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Betty Spanked Again

Chloe enforces her disciplinary control over both her Mother in Law and husband

“David, go to the bathroom and get the cream. Change in to your pyjamas as well. I need to talk to your Mother.”

David could tell how annoyed I was and walked off. I quickly threw my clothes back on, knocked and immediately opened the bedroom door and switched the light on. There was a gasp and it took a few seconds for the buzzing to stop.

“I said straight to sleep Betty didn’t I?” I snapped.

I could see the anxiety in Betty’s eyes as I stood over the bed.

“Give it to me” I demanded. Slowly her arm moved and her hand came above the covers holding the long vibrator which she gave to me.

“Get up Betty, we need to chat” I snapped. The adrenalin was going. I was on a high having caned her and then had the most glorious series of orgasms with David. I might only be 23 years old but I found the power I was now exercising over my 48 year old Mother in Law intoxicating.

I watched as she slowly pulled back the covers, pulling her nightdress down when she realised it was still above her waist, blushed, and stood up. She looked worried, probably thinking I was livid she had ignored my instructions just when I wanted to be with David. She was going to come first though. Rules are rules and I was going to punish her for breaking this one.

“Well I guess you get spanked tonight after all. Lift your nightdress up and get across my lap now” I snapped as I sat down on her bed. Betty groaned, looked at me as though she was going to argue, thought better of it, rolled her nightdress up giving me a perfect view of her shining hair mound which told me how close to orgasm she had been, and lay down across my lap.

When she obeyed my command I took the vibrator and put it in front of her face. It was still wet as well.

“So, you used this when I specifically told you to go to sleep did you?” I sounded cross because I was cross.

“Sorry Chloe” Betty said.

I switched the vibrator on and thought I would tease her for a bit before thrashing her. I slowly ran the vibrator up the inside of her thigh, first one leg and then the other. Betty was enjoying the sensation and spread her legs open and even lifted her tummy. She might well be my Mother in Law but I couldn’t stop, not just then, and I moved the tip of the vibrator to her vagina and ran it once slowly up and down. Betty gasped in delight.

Then I took the vibrator and ran it along her bottom crack and surprisingly she raised her tummy again. Just as I ran it across her anal hole I pressed down and again she gasped. This lady was turned on and no mistake .

“So let’s get this straight Betty, you were turned on by spanking your son?” I doubted it but why not make her squirm.

“No no Chloe, I wasn’t, I promise. That’s discipline when he is childish. No. I erm, well I found being caned by you exciting.”

“But that was discipline as well Betty. I’m confused.”

Betty looked embarrassed, and appeared not sure whether she wanted to say anything else but did. “I enjoyed being caned Chloe.”

“Enjoyed the pain you mean?” I took pleasure from playing dumb.

“Yes, the pain, and the pleasure afterwards. I didn’t realise how much I needed to be disciplined like that. Well not so much the caning itself because it really hurt, but the feeling of helplessness, having to obey someone else, having that person in charge for a change. I have been the matriarch for so long, I just wanted someone else to take responsibility.”

“Spanking David wore a bit thin did it?”

“No, he’s my son. He needs discipline and that’s different, 24 or not. Spanking him is a given.”

“But I’m your daughter in law, and you wanted me to discipline you?”

“I know. It’s normally the difficult Mother in Law isn’t it, but this time it is the severe daughter in law.”

“Do you want me to discipline you again sometime?”

“Yes please” she said simply, looking at the floor, blushing before adding “and you should be strict, just like I am with David.”

“Was strict Betty.”

Betty gave me a look but understood that control had moved away from her.

“I see Betty. Ok, I will discipline you again, and yes I will be severe, and strict, but as David will also be subject to my discipline I think he should watch me spank you now, a discipline spanking Betty, nothing sexual.”

“Please no, I’m his Mother.” Now she was fearful again

“Oh, I think it will do him good. You won’t be spanking him anymore anyway, I will, so he needs to see what he is in for if he is naughty. It will be a deterrent you know.”

Betty moaned which I took as the end of the discussion.

I shouted “David, in here please.”

David came in and stopped short when he saw his Mother across my lap, her bare legs, bare unprotected bottom with the clear weal’s spread right across it, which he saw for the first time and quite a bit of bare back. “Stand and watch David” I said as I gave Betty a couple of dozen hard hand spanks. Her bottom was already marked with the weals and I was sure my hand was causing her much more pain and discomfort than it usually would.

As the spanking continued I noticed David staring at his Mother but not her bottom. I kept spanking Betty but followed his gaze. I smiled as I realised Betty’s nightdress had travelled further up her back as she squirmed around on my lap and her ample breasts had fallen clear and were bouncing around as each spank hit home. I wondered, with some enjoyment as I realised the embarrassment Betty will suffer when I tell her, particularly as David got an erection until he felt my gaze and averted his eyes but he had seen his Mother in several new lights today, and must have felt the transfer of power happening in front of his eyes.

