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Bucket List: Spanking

Sarah chooses a fantasy and ends up with a red bottom.
Sex Bucket List Rules.

A list of sexual fantasies to complete before we kick the bucket!
We each have our own list.
We take turns to choose from our lists
Fantasies can be as simple or as complicated as you like.
If a fantasy needs props then it’s the owner of the fantasies job to provide them.
If you have a fantasy you’re not allowed to introduce it in bed before bucket night!
If you’re not comfortable with the fantasy you can say No.
No involvement of other people without mutual agreement.
Safe word is Access Denied!

‘OK, this is one I’m not sure of but I want to try it out early on. If I don’t like it I can get rid of some other fantasies!’ Sarah said.

‘OK, sounds serious.’ I smiled stroking her arm gently.

‘I would like to go and get dressed in the work outfit I had on today.’ Sarah started.

‘I like that one’ I interrupted, ‘the skirt makes your bum look even sexier’

‘OK, that should be a good thing. I want you to be sat on the sofa in your dressing gown. I want you to chastise me as if I’ve screwed up a contract or something. I want you to bend me over your knee and spank me. Start off spanking me with my skirt on and if I’m OK with it I’d like you to make me remove the skirt, bend me back over your knee and spank me with just my tights on.’ Sarah explained.

‘Tights and knickers surely?’ I asked.

‘I’m not going to be wearing any knickers. I’m wearing the tights because I think you have a nylon fetish and it will be nice for you! Let’s start with your left hand thinking about it and we’ll see how much pain I can take. I want you to do this properly Mark; hard spanking. Once you think I’ve had enough, or if I have to use the safe word you can make me kneel in front of you and make me suck you off. I’m wearing the bra you wanted to cum on by the way. Don’t forget you have to clean your own cum off with your mouth!’

‘Wow, I never knew you were into that kind of thing!’ I gasped.

‘It’s always turned me on when I think about it but I’ve never dared do anything about it until now although I have spanked my own bum with a brush to see how much pain I can take.’

‘Recently?’ I asked wondering how hard it could have been if I hadn’t seen any marks on her bum.

‘No, when I was at University.’ Sarah laughed standing up, ‘I take it your game for this?’

I opened my gown and showed her my hard cock to answer the question and she headed off to the bedroom to change back into the clothes she’d been wearing when she got to my flat. I had briefly wondered why she was insistent on using my flat this time and now I knew. The sound proofing in her place was terrible and she had neighbours each side of her. My flat had solid walls and only adjoined next door at the side furthest from my sofa! Clever girl.

Sarah walked into the living room wearing a tight knee length skirt, a black silk blouse. Her nipples were hard and pushing against the fabric.

‘You wanted to see me Mark?’ she asked with a nervous look.

‘The monthly reports are wrong again. We had this conversation last month and the month before. I cannot tolerate errors from my staff.’ I said getting into the role but feeling a little under dressed!

‘Please don’t fire me. I need this job. I can do it, I just need another change’ Sarah said sounding like she was close to tears.

‘I’ve given you a verbal and a written warning. There is one more punishment I can give before I sack you. I will administer a physical chastisement that will hopefully beat some sense into you. Come here and bend over my knee.’ I said sternly.

Sarah walked over with her head bowed and stood at the side of me. I moved forward so I was sitting on the edge of the sofa with my knees together. Sarah bent over my knees so that I could spank her with my left hand. I let her shuffle around until she was comfortable, realising that I could see our reflection in the TV opposite.

‘I want you to count the blows out loud. Maybe that will teach you how to add up for the monthly report.’ I said.

I brought my hand down on her bum squarely across both cheeks. I’d smacked her as hard as I could with my left hand and it had made a very satisfying sound and, better yet, her big bum had wobbled nicely under my hand.

‘One’ Sarah gasped.

‘Two’ she said again as I smacked her again, this time across her left buttock.

I kept going, wondering if she would use our safe word. I spanked her buttocks as she counted the blows. She was getting rather breathless now and I knew she was getting really turned on. I got to a count of 20 and decided it was time to up the ante.

‘Get up Sarah. We need to go on to the next phase of the punishment’

Sarah stood up looking a little shaky. Her face was red from bending over my knee but her nipples were rock hard and she was panting. I stood up and removed my dressing gown so I was naked.

