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Blind Date

The desire was unbearable. She wanted sex, she needed sex badly, but the man lying beside her was sleeping. He always fell asleep before she got to bed. And even when she hurried up and found him awaken, he wasn't interested in having sex. She was getting mad from the desire. She didn't mind the lack of sex in her marriage in the past ten years, but this summer she felt the lust she hadn't experienced for many years. Perhaps, this is the first sign of the menopause, she thought. Perhaps, I should find a lover, so that I could feel a passion once more, before it's too late.

She'd been reading erotic stories for several months. She'd never read this sort of fiction before, but this summer she found it exciting. The most arousing stories were about spanking. She lay in bed and tried to imagine what it'd be like to be spanked. She turned on her front, then she pulled her pajama bottoms to her knees and pushed her duvet up with her hands. She could feel the slaps on her bare bottom.

Next evening, she let her husband go to bed alone and sat to her computer. She typed the word 'spanking' in the search box and started to browse the pages that were found. She watched some videos, read some stories and finally she got to a dating site. There was a separate category Spanking where she found several ads, but either they were too old or the men were too young.

After several days she found a new ad which draw her attention. The man was from her city and he was older than other men advertising at this site. But still, he was twelve years younger than she. She felt thrill and excitement, but she wasn't sure whether she should embark on this adventure. Till now, it was just a game. She only imagined what it would be like to find a man who would spank her, and perhaps had sex with her. Her hesitation lasted for a couple of days, during which she imagined the spanking and finally she answered the ad. She told the man how old she was, just to avoid the later disappointment, and that she was married and that she wanted to be spanked but that she'd never tried it. She waited for several days, but no message from him arrived. She felt relief. He is not answering, so I got the thrill and the game is over, she thought.

On Sunday evening she got a message from him. He apologized for the delay. It took some time before he got her e-mail address from the dating site. He was married too, so they would keep their relationship in secret. As for the age difference, he said that everything would depend on mutual attraction. He suggested that they could exchange their photos, but first, he wanted to make sure, that they didn't know each other.

He also wanted to know how she'd come to the idea of spanking. From reading, she answered. Their e-mail conversation continued.

“Have you ever been spanked?” he asked.

“I was spanked as a child, but I didn't like it. Now, it will be something different, I believe.”

“Yeah, it will. However - have you ever dreamed about spanking before you started reading those stories? I mean, this isn't usually something that suddenly comes into one's mind. I've been interested in it for quite a long time, bare asses and red stripes, that's been always on my mind. What kind of spanking are you especially attracted by? What instruments, what positions? And I must also ask, do you realize that it really hurts?”

Her stomach clenched. When she was fantasizing about spanking, she never imagined real pain, rather a stinging feeling. But she replied: “I've dreamed about spanking even before reading about it. As for instruments, I'm thinking of a hand in the beginning and then of a belt, bent over the knee or over the arm or back of a sofa. Yeah, I know it hurts, but as you said you are not a sadist. I believe you won't hurt me too much. I don't want any blood, blisters or welts.”

“Of course no blood and no strong welts. However some marks might be visible. Depends on your skin.”

She ended their conversation flirting a little: “I'm going to bed, dreaming of the spanking. Good night.”

The next evening he started with a question: “Hi, were you dreaming of spanking last night?”

She tried to remember whether she'd had any dreams and were surprised when she recollected a spanking one. “Yes, I was. When will my dreams come true?” I would never say it, if we were talking! she realized.

“Just tell me first what exactly were you dreaming about?” he demanded.

“I was lying on my front, my bottom bare, and I was spanked by hand.”

“Did it hurt a lot? Were you crying? Kicking? How much did you get?”

“No, it was just stinging and I didn't cry, and I lay calm.”

“Probably didn't hurt much. How about a cane?”

A cane? It must hurt terribly! she thought. “It would be too much, I'm afraid. Are you fond of caning someone?”

“Well, I use the cane, too. Depends on the strength, of course. I like the red stripes. No blood or something. You never dream about being caned?”

“No, I don't, but we can give it a try if you don't use all your strength.”

She was getting more and more eager to meet him and get spanked. Finally, they exchanged their photos and both felt relived when they realized that they really didn't know each other. She was not disappointed by what she saw, though she had never been attracted by blond men.

