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Betty and David Concede Control

Chloe enforces disciplinary control over her Mother in Law and Husband


I awoke feeling refreshed and opened my eyes to find David sitting at the computer, presumably unable to sleep as well as me because of his sore bottom. He wore only his pyjama shorts, his discarded jacket was still next to me on the bed. It had been quite a night of lovemaking.

David was staring intently at the screen, looking occasionally at me but I kept my eyes half closed, wanting to delay him knowing I was fully awake because that would mean he and I going to his Mothers room for the spanking I promised to give her. I was looking forward to taking my Mother in Law across my lap and wanted to savour the moment. I did think David was actually looking rather furtive however.

He gave me a guarded look, turned back to look again at the screen, once again at me, and got up and went to the bathroom. It just didn’t look right so once the door was closed I shot out of bed to see what he was looking at, maybe a present for me. I was shocked. It wasn’t a present, at least not one I expected. It was a picture of a man with a woman across his lap, her bare bottom already red from being spanked, her face screwed up as she waited for the next spank. There was a series of pictures on the screen, almost a story.

I was furious. I closed down the web page and on a blank page wrote “it doesn’t happen like that for you, as you will now find out straight after I have spanked your Mother.”

I got back under the covers just as David came back in to the room. He glanced at me as he went back to the computer, but double took and gasped when he saw what was on the screen. He looked across at me and now my eyes were fully open.

I said calmly “a bad mistake David, but just look on this as a lesson.”

“Chloe, listen” he started as I got up.

“No David, you listen. You do not get to do what that man was doing, quite the opposite in fact. I have warned you to behave so you will get what you deserve. Now, let’s go and deal with your Mother first. Don’t bother putting your pyjama top back on” I said sternly.

I made sure David was under no illusion as to how cross I was. David blushed as I opened the door for him and he walked out in front of me, looking as though he expected a smack on his bottom. I smiled when he couldn’t see. Why spoil the fun I thought when I am going to give him my first full spanking very soon.

David stopped outside his Mothers bedroom. I knocked and walked straight in, walking over to the curtains and throwing them open. Betty was still under the covers and there was nothing to suggest she had done anything other than stay in bed all night.

I stood by her side and said “right Betty, it’s time for the spanking we agreed you would get this morning. Up you get please.”

Betty slowly pushed the covers away, stopped for a second when she realized David was in the room, looked at me and saw no response so continued to stand up. I smiled as I saw Betty’s vibrator on the bed and thought how she will have used it during the night.

As I was already cross with David it was easy to appear cross with Betty. “Right Betty, well you will be interested to know that David managed to earn himself a spanking as well. So I will discipline you first and then him. Let’s see, yes, please take off your nightdress.”

Betty again looked at David and back at me, and moved her hands very slowly towards the hem of her nightdress.

“Come on Betty. When I ask you to do something I expect you to do it quickly.” I walked over to my Mother in Law and continued beyond her.

“Stand still” I ordered as I stood just behind her, lifting her nightdress above her waist and giving her three hard spanks on each bottom cheek. I let the nightdress fall back and went to stand in front of her, staring at her, as she quickly pulled the nightdress up and over her head. She stood in only her knickers. This was fun.

“Ok Betty, knickers off please, and David” I added turning to look at my husband, “shorts off please.”

I watched as they both took deep breaths, glanced at each other, and then removed their respective last vestige of clothing. I felt that same intoxication of power I had felt yesterday when I discovered how eager they were to obey me when they knew a spanking was in the offing. I savoured seeing both mother and son standing naked in my presence, the woman who was going to take each in turn across her lap for a spanking. Wonderful.

I then considered the room and making it ready for the spankings I had to dispense. “David, please pull that chair in to the room will you,” I demanded. I put my hand on my chin and said out loud but not expecting a response “now, hairbrush, hairbrush, hairbrush.” Then louder “Betty, where is the closest hairbrush please? One of the wooden backed paddle ones”

Betty said with a tone that said she was reluctant “in my side table Chloe.”

“Oh goody” I said as I walked over to it, opened the drawer and took it out,

“Where do you get these from Betty?” I asked.

“The chemist on the corner” she said.

“Right. We go passed there on the way home so I’ll pick up a few. Oh, and by the way, I’m going to leave a couple of canes here. I’ll need them I’m sure so I best not take them all home. Don’t you agree Betty?” I asked lightly knowing Betty would be uncomfortable with the discussion.

“Yes Chloe, I suppose” Betty responded.

I thought I saw a slight smile on her face, as though the idea of being caned appealed to her still. I looked away and smiled knowing I will be using those canes again on her whether she changes her mind or not.

“Right you two” I snapped, I think some corner time first whilst I go and freshen up. Go on, face the wall, and you can put your hands on your heads. Quickly.”

