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Barmaid Samantha Finally Gets It

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Who says dreams don’t come true?
Samantha's hips swayed provocatively to the tune of my hand swatting her tender cheeks as she lay naked across the tall barstool. I continued to spank her hard, fascinated by the slight wobble of her upturned bottom beneath my palm and excited to the point of ejaculation by the sound of her shrill pleas for me to spank her even harder. Her globes had turned crimson red and slightly swollen as I unzipped my trousers, pulling out my stiff cock, hands on her hips as it found its own way towards her moist opening. Sliding deep inside her I rhythmically shagged her tight pussy, standing between her long straight legs as she remained bent over.

The dream was always the same and as usual I streaked my load at my own hand, pumping myself off to the vision of Samantha's bare bottom, freshly spanked and heaving on the end of my manhood. But alas it was just a dream and I prepared myself for yet another day without a woman to share my bed!

It hadn't always been like that of course but a divorce from my wife of ten years forced me into beginning a new life as the Landlord of a little country inn. The sign above the door read 'Clive Smith, licensed to sell alcohol …' The object of my fantasy was Samantha, my nineteen-year-old barmaid who was already working there when I had bought the place.

She is a very pretty girl with straight long blonde hair, fairly tall with great legs and a typical teenager's huge chest. All the locals drooled over her (the men of course!) and she knew it and played up to her gallery with ultra short skirts and low cut T-shirts. For me the display was becoming too much for a red-blooded man to handle. Unlike the customers I worked in close proximity to her, smelt her perfume and even better, got to see glimpses of her that they could only dream about.

She would nip upstairs to my flat to make us coffee at quiet times and with the correct timing I could position myself for a great view up her skirt as she went. Not many days passed when I didn't know the colour of the panties she was wearing! Then there was the time she attempted to change a barrel only to have beer splattering across her white T-shirt, instantly making it see-through and offering me a fantastic view of her nubile nipples.

An extra turn on that day was her showering and changing in my flat before coming down in one of my T-shirts and jogging pants. She forgot to take her beer stained clothes home that night after a busy evening behind the bar and I had the pleasure of her little skirt and panties in my bedroom whilst I whipped my cock into a real frenzy! She was impressed when I presented them back to her the next day freshly washed and dried. Little did she know I had no choice after off-loading my cream all over them!

I hadn't always been this frustrated sex hungry idiot! Just the opposite in fact! My ex-wife Sheena was sex mad! Our divorce had nothing to do with our activities in the bedroom department and hardly a day went by when we didn't have sex. Sometimes on a holiday I would take her to bed two or even three times, shagging her between meals! In ten years of marriage she never tired of my cock and I had fucked her in every way conceivable and on top of that, she was the undisputed mistress of the blowjob!

Many times I awoke to the feel of her hand cupping my balls and her lips sliding over the tip of my cock, then watching in pure ecstasy as the duvet bellowed up and down as she bobbed her head on my shaft. After nailing her to the mattress we would shower only to be at it again before we had dried off! She also shared my other passion, spanking! Sheena loved to have her little booty smacked before a bedding session and I spent many happy times with her over my knee, paddling her rear and watching in anticipation as her womanly opening presented itself from between ever parting thighs.

She reckoned the best sex ever was when she was squirming beneath me with my rod deep inside her, screwing her freshly spanked bum into the mattress. She worked as a nurse and of course the uniform was a great turn-on especially when she came back from the late shift with me at my horniest. Many a day finished with her over my knee with her uniform up to her waist and her knickers down!

She adored the thick wooden paddle I had picked up at the seaside during a holiday. A kind of jokey thing, it had 'fanny whacker' printed on it, faded and almost impossible to read after the number of times I had swatted her little derrière with it!

So here I was, a bachelor again, able to play the field and getting nothing! Apart from a brief fling with a woman in the village I had nothing to show for my single status, and she had been hopeless in bed! But then there was Samantha!

At nineteen she was just half my age but I was sure she fancied me but so far she hadn't put herself 'on offer' so I had kept my distance, apart from looking up her skirt on the stairs! She knew what I was up to and obviously played up to it, never rushing and always walking up the open side to give me a good view.

Samantha was a tease by nature, playing to her audience of admiring lads allowing them little glimpses down her front or flashing her long legs and tantalising them with a little innuendo. Despite all that she didn't appear to have any boyfriends. So I continued to shag her in my dreams and she continued to wriggle her assets for me.

Two things became obvious as the weeks went by. Samantha was dressing ever more seductively, and expensively, and my takings seemed to be going down!

