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Awakening Her Desires V

David had never been inside a woman quite as tight and as hot as Charlotte.
Charlotte was quite sure she had never been in a longer, deeper bath tub. “Any bigger and you'd have had to call it a spa”, she had said to him, as he carried her naked from the stained and rumpled bed and laid her in its steaming luxuriance. He had then stepped into it with her and settled down facing her, a smile of pure contentment and pleasure settling over his chiselled face, making her realise anew that though she had been drunk last night and flinging herself at him, she had been right. He was indeed beautiful to look at.

It was a cast iron bath. A genuine antique, just like everything else in David's house. On solid brass claw feet. It sat right in the middle of the spacious bathroom. Gold lion head taps were set into brass pipes running up from the floor, so that water flowed into it in the middle of the tub. This infinitely practical design feature meant that neither of them, sitting opposite one another with legs entwined, sweet smelling bubbles foaming around their knees and shoulders, had to suffer the discomfort of leaning back and bumping their head on the hard edges of a tap. Or have cold droplets of water dribble down their spine, distracting them from the warm luxury of soaking shoulder deep in Christian Dior Bubble Bath.

David was holding one of her feet under the waterline. Tracing its slender lines with his fingers. Moving his hand up her calf and kneading the firm muscle there. They giggled and chatted and sipped the delicious coffee she had made for them. Standing naked in his kitchen, just like one of the girls in her stories. Charlotte had been so proud of herself she thought she might burst. 

David gazed with admiration at her lovely breasts, slick with the water, small clusters of bubbles clinging to their sloping tops, dripping slowly into nothingness as they fell into the water from their perch on her sweet pink nipples.

He recalled the feel and taste of them clearly and knew that soon he would need to revisit them. He reached out a hand and caressed them. Tweaked the nipple sharply and saw her wince, even as she sighed out her enjoyment of his touch. She moved unconsciously toward him, as if to prolong it, even while she whimpered in response to the sharp stab of pain it brought with it. Her eyes half closed, mouth slightly open she drew a deep, shuddery breath.

“ Are your sweet little nips so tender baby?” A wicked gleam lit his eyes as he asked, her, though his voice was all innocence and concern.

She giggled and blushed. Fuck he loved it when she blushed. It was so – well it was so damned virginal schoolgirl of her. And irresistibly easy to make her do. To his own amazement, David felt his well worn cock begin to stir anew at the sight of her pink cheeks and quickly downcast eyes. He had suggested the bath as a much needed restorative for them both, rather than with any thought of it prompting another round of lovemaking. The girl was some kind of enchantress, he was sure of it. She seemed to bestow upon him limitless potency. Priapus reborn, he thought to himself smugly.

She was enticing. Intoxicating, Addictive. He knew that he had not had enough of her. And for the first time in his life he began to think he may indeed have finally bedded a woman of whom he would never tire.

“ Yes,” she replied quietly, with a smile pulling at the edges of her own pretty lips, even as the beguiling blush deepned a little more. “It feels almost as if someone had been biting them all night.”

He leaned toward her, pulling her slowly to him. Taking her damp, pink face gently in his hands, he kissed her long and deeply. Moving his tongue around her mouth. Exploring every nook and cranny of it. The smooth, even white teeth. The soft insides of her cheeks. Her own eager, darting tongue met his and the two entwined, flicking from his mouth to hers in some kind of erotic miniature unseen ballet.

He dropped both his hands down to her poor swollen nipples and with infinite tenderness, stroked the very tips with his knuckles. Just touching her flesh; an almost infinitesimal contact. The feathery touch of his roughened skin on her inflamed and screaming nerve endings sent a thrill right through her body. A jolt of excitement and arousal which travelled in a direct line form her aching nipples to her equally sore and swollen crotch.

Even through the warm bath water, she was aware of her own fluids beginning to once again flow freely.

David's foot moved sinuously up between her legs. Coming to rest on her cunt, he applied steady, ever increasing pressure to her hairless but now grazed and engorged vulva. Grinding the ball of his foot into her clitoris, which had been, in the last 16 hours, subjected to more prodding, poking, pummelling and pounding than it had received in the previous 23 years. Not to mention sucking, nibbling, flicking and pinching. It was so sensitive now that she winced and squirmed, trying to pull back from him in an attempt to ease the pressure he was applying. Whimpering softly “Ow David. I don't think I can – I'm so sore David.”

