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Better Than Drugs

Fighting to keep from taking drugs is much easier when you have something to replace the addiction
I have been completely drug free for two months, though I still battle withdrawl symptoms. I have been going to my therapy sessions dutifully but in all honesty if it wasn't for him I would still be happily high most of the time. Well I still stay high most of the time but its a totally different high now. Its better than drugs and better alcohol. The high is much stronger and it rarely wanes. God its fucking incredible.

I drag myself home after a particularly rough therapy session. A stressful day at work coupled with a therapy session makes me a bitch. The door slams with my entry and it rattles the pictures on the walls. I make myself a light dinner and plop on the couch for so uninterrupted me time. My therapist has warned me against being alone too much but fuck that tonight. I don't want to be near a fucking soul on this planet. Halfway through watching a program on truTV I get hit with a wave of need. I break out in a cold sweat and I begin to shake uncontrollably. Withdrawl is a bitch. This time feels a thousand times worse than normal. I curl up on the couch trying to ride it out but its not working. I need something to make me forget for a while. My mind becomes a wasteland and I no longer think clearly.

Suddenly I feel it. Hands, big ones. I instinctively fight them since I have been known to have daymares when my symptoms hit. But no these hands are very real. They hold me very still and shake me hard. I realize I can hear a voice too. “Andy! Andy! You've got to hold on baby.” I jerk out of my haze and look straight into hazel eyes. They are filled with fear and concern. I am pulled into a fierce hug that I melt into.

“Andy baby are you alright.”

“Rough day.” I mumble back. I can feel his heart beating wildly against me.

“Did you take anything?” I shake my head no. Relief makes his shoulders sag. I then feel my body being lifted as I'm carefully carried into our bedroom.

He lays me in the middle of our small bed and I look up with a question in my eyes. He looks at me seriously and tells me to just lay back and relax. I'm more than happy to plop back on the pillows and close my eyes against the onslaught of symptoms still coursing through me. I am still shaking and freezing due to me sweating so much. I am rapidly descending back into my own world again when I feel him take off my shoes and then quickly my socks. He kisses each foot gently, making me giggle as my feet as so darn ticklish. This goes on for a few minutes until suddenly stops and my laughing slowly subsides. He moves up my body to unbutton my slacks and shuck them down my hips. They join my socks and loafers. He then repeats his actions from before, kissing from my ankles to my hips this time. I fist the covers as he nears the junction between my legs. I expect him to remove my panties but he doesn't instead moving to my belly and thoroughly kissing it as he works open the buttons of my blouse. One hand snakes under me to lift me enough for him to open it wide. Understanding what he's trying to do I work my arms out and toss it onto the floor.

He kisses between my breasts, along my collar bone and all over my neck. I feel warm and breathless, a different kind of haze settling in. I move my hands along his lean body. A true swimmer's body, muscled but very lean. Looking down between us I marvel at the contrast between my dark brown skin and his barely tanned white skin. My thoughts don't settle on that thought for long as he finally moves up to capture my mouth. Kissing me so hard they tingle when he pulls away. This feels like the very first time we had sex as teenagers. He totally takes away my defenses without making me defensive. He urges me to sit up with him as he unhooks my bro and lets it fall forward between us. I pull my arms out of it and toss it too. I'm almost completely bare and he is sitting with me fully clothed. As I realize this I tug on his pull over. He gives me a smile and obliges me, letting me take it off of him as I run my hands over his chest over and over again. Feeling my impatience grow he slides off the bed so take off his slacks and climbs back on the bed wearing only his boxers and socks.

“Linc...” I begin but he shushes me with a kiss and I feel the haze crowd my senses again. When we pull apart again we stare at each other again and the tension grows in the room.

“Tell me what you need.” That simple statement makes me flush hotly.

“I want to lose control. I need to give in.”

Again he leaves me on the bed but goes to the closet this time. He returns with our box labeled 'DVDs and NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS' and returns to me instructing me to lay on my belly. As I settle on my belly he ties my wrists together and I feel the spreader bar being put into place on my calves. Next a pillow is put under my belly, lifting my ample ass in the air. I know what is about to happen next and feel myself growing hotter with anticipation.

I wince when the paddle connects with my ass the first time. Even though I know its coming it still stings so much. Another firm whack continues as he silently warms my backside. More whacks follow until I am nearly in tears, my panties not providing much of a shield against the paddle. I hear him going through the lamp stand and the familiar sound of him testing the scissors to make sure they haven't rusted.

“Do you want to keep these panties?”

I shake my head no. These were a gag gift from my sister and I've been trying to think of a way to get rid of them for weeks. How he knew that I'll never know but I am extremely pleased to know they will soon be disposed of. Two snips and the only barrier falls away.

“Already so wet Andy?”

I meekly nod yes and lay my head down while I wiggle my tender as at him.

In one swift move he is on the bed with me, then all at once he impales himself inside me. Feeling him fully in me brings out an involuntary moan of approval. He holds still for a moment while I runs his hands over my arms and back.

He leans down and whispers in my ear that I had better keep quiet or I'd be paddled again. I grin even though he can't see it and gives an exaggerated porn star moan. This earns me a hard whack on my still tender ass and we both share a laugh. My laughing makes me unintentionally squeeze him and we are both brought back into the moment. He withdraws a bit and eases back in, setting an easy rhythm that leaves me panting and begging for more. I groan begging for him to give me the release I so desperately need. He holds on to the ropes that bind my hands as he begins slamming into me again and again, pounding me senseless as I lose myself in his attentions.

My orgasms sneaks up on my and rockets through my body. I can feel my muscles working on his shaft as he continues to pound into making my orgasm last longer while simultaneously bringing forth more.

He leans forward again and whispers hotly into my ear, “Did the drugs ever make you feel this good? Did the alcohol ever make you feel this whole?”

I scream that they had nothing on how I feel right now. Admitting that fact sends me over the edge and I can feel his thrusts getting shorter as he nears his own orgasm. He slams harder and harder into me until he finally spills himself inside me. He holds himself inside me as he deftly unties my hands and rubs my wrists to make sure that the circulation is flowing properly. He gently withdraws from me to unhinge the spreader bar and I close my legs as I lay on my side. I watch as he rejoins me in the bed and draws me to him. He smiles at me again and leans his forehead against mine.

“Do you feel better?”


“Never forget that I'm better than anything you were addicted to.”

“How could I? I'm so addicted you.”

With that said we lay there a long time, his seed dribbling out me as we fall into an exhausted sleep. Yes this is much better than drugs. And I'm addicted for life.

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