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Candy Cake

Revenge is a bitch.
Last year, well a few months ago, it’s now summer break, I met my gorgeous girlfriend in high school. We’re now going to attend the same college in spring. In high school she was the most popular and sought after girl and she lived in a small town house right next to me in the city. She’s the kind of girl that is way wayyyyyy out of the league of someone like me. In high school she was a goddess in my eyes (she still is), she was the only reason I loved school. Just being able to see her radiant face would make me melt.

Her name is Candice.

She has delicious light brown skin and is of Puerto Rican, Dominican and Indian descent. The mix of Indian, (her mom is from India) with her Latin background gave her looks good enough to ensure she never has to work a day in her life. Guys will break their backs to give her what she wants and anyone would give their left nut to see her naked.

She’s a tiny little thing, barely 5 feet tall but she’s thick as hell. I think this is now widespread information but “thick” is NOT “fat”. For example, Candice has large breasts she wears a 34DD cup bra, her waist is 27 inches and she has wide hips at 43 inches. Her booty is humongous. It is wide and prominently sticks out, especially because she is so small. Like a lot of city girls she has a very slight stomach pooch that seems to arch her back making her bottom even more prominent. If she were to walk into a wall her breasts would touch the wall first, similarly if she backed into a wall her booty would touch first. Candice has thick juicy thighs and when she wears shortie shorts, (booty shorts?) she can cause car crashes because no one can take her eyes off her. One of her best features was her full plump lips and trust me when I say any dude would give both their nuts to feel her velvety lips around their dick.

She is high maintenance and she always looks good. Her hands and feet are small and feminine and usually manicured and pedicured. She also usually wears about inch long acrylic nails but not so much anymore. She’s also a fan of bangles and bracelets and usually wore a few on her arms everyday. I loved the tingling sound of her bracelets as she moved. She has long, thick black hair that goes down almost to her lower back. She usually wears her hair wavy with curls. She also prefers wearing high heels because of her height and even though she’s so small she somehow still makes her legs look long and sexy.

In school even the popular guys were a little flabbergasted by how good she looked but you’d have to be a much-above-average looking dude to bag her.

In high school I wasn’t popular and I was just average looking. I’m not even very tall, barely 5’5 feet. So I was just another guy drooling over Candice until one day I mustered up every ounce of courage I had. She is a huge fan of romance so I devised a way to ask her out at one of our at home basketball games.

My friend did the music for our basketball games and agreed to help me. I remember I was trembling and sweating as I picked up the mic during half-time and walked right up to her. She looked stunned as I took her hand and asked her out in front of the whole school.

The popular kids erupted with laughter and she pulled her hand away and said, “Ew, no loser! Get away from me.”

Her response set the whole school laughing and... I’ll admit it I burst into tears and ran from the auditorium. My high school career was over, I should have known to stay in my place. I got home and ran to my room slammed the door and cried like a bitch.

The next day I found out Candice’s friend had recorded the whole thing! Candice had shown and/or sent it to basically the whole school.

Then someone put the video on YouTube with the caption, “The world’s biggest LOSER.

That day, a Thursday, I didn’t talk to anyone and kept my head down ashamed. When I got home I collapsed into bed and cried myself to sleep. Thursdays were big going out days, thirsty Thursdays. Unlike everyone else I had no one to go out and have fun with so like usual I drank alone by myself in my room, cursing my life. I drank enough to pass out till about one in the morning. I groggily got up and heard loud screaming, I thought it was in my head at first but it turns it the screaming was coming from next door. The townhouses were so close it was easy to hear everything if you raised your voice even a little. I looked out the window and saw Candice’s mom yelling at her at the top of her lungs, their windows were opened and made her voice carry extremely clear.

“You come home at 1am in the morning drunk!? You drove home drunk! You could have been killed or taken advantage of! What were you thinking!?” The mother yelled at Candice.

“Mom I’m going to college soon! I can do what-” Candice’s words were cut off as her mother slapped her. Candice looked stunned as she held her cheek and began to cry.

I’ll never as long as I live forget what her mother said then,

“Errant girl! Bare your bottom and get in the corner now.”

My eyes widened and so did Candice’s doe eyes.

