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Breaking Bad Habits

Breaking Bad Habits

Will He Help Me Break My Bad Habit?
The room is chilly, and every so often, I can feel a cold breeze blow over my skin. I’m tied in the middle of the room. My arms are high above me, cuffed to a beam that keeps me about two inches from the ground. I’m blindfolded and naked. I've misbehaved and I know I’m in for a punishment.

I've always had a little issue with rolling my eyes. I don't mean to be disrespectful, as such. Of course, Master feels otherwise. He is determined to break the habit. I want to make him happy, and will do what I need to please him.

The breeze blows through the room again, and I wriggle slightly. My toes aren't even touching the floor. I’m suspended two inches from the ground. This time, I've even been denied the thick, leather-bound book I'd normally be given to give my toes purchase enough to occasionally relieve the pressure on my arms. He is very angry with me!

I can feel how hard my nipples are, they are aching from the coldness. It’s the middle of the winter and Master has the window wide open.

I finally hear him moving about; I strain my ears to listen to what he is doing. I think he’s finding which item he’ll use to punish me. We've got a nice selection to pick from. I hear him chuckle and come closer.

“Are you going to be my good girl, Alyssa?”

“Yes, Master. I’m truly sorry. I wasn't being disrespectful, I promise. It’s just…”

“There is no ands, ifs or buts’ about it, pet. You know how I feel about eye rolling.”

“Yes, but...”

“What did I just say, pet?!”

“That there is no ands, ifs or buts’ about it.”

I sigh inwardly and hang my head in shame. Master was telling me about how his parents were coming to visit for the weekend. He mentioned how his mum was complaining about something or other, I can’t even remember. I say this because that horrid woman is always complaining about something. I play nice when she is around, but I can’t stand her. Master knows this, but I try not to be entirely rude about it. But, I've never met someone who can complain as much as she can.

“That’s right. I know how you feel, but you had no right to be rude, pet.”

“I know, I’m sorry, Master.”

I bite my bottom lip, and tremble a little. I know no matter how much I apologize it won’t help. I have to be punished. He said I won’t learn otherwise. I never mind being spanked, but when it’s for punishment rather than fun, it’s different.

I feel his hands begin to rub along my hips, pulling me towards him. I feel the heat of his bare chest on my back. The warmth of him makes me jealous. How can he be shirtless and warm, when I’m naked and freezing? His hands roam up my rib cage, sliding up to cup my breasts. My small, tightly beaded nipples press into his hands. He begins to knead them gently; my head rolls back, resting on his shoulder.

“Do you like that, Mischief?”

Mischief is always been a pet name, Master uses for me. It was a nickname he gave to me years ago, when we're simply as friends. I've always been a trouble maker, getting into things I shouldn't. The name has stuck, since I’m still the same as I always have been.

“I do, I crave your warmth, and I need it.”

“Is that all you need?”

“From you? No, never. I need everything from you, Master.”

“That’s my good girl.”

He rolls my nipples gently, tugging on them hard, and letting them go. They’re even harder than they were before. I let out a soft whimper. He steps back, losing his warmth on my back side. I hear him take two steps back and for what feels like forever, it’s silent.

“You know what I want, don’t you, pet?”

“I do, Master.”

The next thing I know I feel the snapping feel of a flogger making contact with my backside. I cry out, he doesn't warm me up to it. He’s really mad.

“One! I’m sorry, Master. I won’t roll my eyes again.”

I whimper out what I have done wrong, unsure how many are to come. I feel the next four strokes come, hard and fast.

“Two! I’m sorry, Master. I won’t roll my eyes again.”

“Three! I’m sorry, Master. I won’t roll my eyes again.”

“Four! I’m sorry, Master. I won’t roll my eyes again.”

“Five! I’m sorry, Master. I won’t roll my eyes again.”

I feel the throbbing redness of my rear end, it’s so tender. My body is slightly swaying, being inches from the ground. My wrists are aching a little, being held up just by them. I feel myself shaking. I know he can’t be done with just five strikes.

I hear him moving around the room again, I try and listen. My mind is whirling with the stinging feeling on my backside. The breeze seems to be blowing in quicker. I’m starting to wonder if he has opened another window. He loves when my skin is goose bumped, and my nipples are hard. Of course, they couldn't be any harder right now.

He walks back, behind me again. He pats my backside, before he slowly starts to rub it. I can feel the slight welts from where he flogged me. He stops for a minute and I hear the pop sound of a cover coming off something. Within moments, I feel his hands back on me, rubbing softly. He is slowly, teasingly working in baby oil on my backside. His fingers roam over my butt, slowly down cupping them. He works the oil in with such skill, teasing me. I can feel how worked up I’m getting. His right hand slides between my legs and runs the length of my sex. His fingers are barely brushing along my silt. I shiver, wanting more; I’m so greedy when it comes to his touch.

I know he isn't going to please me, he isn't done punishing me yet. He wants my full attention; I know what he’s doing. It’s working! I can feel the baby oil running down my backside, he’s used enough that it slides down my legs. It works, swirling between my inner thighs, running down the length of my legs. It tickles, and teases my skin even more.

