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Ass Slap

Imagine I am wearing something sexy, maybe a red dress, buttons down the front. The hem sits right below the line of my ass cheek so that if I bent over, you would catch a glimpse of my g-string running along my ass. You approach me and as I reach out for you, you grab my wrist firmly. You pull me close to u still holding my wrist, you can smell my perfume, my skin. I reach for you with my other hand but you grab that one too. I look into your eyes, knowing the dirty thoughts that hide in your mind. You look at me with a cocky grin and reach into your pocket and pull out a set of handcuffs.

You turn me around and bind my wrists behind me w ith the handcuffs , as I playfully try to struggle away from you. The handcuffs close, nice and tight, the cold metal closing around my wrist excites me in such a naughty way that I am already getting wet with anticipation. You bump up against me and I can feel that you are excited too. Your cock is hard in your pants as you whisper in my ear, telling me that if I want your cock in my pussy I am to do as you say.

You roughly push me forward so that I am now bent over, my round ass peeking below the dress. I am now your captive your sex slave. You caress my ass, softly at first, but my ass is so sexy that you start to really grab it. You tell me that I have not been a good girl and you slap me hard on the ass. CRACK! The sound is so loud that I jump at it, a murmur escapes my lips. You tell me to be quiet and take it as I should. Your hands are all over me, squeezing my ass feeling me. I bite my lip in anticipation, my breathing heavy. CRACK! Another slap and the red handprint wells up on my white ass cheek and I try not to make a sound. Now you’re groping me again admiring the print of your hand on each cheek. You softy touch the burning marks left on my ass and you slap me again, you’re so turned on and spank me over and over.

I am so excited at this point, my pussy lips swollen, pussy juicy escaping out of my sweet lips. You pull my hand cuffs, tight pressing your body into mine. I can feel you, your cock pushing to get out. I want you, need it. I plead with you to slide your cock into me just once. You say, I told you to be quiet and you push me toward the bed.

You come forward toward my upturned ass and force me down onto the bed, my face buried in the pillow, you spread my legs apart. I can only hear as you unbuckle your belt, my pussy quivers at the thought of you finally giving me that cock that I crave so bad. You slide your belt off and trace the belt against my red stained ass. You tease me with the soft leather, lightly caressing my cheeks with it, you slide it around my thigh, pulling it tight and releasing it as if it were snake coiling around its prey. It makes me so turned on, the feel of the leather and the burn of my ass being slapped. You slowly pull the belt across my ass and I squeeze my eyes tight, knowing what is coming. You tell me that I am such a dirty girl, as you get your belt ready.

I bite down hard on my lip as the belt lands on my ass. CRACK! I moan into the pillow. You unwrap the belt, trace it along my back, over my shoulder, you reach under me tearing the buttons from my dress, exposing my breasts; my nipples harden as you touch them. You wind your belt over my shoulder and under me, running between my breasts teasing each nipple with a little flick of the end of it. You wind it around me again, this time taking it around my neck, tightening it. You tug at the belt and lift me from the pillow. With one hand gripping the belt, you tug me a little arching me back. Your other hand finds my hip and you grind into me. You grab my ass and slowly work your way around the curve of my cheek with the tips of your fingers. You rub me through my soaking wet g string, I am so turned on but I don’t dare make a sound. I am breathing heavy, held captive by the handcuffs and pulled taut on my leash.

You pull me back again and your mouth comes close to my neck, you kiss me softly and nibble my skin. You slide my panties down and touch me. You finger me; I am so wet and warm so turned on from my spankings. I whisper to you to let me touch you, let me feel your cock throbbing in me, you pull tighter on my neck reminding me that you have control. You slide your finger deep into my pussy and bring it to my lips. Taste yourself you say, and you put your finger in my mouth. It excites you, makes your cock jumps as I lick your finger. You slide your finger out of my mouth, and finger me again this time bringing it to my lips where you wipe off my juice. You turn my head and kiss me hard on the mouth, biting my lip as you pull away. You rub my clit between your fingers, pinching it.

You are so turned on now that you unzip your pants, letting them slide down your legs. You rub your cock on my ass cheeks, still pink and flushed. You take the tip of your cock and wet it from my dripping pussy. You rim my asshole with your cock, just teasing me with the head. You slap your cock on my clit and tell me that you want to hear me beg for it. You pull the belt tight again and release it. I am so afraid to speak so you tug the belt again a little longer this time and you bite my neck. You say, I said BEG for it. I then whisper to you pleading for you to give it to me. You say, louder I want to hear you beg for my cock NOW. Please baby, give it to me, slide your tip into my pussy, I say. I want your throbbing cock in me, feeling me inside, pulsing, please baby, fuck me I say. Good girl, you say as you insert the tip of your cock into me.

I feel it pushing into my tight pussy; lips closing around it feel the warmth as you enter into me. You’re so hard, spreading my pussy with your cock, deeper inside you push. You grab my hip as I try to move away and dig it in me, grinding it to the end of the shaft. I feel you swelling as you pull out and release me. You take the belt into your teeth so you can grab me by both hands. Yo ur cock enters me again this time even deeper, you sway your hips back and forth in my pussy, stretching me wider open and pushing deeper. Oh god yes give it to me baby, I promise that I will be a good girl, I say. Your cock is fully in me now and you start thrusting into me, fucking me, banging me with your cock holding me with one hand and reaching around to pinch my nipple, cup my breast with your hand.

Yo ur breathing gets heavy and your cock gets faster and harder. Thrusting, fucking and banging into me. I am so close to cumming and you pull tight on the belt one more time, still clenched in your teeth. The feel of the belt choking me sends my body into orgasm. Your grip on the belt releases as you drop it from your mouth. I am moaning, screaming with orgasm, my body quivering. Oh yes baby cum for me, I scream please cum, fill me with it, I beg. You can’t hold back any longer you, pull me hard onto you as your cum fills me. Its feels so good, so warm and fills my pussy until it starts to run down my leg. Your orgasm is so intense so satisfying. You push me away but give me one more slap and roll over on the bed. We sleep… exhausted.

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