He held her firm in her place, but backed off a degree or two in the strength of his assault on her poor swollen quim. Left her throbbing clitoris alone. As he ceased to press against her, she felt the nerve endings settle from their screaming point of a few seconds ago, to a thrumming sort of ache which had at its edges a real promise of pleasure to come.

Almost lazily, David poked his extended big toe into her lovely tight little hole. She leapt in shock, never having conceived of that digit being used to penetrate her. But as he slowly ground it in to its full length and began idly turning his foot this way and that she surrendered to it. It felt strange and she wasn't quite sure if she liked it more or less than it hurt. But she certainly liked it. She was willing to see which sensation took fastest hold – the pain or the pleasure. She knew now that it was often times the latter. David had taught her much about how pain and some degree of fear might turn, in a trice, to pleasure unbounded. Last night.

And this morning. And again this afternoon.

She shivered deliciously at the thought, opened her legs wider to allow him better access and settled back to consider this whole “foot in vagina proposal” – and what her position on that was going to be. She giggled at the silliness of her business-like analogy in this surreal, highly sexual situation.

David raised an eyebrow as if asking “Share the joke darling” so she did He chuckled along with her, grinding the toe in further and harder and asking,

“ So what has been the result of your study Miss Dawes. Are you for” Jabbing his toe into her to emphasise his words, grinding it with a steadily increasing pressure, “or against - the whole - toe in vagina - conundrum?”

Charlotte was breathing far more rapidly now, still wincing a little but no longer trying to squirm away from the pressure of his foot. The invasion his toe seemed determined to continue was meeting less and less resistance.

Charlotte looked into his eyes. She was recalling his words from last night. His tenderness and his patience when he was trying for the first time to enter her. And they found her tight little pussy had all but clamped shut in panic. As far as Charlotte was concerned, David's penis was huge. She had never seen any but Nigel's and he was so coy about nudity that she could say she'd had no more than a dozen glimpses at it in the 4 years they had been “having sexual relations” as Nigel so passionately termed their brief and uncomfortable couplings.

She had, as the hard and dripping head of David's engorged phallus had bumped up against her already well lubricated and seemingly eager quim, had a flashback to the Nigel days. She recalled with alarm how his little penis had hurt her sometimes and shrank in fear at the thought of what David's seemingly huge one would feel like. And her erstwhile hot, eager, open little cunt had shut like a bank vault.

David tried lubing. He tried working to excite her more. Fingers probing and opening her. Lips and tongue exploring and pleasuring her. She would open again under these tender ministrations. Open easily and he could fit two and even three fingers inside her. But as soon as he approached with his shaft, she shut down again. She was sobbing with frustration. Angry with herself and terrified he would tire of her childish ignorance and just tell her to get her kit on and leave him to a decent wank.

But David was made of sterner stuff. Truth be known he was shockingly excited by the whole scene. Her fear and innocence only adding to his ardour. That being said, he was like a kid on Christmas morning who wasn't allowed to open his gifts till after lunch. The suspense was killing him. He had to know what it felt like to be inside of her. Damn she'd be so fucking tight. He knew she'd be the best ride he'd ever had.

Once more David became all tender ministrations. Got her up off her hands and knees from the mattress and brought her to lay alongside him. Stroked her body with his fingertips and talked softly to her, about relaxing her muscles, making a conscious effort to keep everything down below as loose and flexible as she could.

She shuddered under his hand, quivering with her need of him and promised to try again. She did try, but once more they failed to achieve even a minor degree of penetration, unless David pushed with great force and the one time he tried that, she cried out in such sudden real pain and fear, that he withdrew immediately and cradled her.

Kissing her tears away and finally asking the question that had been driving him mad for so long. What the hell that idiot had been about that she was so afraid of a penis, when it was so perfectly obvious she was dying for a decent fuck.

So Charlotte told him the things she had never divulged to anyone. Not her friends. Not her mother. Not her fiance, that was for sure. If there was one thing Nigel found more distasteful than having sex, it was any attempt on her part to discuss their relative levels of enjoyment of it.

