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Betty Spanks

Betty still spanks her 24 year old married son and his wife finds out


I looked at my husband as he undressed and was astonished to see how red and marked his bottom was, as though he had been spanked. But he is 24!

“What happened to you?”

David looked embarrassed, turned and covered his bottom in one movement, then said quietly “Mum spanked me.”

“You are joking?” I was agog .

“No” he said sullenly, blushing now a deep red, almost as red as his bottom.

“She does know you are 24 and married?” I asked sarcastically.

“She knows Chloe and I did tell you she spanked me still.”   He was still red faced.

  “I seem to think you said you were spanked at home. There was no suggestion it went on until we got married, nor that she still does” I said caustically.

He was looking cautious, as though he knew he had kept this from me.

“True” he conceded. “But she still does though. You know how she expects me to do what she says, well this happens when I don’t.”

“Well, maybe I will say something when we go over to dinner on Sunday night” I said, still rather irritated.

David looked at me, worried. Maybe he thought if I said something too harsh he would be the one to suffer. I knew my Mother in Law was overbearing domineering and often arrogant, but it was nonetheless a surprise to discover she still spanked her 24 year old son, my husband to boot. After all, I had often told him how childish I thought he was and whilst I found it a charming trait I often joked that he deserved a good spanking to teach him a lesson. Now I find out he is spanked after all, by his Mother. That got me so annoyed actually.

David let the conversation drop. I wondered whether Betty, his 48 year old Mother, will mention anything at dinner, or even spank him again with me watching. Mind you, the more I thought about it the arousing it became. My knickers were getting wet at the idea of it.

I watched David quietly rubbing his bottom and I started to feel sorry for him.

“You know David if you accept being spanked by your Mother you should also accept being spanked by me” I said sharply.

“Please Chloe, Mum spanked me really hard. Can we talk about it another time?”

Well at least he had left the door open so I let it rest at that.

“Come on then, I’ll rub some cream in to that red bottom of yours.”

He beamed a smile “thanks Chloe. That would be great.”

I got the cream and sat on the bed. “Come on you, get over and I’ll rub it in.”

David looked at me, and said “have I got to go over your lap Chloe? Can’t I lie on the bed?”

“It’s more comfortable for me David, come on don’t be shy” I said in my rather stern voice and true to form he obeyed. I had always thought he responded well to firmness and wondered now if that was how his mother spoke to him when telling him to get across her lap. I was getting wet again just imagining it.

David nodded and quickly bent across my lap. I got a dollop of cream and started to rub it in. Within seconds I felt his penis stiffen. I wasn’t surprised as he was breathing deeply, enjoying the sensation no doubt of the cool cream being worked in to his sore bottom.

I noticed a series of weal’s across his bottom and ran my finger along one. “What are these?” I asked, lightly touching them.

“I get the cane as well” David replied.

“No?” I gasped. I pictured Betty holding a cane up and bringing it down on David’s bottom. It caused quite a stir, a wetness between my legs in fact.  

“So you get quite a punishment eh?” I asked, smiling. I was feeling rather aroused at the thought of David being disciplined.

I again lightly fingered his red and marked bottom and couldn’t resist giving him my own smack. He gasped, but didn’t try to get up, so I smacked him a second time, slightly harder. Again he gasped, this time looking around and up at me. He saw me smiling and turned back to face the blanket. I felt him rub his penis against my leg and smacked him again, even harder, and felt his penis stiffen again against my thigh.

“You are rubbing against me which is naughty” I said smacking him again.

“Please Chloe, Mum spanking me is enough” he groaned.

I relented and in any case I was getting really aroused just rubbing his reddened bottom and feeling those weal’s . “OK David, but only on the condition that whenever she spanks you you must tell me so I can rub cream in to your bottom. Then I can make you better.”

“OK” he agreed, and relaxed again as I continued to rub the cream in. He was getting stiffer by the moment though.

  “Has the spanking turned you on David?”