They both did precisely as ordered. Two naked people, my 48 year old Mother in Law and my 24 year old husband, both facing the wall, their bottoms facing me, and I was looking forward to spanking them both. I took a last look at both their bottoms which still bore the weals from the caning each received yesterday. I reckoned today’s spanking will be particularly painful when applied to those weal’s.

“No talking when I’m out” I said starkly as I walked out and went to the bathroom where I freshened up. I decided I wouldn’t get changed. I was wearing only knickers and a vest as that is all I wore at night, and the thought of skin on skin excited me. I took my time and then ambled back in to Betty’s room, standing outside briefly just in case I heard speaking. There wasn’t any so I waltzed inside.

Now all was ready. I sat down and said “right Betty, over here please.”

Betty came over and stood in front of me. She was looking at my lap and licking her lips. I knew what she was thinking. She was naked and my legs were bare. Well she wasn’t so worried when we made out last night so I didn’t worry about it now. I held out my hand and Betty gave me her arm allowing me to steer her down and across my lap. Her skin was cool against my legs. Her body was as I had remembered it as I placed my hand on her bottom and started to rub in circles.

I studied her body. Lovely smooth skin, well except for those weal’s of course. Slightly overweight but that gave her body a lovely slightly spongy feel and I was sure her bottom would bounce around when smacked, as would the tops of her legs. Her arms were stretched out in front of her and I could just make out her breasts dangling down, and yes I was sure they would also be dancing soon. All told a curvaceous body that was now compliant, draped across my bare legs and ready to take whatever spanking I decided to give. A hard one for sure.

“David, you can turn and watch but please keep your hands on your head and don’t move or talk” I stipulated. He nodded as he turned around. He was already looking at his Mothers bottom and as expected he started an erection, which kept on growing as I rubbed her bottom, and jumped to attention when I gave her several hard spanks. Control over my husband’s penis as well as his behaviour. What else I wondered?

I smiled when I noticed Betty turned her head and was looking at David and also saw his erection, which I reckoned she immediately felt was caused by her naked body judging by her groan. She was humiliated yet again and put in her place. I just kept spanking her anyway and she soon looked back to the floor as she squirmed around on my lap. The spanks must be stinging her now.

I started lightly but soon upped the tempo and severity which was rewarded by gasps of pain and squirming. Her hand covered her bottom and I pulled it up in a half nelson and I think at that moment she knew control had fully transferred to me, that she had no potential defences left and the tears started to flow.

My hand started to hurt and I gauged the time was right to move on to the hairbrush, picked it up, tapped her bottom a couple of times, then brought it down more sharply on her reddened bottom. She gasped louder, but I continued. I didn’t hit her particularly hard but just methodically spanked her on one bottom cheek then the other, sometimes landing spanks on the tops of her legs again alternately, as Betty squirmed harder and faster around on my lap, never causing me a problem though. The hairbrush proved to be a wonderful toy. Betty’s bottom cheeks were bouncing in all directions as the flat paddle struck home.

I had to say that her squirming was quite arousing, her bare skin against my legs. I almost wanted to have her there and then but David was watching and that wouldn’t be fair to him. I made do with continuing the steady rain of spanks and enjoyed watching my Mother in Law squirm as her bottom was turned bright red, almost ablaze, before I decided she had had enough.

Betty carried on crying for ages after I stopped spanking her. The squirming stopped, her arm fell to the floor, and her body just heaved with her huge sobs. I rubbed her bottom and tops of legs and when I noticed her legs part inviting me to touch her, presumably forgetting her son was standing just feet away, it told me she was ready to get up. I didn’t miss the fact her pussy was wet. She had been aroused by the spanking for sure.

“Up Betty. You have been punished.” She slowly edged herself up, glancing at me as our faces passed within inches of each other, my glare against her red rimmed very wet eyes and the tears still staining her face. Well thrashed I reckoned, and all my own work.

“Stand next to David Betty, hands on your head and no rubbing” I demanded and she simply obeyed, sniffing as she controlled herself.

I watched as Betty and David stood side by side, Betty red eyed, and David with his erection. Well I was going to deal with that right now.

David said “that was very hard Chloe.”

“Concerned are you David? For your Mother or for you? I wonder as you are going to that exact same place for looking at porn David. Ok. Get across my lap please” I snapped.

David meekly bent across my lap. A very different body to his Mother. More muscular, tighter, and he was already tensing his bottom so I realised this was going to be less hand and more hairbrush. His arms were dutifully spread out in front of him. I knew if he resisted I would not be able to control him.

“David, just so we are clear, if you resist or try to get up there will be 24 strokes of the cane. Straight away and then back over my lap. Understood?”