“I’m not done with you, Alyssa. You’ll keep going, hear me?”

“Yes, Master. I hear you.”

He wields his hand back, and makes contact with my backside again. It’s his bare hand making contact. Surely I’ll have his hand print on me at the end of this. He does it ten times, five on each side. The baby oil making the contact hotter and I can’t help but feel the excitement mixed with the pain. My behind feels like it's on fire, and I love it.

“One! I’m sorry, Master. I won’t roll my eyes again.”

“Two! I’m sorry, Master. I won’t roll my eyes again.”

“Three! I’m sorry, Master. I won’t roll my eyes again.”

“Four! I’m sorry, Master. I won’t roll my eyes again.”

“Five! I’m sorry, Master. I won’t roll my eyes again.”

“Six! I’m sorry, Master. I won’t roll my eyes again.”

“Seven! I’m sorry, Master. I won’t roll my eyes again.”

“Eight! I’m sorry, Master. I won’t roll my eyes again.”

“Nine! I’m sorry, Master. I won’t roll my eyes again.”

“Ten! I’m sorry, Master. I won’t roll my eyes again.”

With each strike, it got harder, the pain shooting through me. Once the tenth strike ends, my body is physically shaking. I’m so turned on that I want to rip the chains from the beam and tackle him. This, of course, was his goal all along.

“Have you learned your lesson, pet?”

“I did. I won’t roll my eyes again, Master. I’m sorry.”

“We shall see. I’ll see to it, it does in fact stop. Sooner or later, it’ll end.”

“Yes Master, I know.”

He comes around, I still can’t see him. I can however sense he is standing there. I can feel his dark brown eyes roaming my body. The body he fully owns. I hear the pop of the baby oil once more and wonder what he has in mind. I tremble, biting at my bottom lip. I feel the oil being drizzled over my chest. I can feel the streams just rolling down my breasts, down over my stomach. The warmth of the oil tickles as it slides over my skin, slipping down over my belly button. He uses enough that he trickles down over my mound. He’s made me a complete slipping slide.

His hands are cupping my breasts again, working in the oil lightly. It won’t take much since he used so much. My nipples quiver for attention. He takes each of them and begins to roll them harshly between his index fingers and thumbs. He tugs on them, pulling them to the max and twisting. I writhe with pleasure, gasping at his touch. My feet are pointing, almost able to touch the floor, swaying lightly. I want more of his touch, I'm trembling for it.

“Master, please. Oh, I learned my lesson, please. I want you.”

“This much I know, pet. You've always ready for me. You always need me. This is one of the reasons why I love you so much. I can’t help but enjoy teasing you.”

“I’m begging. Please, Master?”

“It will happen, all in good time.”

He places a finger against my lips, stopping me from speaking again. I bite my bottom lip and fight from saying anything. I know he wants me quiet. I want to please him. He moves away, and I hear the familiar sound of the ankle cuffs. He’s not anywhere near being done with me.

He takes my left ankle, placing it in the cuff, and then the right one. My ankles are lifted as high as my wrists. I’m basically laying flat on my back, but suspended in the air. It always makes me feel like I’m floating.

“You look so beautiful like this, Alyssa.”

His fingers trace over my slick oiled body, teasing me again. He swats my backside, reminding me it’s still fire-hot. Like I could forget? I let out a soft whimper, he chuckles. My legs are spread wider than my wrists, allowing him access to my sex. He steps between my legs, stroking my inner thighs.

He kisses his way lightly towards my pussy. He is so gentle, and soft. Finally I can feel him lick me long and slow; I thrust my hips towards him, to meet his mouth. He growls and it rumbles my nerve endings, making my sex clench in anticipation. He slowly presses a finger inside me while his tongue does small circles on my clit. I arch my back and moan softly.

The touch of his soft tongue darting against my tender clit makes me crazy. His finger works just perfectly inside, hitting my sweet spot. I moan, wanting him, I need him to go on. He slides another finger inside me. He sends me into a whirlwind that I can’t escape. He clamps his lips around my clit, sucking it into his mouth hard. He pounds his two fingers inside me with such intense power. My body rocks with each thrusting blow. My head hangs back, and I shake out lustful moans.

I can hear the sound of my wetness as he pushes through me. He doesn't let up on me. His sucking doesn't ease; his tongue begins to flick fast at the tip of my clit. I whimper, lifting my hips, wriggling, almost needing to get closer to him. The agonizing gasps beg for more. I'm writhing beneath him in a frenzy. I feel the build up lingering so close. I know I’m close, I need a release.

“May I, Master, May I come for you?”

I managed to get the worlds out between gasps, and cries, pleading with him. I almost want to scream out, begging him for it.

“Not until I do, and we've got a ways to go, Precious.”

He goes back to torturing me, and I feel the need so bad. I am scared I might fail to hold it back. I tremble, with his tongue working my clit quickly, darting at it. I cry out his name, begging for him to let me release. He doesn't answer me, because we both know the answer. He’ll not change his mind, he never does.