When Nigel wanted sex, Charlotte told an aghast and disgusted David, he would signify it by reaching across her and turning off her bedside lamp. Her heart would sink as he proceeded to grab a tube of lube from the top drawer, toss it to her and say "Can you be quick about doing that if you must?"

Charlotte had early on found that lube made their sexual encounters far easier. It was more a numb kind of experience. The few times they tried without it, she had experienced some pain. Nigel tolerated the procedure, but made it plain he found it tiresome and precious of her to insist upon it. He certainly never offered to apply it for her, as a part of something akin to foreplay.

When she had finished, returned the tube to the bedside chest and laid down again quietly, he would roll on top of her, pushing aside her nightie. He would then move one hand up to her right breast. It was always her right breast, as he would use his right hand push her legs apart and to guide his (thankfully quite small) penis into her. He would then pump away for 5 or 10 minutes while he squeezed her whole breast reflexively in time with his thrusts.

“ He squeezed my breast. But not like you do. Just hard and fast. It hurt sometimes. Anyway it never felt good.. He never even touched my nipples. let alone sucked them.” she told David, eyes cast down, as they had been throughout most of what she viewed as her humiliating revelations.

She went on after David had paused to kiss the right breast lovingly, murmuring to her that the man was an animal as well as a fool.

“ He would keep his eyes closed the whole time and never say a word to me,” Charlotte continued. “He did grunt a lot though. And make appalling faces.”

Charlotte told David that she had always closed her eyes too, so as to avoid seeing the faces, but if he were taking longer than usual because he'd had a few wines, she would try to sneak a look at the clock. Occasionally when she did that she would see him grimacing and screwing up his eyes. Baring his teeth. She would always close her own eyes again quickly. She didn't like the way it made her feel, to see the clear distaste on his face, even as he seemed on some other level to be enjoying what he did to her.

If she moved or squirmed he would sometimes say “Finished soon” in a grunting sort of voice. Impatient that she was disrupting his efforts. She had to say though, true to his word, he usually was. Finished soon that is. Thankfully, he didn't drink often.

Luckily too, the whole sex thing happened less than once a week. When she had her period he would sleep in the spare room. He said the odour offended him. No matter how clean she had strived to be he said it. Try as she might Charlotte had never herself been able to smell anything untoward. In frantic attempts to appease him she would shower three times a day. Change tampons every hour. Put on clean knickers after every shower. But to no avail.

He called it her reek. “I cannot stand that reek!” In the early days of living together, Charlotte would flush with shame and confusion. But then she grew weary of it and of him and soon too of how poorly he made her feel about herself.

So in the end it was easier to let him have his way and sleep apart.

After the first month she came to relish that week of solitude, and would in fact tell him she was still bleeding, days after her flow had ceased, just to keep him away. So she could pleasure herself in that bed they shared but had never enjoyed a moment in together.

David had sworn to himself he would not lose patience with her at any point, but as her sad recitations of the clumsy and self centred fumblings she had endured at the hands of that inconsequential, ineffective and inept young cretin – As she ended her tale, he exploded.
“ Why the hell did you put up with him Charlotte? Why the fuck weren't you shot of him on your first date? You're not a stupid girl. And you certainly wouldn't have been lonely long. What was it. What hold did he have over you?”

“ My-my mother and father approved of him. They felt he was very safe. Very stable. That his roots were in Bandarra, as mine were and so that if I married Nigel I'd be able to stay in touch with them. But more than that. Nigel is an Agricultural grad as well as having an Honours in Accountancy. If I had married him, I would have been able to move back and take over the farm. It would stay in the family. It was the only way that could happen because. . . “ She stopped suddenly and turned from him. David, preoccupied with his growing anger at all those who had surrounded her till now, failed to note the catch in her voice, or the tear on her cheek. He spoke impatiently, while still touching her lovely body with gentle hands.

“ Well because you're an only child. But Charlotte, if the farm had been sold they'd have had the money from it. Why would they sell their only child into virtual servitude, to keep a tract of land in the family?”

He was furious. They must have been fools too, if they could not see their beautiful daughter was desperately unhappy with the man they had selected so that their own interests were met.

“ It's – I like to please them. Anyway, as they say on facebook - it's complicated” and she clearly did not wish to go on.