My pretty barmaid was definitely NOT all sugar and spice! Some of my regulars would complain from time to time about her attitude to them and in particular an old chap called Jack who took exception to her haughty manner. Jack always seemed to be in the pub, from opening to closing every evening, and he always sat on his favourite barstool. No one dared sit on it and out of respect for his age and the regulars would make sure new customers knew the stool was out of bounds.

Everyone got on well with Jack; everyone that is except Samantha who just didn't like him. She said he was a lecherous old man always looking down her top when she was pulling pints or trying to see up her skirt when she bent over to get something from the lower shelves. I told her that every bloke in the pub did that but she thought it creepy that an old man in his seventies should still be interested in things like that. I made it clear she would have to put up with it as his nightly spend went a long way to paying her wages!

After ten years of married life a man knows expensive lingerie when he sees it and designer stilettos cost the earth so I was rapidly becoming suspicious that my reducing income was in some way connected. Two weeks later I had the information I needed!

At coffee break Samantha wriggled her posterior up the stairs to my flat and as usual I managed to get into position to have a peek at her latest acquisition. Her cerise-pink satin panties shone from beneath a purple mini-skirt and my cock tingled into action. My excitement arose not only from a glimpse of her undies but also the knowledge that I was going to have her! She was mine and I intended taking ownership of her during the closed period between lunch and the evening session. Samantha had no idea as she teased me on the stairs that those fancy knickers belonged to me; along with everything inside them!

I could hardly contain myself during the lunchtime session and barely concealed my excitement when I asked her to join me in the lounge bar. There was a big TV screen for major football matches and it had a built in video. Unknown to her I had secreted a video camera on the shelf behind the bar and trained it onto the till, hiding it behind a few ornaments. She never spotted it and now I had the evidence to prove she was stealing cash to fund her expensive clothes.

Her face flushed with embarrassment as the video play-back showed her, on no less than a dozen occasions, folding notes and when she thought no one was around, sliding them up her skirt and into the front of her panties!

‘How much have you got up there right now?’ I demanded.

‘Nothing Clive,’ she stammered. ‘It's not what you think.’

I held out my hand. ‘Hand it over,’ I barked.

From the tone of my voice she was in no doubt that if she didn't I would pull down her panties and see for myself. Slowly she ran her hand up the front of that tiny purple skirt and as deftly as she had put it there, pulled out a couple of notes from inside those cerise-pink delicacies.

‘I didn't do it for me,’ she offered by way of explanation, her voice wavering and obviously close to tears. ‘I did it for you,’ she added.

My confused look was obvious to her and I didn't need to say anything.

‘I know you fancy me,’ she spluttered. ‘I've seen you looking up my skirt when I go to make coffee so I thought I would give you a treat.’ She forced a pouty smile and then said, ‘you do like me, don't you?’

I didn't smile back. ‘It's not just money for new knickers though is it?’ I looked her up and down. ‘I've been paying for a whole new set of clothes and shoes.’

Her confidence in her feminine whiles grew and she smiled again. ‘I thought you liked me to look pretty for you.’ She stepped forward a pace and placed her hand on my crotch. ‘I know you want me. You do fancy me, don't you?’

My cock acted like a lie detector and jerked into action at the feel of a woman's hand once again. It had been over six months since it had seen the inside of a woman and was getting desperate.

‘I'm not sure I fancy you that much!’ I retorted. ‘My takings are rock bottom. You must have stolen a fortune from me.’

The accusation of stealing brought her back to heel and she immediately lost the initiative, suddenly realising she could be in a lot of very serious trouble. ‘You're not going to go to the police, are you?’ she said in a quivering voice.

‘Give me a reason why I shouldn't,’ I barked. ‘And why I shouldn't sack you right now.’

Her pretty face paled beneath her expertly applied make-up and her bright red glossy lipstick trembled on her pouting lips. ‘Please don't Clive. I'll do anything.’

My cock stiffened again at her plea. I was just about to start negotiations when she blurted on nervously.

‘Please Clive … I mean it … anything. Please don't go to the police. I know you want to fuck me, and now you can!’

So much for negotiation. She had offered herself up on a platter. I still thought it too easy for her. ‘What makes you think I want to shag you?’

‘Your ex said you would,’ she began mischievously ‘when she came here a couple of months ago with her new boyfriend. We got chatting, you know, girl talk.’ Samantha was writhing and I loved it, I also wanted to know what Sheena had been saying about me so I let her continue. ‘She told me you were sex mad and would have me on my back as soon as you could. She also told me you used to spank her, regularly, for the slightest thing. She was trying to put me off you.’ She looked up at me and shook back her long blonde hair. ‘She tried but instead she actually made me fancy you. Why else do you think I have been letting you see up my skirt and down my top?’

Now I was on the back foot and didn't know what to say so it was my turn to splutter. ‘She liked me to spank her!’ I said, wondering how convincing that would sound to another woman. ‘What else did she tell you?’

