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Bored Housewife Learns Her Lesson

Barnkitty's show earns her a red bottom
Barnkitty had been home all day, bored, waiting for TomCat to arrive. She knew he would be extra-late tonight. Sometimes the office just got the better of his time, but he meant to earn for his family, take care of his wife, and excel in his career.

The same cannot always be said of Barnkitty. She lacked focus, thought often of sex, fluffy clouds, and men with firm hands and deep disciplining techniques. Barnkitty did not have an exceedinly complex personality, but she loved her man and tried hard to be a good housewife, maintaining her shape, her pretty face and long hair, and always dressing for the occassion, even if the occassion never arose or arose later than she preferred.

Tonight was one of those nights. Barnkitty had been pacing back and forth, all the chores were complete, dinner was prepared and she was dressed as TomCat had instructed her that morning: He had told her to ensure she was wearing high heels with the small feathers at the front, open-toed, the new teddy he'd ordered her last week, and her transparent red robe. Secretly each knew the outfit to be tacky but it aroused TomCat and put Barnkitty in the mood.

Just then, as she was pacing around the kitchen, Barnkitty received a text from TomCat. He was going to be late, he could not say for how long, but that she should eat dinner alone. Usually TomCat would say, Love you Peaches, You're my Queen or something to ensure she understand she was his pet, that he loved her, and desired her services always.

Without such a loving or masterful message, Barnkitty was upset. TomCat was a handsome man, 6'2 and 190 pounds of pure muscle. She knew he loved to flirt with the women at his office and that they weren't above showing him more than they should. Barnkitty thought and stewed for a while, ten, twenty minutes. He wasn't coming home, he didn't want to be her Master and maybe he was petting some other slut.

Angered, frustrated and perhaps feral, Barnkitty opened the curtains wide. She knew the men on her street admired her fit body and would be extra happy to see it parading by the windows. She noticed her neighbour Greg giving long glances her way. When Ben and two or three other men could see from their windows, she began to caress her breasts, pretending she was unaware of her viewers. She really was getting wet putting the show on.

All of a sudden, the men disappeared and she heard a car door slam. TomCat was home earlier than she expected and he'd seen her in the windows, giving a slutty show in his lingerie! He stormed in and grabbed her small wrists with one hand. With his other hand, he tore off her panties. TomCat sat down on the couch and pulled her roughly over his knee. "You dirty girl, you naughty housewife, parading like that in front of the neighbourhood" he yelled, angry and red-faced. "Explain yourself immediately" He whacked her bottom a few times as hard as he could, unable to control his strength. Barnkitty cried that he was late, that he was neglectful, that maybe he was entertaining his female coworkers.

"Oh you little so-an-so, I work hard all day for you, and this is your thanks! Walking your body in my lingerie in front of the neighbours! Do you want them to see you spanked too?" "Noo! Please no Master!" Barnkitty wailed. TomCat continued to spank her bottom. It was red and she was struggling. This was no "maintenance" spanking, hardly erotic. It was extreme punishment and she was going to be made to take it. TomCat had worked in construction as a young man, giving him strong forearms and a tough disposition. He would straighten out this disobedient wife.

"Please Master, I love you. I've made such a happy supper for us, please I am wearing my lingerie, don't you want me to hold you in my mouth, lovingly caress you?" Barnkitty was trying to buy time, fake an apology, and wriggle free. She was kicking her legs and arching her back, futile compared to her Master's strength and determination to discipline her.

TomCat didn't let up and grabbed from the coffee table her solid hairbrush. "Do you like brushing your hair, being pretty?" he taunted. "Because I can show you how this brush will really set you straight." And with that, twenty licks of the back of the brush, hard against each firm, reddened ass cheek. "Count them and with each count, reflect on your behaviour."

Barnkitty did as instructed, "One, two, three" She was in real pain and the tears were now genuine. "I am endlessly sorry Master, I was wrong and jealous and I've wasted our evening. Please forgive me, I want to be good for the rest of the evening."

And with that, he released his precious wife, kissed her forehead, wiped her tears and sent her with a pat on the bum to the corner. Naked, Barnkitty took her corner time like a good girl as TomCat relaxed and ate his supper. When he was full and she'd recovered from her discipline, TomCat invited her back to his lap and allowed her to show her remorse. Gratefully, eagerily and with real thirst, Barnkitty slipped to her knees on the floor and accepted her Master into her mouth. It had been a long day but she was finally now at peace.
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