“P-Please mom I’m too old-” a very contrite Candice whimpered in a small voice.

Candice’s mother was taller than her daughter, about my height (5’5) and in a very low voice used Candice’s full name (Candice would not like me to write her full name) and said, “You are making things worse for yourself. Get in the corner and prepare yourself young lady. Your ego has reached atmospheric heights and I’ve had enough.”

Candice stood still whimpering like a small child as if pleading with her mom. Angrily her mother put her hands on her hips and said, “Fine we will do this outside.”

Candice’s reaction was immediate, “Nooooo mommy! Please I’m sorry, I’ll go to the corner.”

Her mother snapped, “You give me anymore attitude and we WILL do this outside, is that understood?”

“Yes mamma,” Candice said.

For some reason her submissive attitude and humiliation gave me a rush. I’ll NEVER forget what I saw then. Candice undid her tight jeans and with looking down in shame pulled them down to her ankles. She wore a pink thong that was wedged deeply in the crevice of her huge cheeks, making only the top triangle part and the straps of the underwear visible.

“Please can I keep on-” Candice began.

“Did I not warn you that we would do this outside the next time you back talked?”

“I’m sorry mommy! Please,” the girl begged.

She pulled her thong down, it lingered up her crotch and deep in her butt on as she slowly pulled them down and let the slide to her ankles with her jeans. Candice’s big naked ass bare! Her butt looked even bigger with no clothes, she then turned and shuffled to the corner.

My mouth dropped open as I watched her cheeks jiggle as she shuffled. I remember how soft and fluffy her cheeks looked. Candice then put her hands behind her head and stayed there exactly like that as her mother began to go about her business. I wanted to bury my face in her cheeks

I was mesmerized as Candice stood with her brown bare bottom on display. It finally hit me that Candice’s mom was very conservative and old fashioned, and Candice was about to get spanked. I thanked god, would anyone remember my humiliation when they found out a grown woman in 2011 got her bare bottom spanked?

I don’t remember many details besides that she looked so humiliated the whole night. After about ten minutes, Candice was pulled from the corner and throughly lectured by her mother on drinking and driving. (I do remember Candice had all her pubic hair shaven off.) Candice was then made to ask for her punishment and was directed to bend over, spread her legs and grab her ankles. Her mother went to the kitchen and came back out with a long finger of ginger which was then promptly shoved up Candice’s anus. I remember the ginger would prevent her from clenching her buttocks as she was spanked. The ginger must have burned like hell because Candice became very vocal about how the burn was unbearable. Her mother then began to wield the belt to discipline she thrashed her daughter, hard. Her fat cheeks, and thick thighs bounced and jiggled so much as the belt came down again and again.

Finally her mother stopped, took her weeping daughter’s ear and dragged her upstairs, it looked like walking with the ginger in her ass was incredibly painful. I ran up to the attic so I could look into the mother’s bedroom. Candice was made to remove the rest of her clothes. You have no idea what it was like to see her firm, heavy double Ds tumble free from her bra. Her nipples were dark brown, the color of tootsie rolls and about the size of a half-dollar coin. Candice was then instructed to get on the bed on all fours and lay her upper body, squishing her huge tits, against the bed.

It was the hottest thing I had ever seen, Candice’s upper body flat on the bed, her fat ass high in the air her thick thighs spread wide showing the two clean plump lips of her fat carmel colored cooch. Her pussy glistened with wetness and I woulda given anything to taste it. She was positioned right at the edge of the bed, with her arms put in front of her. The wide part of the ginger that kept it from sliding all the way in her bottom was still obscenely visible.

My thoughts were interrupted as the belt began to explode across her bottom again. Since Candice’s legs were spread, when she was spanked on her upper thighs the belt wrapped around lashing her inner thighs as well as her phat pussy. After just five strokes of the belt Candice had begun to cry, as the spanking went on (and trust me it went on looong) she cried harder and harder until she was bawling. I’m sure everyone in the neighborhood could hear her being punished.