I continued spanking and was pleasantly surprised just how hard I was able to spank Betty with my hand. I had watched with admiration when Betty spanked David for so long but reckoned my hand would hurt fairly soon, however that wasn’t the case. I kept up a steady rhythm and whilst I remained relaxed poor old Betty was struggling more and more to cope. If my hand started to hurt I focused on the tops of her legs and whilst I was sure those spanks stung Betty they helped me recover so I could again spank her bottom. A delight, and a turn on.

After several more minutes and a lot of crying I said “I need to discuss some new rules with you both “I said sharply. “In fact David, put your hands on your head whilst you listen, so I know you are paying attention.”

David did as he was told and his pyjama jacket rode up leaving his midriff showing.

“First, Betty will never spank you again David.”

David’s eyes lit up, but I followed the comment with “but I will be.” He looked downcast. “Exactly David, I will spank you when I decide you need one, or when your Mother calls me to say you have been naughty at hers. Do you understand?”

David nodded. Good enough I thought.

“You Betty will also be subject to my discipline.” I heard a further groan of acceptance from my Mother in Law and definitely no argument. I knew she wanted to be spanked when she wanted to be but that wasn’t my plan, not now she had made it clear she wanted me to take responsibility.

“You heard right Betty, I will decide when you need to be spanked. You will phone me every Wednesday night and we will discuss your behaviour . If I decide you need to be spanked then you will come over and stay with us on the Thursday night when you will go across my knee for a spanking. If you have been particularly naughty you will get the cane. You will stay over because I doubt you will be able to sit in the car and drive home after one of my discipline spankings. Understood Betty?”

“Yes Chloe” she responded.

“That’s in addition to whenever we see you in any case, like at weekends. You will be spanked at those times as well.”

Betty nodded.

“How many of these canes have you got?” I demanded.

“Six Chloe.”

Impressive I thought. “I will take all the canes home with me Betty.

She groaned. I remembered she just said how much the caning hurt. Well it goes with the territory my girl I thought.

“Now let’s get your spanking over with and don’t expect a short one. David, you keep your hands on your head.”

I started spanking my Mother in Law again. Her bottom was already red and she was crying before long, deep cries that were pleasing to my ear as she was learning a valuable lesson.   I didn’t feel sorry for her. She was overbearing at the best of times and I was delighting in getting my revenge, knowing I will be in charge of her discipline in future as well.

After about 10 minutes I stopped and waited for her crying to stop. When it had reduced to a sob I told her “get up and face the wall Betty with your hands on your head.”

I watched as she slowly eased herself up and walked over to the wall, putting her nose against it and her hands on her head, her red bottom a delight to see.

“David, I hope you see what you are in for?”

David still had his hands on his head and more interestingly had an erection clearly seen through his pyjama bottoms. I smiled, wondering which part had turned him on. Watching his Mother being spanked or watching me spank her. I will ask him later on.

“David, go back to the bedroom. I will be along to put that cream on shortly.” I watched him leave and close the door before walking over to Betty, standing behind her.

“I hope you learned your lesson Betty?” I asked, lifting her nightdress up so I could feel her bottom. There was no resistance. Betty was as obedient as they come. Now.

“Yes Chloe, thank you.” Her eyes were still wet, but she had calmed down now.

“And you like your warm bottom do you?”

“It hurts Chloe.”

“Good” I said as I slowly moved my hand to her stomach and moved it up until I felt her soft breast, cupping it in my hand and feeling her erect nipple.

“So Betty, quite sexed up I see” as she gasped when I squeezed her nipple but still not resisting.

“Oh my” she panted.

I kept squeezing her nipple and caressing her breast whilst I ran my other hand around to her stomach moving it downwards between her legs, brushing her hair mound and running my fingers along her vagina. Her sopping wet vagina. This woman was really aroused, and as I drew my fingers back along her vagina she gasped and shuddered. Oh my, I had just given my Mother in Law an orgasm. How crazy is that? I realised too she was pressing her bottom back in to me, as though trying to arouse me.

I almost laughed at the thought of having my arms around my 48 year old Mother in Law, one hand on her vagina and the other on her breast, giving her an orgasm, with her trying to get me going. Almost laughed that is. In fact I was aroused myself and I thought what the heck. She might be my Mother in Law but right now she was one hot woman oozing sex. I ran my fingers along her vaginal lips again before edging a finger inside her and she gasped again with her second orgasm and as she kept gyrating her body I soon found her clit. I turned her around and put her arms around my neck and whilst I kept my finger inside her she kissed me, her mouth open, and I shot my tongue inside her mouth and encircled her tongue. I caressed her breast and she lifted up my skirt and before I knew it her hand was inside my knickers and inside me and she was playing with my clit. She was now not just hot and oozing sex, but she was also bringing me to one titanic orgasm as we were both gyrating and both exploded with wetness.