David twisted his head around and said quietly “I won’t resist Chloe. I guess I know I need to be disciplined so what’s the use in that?”

“Good boy” I said firmly but quietly relieved, so long as he kept to his word.

I started spanking him and as expected his bottom clenched and my hand hurt quickly. No problem I thought as I picked up the hairbrush and started to apply it rather harder than with Betty. David was soon squirming around on my lap, but a very different feeling than with Betty mainly because David’s erection stiffened the harder I spanked him. It was a real turn on as well. Presumably he did that when his Mother spanked him so it must have felt strange, giving your own son an erection. Still, she won’t ever again as that is now my job.

David succumbed to tears before long. True to his word he didn’t try to get up. Maybe it was the threat of two dozen strokes with the cane. Maybe not. As the tears flowed so the erection subsided which was a shame really as I was enjoying the sensation against my legs. Still the main purpose was to teach him a lesson so the spanking was more important. Far more important, and I persevered in ensuring every inch of his bottom and tops of legs were as red as Betty’s. In the end his sobbing was as deep as Betty’s and like Betty he kept on crying well after I stopped thrashing him.

I allowed David time to recover and of course his tell tale mark was the return of his erection.

“Ok David, up you get, it’s done,” I said sternly.

A few moments later he was standing next to his Mother, his erection fully returned as they both stood there, hands on their heads still, waiting for me to finally release them.

My problem was that I was now so excited by what I had done, so wet between my legs, that I wanted sex. Badly. I looked at my husband and then at my Mother in Law. The decision wasn’t easy. I looked at Betty’s pussy and saw it still glistened. Yes she was up for it as well. I knew I could have David later on, in fact anytime I wanted, so I made my decision.

“Betty, I think you need to face the wall a bit longer. Go on.” She turned without objecting and faced the wall.

“I will take David back to our bedroom. Don’t move or rub Betty. It will be one mega mistake.”

I took David’s arm and led him out of the room, down the hallway, and in to our bedroom.

“Tell me David, have you looked at porn before?”

He looked very concerned. “Don’t worry David, I just want to know that’s all.”

He calmed down with that. “Yes Chloe, but just spanking sites.”

I smiled at him. “Ok, well you will stay in this room for one hour David. Consider it a type of grounding but you can look at your web sites. In fact I want you to. I want you to find something you think I will like. Something to do with a woman who spanks her husband regularly.”

David became quite animated. “You know Chloe, there is a site I saw where there is a contract between a husband and a wife which sets out rules so both know when a spanking is earned. What if I got one of those for us?”

“Sounds perfect David. Do it in draft, but don’t give yourself an easy ride David. There needs to be some stiff rules and firm penalties. I am going to check on your Mother. You were concerned about her and I want to check she is Ok. Don’t leave this room until I come back. Understood?”

“Yes Chloe. I’ll work on our contract.” He was smiling.

I watched David go and sit at the computer before closing the door as I left and walked back down to Betty’s room stopping at the bathroom to get some cream as I reckoned she could do with some rubbed in. I didn’t knock this time as I wanted to see if she had behaved. I was delighted to find her still facing the wall, her hands on her head, her red bottom glowing.

I walked up behind her and said “have you learned your lesson Betty?”

“Yes Chloe. You certainly spanked me harder than expected.” I could just hear a slight tremor in her voice. A sniff told me she was still recovering from her spanking.

“Good. You deserved it, and no doubt you will again Betty, won’t you.” It was a statement.

Betty stayed looking at the wall and said “I will try to be good but know you will deal with me firmly if I fail.”

“Yes, I know I will Betty. Now though do you want me to rub some cream in to your bottom?”

“Yes please” she said eagerly, then added “what about David?”

“I have left him surfing on the computer. I set him a task and told him not to leave the room and that I will be about an hour.”

“I see” Betty said almost as a question.

I tapped her bottom and said “go and lie on the bed.”

She obeyed and lay there, still fully naked.

“What did you think as I spanked David?” I asked as I picked up the tub of cream.

“He got one of his erections again. He always got them with me as well. It’s funny really.”

“You didn’t mind when he rubbed against you?”

“Oh no, I enjoyed it actually. A penis rubbing against my leg was exciting.”

“Did you ever, erm?” I left the question unasked but knew Betty would know what I meant.

“With my son?” Betty asked sounding incredulous at the thought.

“Well, yes” I answered, tempted to smack her bottom but very interested in her answer.

“No, although that’s not to say I wasn’t tempted. I could have made him come easily enough, but that wasn’t going to help me. I was hardly going to ask him to put his hand on my pussy.” She added “it would have freaked him out.”

  “He couldn’t take his eyes off your breasts you know.”