Ah. Of course, David realised. She'd had a brother who had died. He'd forgotten that. Still, it seemed to David an extraordinary length to go to for assuaging some survivor guilt.

David didn't do guilt of any kind. And if anything felt it not only a person's right, but their actual duty to be the survivor.

He had begun to caress her in earnest again, determined to erase the distasteful memories that Nigel must have given her of sex from her mind, when she stayed him. Fluttering her slender hands to his chest and pushing gently against him. He ceased his caresses and looked up at her. She gazed sadly into his eyes, a worried frown marring her lovely face.

"But David," she dropped her fine eyes and turned from him. Whispered, "Nigel's penis was tiny. Honestly. H-half the size of yours. And I - I needed so much lube just to let him get it in. Even my doctor told me I am - you know. I am quite small down there David. Maybe that's why. Maybe it's is my fault. Just as he always said it was. Maybe I just can't do sex very well."

"Nigel is a crass insensitive, inadequate bastard. What kind of a man can let a woman leave his bed unsatisfied - Especially a woman like you?." He took her in his arms and murmured into her nipple as he sucked it into his seeking mouth, "If I ever meet the bastard again I'll kick his worthless eunuch arse - and spit on him for you."


David was nothing if not a stayer once he had set his mind to a task. He had persevered in his quest to enter her. Indeed, he tapped and prodded and poked at that door for over an hour more before he succeeded. He had damn near come all over her entrance a few times. He'd had to stop himself. Catch his breath, move his eyes away from her. For the first time since he was 19 he found himself doing Multiplication Tables and trying to think of the names of all the opening batsmen for Test Sides in the last ten years to reign in his excitement.

For excited he was. Fucking hell she was so tight and hot and sweet tasting.

After she had confided in him what Nigel had been about all those years, he lay beside her for a long time, simply stroking her body, kissing it. He licked her nipples and poked his tongue into her ear. Gnawed on the delicate nape of her neck. Turned her over so she lay on her belly and repeated his fondling and kissing and licking.

He straddled her as she lay face down and, lifting her hips with one arm, he slid the big, hard round tapestry bolster under her hips,. Normally he would have been aghast had a partner suggested such a thing with his hand-crafted upholstery, but all he had in his mind was to get those hips up as high as he could, in order that he might have the greatest access possible to her quivering little hole.

He gently spread her legs wide as she moaned softly in anticipation. He took his middle finger and slid it up and down her sopping, swollen lips. Then repeated the touch with the flat of two and then three fingers. Sliding them, firmly but with infinite care up and down. From her rigid little clit to just below her sweet little rosebud arse. He steered clear of that,. She was skittish as fuck, he knew. He could still lose her at any point until he'd actually fucked her senseless. No need to go knocking on the back door tonight. He'd be happy if he could be let in the front. Ecstatic in fact, he thought ruefully.

She moaned and squirmed as he caressed her sex. Thrust her hips up in a reflex action to meet his hand. Silently insisting that he redouble the pressure. She had begun to whimper in the way he knew now meant her excitement was building fast. Soft high little sounds without words

“oh - oh- mmm- oh-oh-oh.” noises. Like a small animal might make when in distress. But far from appearing distressed, she seemed to be quite enjoying herself.

Hey lay on top of her. His iron hard cock came to rest between her thighs. She tensed again and he leaned round to her ear, whispering. 'Don't worry sweetheart. Just resting there. Just need to feel your cunt on my cock. Let me slide it over you baby, please. Can I slide my cock over your hot wet little cunny. Please baby” His voice was ragged with desire and the strain of holding himself back so hard for so long.

She responded immediately, squirming down so that his stiff purple headed cock was snug up against her vulva. He moaned now too. Oh sweet lord it felt so fucking good. He moved it up an down across her sweet sticky sex by flexing his hips ever so slightly. He reached around the front of her, cupping both breasts. Squeezed and kneaded at them. Rolled her nipples , harder than he had before. The tension in him was near to breaking point.

All he wanted to do with everything that was in him was fling her legs open at right angles and hammer his cock into her until he exploded, filling her with his semen, driving it up into her cervix with the strength of his thrusts. But he knew that such energetic encounters were for the future . Tonight she would have to be handled as if made of fine china.