Now, she was getting impatient and wanted to meet him as soon as possible. They agreed on Thursday evening at his apartment. Oh gosh, I've got the first e-mail from him on Sunday and in five days I am going to meet him and let him spank me! She couldn't believe, what she was doing, but on the other hand, she was looking forward for it.

On Thursday, she started to feel some fear, too. Am I going to do it, really? He wrote, that it would hurt. Will it hurt too much? What if he is a pervert and will want to hurt me really badly? But in such a case he wouldn't take me to his home, I guess, where the neighbors can hear my screams. She was thinking about it on her way to his place.

They met at the bus stop and then they walked to his apartment. When they arrived, they sat at the table and started to speak about spanking. She was curious, whether he was an experienced spanker (Yes, he was.) and whether he also spanked his wife (No, he didn't. Spanking was his secret).

Suddenly, he said: “Now, I'm going to spank you.”


“Take off your pants.”

He sat on the sofa and she lowered her pants and panties to her ankles and then bent over his lap, showing her bare bottom. He was waiting for a while and then slapped her with his hand. It really hurts, she thought, but she kept quiet. It hurts more than I imagined. She got several slaps in fast succession on both cheeks. And he was always hitting the same place. Ow, if he only hit a different spot. And if he didn't smack me so quickly. He paused for a while, so that she could absorb the pain in her bottom, but then he resumed the spanking and now it hurt even more than before. She gave out a shout out of pain. He stopped for a while, and then took the wooden spoon from the table.

“Now, I'm going to use the wooden spoon,” he said.

He gave her several smacks before she cried: “Stop!”

He stopped spanking and told her to get up. She rubbed her sore bottom, while he went to the table and picked the cane.

“Take off the trousers entirely.”

When she did it, he ordered. “Now, come to the sofa, bend and lean on your elbows. Legs apart.” She knew, that her pussy is fully exposed, now, but she didn't feel ashamed.

The first hit of the cane was not so painful, but then he gave her several more in quick succession. She gave a shout again.

“Stand up and take off completely,” he ordered.

She was standing with her back turned to him, as she undressed.

“Put your hands behind your head.”

He watched her bottom for a while. “Uh-mm, nice color,” he said. “Turn around.”

She turned to him and smiled. She knew that with the hands behind the head her body looks better. Her breasts were still quite pretty and her nipples were erect, now. He smiled too and said, “Quite nice. Do you feel ashamed?”


He examined her body thoroughly and then told her to lay on the sofa. When she laid, he hit her several times with the cane. The pain was increasing with every hit. If only he didn't hit the same spot every time! After several more hits she couldn't bear the pain any further and shouted: “Stop it! Stop!”

He stopped immediately and asked, “So, how was it?”

“Well, it hurt too much.”

“But you didn't cry. Are you angry with me?”

“No, I've got what I wanted.”

“Your ass is getting quite colorful. Your skin seems to be very sensitive. It seems that I've exaggerated it a little bit, but I've never seen this, yet. I apologize.”

She lay on the sofa, looking to the wall and waiting until the pain eases.

“Do you have a salve?” she asked.

“I have a lotion, I'll bring it. Should I take a photo of your ass?”

“No, no photos, please!”

“Okay, do you want to look in the mirror?”

“No, I'll have a look at home.”

“Will you have any problems at home because of it?”

Will I? “No, I don't think so.”

His hands were gently rubbing the lotion into her sore bottom and she felt pampered and content.

“The lotion's soaked, you can get up,” he said finally.

She dressed and sat on a chair.

“Are you able to sit?” he asked.

“Yes, it doesn't hurt so much, now.”

The bottom was sore but sitting was not painful, because he had spanked the upper part.

“Will we go for a drink or coffee?” she asked.

“No, I have something to do.”

He suddenly seemed aloof. She tried to keep the conversation and learn something more about him – not only about his spanking habit, but she felt that he would like to be left alone.

After a while she said, “Okay, I'm leaving, now. Will we meet again?”

“If you want. I'd like to know what you think about today. Write me, please.”

“I will.”

She left the apartment and went to the bus stop. In the bus, she was thinking about what she had just gone through. Her bottom was a little sore, but the pain was nice. She was a little afraid of what she would see in the mirror next morning, but she already knew, that she'd want to meet him again.

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