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Being mastered

I felt his rough hands move across my exposed bottom, before his fingers curled around either side of my panties, low down, by my crotch. Next thing I knew, he’d bunched the sides of my panties together and jerked roughly upwards, pulling them taut and up into the crack of my ass.

I felt totally exposed and humiliated. My cheeks (on my face this time) flushed red, as I could feel the fabric of my panties up tight against the swollen lips of my cunt, and rubbing against the sensitive bud of my asshole. I could feel myself start to get wet, and knew that those panties so cruelly wedged between my butt cheeks would soon be dripping with my juices, betraying me once more to this man who would be my master.

Not only did this action expose my already glowing butt cheeks to his full gaze but, as he continued to jerk upwards on my panties, I was raised up high on my tip toes leaving me little chance to wiggle away and keeping my ass in the optimal position for his next attentions.

“Now we’ll move onto the proper punishment”, he whispered close into my ear. “That first round over my knee was just a warm up. Naughty girls need to be properly disciplined, with the paddle. By the end of this, you’ll be quite clear who owns this ass of yours now.”

“Crack”, he brought the ruler paddle full force down on my left butt check. I barely had time to gasp from the sting and shock of it, before he laid down the paddle with another resounding “crack” on my right cheek. Quickly he sped up his tempo, until a flurry of stinging blows was raining on both side of my tender ass.

Every so often, for variety and his own amusement I’d guess, he’d lay the ruler paddle square across both cheeks. And, because of the exposed position he had me in, this would mean my cunt received a burning slap, wrenching an even bigger sob from deep in my throat. And yet I knew, deep down inside, that I was deserving of every stroke. I needed this. Because I’d shown I had no self-discipline, I needed him to take charge and bring me into line again. The tears streaming down my cheeks would help wash away my insolence and arrogance.

After what felt like forever, when I didn’t think my ass could take another swipe from the paddle, he stopped. He moved his rough fingers down between my legs, and savoured the wetness there before giving my panties a final jerk upwards to wedge them firmly up my ass crack. “Stand up and put your hands on your head. No rubbing – naughty girls don’t get to rub the sting away. I want you to go across to the corner, and stand facing the wall. You can wait and think about what might be coming next for that pretty red ass of yours, while I get myself ready for the final stage of your punishment tonight.”

“Yes, sir” I mumbled meekly, knowing nothing but full submission to his will would be acceptable. I stumbled to the corner, feeling his gaze stay fixed on my bright red ass the whole way. I was desperate to rub away the sting, to try and relieve the throbbing of my punished ass. But I knew any deviation from his commands would be met with even more fierce treatment. So instead I leaned in, my nose against the wall, hands on my head, ass facing out towards my tormenter. I heard him chuckle, and I wondered just what was in store for me next.

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