I happily recorded the spanking and thought I’d get some face shots. I had been very focused on that huge perfect fat ass and those meaty thighs getting it good, but as I aimed the camera at her face, I realized why I loved her so much. Even bawling like a baby she looked adorable but her face was a mess. She naturally had long thick eyelashes which she liked to make smokey. Now her eye makeup ran down her cheeks and because she was squeezing a clump of bed covers in each hand for dear life she couldn’t wipe her nose so snot and saliva dribbled down her face and chin mixed with tears.

Then to my surprise Candice uncontrollably wet herself, but it didn’t deter her mother at all. The spanking stopped only when Candice had given up and laid limp and her bottom was scarlet and bruised.

Candice’s mother made sure her daughter would NEVER drive drunk again.

Her mother then broke down in tears and pulled her naked daughter into her arms. Candice melted into her mother begging for forgiveness. It was such a warm moment her mother crying “You and your sister are all I have left! I dunno what I would do if I ever lost you!”

Candice grabbed her big butt cheeks rubbing and squeezing them as hard as she could while telling her mom how much she loved her and how sorry she was. Her mother cleaned her daughter’s face and wiped her nose then to Candice’s humiliation her mother wiped her in between her legs before telling her that her punishment wasn’t over.

“You need a thorough cleaning out.”

These words were the precursor to Candice’s face buried in a pillow, her ass high in the air in the same position she had just been spanked in with a six and a half inch enema tube in her asshole. I won’t get graphic but a very humiliated Candice was made to spread her own butt cheeks with her tiny delicate hands. Her mother (who is actually a nurse) then slowly slid her whole lubricated index finger into Candice’s asshole and spent minutes plunging in and out of the hole as Candice sobbed.

When she was full of water Candice’s stomach looked very distended, her mother then inserted a butt plug and sent Candice to stand in the corner for a half an hour with her hands behind her head. After the half hour Candice was forced to expel with her mother right in the bathroom watching her, her mother then did the clean up.

Her mother in formed her that after a spanking she was to have corner time with her bare bottom on display for two hours but since it was almost three in the morning she would let her daughter off easy.

Candice didn’t seem like a 18 year old girl about to go to college. She was more like a child clinging to her mother begging for love and forgiveness which her mother showed in abundance. She hugged her daughter hard and Candice, still absolutely naked, cried herself to sleep snuggled up in her mom’s arms with her head buried in her mother’s warm bosom.

I crawled back to my bed and jacked off like eight times before finally passing out.

In the morning before being sent off to school, Candice was put in the diaper position and given 12 hard smacks with the back of an oval hairbrush on her sore welted cheeks.

That morning in school I took great pleasure in watching Candice squirm and try to hide the fact that her bottom was a cauldron of fire. It looked like it pained her to even walk. She was very quiet, and everyone could see she looked terrible, well terrible meaning she wasn't on par with her usual ridiculously high level of hotness. The event that changed my life forever happened in first period. As everyone took their seats, Candice remained standing starring with terror at the hard seat. She looked so humiliated as the class noticed her just standing there.

“Candice sit down!” The teacher instructed.

Candice’s full lips, smeared in lip gloss trembled slightly. She honestly looked like a deer caught in headlights as she shuffled uncomfortably, unable to rub her swollen bottom in front of everyone. Her big brown eyes welled up with tears but before she started bawling.

I stood up and said, “Candice told me she wasn’t feeling very well earlier but would try to finish the school day. But I think she’s really not well, I’m may escort her to the nurse.”

Without waiting for a reply I took Candice’s small hand and led her out of the classroom. I noticed I wasn’t timid at all, after seeing her completely nude and humbled, seen her most private areas and functions, she wasn’t so scary anymore. Candice suddenly pulled her hand away,

“W-What are you doing?” She asked in a timid voice. Somehow she didn’t seem like the girl who thought she was better than everyone because of her looks anymore.

“Did you drive here?” I asked ignoring her question.

She looked at me confused and shook her head from side to side, “I was dropped off.”

“Makes sense I’m sure your bottom is way too sore to sit on anything.” I muttered.

Candice looked at me in shock, unable to say anything

I decided that I'd lie to her and tell her I videotaped it just to scare the shit out of her. I could barely contain my glee as I said,“Yup, I bet you never took the time to notice but I live right next to you. I saw your mom thrash your fat sorry behind and recorded it. I think I’ll send it to everyone and post it on YouTube.” I then said a few overtly gross things about her enema to really humiliate her and ended with, “Revenge is a bitch huh?” I spat, feeling great about scaring her and prepared myself for her angry retort.

