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Awakening Her Desires III

Charlotte was an eager student - and a very fast learner.
They both liked fucking in his office. In the middle of the working day. Or in her office for that matter. But it was riskier there. Far riskier. Even though it was tucked away at the end of a long corridor. The walls of Charlotte's office were far thinner. And its door lacked an internal locking mechanism.

That risk added a lot to the thrill of it for both of them. Charlotte liked danger. And David was just not at all averse to having everyone know of his special proprietary interest in Charlotte. Quite the opposite in fact. Knowing that the boss was fucking her would get some of the arseholes who had been pursuing her since news of her broken engagement hit the gossip trail to back the fuck off.

And anyway, he imagined with anticipatory pleasure, what a peacock he would feel if it were to get out he was seeing the delightful Miss Dawes from some very interesting angles. He'd be a hero. More of a hero than he already was, that is.

They all lusted after her. Why wouldn't they, he thought as he gazed down at her shining black hair falling like a satin curtain over her down-turned face and elegantly formed back and shoulders. But only he had her. He wanted to crow it from the rooftops, truth be told. He wanted to hang a sign on her that said “Property of David Fordham. Keep Off. Trespassers will be hung,drawn and quartered”

But she was warier. Charlotte was very conscious of the way in which this relationship could be misconstrued. She had earned her position in this organisation. At her desk. In meetings. In the night classes she took out of her own money and in her own time to skill up in the coding required to create music software David was famed for. She had no desire to be accused of having amassed any professional accolades that might come her way by doing overtime on her back.

Or as she found herself now, doing overtime bent across his beautiful mahogany desk, Emitting involuntary little grunts of “ugh!' every time he shoved his rock hard cock into her. Her wrists were bound tightly behind her back with his silk red tie (it would quite probably never be wrinkle free enough to support a decent double Windsor again, she had thought in passing as David had grasped her arms and bound them with it.)

He was slamming into her. Her pelvis was being ground into the hard edge of the desk. The head of his cock was hitting up against her cervix. She moaned and thrust back at him. Christ she was ripe for it. Raised up on her toes, legs spread wide. His pelvic bone slamming into her exposed quim with every violent thrust. She was very close to coming.

“ Harder David. Fuck me as hard as you like”

His reaction was to become piston like. Hammering away at her. Mercilessly banging into her. So hard he barely knew how she took it for so long. But take it she did. She quivered and shook to a climax...then almost immediately to another..

David felt his balls tense in readiness for his own orgasm, as the muscles in her tight little pussy grasped his shaft repeatedly and she shuddered again and again to her climaxes..

“ Fuck girl you're like a glove!” he moaned at her. He tried to hold it back, but it had been four days since he'd fucked her. Business meetings interstate had necessitated their separation, as she refused to risk being away from the office on the same work days he was. People had begun to notice the attraction between them even before anything began. She would not be the subject of coffee break scandalmongering and salacious speculation.

She had insisted that he go alone.

He had flown out on the Monday morning red eye after a marathon session at her flat. She had driven him to the airport. At his insistence. She had been wearing nothing but a long white sleeveless top in t-shirt material. Also at his insistence.

He had spent the entire car trip with his hand jammed up her quim. Teasing her clit, twisting and turning two and then three fingers inside her. Making her come twice while she drove. She was thankful at least that at 4 am the roads were so deserted that the distraction of her orgasms didn't cause her to crash and kill them both.

He has walked in the office at 8.20 am Thursday, noting with approval that her car was in the car park as he had instructed her in the text he sent last night.

He called her extension the moment he was behind his desk.

“ Miss Dawes,. Come to my office immediately. And be sure to remove your underwear before you leave your office.”

And hung up on her.

She had arrived wearing her red shiny plastic trench coat and carrying an attache case. Long elegant feet starianed intio high arches by her black patent pumps. When she removed the coat she was completely naked apart from lace black stockings and a suspender belt.

The attache case contained only her favourite nipple clamps. She opened it with a flourish to show him the contents, licked her full red lips and looked him straight in the eye.

He had ripped off his tie, bound her hands behind her back, applied the clamps to her nipples with undue haste, to the sound of her in-rushing shriek as she fought to know which sensation was most prevalent; pleasure or pain.

He was usually so gentle when he applied them, but his passion made him hasty and far rougher than he had been with her till now.

She was frightened by that change of temperament, but also stirred by it.

