so Clara can spank a little inside your thighs and lower bottom cheeks”.

I felt my trousers and pants being removed, and the Aunt Liz pushing my legs apart.

“That's it, Liz. Stand between Mike's legs and keep them wide apart, and you have a great view of his spanking,” Mary said.

Clara didn’t need to be told twice and was now landing spank after spank all over my bottom, paying particular attention to the tops of my thighs and lower bottom cheeks. The stinging, burning feel was much more intense than I thought it would be, and soon I found myself trying to wiggle and get away from each spank. Clara seemed to have my erection still well clamped between her thighs, and the combination of squirming and her holding my erection so tight made it rub against her stocking tops. This was not doing anything to make my arousal go down.

“OK, Liz, your turn. Mike, up you get! You two ladies can swap position. I think it's time for Mike to feel the implement of choice for all girlfriends and Aunts - the trusty hairbrush.”

I stumble off Clara's lap, and clasp my hands over my erection as I stood up, very aware how embarrassing it was to be so very hard and erect in front of the three ladies.

“Hands on your head, you naughty boy.”

I look at Clara and she winks at me. My aunt looks a little shocked at how hard I am. I am so embarrassed, my face a fiery red.

“Well, nothing we all haven’t seen before, ladies” Mary said, as they all looked at my throbbing erection.

“So, Liz. I think you will have to spank this naughty boy very hard with the hairbrush and we will see if we can take his mind off naughty thoughts, and more on how sore and red his bottom is instead. OK, across your Aunt's lap, Mike.”

I try to lower myself over my Aunt's lap, and I am even more embarrassed as she reaches between my thighs and pulls on my erection, placing it perfectly between her legs, and then, like Clara, clamping around it.

“Now, Liz, begin as Clara did. Good strong strokes with the hairbrush. Where Clara has started spanking those sit spots it's your job to make them look angry and sore.”

Liz raises the hairbrush and after five or ten spanks starts to get into the rhythm of it. I begin to wiggle and squirm, the burning heat completely filling my thoughts. As the hairbrush hits, I find myself pushing into my Aunt's lap, and then lifting away after it. Again this was doing nothing for my throbbing erection.

“You can scold him, ladies. There's nothing like a good scolding during a good bare bottom spanking” Mary said, admiring the way Liz was fully in charge of her much larger and more powerful naughty boy.

“You asked for this, sweetie, so I don’t want any more squirming, or wriggling. You will stay still and take your spanking like a good boy, do you understand?”

I yelp “Yes!” between each stroke of the hairbrush that was now burning my bottom.

“Please, please, Auntie! I've had enough, please no more!” I gasp.

“No, you asked for a spanking and that is what you are going to get Mike, and anyway I am starting to enjoy this. I should have spanked you when you were younger, now I know you wanted it all along. And I shouldn’t be admitting this but I am getting very turned on spanking you too, your cute bottom on display like this and bouncing up and down in time with the hairbrush.”

“Oh, I'm so glad you said that, Liz” Clara says, smiling. “I'm so hot, I didn’t think spankings could be such a turn on.”

Mary smiles at both ladies, and says, quietly “Why do you think my husband can't sit down on a Sunday morning, and I have such a contented smile?”

The ladies chuckle.

Liz carries on raining the hairbrush down. Tears are starting to drip from my eyes, but still I could feel my erection throbbing. The sensation of a burning bottom, and the rubbing of aunt's stocking tops was nearly sensation overload.

“Right then, ladies. It's cane time. But as we have all found out that spankings are a turn on, I think we should all learn how to cane Mike with a bit of a difference. Right Mike, up you get. Go and stand in front of the dining room table. Clara, you sit up on the table facing Mike, and as Mike bends over place his tongue between your pussy lips. Pull your panties to one side, so he can do it properly. This was a little game a friend of mine showed me at a spanking party. Mike you will lick Clara’s pussy while I show Liz how to cane you. Mary, you will give Mike a good caning, and he'd better give Clara a wonderful orgasm, or he will be getting extra hard strokes from me till he does. Is that understood, Mike?”

Clara looks a little tentative as she sits on the table, keeping her skirt down, but very turned on by the idea.

“Over here, Mike. Legs wide apart, a metre away from the table. Legs straight, bottom up, and I want your face between Clara's thighs. Oh, stop worrying about your silly erection! That won’t be up for long once you have felt the cane. Silly boy.” Mary flexing her old school cane menacingly.