She shivered and thrust against him, again and again. Encouraged he gently moved the head of his cock to the opening of her lovely quim and pushed in a little way. He got maybe an inch or two of his almost 8 inches of thick hard phallus in and groaned with the delight of it.

“ Oh fuck baby. That's so good. You feel so good.”.

He stopped there, feeling her go still and quiet. Whispered to her “Am I hurting you too much baby?”

She whimpered incoherently, and he withdrew, hearing the panic rise in her. Without missing a beat, he hooked his right arm under her waist and lifted her up still more, murmuring. “On your knees baby. Get up on your knees for me, 'kay?” as he kissed and licked and rubbed his face against her slender, curved back.

He put his hand gently on the back of her head and whispered to her “Put your head down baby. On the mattress. Buns up. Spread your legs for me baby. That's right. Oh that's beautiful. You're so beautiful.”

And he put his face between her legs, suckling and lapping at her throbbing little clit. Noting it standing to attention there, so ready and eager, like a Captain in his little boat.

The tip of his tongue made lightning strike passes across the tip it. Her clear honey scented juices flowed out from around it. His fingers poked and prodded at her. Slick now with her flowing juices, he easily slid first his tongue, followed by one and then two fingers right up inside her.

She exhaled on a high note and ground her hips back onto his hand, driving the probing fingers even further up inside her. Her arms lay folded above her head and though he was unsure if it were the right move, still his need to do it bade David to say to her. “Give me your hands baby.” She obeyed him immediately. He had come to realise quickly that if he gave her a direct instruction she followed it unquestioningly.

That predilection to let him command her would he knew, be employed to his great pleasure many times in the future. But for tonight he was content to use it sparingly.

He took both her hands as she moved her arms behind her. As he had done at the picnic, he easily looped one hand round both her slender wrists. He held them firmly in the small of her back.

Now she she kneeling in the centre of his massive four poster. Her delicious arse up high, thanks to the length of those luscious legs she was kneeling on. The top of her head was resting on the mattress, arms pinioned behind her in his gentle but insistent hold. She was for all intents and purposes at his mercy and he damn near came all over her arse as he looked at her, open to him, trusting him so utterly.

He moved his free hand between her legs again, and once more began to slide his fingers up and down her slit. Teasing her clit and driving into her little hole. One, two, then three fingers in. She was so tight. When he got in it was going to be the closest fit he'd ever had. Something worth taking the time preparing the ground for that was, he thought gleefully.

She was, if David was any judge - and he was an expert judge of these things -quite right. She was built on a very small scale internally, despite her model like height. Her frame was delicate and her cunt had most definitely come out of the petite range in heaven's gynaecology store.

She was spasming against his fingers, gripping them to almost cramping point with the convulsing walls of her incredible little cunt. He was on his knees behind her. He withdrew his fingers and using his suddenly free hand, he lined his glistening glans up at her now much more receptive looking opening. He wriggled it in the same two inches he had gone before, and this time she seemed more able or more willing at least to accommodate him. She opened her legs a little wider still for him, wriggling to adjust her hips. Working her beautiful little quim back gradually onto his throbbing cock.

He could see her face, upturned, head on the mattress. She was biting her lower lip a little. A look of concentration and determination marking her lovely face. He watched her closely for signs of pain or real fear, but to his delight he saw none. Christ this was it. She was going to let him in this time. David's sense of relief was massive. He didn't think he could have gone on much longer without asking her to just pull him off. Try again in the morning kind of thing. And that would have been such an anti climax, he thought, smiling slightly at his own pun.

He pushed against the resistance he felt, once again resorting to the mathematics and sporting challenges as he felt his balls tense in response to the incredible pressure being exerted on the head of his aching cock. He hadn't come since she had performed that incredible first blow job on him hours before and he was so horny, his dick so hard it would he thought have cracked the marble floor in his hallway. He didn't want to blow only halfway to his target.

She opened her legs even wider for him. Wriggled her hips once more and sighed in that high little way she had of letting him know he was doing something she was beginning to like. He poked and prodded at her with his dick. Ran his fingers over her clit with firm, long strokes as he exclaimed triumphantly,

“ Yes. Yes baby open up for me. Open up like that. Oh Christ I want to be inside you so badly. I need to be inside you baby. Yeah that's right. Help me baby, please. Yeah like that. Open like that. That's my good girl. Open right up for me.”

