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Battle of Wills Pt2

The following morning Louise was woken at 5.55am by Ellie; she was basically dragged out of bed and thrown onto the floor.

“On your feet girl!” commanded Ellie.

Louise stood, still naked and tear stained from the night before. Her bottom was now a mass of bruising after the spanking Ellie had given her. Again, she stood with her hands on her head and waited for Ellie to carry on. She dared not speak, not even to wish Ma’am a good morning.

“Right girl, day one of your punishment. You will start by running my bath; whilst I am bathing you will start my breakfast. I want scrambled eggs on toast, fresh orange and a mug of coffee. Then you will press my skirt and blouse for work. Then after I have left for work, you may have your breakfast. Then I want the bathroom scrubbed, the hall, stairs and landing hovered. Then you will make a start on the kitchen. If by the time I return home this evening, these chores are not done, you will have your bare backside tanned....Again!”

Ellie looked at Louise and Louise lowered her head and simply replied

“Yes Ma’am”

“Very well then” Ellie quipped “Better make yourself busy then”

With that Ellie walked back into her bedroom and took off her baby doll night dress and stood and admired herself in the mirror. She was really enjoying pushing Louise; she saw it as a challenge to see how far and how much she could get away with. The longer the situation went on, the more Ellie was enjoying herself. Louise had run her bath and knocked on Ellie’s door and momentarily forgetting her place and walked straight into Ellie’s room.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing girl!” screamed Ellie.

Louise knew straight away she was in trouble.

“Please Ma’am, I’m sorry. I just wanted to say your bath is ready”

Ellie walked over to Louise and took her by the arm and before Louise knew what was happening, she was tipped over Ellie’s knee and her face was only inches from the carpet. The spanks came down hard and fast. Again and again the pace was unrelenting. Ellie certainly could spank. The whole of Louise’s bottom was on fire and there seemed like no end to the spanking. Eventually the spanking stopped and Ellie placed her hand between Louise’s legs and started playing with her. She could feel Louise’s growing excitement, then as quick as a flash, Ellie started the spanking again. Louise was totally out of breath and was struggling with the mixed emotions of the pain and humiliation of her predicament, yet at the same time she loved the feeling of submission. Eventually the spankings did stop and without a word, Ellie unceremoniously dumped Louise on the floor and walked away without a word into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Louise took Ellie’s clothes and pressed them neatly and made Ellie a beautiful breakfast. Louise did not know whether she would be allowed to dress or what she was meant to do whilst Ellie ate breakfast. These questions were answered when Ellie entered the kitchen, dressed in her neatly ironed clothes and sat at a stool at the breakfast bar.

“Girl, tits and nose against the wall, hands on head”

This phrase “tits and nose against the wall” was going to become a well used phrase from now on. Ellie sat herself so she was looking at Louise, totally naked and standing in what must be one of the most humiliating positions for anyone, let alone a fully grown adult.

“Girl, stay as you are, but make sure you listen. You will not get dressed today; you will stay nude until I decide that you have earned the privilege to wear clothes. And yes you did hear me correct, a privilege! Everything from now on is a privilege that I can reward or take away and that includes clothes, food and bathroom. Do I make myself clear and understood girl?”

Louise didn’t know what to say, could she really live like this? Was this as bad as it would get or could it possibly get any worse? Although Louise loved the feeling of submission, she also feared losing her dignity. But one thing she did know was that she shouldn’t keep Ma’am waiting for her answer.

“Yes Ma’am” was Louise’s simple answer.

Louise had decided there and then that she would not do anything to enrage Ellie again. She would learn her place and she would do her best to keep Ellie happy. Not that she didn’t want the punishment, but because she wanted to prove to Ellie that she could be a good girl and earn her rights. Like Ellie, she was starting to grow into her role and saw it as an honour to serve Ellie and make Ellie proud of her.

At that moment the door bell rang. Louise was now brought back down to earth when she realised her humiliating position.

“Girl, get that. That’ll be Steven”

Steven was Ellie’s latest boyfriend. Ellie wasn’t that keen on him but he was rich and could treat Ellie to nice meals and expensive holidays. Louise stood rooted to the spot, she was petrified to move. She didn’t hear Ellie move, but felt the full force of the tea towel as Ellie towel spanked her with it. It made such a loud crack and made Louise jump not just with the shock, but also with the pain as it set alight her already tender bottom. Ellie then grabbed Louise by the ear and vehemently spoke

“Do not dare defy me bitch! I told you to open the door, don’t you dare keep Steven waiting or I’ll get him to spank you too. Would you like that?”

Louise was in floods of tears, yes her backside was burning from the constant punishment it was taking. But she was more upset because she felt she had failed Ellie.

“I’m sorry Ma’am, please don’t allow Steven to spank me, please, I’ll be good. I promise” Louise begged.

“Back and face the wall, I’ll get the door myself, but you’ll pay later” Ellie snarled.

Then she left the kitchen and made her way down the hall to open the door. Louise could hear voices, but she wasn’t sure that it was Steven’s voice. It sounded like another female. Sure enough Ellie had walked back into the kitchen with Maria, her best friend. Maria looked at the naked Louise standing with her nose pressed against the wall then looked at Ellie in a look of total shock. Ellie acted all nonchalant as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

“Oh ignore the girl Maria, I’m training her. Girl! Make Miss Maria a coffee. When you’ve done that you can go back and face the wall.” Ellie ordered, with a wicked smile on her face. Maria was drawn to the naked woman standing in the kitchen; she couldn’t keep her eyes off her well punished bottom.

“Oh Ellie, did you do that to Louise’s bum?” Asked Maria

Ellie just smiled and continued to dink her coffee.

“Well Maria, that’s what happens to naughty girls. And I’ll thank you not to address her by her first name. She is to be called girl! She needs to earn the right to be called by her first name” and with that she turned to Louise, who was in the middle of pouring Maria a cup of coffee.

“Don’t you girl” That last comment was given more as a statement rather than a question.

Louise replied without even turning her head “Yes Ma’am”

Maria was impressed by how well trained Louise was, if anyone ever dared to spank her she thought, she’d tear them limb from limb. Then she looked at Ellie and wondered how she would react if she Louise refused to go along with this game. How far would Ellie go to keep Louise in line? This intrigued Maria and thought how much fun she could have if she played one off against the other. The sight of Louise and the image of her being spanked turned Maria on so much. She imagined herself spanking both Ellie and Louise and having them both naked and serving her. Time for Maria to start playing games. But it would be a dangerous game. Not wishing to give anything away readers.......But this does end up with two ladies being spanked.......Who do you want?

Ellie & Louise?

Ellie & Maria?

Louise & Maria?

I have a few alternative endings, so I’ll let chose the pair with the most votes.

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