Samantha's hand was back on the front of my trousers, rubbing over my obviously growing bulge. She held my stare and then I saw her run her tongue seductively across her bright red lips. ‘She said you liked this,’ she husked and began to sink slowly to her knees at the same time unzipping my flies.

My cock lurched to full attention as her hand disappeared inside, her long fingers encircling it and pulling it clear of my trousers. I could feel my heart pounding as I looked down on her blonde head to see my length vanish between her lips. The soft feel of her mouth enclosing my 'head' was a feeling I'd almost forgotten. She bobbed back and forth and my aching organ strained to contain my juices but it was a hopeless effort and I pumped my load without warning her it was coming.

I needn't have worried, Samantha, unlike Sheena, was a 'swallower' and not a 'spitter' and absorbed my cream without any effort.

She looked up at me, her mouth and chin spattered, and a disappointed look on her face. ‘I hoped you would save that for me,’ she sighed.

I frowned back. ‘Don't worry about that my girl. There's plenty more where that came from. But before that there's a little matter of your punishment for stealing from me.’

Her face changed to one of surprise. ‘Your ex said you liked to spank her. And now you want to spank me?’

I gave her a harsh look and rasped, ‘the only difference is that she chose when and how I spanked her. You my girl will do exactly as I decide. Is that understood?’

If she thought that giving me a quick blowjob made everything okay my look told her she had better think again.

She rose to her feet, tottering gently on her high heels. ‘What are you going to do to me?’

‘I want you to strip completely naked,’ I announced, then looking down at her fantastic legs, ‘you can keep your shoes on.’

Her mouth had dropped open as she tried to summon up some words, eventually spluttering, ‘what here? Why don't we go upstairs.’

‘Start stripping Samantha, then bend over Jack's stool.’

I could see she was stunned. ‘No way,’ she howled. ‘No way am I going over that old man's stool!’

I walked over to the bar and lifted down the thick leather strap hanging in pride of place. ‘This should do nicely,’ I said.

Her look was incredulous. ‘You can't use that on me!’ she shrieked. ‘Everyone who comes in the pub looks at that old thing. I couldn't face anyone finding out you had used it on me.’

I doubled the thick belt in two. It was really quite awesome. She was right about it being old. The pub is called the Miners Arms and this is a genuine miner’s belt, old, gnarled and full of character, she was also right about its popularity. It was said to be over a hundred years old and its original owner lived in the little cottage now owned by old Jack. He maintains it was used regularly to beat the miner's hapless wife! Every day people would rub their fingers over its old shiny length.

‘That's enough debate,’ I rasped. ‘You know the alternative. It’s your choice Samantha.’

I moved Jack's stool into the middle of the room and smacked the hard leather against my other hand. ‘Strip,’ I said cheerily.

Her long nail polished fingers trembled as she began to undo the buttons of her blouse, each one allowing her ample breasts to push further forward inside a very sexy lacy black bra. The blouse slid easily from her shoulders and with a show of arrogance she threw back her long hair and pushed her cleavage towards me as she reached behind her. With the dexterity only women possess she popped the clasp and her bra shunted forward spilling out her tits. Samantha hunched her shoulders and off it came exposing her rosy nipples to me.

My cock lurched toward her like a compass needle to magnetic north as her fingers transferred to the clasp on the side of her purple mini-skirt. The little garment slumped from her waist and slid down over her hips giving me full view of her very expensive cerise-pink satin panties. The little skirt carried on down and she stepped out of it throwing it on top of her blouse and bra allowing me to take in her long luscious figure.

Her legs were even more stunning than I had ever imagined but we were not done yet! She had stalled until a frown from me told her they had to come off. Her fingers dug into each side of her waistband and slowly drew down those silky panties, a wispy blonde triangle of pussy fur emerging, pointing down to her heavenly slit. My cock ached to go there but there was the little matter of a thrashing to sort out.

‘Very nice Samantha,’ I complimented. ‘Now bend over like a good girl.’

She had decided to accept her punishment rather than the alternative and circled the stool leaning forward, placing her slender hands on its seat. She offered her sumptuous bottom to me but not in the way I had planned.

‘Bend right over girl, hands down to the floor.’

‘What's wrong with me like this?’ she said by way of a plea.

I knew she didn't want to bend fully over the stool as that meant placing her bare pussy against Jack's red leather seat, the seat he had been sitting on less than twenty minutes earlier.

‘Do it,’ I barked. She relented and placed her front against the upholstery of the stool and bent fully over it, her legs taut and straight, her slim bare back and head directed to the floor, arms outstretched before her. Her long blonde hair slumped forward and danced sexily against the carpet, her breasts awkward against her unusual position, conforming to gravity like her hair.