Though I can’t see as it is, my mind swirls, I feel like I’m falling. My hips arch upwards, and he drives his fingers deeper inside me. Again he hits my sweet spot, finding that golden spot that makes me want to shatter into thousands of pieces. I can’t hold back, I tell him, I cry it out. Before I know it his fingers are out of me, his mouth is off my clit, leaving me there to feel my orgasm suck back up inside me. It’s lost, and I am left aching for the need to come for him.

“You did well, Pet. You didn't make a mistake, you hold back perfectly for me.”

“I-I honestly didn't think I’d be able to that time.”

“Yes, but you did. You’re learning.”

“Thank you, Master. I’m glad you’re pleased.”

He comes round, and is now at my head. His fingers are skimming down my chest, tweaking my nipples hard. My head hangs in mid air, my neck hurting slightly but not enough to care. He steps forward, pushing himself against me. I can feel the softness of his jeans on my face. I want to taste him in my mouth, I crave to please him.

Almost like he could read my mind, he begins to open his jeans. I hear him unbuckle his belt first, the clanking noise turns me on. I know he does his button next, it making no noise, and finally the best part, his fly. The sound of the zipping noise makes me softly moan. His hard cock pops out and lands perfectly against my lips. I slightly open my mouth and he gives me just the tip.

“Always so eager, aren't you Mischief?”

“Yes, Master. If it means pleasing you, I am.”

“That’s what I like to hear.”

He pushes forward, his cock sliding into my mouth. I wrap my lips tightly around it, making him groan. He starts thrusting into my mouth. He takes what he wants, I have no control. He works my mouth slow at first, working deeper with each thrusting pace.

Oh, how I love the way he feels in my mouth. His hands are back on my breasts, pinching my nipples every so often, causing me to moan out. I know the vibrations please him, he does it faster and harder.

He swings his hips towards me, colliding with the back of my throat. I can taste his pre-cum, it drips into the back of my throat. I swallow everything he has to offer me. I want to taste more. He gives me more, he thrusts so hard. It feels like he is fucking my pussy. I tighten my lips around him, teasing him. He growls and begins to slow his pace, pulling out gently.

“You’re going to be the death of me, little girl.”

“I doubt that, but it’d be a good way to go, yes?”

I tease him, I even flash him a smile. I may not be able to see him but I know he is at least grinning at my comment. He moves from where he stands and circles back around to between my legs. He unhooks one ankle and twists me until I’m facing down. I’m slightly grateful, or at least my neck is. He hooks my ankle back up, my knees bent.

He moves in closer, and slaps my backside hard with both hands, squeezing tightly. I cry out, the throb from my punishment is still there. I whimper out, nearly begging him to stop. If I do, he’d only do it again, harder. The head of his cock brushes my sex, I want to feel him inside me. I’m soaking wet, and crave him badly. It almost feels impossible to want someone as bad as I want him.

With one quick movement he drives into me with all his strength. His hot swollen flesh stretching me to fit him perfectly, I fight for oxygen as I cry out his name. His groans are so heavenly it makes me heady. Every last inch of him is driven deep inside me, he begins to grind himself against me.

He hits my sweet spot again while reaching under and around me to caress my clit with the same speed. He works his hips a bit faster, moving in and out of me now. His bulging cock throbs inside me. I can feel him owning me, making me his, as I know I am. I let go, and give myself to him.

He grabs a hold of my hips, pulling me back into him and drills me harder. I feel my ass bouncing off him, the warmth of our bodies colliding together as one. Our moans and groans a magical harmony singing together as one. We grow closer to our orgasms, we can both feel it. I’m shaking hard, wanting him to take me. I can’t breathe, my head spinning, aching for a release.

His need becomes greedy, and begins to go faster. His fingers are dancing over my clit quicker, bringing me along for the ride. We speak an unspoken need; we both know we’ll orgasm together. He brings us both closer as he fucks me harder, I do my best to lean back into him.

The undeniable need sings through me, I cry out and feel myself release. I feel the tightness of me clinging to him in a vice-like grip. Then comes the blinding moment of release as I orgasm. He growls out, I feel him spill his hot seed inside me, pouring all he has to offer me within my womb. He rocks his hips lightly, working softly still, until we both ride our wave.

When it’s over, and we both know we can’t go on further, he takes my blindfold off. He uncuffs me gently, carrying me to our bed, nuzzling us as close as we can. He runs his fingers through my hair, kissing lightly on my soft lips. I wrap myself into him as best I can, as he holds me close.

“Did you learn your lesson?”

“Yes, Master. I won’t roll my eyes again.”

“That’s my good girl.”

We both know that I’m apt to do it again. It’s not because I do it to be punished, it’s just a bad habit. I know he’ll break me of it sooner, or later, I just don’t think it’s this time. I, of course, don’t tell him this, or he’d be more than likely to punish me again on the spot.

Maybe tomorrow…

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