He bent her, none too gently, over the desk and entered her immediately. Hard and fast . She was soaked already, her lovely newly waxed quim hot and ready, opening for him like flower

He couldn't hold back at all. He'd been salivating for her. It had been four whole days since he'd had her at his mercy like this. He blew his load just as she came a third time. She groaned and shuddered as he did so. Pumping his creaming foam into her, thrusting and grinding his hips into her quim with each spurt, trying to work it as far up inside her as he could.

He was pushing into her so hard now that her feet, in their black patent heels were lifting off the ground with each forward thrust. Then hitting the floor again as he backed off a little and then as he thrust in, sharp and hard again, up they would come once more.

Her long legs flailed out jerkily behind her as he jammed his cock into her harder and harder with each returning stab of it. She loved that. She had told him. Loved to feel the head of his cock slam into her cervix. It sent shock waves throughout her very soul. She spread her flailing legs in order to allow him even deeper penetration. She sensed rather than thought that she wanted him to thrust into her so deeply she could feel him in the base of her brain.

She was yowling now. Low animal sounds of passion, trying as hard as she knew how to muffle herself on the blotter, clamping her mouth shut to dull the sound of her carnal enjoyments. She began keening. Writhing and bucking with the strain of staying relatively quiet. Aware enough still to know that his secretary was on the other side of the door, with two prospective IT recruits waiting patiently to be interviewed for a newly created position in Internal Electronic Security, she tried to be quiet

David collapsed on top of her, gasping and moaning. “ fuck you're beautiful” over and over into her neck; her beautiful silky sweet smelling black hair. Rubbing his softening cock against her arse; painting it with their combined juices.

Fighting to regain both his breath and his balance, David lay on top of her like that for long minutes. His legs were jelly. It was some time before he felt able to stand without swooning.

She overwhelmed him. He had never felt a passion like this for any woman. He'd have married her to keep her his, he knew he would. And even the thought of it shocked him. He had not till this woman-child ever found a female he could abide the company of long after he'd fucked her. Nor one he didn't tire of fucking within a few short weeks.

She had shaken that orgasm out of his very soul, he was sure of it.

He looked at the clock. It now said 8.41 am.

"And that my darling is what they call a 'quickie.” Not bad at all are they?"

He softly kissed the nape of her neck and gently ran the back of his strong fingers down her spine, coming to rest at the very top of the crack in her lovely arse. He kissed that too.

Charlotte, still bound and bent over, shuddering from the reverberations of her own orgasms and his, could say nothing. She quivered as she lay there whimpering and sobbing, his pearly cream slowly dripping out of her swollen cunt onto the black marble floor. She was so totally open. So vulnerable. So obviously all his.

He couldn't resist,. As he was pulling on his pants again he took hold of his belt and swiped her once. Then again and again. Thwack! Thwackl Thwack!

He had struck her right across both beautifully presented arse cheeks. She cried out sharply in pain and shock. The angry red welts stood out in clear relief against the smooth, peach perfect pink globes.

“ Ow! David! Why did you do that?"

She was still laying across the desk. But looking back at him now, over her shoulder and struggling to rise despite her shaking legs and ragged breathing. Tears pricking her eyes from the unexpected burning pain in her buttocks. She had had no time to prepare herself. The shock and the burn of the blows had taken her breath.

“ Warming your arse up for tonight sweetie. I think that cane could do with an outing don't you?? I've had it standing in water...making sure its flexible. Wrap it right round your lovely, naughty bottom”

He ran his hand over her buttocks, slowly and sensuously. Thrilling at the heat of the new welts under his palm.

She shivered. She wasn't sure she wanted the cane again. Not so soon after the belt anyway. Her bottom would be so tender now.

The cane hurt.  There was no denying it was thrilling. There was nothing like the adrenalin rush it gave. Added value was derived from the fact that it excited David a great deal and so she was always assured of a long hard fucking after a caning session.

But it had its drawbacks. It left marks for a start, so the beach was out for ages after. Sitting was quite an effort for a day or two afterward as well. More than a day or two sometimes. Depending on just how excited David had been. Let's face facts. Caning fucking hurt! Sometimes that was a good thing. A far better thing than Charlotte had ever imagined it could be as she hunkered alone after Nigel had left her unsatisfied, reading some tame spanking tales on the Net.

But Charlotte just wasn't sure that tonight would be one of those times. She had missed him. She was looking forward to spending a romantic night, with candles and baths and the sweet gentle love making he had bestowed upon her that first night they spent together, when he had realised that despite her 23 years and broken engagement, she had never really been with a man who satisfied her. And that this was because she had only ever been with that idiot fiance.

“ I don't know if I need the cane tonight David” she said in a small voice.