  “OK, then whenever you get spanked by your Mum and I rub cream in to your bottom you have to pay a penalty.”

  “What do you want me to do?”

  I pinched his bottom and said sternly “Get between my legs you, I need sorting.”

David looked around and saw me still smiling. He manoeuvred himself off my lap and knelt between my legs. He put his fingers inside the band to my knickers and I levered myself up allowing him to take my knickers off. He knew exactly what I liked and soon enough he kissed my inner thighs as he made his way towards my hair mound. His tongue skirted along my vaginal lips and when I let out my first groan he edged his tongue inside me bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. I let out a long gasp that told him I had come the first time and as I did he kissed his way up my body, pushing me back, putting his legs inside mine and spreading them out using his fingers to ease his erect stiff penis into me. We gyrated together and when I came the second time he gasped and I felt his cum explode inside me.

We lay in each others arms, kissing and cuddling.

“So David, you had better decide if you are going to be good on Sunday or you might get spanked again.”

We both laughed and I wondered whether he might even think it would be worth it.

On Sunday Betty welcomed us as though nothing had happened. She was friendly, kissed us both, offered us drinks, and asked how things were. David told her all was well, and the conversation went from there. Cordial to say the least.

Betty is a couple of inches taller than me. She is an attractive woman not really looking her 48 years and although a few pounds overweight it gave her some great curves She was smartly dressed, as usual, in a short sleeved light red shirt and a fitted black skirt that ended just below the knee, looking elegant with her hair tinted to disguise the grey that would otherwise have given her a more senior look. Quite different to David who at half his mothers age was dressed in a worn pair of blue denims and a t shirt with the name of his favourite football team emblazoned across the front.

The banter over dinner became a bit stronger than usual. We got on to politics. Betty is a strong liberal fan whilst David and I are very Tory. It got heated, actually too heated. David suggested one or two Liberal MP’s should resign because of their personal lives. One of them was a close friend of Betty, although I didn’t know that at the time. Betty got very het up with that and told David to withdraw the comment. He didn’t, and I defended David’s opinion, as was my right.

“Maybe the two men are in love” David said adding “with each other” and I giggled at the thought.

“How dare you suggest that” Betty blustered. “It’s a blatant lie you know.”

“Is it?” David retorted.

“You know it is, and it’s rude as well.”

“So what?”

Betty snapped back “I’ll tell you so what because I can’t be having these lies David. You need to be punished.”

Well that was direct. I couldn’t see the justification myself, but Betty had been spoiling for a fight since the politics discussion started. Mind you my desire to see David spanked was coming to fruition even without my help.

“I’m going to get my slipper and cane. David, get ready.” Betty left the room in a huff.

The cane. Wow, I thought. This should be interesting.

“David, it looks like you are going to get your bottom spanked after all” I said, still giggling.

“You don’t understand Chloe” he started.

“I think I do David, you are going to get spanked, and caned it seems, and I will be watching.”

Betty returned just then, with a rather wicked long cane in her hand, with a hooked end to boot.

David quickly undid his trousers and let them fall to the floor followed by his underpants. I hadn’t seen him take them off that quickly since I told him to get undressed pronto if he wanted sex one night.

Betty sat on a chair she had turned in to the room, hooking the cane over the back.

“Get over David” Betty demanded. I watched, amazed, as he did. No argument. No pleading. He just walked over to his Mother and eased himself across her lap as easily as if he had done it dozens of times, and then I realised of course he had. I watched still amazed as she adjusted his position slightly, scolding him as she did.

“You will not say such things about my friends” she snapped, as she raised her hand and brought it down hard on his bare bottom. There was no gap as she spanked him again and again, scolding him as she went. I marveled at how his Mother, bossy at the best of times I knew, maintained the momentum that was turning John’s bottom a deep shade of pink. I lost count of the spanks and didn’t notice the time she started, but she must have spanked him nonstop for over 15 minutes during which time he didn’t resist once. He squirmed around, well who wouldn’t I thought, and he gasped and moaned and all that because of the pain I had no doubt.