She looked mad and opened her mouth...but then stopped and without warning sagged to her knees. She put her face in her hands and began to cry...hard. Suddenly scaring her wasn't fun anymore.

I couldn’t bare seeing her cry.

I knelt down in front of her and gently pulled her hands from her face. “Candy, I lied, I didn’t record anything I just wanted to... I dunno scare you because you humiliated me."

She took her hands from her face and looked at me with big tear filled eyes and a quivering bottom lip. No one would believe such a cute girl would destroy someone's life (mine) on purpose.

Even though she basically ended any hopes I had for happiness I stroked a curly bang from her face and said, "I promise I won’t tell anyone what I saw, don't worry.” I wiped her cheek with my thumb and helped her up. “C’mon you look exhausted, I’ll drive you home.”

Since her mom was at home, and we were skipping school, which would (from what I gather) earn Candice another bare bottom spanking on an already tender and swollen behind, we parked a few blocks away and went to my house. We had to be very careful her mom didn't find out. Back then I used to live alone for personal reasons so there was no trouble of parents. We walked into my place and glanced at the witch/goddess, she really looked exhausted. Her swollen throbbing butt must have kept her awake what few hours she had to sleep before school.

So? Let the bitch sleep on the couch, is what my mind told me.

I sighed, “You can get some rest on my bed, don't worry I’ll lay out here on the couch.”

My voice came out harder than I expected, I was being nice to the girl who humiliated me and ended my high school life for good. She was very quiet as I left her in my room to rest and gently closed the door. I was tired too I only got a few hours of sleep, I collapsed on the couch and closed my eyes. I heard my bedroom door open and the gorgeous Candice poked her head out, I sat up as she came towards me. She sat down (very uncomfortably) and hugged my arm and rested her head on my shoulder. I still remember how good her hair smelled, that day she had done her her in a wavy wet look using mousse.

“I’m so sorry,” she whispered.

I looked down at her and saw those big gorgeous eyes swimming with tears.

I looked away and stayed quiet.

“You’re such a nice guy... b-but why aren’t you telling people what you saw?” She asked softly, then added, “I deserve it.”

I snorted and felt my mouth work on its own, “Because I'd never hurt you, you’re the reason I get up every morning. Just seeing your face at school makes living worth it.”

'Oh my fucking god, how corny', I screamed at myself in my head.

That’s when the my dream girl cuddled up in my arms and gently kissed my neck and sucked. I looked down at her, and mustered up all my courage one more time, then kissed her plump lips. This time I wasn’t harshly rebuked, she kissed back opening her mouth.

I can’t describe in words how I felt then. Candice, the girl every man in the city wants, was snuggled in my arms, actually kissing me. I will NEVER as long as I live forget the sweet taste of her mouth or the softness of her lips.

As the kiss broke she gently put her hands on my chest and looked at me embarrassed as she said, “M-my bottom is so sore, will you rub cool cream on it?”


Touching her soft fat donk!?

We got up and went into my room, Candice went in her purse and brought out a jar of cream and handed it to me. She looked so adorable and embarrassed. She was wearing baggy sweat pants, that even loose showed off her big butt. I watched as the pants slid down her wide hips as she pulled them down. They slid down her legs and grouped around her ankles and I was treated to a sight more beautiful than ANYthing I had ever seen.

She looked adorable and so shy as she asked, “How do you want me?” in a soft voice.

I scooted back on the bed so she would have space to lay on the bed.

“H-How about over my lap?” I asked tentatively.

She crawled onto the bed and laid herself over my lap pushing her butt up for me. I was harder than ever in my life.

I looked at the huge brown bottom on my lap. Her bottom and upper thighs were very red and covered in copious darker red weals from the edges of the leather belt. Right where her thigh met her butt, her sit spot, was bruised purple. A few of the weals also had bruised purple. I could actually feel the heat radiating from her inflamed behind. I longed to bury my fingers in the deep crevice of her cheeks but instead undid the jar of cool white cream and dug a good amount out. The minute the cool cream touched her scorched bottom she moaned.