He pushed slowly, but with a force born of his tortured libido. Pressed down against the tight, hot sweet little hole. He was more than half way in now and Charlotte, contrary to looking like she was wanting it to stop, was now doing all she could think of to facilitate him achieving his aim. David hadn't been able to believe it was him he had heard. Begging her. It had been years since he had asked a woman for anything in bed. They asked him. They begged him. And they obeyed him.

But fuck it. Humbling be damned. It had worked.

She was ganting for it now. Still he could see she was suffering a little shock, maybe even discomfort. But willing to go on. More than willing. She was trying now. He could feel her fighting to let the muscles of her cunt relax. It was working too. She opened just a fraction more for him. He felt the pressure ease against the sides of his cock and without pausing for her to tense again he slid it all the way in. Slowly. Deliberately. And to his immense physical pleasure. He was careful to stop short of her cervix, sure that nothing had ever touched it before and not wanting to hurt her any more than he needed to.

His cock, though not overly long had plenty of girth to it. She must feel as full as the last bus, he thought delightedly, as he began to slowly withdraw for the first time. Not all the way. Just half way. Not wanting her to lock up and deny him re-entry. he paused and fought for control of himself before he plunged his staff into her again, a little more firmly this time. She was breathing out loud. Calling his name in a keening voice now. A running commentary tumbling from her parted lips on her feelings as she experienced for the first time in her life what it was to have a man all the way inside her and to want him there. To want him to fuck her, as he had promised, within an inch of her life.

She began to keen more loudly and her hips moved back again, this time making her cunt muscles contract not to push him out of her, but grasping his penis and seeming to actually suck in him to herself. She moaned and writhed.

“ Oh David. Never - I have never - felt . Oh oh -David.” She whimpered and moaned..

He continued his slow, long measures strokes, in and out of her. He began to get bolder, Took it all the way out, till his glans was once again resting on her dripping little cunt lips and then swiftly, before the little hole could snap shut on him, again, denying him his release, he drove himself into her. .Harder this time and faster too.

She shrieked. A mixture of shock at the sudden fullness, the delicious pressure against her cunt walls that she now felt for the first time in her life; and a depth of pleasure she had also never before experienced. He began to quicken his pace. He tightened the hold he had on her hands behind her back, placed the other hand at her waist to hold her in position and he began to make a rhythm of it.

He knew he could not hold out long, but he wanted her to come at least once like this. On her first proper fuck. He took his hand from her waist and slid it between her legs. As he thrust into her he rubbed and pinched and rolled her clit.

She began to shake and keen, higher pitched sounds now. Grinding her hips back at him. Moaning and calling out incoherently. She was shuddering and bucking under his hand, impaled on his rock hard cock, screaming into the mattress which muffled but never came near to quietening the voice she gave to her orgasm as she thrashed and squirmed, bucked and moaned and screamed to first one shuddering climax and then almost immediately to another, even more powerful one.

Her legs, about the only part of her body she any longer had any control over thrashed and bucked as he began to almost slam into her, his orgasm building, a deafening rush of blood filling his head with a roar like freight train bearing down on him.

David removed his hand from her clit, dropped her wrists and grabbed both her slender hips in his strong hands. He fairly drove her back onto his shaft, impaling her. Her knees came up off the mattress and she was hanging there supported only by his cock and those hands holding her at the hip. She, still shuddering from that last enormous orgasm, thinking she was sated suddenly found her own passion rising again to meet his.

She felt him tensing and threw herself back on him, consciously now trying to work the muscles of her tight, pummelled pussy to clutch at him, milking the cream that flowed from him like a fountain, high up into her body. She linked her ankles together around his back and pulled him closer to her still. She felt his warm liquid impact on her cervix and flopped and screamed and writhed while he had her impaled upon him. She could feel the head of her cervix spasming as it dipped again and again into the sticky liquid pool he was making in her. She felt as though she were drowning from the inside out.

And just as he seemed almost finished spilling his seed into her, she thundered again to her third intense orgasm in her first ever proper fuck.

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