“Please Mary, I don’t want the cane! I've already got such a sore bottom. Please!” I pleaded.

“Mike, bend over, or I will cane the backs of your legs instead of your bottom. Which would you prefer? You wanted a spanking and that is what you're going to have.” Mary was not going to be dissuaded from her objective.

I bend over, my only consolation the view of Clara’s lovely thighs. As my head moves into position Clara slowly pulls up her skirt, and with my head obscuring the sight of her well-trimmed pussy, she eases her panties to one side. I slip my tongue in between her wet silken lips and lick her clit. Instantly I hear Clara moan softly and feel her hands on the back of my head, pushing my mouth harder against her sex.

“Good” said Mary.

“Shall we begin? I want you to stand here, and bring the cane up to the naughty boy's bottom. Place the cane across both cheeks, and step back till the tip is just touching his far cheek, so when you swing the cane tip won't wrap around his bottom. Now let's have some practice strokes. Liz, bring your arm back, and at the final stage flick your wrist. Not too hard to start with, as your aim won't be perfect yet.”

I feel gentle taps of the cane, but my mind was on other matters, and I could feel Clara so wet, my tongue diving in and out of her wet soft lips. I could tell she was getting closer to orgasm, and it wouldn’t take much longer before she came for me. I was nearly oblivious to Mary and Liz talking.

Then Thwack! I gasp and drill my tongue harder in to Clara’s pussy; Clara gasps too, as I push deeper into her. My bottom explodes with pain, and I try to push away from the burning line of pain that burns across my bottom. Then again, thwack again! The pain is incredible, my bottom on fire, but I try to concentrate on licking. Clara moans again. Thwack!, my bottom is so hot, and all I can do is wiggle the pain away, tears mixed with Clara’s juices fill my mouth as I licked harder and harder. I can’t believe how the cane could leave such an exquisite pain burning my bottom.

“That's good, Liz. Aim for the sit spot and give the cane a real flick next time. Let me see if Mike’s erection is going down at all.”

Mary stands by my side. I feel a firm grasp as she takes hold of my erection, giving me a vigorous rub. “I think he's still pretty turned on. Give him a good hard stroke, Liz, while I feel if this naughty boy's erection goes down at all.”

Liz raises the cane and brings it down firmly across my sit spots, painting another purple welt line across two throbbing red angry bottom cheeks. At the same time, Mary’s fingers wank my erection hard, tugging it hard, letting her fingers slip from the crown to the shaft, in good firm strokes, as if she was milking me.

“Another, Mary. I think he's learning his lesson. But harder this time, keep going till he's sobbing like a naughty boy. As it is not a proper spanking till naughty boys are crying”

Liz raises the cane again.

“I love this feeling of power it is such a turn on Mary, my panties are soaking wet, I think Mike may well be getting spanked a lot more often you know, this is just wonderfully sexy”


The cane swishing through the air lands another purple welt across my bottom, feeling the cane land then a loud thwack, I gasp, then at the same moment, Clara gasps, as my tongue plunges in deeper and harder in to her wetness, I try to get away from the cane and the pain it leaves. Liz slips her left hand down the front of her skirt, and into her silken panties, rubbing her wet lips, while taping the cane across my lower bottom cheeks and then rubbing her pussy harder, I hear the unmistakable sound of the cane cutting through the air, swish, then thwack. Then a loud moan as can only imagine Liz coming behind me. I can hear her gasping and moaning in waves of pleasure.

My bottom burns from that last stroke, the burning lines of sexual pain are a wonderful exquisite pain though, and with Mary milking my throbbing erection it is just heavenly, Mary jerking my erection harder and faster till I can’t hold off any longer and I erupt pumping sticky white seaman on to the floor.

At the same moment, I feel Clara cum, I lick and swallow her juices, my tongue licking every wet and sticky part of her sex, her hand pressing firmly on the back of my head, making me keep the orgasm for as long as she can.

Clara’s hands slowly release the grip on the back of my head, I hear her sigh, as I give her one last lick, releasing her hold on me. I look up in to my wonderful girlfriends face and see the look of a very contented lady.

Mary smiles too, looking at her two new pupils, and pats my bottom.

“Corner time, Mike. I think Liz and Clara need a rest before you lick Liz’s pussy and Clara canes you, you naughty boy.”

Her fingers begin to creep down the front of her skirt.

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