I was conscious of my feelings though. This was really quite enjoyable. I watched my husband’s embarrassment as he accepted his punishment, his face scrunching up from time to time as Betty gave him a sharp smack on the tops of his legs. I saw his pain and marveled at it. I watched Betty’s face as she focused on the job at hand and so methodically raised her hand and brought it back down again, and as she did I felt a tingle between my legs and a wetness grew that was only normally present after some serious foreplay.

I knew I was taking immense pleasure in watching my husband being spanked and that as the spanking progressed so I wanted to take him away and do awful sexual things to him, that undoubtedly meant being naked, in each other’s arms, him licking my clit and me sucking his cock.

But still the spanking went on. Spank after spank after spank. The slipper took over from her hand with the amplified sound of each slap matched by the increased howling from David who was sobbing louder and louder, and I was getting wetter and wetter.

Suddenly the repetitive spanking sound was broken by Betty’s snapped order “right David, now the cane. Get up boy.”

The sobbing continued as David stood up. It was by far the hardest spanking I had ever seen, and I had watched my parents spank my brothers on a regular basis. They cried, but stopped soon after the spanking stopped. Not David. Not this time anyway. He kept sobbing and heaving as he tried to recover from his thrashing, with the cane still to come it seemed.

David did get up after several moments, helped I rather thought by Betty saying in a very waspish voice “any longer David and I will increase the number of strokes.” Boy she was being ultra strict I thought, feeling sorry for David, but nowhere near sorry enough to suggest the spanking should end.

David forced himself up and as soon as his Mother stood up he knew to bend over and grab the seat of the chair. He was still sobbing, and looked up at his Mother now positioned just behind him, the cane already tapping David’s bottom, Betty checked she was standing in just the right spot. She was obviously happy as she pulled her arm back and the whoosh followed as the cane was brought down solidly on David’s sore red bottom. He yelped, one leg bending at the knee, before he replaced it on the floor. I was very impressed because I was sure I would have died with such a stroke. David though readied himself for the second stroke. He might have known how many he was going to get but I didn’t.

I was nicely positioned to see the caning take place. Betty stood in front of me so I could not be seen unless Betty turned around.   I took the opportunity to put my hand up my skirt between my legs so I could feel just how wet I was. Very, I discovered, and I quickly slipped my fingers into my knickers and rubbed my nicely wet vagina. I was so aroused. I found watching David being caned even more erotic than him being spanked. I reckoned the sound David was making would hide anything I did and so continued to masturbate as Betty swished the cane time and again and David screamed in pain, his howling filling the room. I came when David took his ninth stroke, and still his punishment continued.

I counted a full twelve strokes before Betty stopped. I quickly recovered my composure whilst David’s crying sounds still filled the room and removed my hand from my knickers wiping my wet fingers on my skirt feeling euphoric and eager to watch my husband spanked again. Indeed I was working through in my mind just how I could engineer a repeat spanking for him.

I was looking forward to taking him to bed and tending his soreness, perhaps with some soothing cream, before getting him to thoroughly see to my needs. I reckoned I could come four or five times just picturing him being thrashed, and hoped he would keep up with me. I rarely gave him a blow job but right now I knew I could do it repeatedly and swallow whatever he sprayed in to my mouth.

Betty said in a very strict school teacher’ish voice “I hope you have learned your lesson my boy?”

I was still aroused by his striped bottom. David looked up, his eyes full of tears so he couldn’t have seen his Mother, and said a very wet “yes Mother” as he got himself dressed again.

Then I heard Betty say “Good boy. Go and face the wall whilst I deal with Chloe.”

David shuffled over to the wall rubbing his bottom and completely missed me silently choking. Deal with Chloe I thought. How did she get there I wondered? I watched as she put the cane on the table, went and sat down on the chair, looked at me and crooked her finger. My goodness she wants to put me across her lap. Not what I had expected at all.

To be continued ...

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