‘Take your skirt and your blouse off then bend back over my knee. You’ll get another 20 blows and your punishment will be over’

Sarah slowly unfastened her skirt then pushed it down her legs until she could step out of it. I could see her pussy through the thin material of her tights and realised that I did indeed have a bit of a nylon fetish. Sarah unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it to the floor giving me an uninterrupted view of my favourite bra. She paused for a moment letting me get a good look at her then bent back over my knee, this time positioning herself for a spanking from my right hand. I could see that under the thin, stretched nylon of her tights, her bum was already red from the previous spanking. I became very aware of my cock pressing against the nylon too.

SLAP! On the right cheek.

‘Owww, one’ moaned Sarah.

SLAP! On the left.

‘God, two!’

By six she was crying and begging me to stop. By ten she was squirming underneath me. I used my left hand to grab her by the hair to keep her head down and her arse in position. Another five slaps and my palm was beginning to sting. Her bum was bright red under the nylon and she was openly weeping with the pain but she still hadn’t given me the safe word. I briefly wondered if she’d forgotten but surely she’d have at least broken character if this was really too much for her? I finished my final set of five spanks spreading the blow against both cheeks.

‘Have you learnt your lesson Sarah?’ I asked.

‘Yes Mark’ she sobbed.

I ran my hand over her bum feeling the heat through her tights. I was still holding her down although my hand wasn’t in her hair now, just on her shoulders. I ran my left hand over her back and my right over her bum and between her legs. She was sopping wet down there!

‘Sarah, get up and go and kneel on the floor. I want you to put your hand down the front of your tights and play with yourself.’ I ordered.

Sarah stood up, again a little shaky and knelt where I’d indicated. Both her hands went down the front of her tights and I could see her fingers slip inside her sopping cunt. Her arms pushed her tits together in her bra giving me a target. I walked up to her and pushed my cock into her mouth, holding her head to guide her. A couple of thrusts was all it took before I was ready to cum. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and sprayed her tits and bra with semen. I knelt in front of her and started to lick my cum off her skin, sucking her nipples through her bra. She came as I started to nibble her right nipple.

‘Thank you sir’ Sarah moaned then collapsed in a heap on the floor.

I knelt at her side stroking her legs over her tights. Eventually she sat up and we kissed.

‘Good?’ I smiled.

‘Fantastic although I wouldn’t want to do it too often. I don’t think I’ll be able to sit down comfortably for a few days! I think you should kiss it better right now.’

Sarah unhooked her bra, put a cushion on the floor to kneel on then bent over the sofa offering me her bum. I knelt behind her and began to kiss and lick her bum cheeks through the nylon. Her right hand went between her legs and I could see her fingers working away on her pussy if I leant back. I gently opened her buttocks and put my face between them, my tongue finding her arsehole so I could rim her. I found the experience even more erotic because of the nylon barrier preventing me from direct access to her bum hole.

‘Rip the tights and stick your tongue up my arse’ Sarah suddenly demanded. ‘Quick, I’m close’.

I did as I was told and ripped a hole in the backside of her tights then stuck my face in there and rimmed her arsehole for all I was worth. She came quickly, her sphincter gripping my tongue as her orgasm hit her. Her fingers stayed buried in her pussy so I carried on darting my tongue in and out of her arse until she came a second time.

We eventually got up and moved into the bedroom, Sarah removing her tights and bra. She lay on her back and I rubbed baby oil into her bruised bum.

‘That’s soothing’ she mumbled, half asleep.

‘Good. It’s making me horny!’ I laughed slapping my hard cock on her thigh.

‘Save it baby, we’ll do one of your fantasies tomorrow’ Sarah said drifting in and out of consciousness.

‘OK lover.’ I said, a little disappointed, ‘tomorrow it is. I’ll choose something that’s easy on your buttocks I think.’

Sarah’s bum was looking very red where I’d spanked her. That made my cock even harder and I decided I was going to have to go and get myself off or I wasn’t going to be able to sleep. I gently climbed out of bed and walked through the flat into the living room. On whim I grabbed Sarah’s ripped and discarded tights as I left the bedroom.

I lay back on my leather couch, enjoying the coldness against my skin, and pushed my right arm down one leg of the tights. I started to stroke my cock with my nylon covered right hand, exploring the new sensation over my cock and balls. I ripped the tights apart so I had two legs and pushed the second leg over my left arm and started to stroke my chest as I played with my cock, thinking about Sarah on all fours in front of me. I began to wank myself harder and pinch my own nipples thinking about my next fantasy, adding details to the basic idea until I finally shot my load on to my chest. I cleaned myself up by mopping my cum up with the tights and threw them in the bin before rejoining Sarah in bed, as exhausted as she was.

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