We hugged each other for a while before I gently pulled away and said sternly “I hope you won’t be expecting that after every spanking Betty.”

“No Chloe, only when you want to.”

I looked unyielding still but felt a tingle between my legs when she left it to me to decide whether there would be a repeat. Somehow she looked gorgeous right now and I felt like taking her again but as it was left open I could pick my time. Instead I said “how about another hug Betty?” I pulled her towards me again and she put her arms around my neck and I pulled her close in. She hugged me hard, kissing my neck, not amorously I thought, but like a child relishing the warmness of a parent following a reprimand.

“OK Betty, now we know don’t we? You get a kick out of being spanked huh?”

She let go of me and blushed. “I’m sorry Chloe, over the three years since I first met you your whole manner has excited me. Your sometimes sharp tongue, your uncompromising manner. I was getting tired of being the one in charge and as I spanked David so often I started to think what it might be like to be childish again myself. Once I decided that was the way to go I needed someone to take over. That someone must be able to take charge, and be able to give me the spankings I then craved. Who better than you? That’s why I made David show you his red bottom the other day. To get you riled up and set the scene.”

“So you always expected me to spank David as well?” I asked, getting annoyed again but still amazed at how she had controlled the whole thing.

“David has always been a naughty boy. Does it matter he is 24? The only way to keep him in line, and you sane, is to spank him, and I bet you’ll be doing it for years and years now.”

I had to admit she had a point. David was often childish and I was sure spanking him is exactly right. The old crow, I thought, wily as they come, manipulative, but right. On the plus side I end up in a position of authority as well. Still, I thought I needed to act annoyed to retain my position.

“How did you know I wouldn’t accept the cane from you?”

“I expected you to fight, and you did. If not, hell I would have caned you so often you would have done eventually.”

“So the whole thing was to get me to spank you? You have still manipulated me haven’t you” I snapped.”

“It worked didn’t it?” she said with a smile. “Go on, admit you enjoyed it as well.”

She didn’t realise how much I enjoyed it, nor that I only learnt today what spanking someone does for me. Now I know I will be spanking her and David time and again.

“Yes Betty, I did enjoy it, but take care as I am likely spank you harder next time” I said with some bite.

I put my hands on her shoulders and turned her around. “Lift up your nightdress my girl” I demanded and as she did I gave her half a dozen hard spanks on each bottom cheek, being rewarded with a groan or a gasp after each one. She didn’t resist, just as David hadn’t resisted, and I knew my position of authority was enforced.

“Let that be a lesson. I will be very strict with you, so expect to be spanked regularly. Understood?” I said smartly but with the edge of a smile.

Betty smiled back, and said “I know I will be making many more trips across your lap, and I’m sure you will give me whatever I deserve including the cane” but she blushed and rubbed her bottom so I knew she was concerned, and well she should be.

I looked seriously at her. “You know there is no going back Betty, you will never have a position of authority over David again.”

“Why do you say that Chloe?”

“David saw you spanked, half naked, your breasts hanging out of your nightdress, oh yes and he got an erection.”

Betty blushed from the top of her head to her neck and I felt her complete humiliation, and. recognition that she will always be under my control filled her face. I so enjoyed that moment. Never again will my Mother in Law be the tyrant.

“I see” she said quietly. “Oh I see” she repeated.

“Look on the bright side Betty. You don’t have to worry about making decisions in future as you won’t be in charge. You just have to behave well so you don’t earn yourself a spanking. If David is naughty all you need do is phone me and I will give him what he deserves as soon as he gets home.”

I let that sink in before continuing. “I will now always hold sway over you Betty. If I am going to be the matriarch I fully intend to make sure you bend to my rule, and that includes bending across my lap for a spanking and bending over a chair for a caning.”

“Of course” she said quietly, still pondering. Maybe not what she had intended but us matriarch’s often get that reaction I thought. A very satisfying reaction actually.

I gave her a few more moments for that thought to sink in. “OK Betty, back to bed” I ordered. “Get used to early nights as well because naughty girls, even 48 year old naughty girls, are sent to bed early so the grownups can have the evenings to themselves.”

She nodded, still blushing but compliant, even submissive, as she turned towards her bed. I gave her a hard smack on her bottom to speed her up and enforce my position once again and she gave an almost girlish shriek as she got into bed and pulled the covers up.