The belt felt good in my hand, strong and stiff as I placed it tentatively against her milky-white cheeks. 'SPATT! … SPATT!' I gave her a couple of good licks of the leather and for the first time in months watched in awe as a woman's pretty sit-upon turned red before me. Not since I last spanked Sheena had I witnessed the sexy wobble of a feminine bottom responding to her punishment and Samantha certainly possessed a very sexy little fanny.

'SPATT! … SPATT! .. SPATT! …' I was getting into the 'swing' of things and her legs began to kick up from the floor, a squeaky little voice punctuating each stroke with a little yelp. I continued to whack her bottom with increasing gusto, my eyes taking in her ever-reddening orbs and her invitingly moist entrance like an over-ripe plum nestling at the top of her legs.

Finishing her off with two very hearty swats she moaned seductively as I laid the belt across her slim back and placed both hands on her hips. My cock was now free of the confines of my jeans nuzzling impatiently against her opening, waiting to be invited in. Samantha felt it and raised herself on tiny tiptoes, her long heels up off the floor as she offered herself to me.

My cock slid into her to its hilt and I worked her hard. I hadn't had a woman in a long time and Samantha benefited from an erection even Sheena hadn't experienced as I rove back and forth inside her. She continued to yelp out between thrusts as she had when I was spanking her but now her voice was husky and low. Even after bringing off a load when she gave me the blowjob I had plenty more to give and pumped my cream into her. ‘Oooooh! Clive,’ was all she could muster as I filled her pussy.

It was a very breathless, naked Samantha who finally stood up from the stool, the belt slithering to the floor, her face almost as red as her bottom from bending for so long. Outstretched fingers spread across her swollen behind in an effort to quell the fire and her bright-red lips pouted sexily as she began to speak. ‘Wow, Clive,’ she gasped. ‘I can't believe what you just did to me.’

‘The spanking or the fucking?’

‘Both,’ she said ruefully rubbing her stinging rear end. ‘That was so sexy,’ she husked. Stepping towards me she clasped her hands around my neck and pressed her bare breasts and pussy against me. ‘You don't know how long I have dreamed of this,’ she said placing her lips over mine. ‘Sheena told me you were good in bed, but she didn't say how good. Now I know why she liked you to spank her.’ She kissed me hard; ‘I want you to spank me again, right now, over your knee with your hand.’

Her hand had already encircled my wilting cock and had quickly massaged it back to full strength. She wanted more but could I deliver it!

I led her back over to the stool and sat down with my legs wide apart. Samantha nuzzled her warm, naked teenage body close to me and resumed massaging my cock kissing me hard with her tongue in my mouth. I half turned her on her heels and pressed her against my left thigh, she responded effortlessly and willingly bent over my knee, her arm trapped between me and her slim body as she refused to release her grip on my shaft.

I stroked her pretty little bottom a couple of times before beginning her spanking, my palm slightly cupped to accommodate her girlish curves. 'SMACKK! … SMACKK! … SMACKK! …' The sound of bare hand on bare bottom resonated around the bar, interspersed with female squeals. Her feet had left the floor and Samantha was now suspended fully on my knee, her hand gently plying the length of my cock as I continued slapping her cute behind. Her cheeks, already red from the belt were now taking on a purple hue almost the same colour as the mini-skirt still lying on the floor where she had dropped it together with her blouse, bra and panties.

I was in spanker's heaven! Not since spanking Sheena had I sported such a hard-on! She had such a pretty little bottom and her long legs were even shapelier than Sheena's, her strappy stilettos kicking dutifully in response to the slap of my hand.

I sensed I had spanked her enough and gently lifted her off my knee. With her arms once again around my neck she straddled my lap and sank down on my bulge and once again my manhood was ringing her love button. I kissed her hard rosy nipples as she rode my length then came for the third time to the mind boggling sight of her luscious breasts bouncing inches from my face. This was awesome sex and I knew she would have to move in with me.


That evening my barmaid had taken on a new character, now the acting 'Landlady' she was quick to have a go at old Jack.

He reached out a gnarled hand and rubbed his fingers across the miner’s belt now back in its place. ‘What you need my girl, is a few good licks of this across your feisty little bottom.’

Samantha blushed immediately, watching his old hands rubbing over the smooth leather that only a short time ago had warmed her 'feisty little bottom’.

‘You never know Jack,’I said from behind her. ‘Maybe that is just what she will get if she doesn't show you a little more respect.’

Jack was still rubbing his hand over the smooth leather, a knowing look spreading over his wrinkled face. ‘Maybe you already know what it feels like,’ he said intuitively.

Samantha's blush must have surely told him the truth!

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