I know it’s gross but I always wanted to bury my face in Candice’s fat ass and sniff and lick her. That feeling over took me as I gently rubbed her very soft, fluffy bottom, as I did Candice whimpered, moaned and made cute sounds of relief. She sometimes raised her leg as I eased the fire in her behind. I saw the welts on the inside of her thick thighs and before I could stop my self said, “spread your legs a little.”

She did so making her butt and thighs jiggle deliciously as she moved her thighs apart. I rubbed the cool cream on the inside of her sore thighs, the inner welts went all the way from the middle of her thighs right up to her pussy which had also been hit with the belt many times. As I slid my hand up her inner thigh, I stopped right under her pussy, and reveled in the beautiful sight. Her pussy wasn’t all lippy and gross, it was just two plump carmel colored lips pressed tightly together. Her pussy looked deliciously swollen tucked in between her full thighs and was soaking wet, glistening wonderfully.I was surprised at how turned on she was, glistening juice ran down her inner thighs. As I rubbed her inner thigh my fingers brushed against her engorged fruit. It was like lightning went through her body, she gasped which turned to a moan and then a whimper.

I slid my finger down her velvet soft pussy lips and pulled away a glistening finger. She squeezed the sheets and moaned in pleasure. I petted her a little more before sliding my index finger deep into the tight hole. Her head flew up and she cried out and pushed her bottom up trying to drive my finger deeper into her. I pulled out and slowly pressed in my index and middle fingers together this time. Her pussy felt like it was squeezing my fingers. I kept sliding the two fingers in and out slowly until her pussy welcomed my fingers and I could finger her faster and harder.

Candice looked back at me with eyes foggy with lust, “I need you papi,” she moaned. “I’ll do anything you want.”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I don’t remember what I was thinking then, I don’t think it was anything. All I knew is I needed her too. I guided her off my lap and laid her back on the bed on her tummy. I kissed her thick thighs before grabbing her hips and burying my face in her ass, inhaling deeply and licking. I grabbed those fat cheeks and spread them so I could get my face fully in her crack as I wildly ate her.

Her ass was so big I could bury my face up to the ends of my eyebrows in between her cheeks.

In her sexy accent she cried “papi!” and reached her little hand back to press press my face harder in between her butt cheeks.

I remember I spent so long inhaling the musky scent of her crack and aggressively eating out both her holes. It was like I was possessed I couldn’t stop licking and sniffing up her deep, dark butt crack. Using all my will power I pulled away from her perfect ass and sat on the edge of the bed. In a moment Candice was sitting on and straddling my lap facing me, her whimpers and little shrieks as she set her bruised ass on my lap didn’t stop her from putting her arms around my necks and kissing me as if she wanted to inhale my face. She pulled away gasping for breath and slid off my lap so she could get on her knees in between my legs. She was breathing hard, sensually as she undid my jeans as fast as she could. She pulled my dick out and inhaled it into her soft mouth with a sluurrpp. She moaned as she sucked.

I couldn’t look away from her thick lips around my dick before she pulled away and used her tongue and lips on just the head of my dick before using her tongue and kissing down my shaft. She took it back in her mouth moaning and sucking hard, making eye contact with me every few moments. The image of her big doe eyes and her full lips around my dick is stuck in my memory.

I brought my dick to her throat and slowly pressed in, she gagged, I pulled out then pressed back in until she gagged and so forth. I had gotten only half my dick in her throat when I needed to cum. Her throat tightened trying to swallow the obstruction in her throat and thick strands of saliva ran down her chin and onto my balls and the bed. About a second before I came I pulled out from her warm, wet mouth. I stood her up and pulled her top off hard, then tore off her bra letting her huge tits tumble out. So big and heavy, I squeezed her breasts hard before puttung my arm behind her and pulling at her back arching her chest up as if she was presenting her large tits to me. I opened my mouth wide and took her right breast into my mouth then sucked on her hard tootsie roll colored nipple. I rolled and teased it with my teeth then did the same to her left breast.