Now don’t forget I’ll be in first thing to give you that spanking we agreed you would get in the morning.

Betty opened her mouth to speak but I stepped in first with “don’t argue Betty. Tonight’s spanking was an extra one because you disobeyed me. Right?”

Betty sniffed and nodded which I accepted.

“David will come in as well to watch. You can go to the bathroom during the night but otherwise you must stay in bed until I come in to discipline you.   No arguing or else?”   I gave Betty a glare, taunting her to answer and risk further punishment, but she pursed her lips and stayed silent.

I bent down and kissed her forehead. With a friendly smile I took the vibrator and handed it to her. “You’ve been disciplined Betty so stay in bed but you can use this now” I said giving her another kiss on the forehead.

Betty smiled back as she took the vibrator from me, like a child just given a coveted present after it had been taken away for a while. I left the room switching off the light before I closed the door. I stood for a moment outside her door and smiled when I heard the buzz again.

I walked back in to our bedroom and hoped David was up for what I needed. I was riding high. This control thing was great I thought. Everyone so worried about upsetting me I thought as David stood up when I entered.

“Have you got the cream?” I asked smiling. He handed me the tube. “Go on, lie on the bed for me” I said.

David lowered his pyjama bottoms and lay down. I pressed some cream on to my fingers and slowly rubbed it in to his warm bottom. Soon he was groaning, and I knew his erection had returned. I leant down and kissed both his bottom cheeks and rolled him over. He winced a bit but he lay there as I kissed him, my mouth opening and welcoming his tongue, entwining it with my own.

We kissed for several minutes before I pulled away and said very seriously “David, you do know me being in charge has happened and I will be spanking you when you are naughty or childish” I said firmly.

“If you say so Chloe” he said, and although I knew there would be some resistance I was determined to see this through.”

“You just have to accept it David, because you will still be spanked regularly and I will only do hard. I won’t be playing” I said

“It’s just that it hurts so much you know.”

“Of course I know silly, but it has to hurt, so you benefit from learning you have done something wrong and I benefit from teaching you. But no more discussion on that. I will be spanking you and that’s final. Understood?”

“Yes Chloe, I do understand, really I do.”

“Good. Now I need you to give me a present.”

I smiled at him, our faces almost touching before I went on to my back and David lay by my side, his hand on my breast, squeezing my nipple just as I had done before to Betty, and mine was just as erect. Slowly David caressed and then kissed my breasts working down to my stomach and then kissing my hair mound and edging his lips along and then inside my vagina, finding my clit and kissing and sucking and licking as my breathing became deeper and deeper until I shuddered to orgasm.

It took me a few moments to recover before turning to David and saying “your turn.”

I manoeuvred myself and took his still erect penis in my hand, rubbing up and down, looking up at David who now had his eyes closed and was enjoying the sensation. I bent forward and started to lick the tip, then the sides, and as he groaned so I opened my mouth and encircled his penis and David shuddered in delight. I sucked hard licked and sucked again, David was groaning louder and louder until I felt the cum shooting up his shaft and my mouth filled with his hot sex fluid followed by the second flood and the third, whilst David groaned a long drawn out moaning groan.   My mouth full of cum was something I would normally have baulked at but today I was so high I loved it, and welcomed it, swallowing it all.

I moved back up and rested my head on David’s heaving chest whilst he stroked my breasts, both enjoying the closeness to each other.

I looked at David and said “don’t be naughty just because you think I will do that every time David. If you misbehave and I decide you will be spanked then I will expect you to sort me out but you will be in disgrace and have to sort yourself out. You do know that David don’t you.”

“Yes Chloe. Mum only spanked me when I was childish and need to be disciplined so I guess the only change is I will be going across your lap rather than Mum’s. I won’t expect sex afterwards if I’m naughty.”

“That’s right. Well, at least I will decide that” I added to give him hope and because I was sure I would want sex when I spanked him as I would be so turned on. I continued “and your Mum will be going across my lap as well don’t forget.”

“Oh yes. That was a bit embarrassing though.”

“What, watching me spank your Mum? Don’t worry, by the time you’ve watched me spank her a few times you’ll just be thankful it isn’t you” I said laughing, then added “and don’t forget there will be plenty of times she will watch me spank you.”

His face crumpled as he must have realised it was going to be embarrassing for both his Mother and him, but he also knew I was in charge now, and that was the future.

So I now had disciplinary control over both my Mother in Law and my husband. I never realised how erotic spanking someone would be, but now I did and had a Mother in Law who wants to be spanked and a husband who I will spank whether he likes it or not. I was looking forward to it, certain David will give me great orgasms afterwards, and wondering whether I will have sex again with my Mother in Law. Time will tell.


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