He helped her up from the desk, She was stiff and her hips showed red pressure marks over the bony pelvis area. David ran his hand down her breasts and belly, slipping it between her sodden thighs and twisting and driving his hand forward, pushing three fingers right up into her cunt. Well up inside, as he held her just off the floor, impaled on his hand . Her entire body weight being transferred through his strong hand straight into her so recently well hammered vagina.

She gasped and wriggled, only succeeding in burying his invading fingers further up inside her. She sighed and rather than settle her weight down fully on his hand, lifted her legs one at a time off the floor and wrapped them around his back to take some of the strain off her cunt. David saw what she intended and aided her, lifting her hips up as he squeezed and kneaded her buttocks.

She sighed as the pain eased and pleasure took over.

His thumb rubbed her clit lazily as he kissed her gently.

“ I'll be the judge of that, I think. You were very bad not coming away with me. I think you need to learn a lesson about denying me the pleasure your company. I told you on Sunday night that there would be consequences for denying me my request that you should come along. And you agreed to accept them. All of them”

Her hands were still tightly bound behind her back, throwing her breasts up and out. He bit at her nipples in turn, removing his hand from her soaking quim. He ran both hands up and over her body, pausing to knead and squeeze her breasts. Pinching the warm, pliant globes of her luscious arse tightly, one cheek in either hand, he bit and sucked at her nipples.

She held onto him easily with the strength of her legs alone. All those years of ballet and gymnastics were still paying benefits she thought. Even if in ways her poor innocent parents could never have dreamed possible when they were paying for the classes.

She leaned back, ready to surrender again to her orgasm as she ground her swollen, sopping cunt into his rib cage.

All the time he looked her right in the eye. He never said a word and nor did Charlotte. He put his arms around her waist and lifted her up and away from him. Setting her back on the floor.

She stood quivering before him.

“ David. Those two boys are still waiting for us to interview them.”

She tried bringing his mind back to workplace issues.. But it was no use. He had hungered for her all the time he was away. He could not get his fill of her with one quick fucking and a few swipes of his belt. Let the candidates wait.

It was good to be the boss, he thought.

He gazed at her wordlessly.Gently, but surely and firmly he applied pressure to her shoulders, pushing her downward, forcing her to bend at the knee. She knelt on the Persian rug in front of him, her beautiful face perfectly level with his gaping fly. He pushed his pants down, and along with them the black boxer style briefs against which his cock had been straining and marking with damp spots from his oh so recent hard fucking of her.

His rapidly re-hardening phallus was now winking at her. The gleaming purple head of it brushed at her cheek and lips, dripping pearly juices, signifying his readiness for her again.

She could smell herself as well as him on turgid shaft and it excited her beyond measure.

She looked up at him wordlessly through her incredible eyelashes and he choked out hoarsely

“ Yeah. That's right baby. I want to fuck your pretty mouth.”

With her hands still tied behind her she had to move her head around in silly little circles to chase his throbbing, stiff penis. Darting her tongue onto his glans and sucking it into her sweet, eager mouth. It was nodding now in anticipation of her warm cave. Her seeking, clever little tongue.

Jesus Fucking Christ, David thought as the breath was sucked out of him by the incredible feeling of her rough little tongue poking its tip right into the eye of his engorged penis. She was so good at this.

It was a gift, he assumed, as she had told him she'd never really tried it with that idiot fiance of hers. He'd had all kinds of hangups about what was and was not “dirty” apparently. As if there were something wrong with “dirty”. The damn fool It was only the “dirty” that was was worth doing, when it came to sex, wasn't it?

Charlotte certainly had a natural talent for it. Pent up desires had a lot to be said in their favour, David now realised.

She said she'd got all kinds of ideas about what it would be like to give and receive oral sex over the years from the books and stories she'd read. She had even dreamed of it, she had told him. But until that first night at his house, when he had, as he had planned all along, bedded her after signing the deal with London...until then she had never had a cock anywhere near her mouth. Or a tongue anywhere near her luscious little clit. Or poked up into her tight hot slit and dark, grasping little hole.

It was hard to fathom that, feeling the waves of pleasure she brought to him by doing it. But he had no inclination to doubt her. He had checked her out thoroughly through some very reputable private investigators long before he bedded her. He knew that indeed she had only ever had that one idiot, Nigel for a lover. Nigel. He even had a twat's name!

But fuck me, David thought as he began to tremble at the knees again as she took his balls, one by one into her suckling, seeking, warm, wet mouth.Wherever the hell she got the skills from she could certainly suck a cock. He hadn't had to teach her much about that.

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