I pulled away and laid down on the bed then pulled her to me, her ass facing me. She got on top of me straddling me and so my face was buried in her phat ass as she got in the 69 position. I felt her begin to suck my dick, her mouth was wet and her drool and saliva slushing around my cock. I again buried my face in her deep crack filling my nostrils with her musky scent but this time I focused on her tender, swollen pussy. She was leaking so much honey and I hungrily lapped it up while my index finger teased and played with her asshole. Her pussy was so warm

With such a perfect ass there is only one way to fuck Candice.

Doggy style.

She spread her legs then whipped her long silk hair and bent over for me and wiggled her ass, it took a few seconds for the jiggling of her butt to stop after she had stopped moving.

“Ohhh fuck me papi!” she moaned. “I’ve been such a bad girl,” she said as she slapped her very sore looking bottom.

I got up behind her and put my dick to her thick pussy lips, teasing her. She began to beg for it. It was so hot hearing her beg for my dick while she wiggled her sore cheeks. I pressed in her and she arched her back and spread her legs wider gasping and crying out with ecstasy. I slowly pressed into the tight wet hole until I had buried my whole dick in her. It felt like pressing into honey, her pussy was so so soft. I pulled out so that only my head was left in her and gripping her hips thrust my full length into her. My body crashed into her poor cheeks which bounced forward like jello before jiggling back into place. She cried out loudly and bent her knees a little because of her sore bottom.

I gently gripped her around the waist, “Baby are you ok?” I asked, concerned.

She was panting and gasped, “Don’t stop, harder daddy,” she cried. She looked back at me, “I’m yours.”

I pushed down on her lower back arching her ass even more before I shoved my dick fully into her hard and again smashed into her fat cheeks which bounced wildly in response. I had dreamed of this moment a trillion times. I began thrusting hard into her pussy, slamming my pelvis into her bouncy ass over and over again. This made her booty clap and every time I slammed into her it made a clap sound. Soon the only sounds in the room were the loud clap, clap, clap, clap sound, the occasional slap I gave her ass as I fucked her and her very vocal moans of pleasure.

She began to throw that phatty back for me.

Candice fucked as if she was on the dance floor

She rolled her ass as if she was dancing with me deeply inside of her. I sat down, so I had a view of her ass. She squatted down and ran her hands through her long hair as she rolled and shook her hips while riding me. It was like she was doing a booty dance for me and I was mesmerized by the sight of my dick, stretching her hole and buried in her as she moved.

The fuck-dancing was too sexy. I needed release now.

I grabbed her around the waist as I got up. Then I grabbed and pulled her thick long black hair as I slammed into her as hard as I could. Candice had already cum a few times I could feel her pussy tighten when she did but this was the orgasm she would remember.

To my surprise she cried out “Cum inside me! Papi ooohhhh papi.”

I pulled her body to me and wrapped my hands around her, she put turned her head so our faces were right next to each others and she put her hand to my cheek as I thrust into her for the final time.

Our orgasms were like explosions.

I had never cum so hard or so much in my life, I kept squirting cum in her until I literally felt empty and light headed, at the same time juice squirted from Candice’s pussy as she screamed, spraying my legs and soaking a portion of the bed.

We collapsed in each other’s arms and immediately fell into deep, deep sleep.

Monday in school, everyone’s eyes widened in shock as they saw Candice walk swaying her hips side to side and holding my hand. At first no one believed it but by lunch it became obvious as everyone in the cafeteria saw Candice sitting on my lap happily feeding me french fries as I hugged her close.

Everything changed then. I had done what every guy in school would give anything for: I bagged Candice. All of a sudden, before I knew what was happening, I was one of the most popular kids at school. I went from an insignificant loser, to the guy that could spit the ill-est game at chicks, all in the blink of an eye. Suddenly all these sexy girls were after me and it wasn’t a party unless I was there.

But I have the hottest girl in the whole city. Which is why women were suddenly flocking to me. Every chick wanted to boast that they stole Candice’s man; guess she’s not so hot after all? But having a girl like Candice is like some sorta dream come true, and I’ll never fuck it up.

The memory of her mother spanking her bare bottom that night is seared in my memory but it’s not the last time I’d see her spanked. The next time she would be kneeling on a coffee table with her hands on the floor, her tits swinging loosely under her and her bottom high in the air as her mother brought a birch rod down across her lovely bottom.

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