“Don’t remind me” she said, laughing, getting over the thrashing I had given her.

I knelt down and squeezed some more cream on my hand and gently put my hand on her bottom. She sighed, welcoming the cool cream, and was enjoying the feel of my hand rubbing her bottom in huge circles. I added cream as I went along and slowly included the tops of her legs. We both stopped talking and Betty’s breathing became deeper.

This time when she spread her legs inviting me closer to her hair mound I obliged. I rubbed her inner thighs and her breathing deepened further. I knew I was so aroused I just needed her to respond and when my hand rubbed her vagina and she raised her bottom to invite me to repeat the movement I had already felt how wet she was. I took hold of her shoulder and pulled her gently saying “turn over Betty” and when she started to turn I let go of her, and pulled my vest top over my head.

Betty looked at me, naked except for my knickers and she said “oh my” and smiled.

I took off my knickers and threw them on the bed. I smiled and said “we both want this don’t we Betty?” and when she nodded I knelt down and kissed her breasts working my way down her stomach to her pussy. Betty kissed my body making her way to my pussy and soon we were each kissing the others pussy, using our fingers to spread the vaginal lips which were already soaking wet in anticipation. I gasped as Betty’s tongue licked inside me and got the same reaction straight afterwards from her. Seconds later we were both writhing in flows of orgasm as we kept kissing each other’s oozing pussy.

We calmed down, turned ourselves around and lay next to each other, our legs intertwined, caressing the others breasts, our nipples still taut, knowing we still wanted to give and receive more pleasure. We kissed and cuddled, and when we were both ready we starting kissing the others body, taking enjoyment from the reaction of the other. I edged Betty on to her back and rolled on top of her, my legs between hers as she spread hers, my tongue deep inside her welcoming mouth as this time we went more slowly, both more intent on giving the other the arousal we craved.

When Betty stroked my bottom I looked in to her eyes just inches from mine and said jokingly “no smacking Betty as that would get you another spanking.”

Betty’s eyes smiled back and said “no fear of that Chloe, I am going to be one very good girl today.”

With that our clinching became more intense our fingers searching out the spots that we knew would give pleasure to the other until we each had our fingers inside the others vagina, finding and caressing each others clitoris until we both exploded in uncontrolled orgasms. We held each other tightly, slowly recovering, slowly realising how we had made love to another woman, the Mother in Law and the Daughter in Law both accepting that control lay with me, the younger woman.

Once we had both recovered I said “how about some more cream Betty?” and she laughed, turned over, lifted her bottom slightly, and waited for me to get the tub.

As I rubbed more cream in I said “there are some bruises coming through Betty.”

“I was expecting them Chloe. That was quite a thrashing you gave me.”

“I know. I don’t think sitting down will be an option for you today.”

“Well that will make this afternoon’s card game more testing as I will have to sit for quite a long time with several friends of mine. Mind you it will be a constant reminder of my spanking.”

“Yes indeed, a very good reminder of your bad behaviour and of what will happen again next time you misbehave.”

“A good memory jogger Chloe thank you”” Betty said, laughing again. “It’s part of what I wanted from this you know. The constant reminder when with other people who don’t know I have been disciplined. It’s such a sexy thing you know.”

I wasn’t sure I understood that, but I knew the power was intoxicating and that mattered for me. I mused over the last day. I hardly expected this as David and I drove over here for lunch yesterday. I was getting aroused again just thinking about it. My mind turned to David. It was nearly an hour now and I will go back to his room and see what kind of spanking contract he has drawn up. I reckoned once it was in an acceptable form I would do one between me and Betty, to enforce our relationship. That would be good fun to discuss with her, particularly the post spanking requirements.

I patted Betty on her bottom and said “time I went back to see David.”

She sat up and we kissed on the lips. I stood up and picked up my vest and knickers and caught Betty’s eyes and her smile when she realised I wasn’t getting dressed but was going to walk down the hall still naked, both knowing what was likely to happen when I got back to the bedroom.

“You are grounded for an hour Betty,” I said sharply but smiling.

“Can I use my vibrator please Chloe?” she asked.

I winked, nodded in agreement, smiled to show she was a good girl for asking, turned, and left the room, shutting the door behind me. Seconds later I heard the buzz of Betty’s vibrator. Would she be thinking of me this time she used it I wondered as I reached our bedroom. I opened the door to find David still at the computer. He saw I was naked and smiled. I ignored that and asked “well, let’s see this contract. I hope there is an hour’s worth of work or else you will pay the price for disobedience.

David blushed and picked up a sheet of paper. “This doesn’t look much like an hour’s work David. Just what have you been doing?” I demanded to know.

I could feel the need to discipline my husband again before letting him screw me, but screw me he will.


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